The Missing Intern


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Scene Title The Missing Intern
Synopsis Agent Marks comes looking for the evolved intern, or to see if someone might know where she is.
Date February 26, 2009

Nalani Hollingwood's Office

PAUSE magazine. Not the child of some large publishing company, it stands on it's own, though it does have it's residence in one of the larger buildings near the financial district. Everyone's been happy to direct Katherine to where she needs to do. The hallways of this business are busy, people running this way and that with clothing, papers, files, mail, you name it. There doesn't seem to be an un-busy person at all in this place. Even the secretary's are multitasking, fingernails clicking away on keyboards. The inner sanctum though, is the Editor in Chief's office. Nalani Hollingwood. To get an appointment probably required judicious use of credentials, and then success.

A petite blonde sits at a desk to the right, typing something up while also pinning a phone between her left shoulder and ear. "…nstant that she is available Mr Roche, I will put you through to her but she is currently in a meeting and can't give you a reply right this moment!" Perky, disgustingly so. "I'm sorry you can't understand that, but really, she is very busy at the moment, I'll write down your number and tell her it's urgent" another pause, three, and there's someone heard on the other side yelling. "yes sir. I understand sir. I'm sorry you feel that way, can I please put you on hold?" Stephanie doesn't even wait for permission to do so, just reaches over to hit a button and then hangs up the phone. Let Mr. Roche cool his heels on hold listening to Muzak it seems.

The other woman, a tall willowy brunette, is in some ensuite, frantically flipping through an open file drawer, trying to find something as Nalani's voice bleats out from her office about where's her bloody headache pills! Why can't anyone do anything proper around this place! Stephanie just rolls her eyes, looking at the frosted glass that is Nalani's wall between her and her employee's. Everything's plush, understated wealth.

The place seems to be running efficient enough. With minimal detours, Katherine Marks was directed appropriately to the right location as she steps into the office. There seems to he activity everywhere, no time being wasted, as she walks up to the receptionist and flashes her Homeland Security badge. It's been quite the week for Agent Marks, losing track of two out of three. Well, she's determined to get at least one back, since the other is dead. She eyes the secretary for a moment before announce. "Katherine Marks, Homeland Security." As the secretary starts to ask, Kat interrupts. "Yes, I have an appointment." "If you'll have a seat, I'll let Ms. Hollingwood know that you're here." Kat arches a brow at the secretary. "I'll stand and I'll wait." She's not moving.

Oookay. It's a strange look Katherine gets as the blonde picks up the phone. One button pressed. The doe brown eyes travel back over to Katherine and it's a long moment before Stephanie speaks into the phone. "Your appointment with Homeland Security has arrived" Long pause, no sound from inside the office proper. "Yes Ms. Hollingwood. Yes Ms. Hollingwoo…" Pause. "I understand Ms. Hollingwood" And the phones put back down again. "She'll be a few minutes. Would you like something to drink? Or eat? I can have someone sent out to get you something" Stephanie is delightfully pleasant.

… and Katherine would be delightfully happy to reach across that desk and grab the delightful girl around the throat and squeeze until her eyes pop out, but she doesn't. She shakes her head at each offer, as she turns her back on the girl and leans against the desk. No one else will be talking to the secretary until Katherine Marks is called in. "Oh. You can pull the file on one of your employees. Miranda Dobson. I'll be asking your boss about it, and it will save you some time to have it ready to go." Kat has seen the way the boss treats her subordinates. It's a small kindness, but mostly done to save Kat some time in waiting for the file to be dug up, provided Stephanie takes her tip. Kat glances at her watch.

"Do you have a warrant?" Comes out of Stephanie's mouth even as Katherine advises her that it'll be done. There's a doubtful look, no one makes Nalani Hollingwood do what she doesn't want to.

Kat does have a warrant. How authentic it is happens to be another question entirely. "I never said I wanted to take it. I said I was going to ask about her. I'm almost certain your boss does not know each of her employees by name. She doesn't strike me as the 'bonding' type." She turns around and looks down at the girl. "Do I /need/ to get a warrant?" is asked with an arched eyebrow.

"You'd be surprised in regarding to bonding" But Stephanie doesn't budge. "No offense agent Marks, but, until she tells me to find it, I can't. I like my job" Which roughly translates to 'show me the warrant'. The phone bleats and a slender finger is placed up, one moment please, as Stephanie picks up the phone, pressing the appropriate line and getting ready to type out a message on the computer. "Pause Magazine, Nalani Hollingwoods office, Stephanie speaking, how may I help you?" The willowy brunette comes out with her needed papers, boots clicking on the marble tile floor as she hastily pops those into a file folder, slaps a sticker on it and labels it. She flashes Katherine a timid smile and starts tottering for the door.

Kat reaches into her jacket with a dramatic sigh and pulls out the paper and slides it across the desk. She makes eye contact with the girl leaving the office before she slips out the door, and she turns back around, waiting to be let into the office.

Stephanie's used to dramatics. Look who she works for, so Katherine's sigh is ignored. The warrant though, is not ignored. Taking a message from some other Mr. Torsane, trying it up, she presses a button, clicks to presumably the front desk "Sasha? Stephanie, can you please connect me to legal? Thanks" She flashes a smile to Katherine. "Procedure" not even a 'sorry' from the blonde. "Linette! Hey, can you send someone up here? I have a warrant that needs to be looked at and filled" A pause as Katherine gets only the one side of the conversation. 'Thanks. Yeah, Albert would be best. Yup. Thanks!" with that, the sleek black phone is put down again into it's cradle. 'Legal will be up to take a look at that" She looks to the office then back to Katherine. "You sure you don't want something to drink, she may be a while"

Kat waves off the offer and glances at her watch again. "What I want is my appointment time which was five minutes ago." The warrant would pass scrutiny without any issues. "I'm on official business. This is not a social call. Now, you can tell her that I am here for my appointment, or I can walk in there and tell her I'm here for my appointment." She can be a little bitchy. Just a little though.

"Oh.. I wouldn't do that if I were you, badge or no. I'll see what I can do though" The phones picked up again, button pressed, Stephanie taps her fingernails on the desk till the other side is picked up again. "The agent who's here to see you Ms Holingwood says that she's very short on time and it'll only take a few minut…" Stephanie's right eye tic's and she glances up at Katherine. "Yes Ms Hollingwood. Homeland Security. No. Yes. Yes. I understand. I'll get right on tha… Yes" Stephanie pulls the phone away from her ear, placing it back on it's cradle again. "You can go in Agent Marks"

That's what she thought. She gives Stephanie another glare. That girl must have some sort of ability. Enhanced annoyance? Super irritation? She turns and strides over to the door way and opens it up. She steps in, badge already out, "Ms. Hollingwood. Agent Marks. Homeland Security." she tucks the badge back into her pocket. "We met the other day at the diner during your shoot."

Katherine's look is nothing compared to Nalani's and it's brushed off. Katherine's not the first to try and bully her way into the office before her boss wants them in the office, she's just one of the few to actually succeed. And only Stephanie knows what was spoken on the other side of the phone. Through the doors Katherine's invited, Nalani stands behind her desk, not bothering to look up as the agent enters. "Were you the blonde who ran off with my employee or the one who threatened me?" She's clicking something on her laptop, her heels making her at least a good six feet. Well she was a former in demand model. "I know your from Homeland Security. My brother works for them. I don't see why you needed to come down here, when anything that was needed from me could have easily gone through my brother, I'm a very busy woman and my time is money" The door clicks closed behind Katherine and through the glass Stephanie's shape can be seen to leave the front office, presumably to deal with the warrant.

"Well, I don't recall any threats being passed around. I'm certain that I gave you a tidy piece of advice, but there were no threats involved. In fact, it's that employee that I've come to discuss with you." Kat doesn't sit, but stands as she speaks. "It seems that Ms. Dobson has turned up missing. I am hoping that something has not happened to her. So, I was wondering if you may have heard from her, or perhaps someone from your office has heard from her. Human resources, perhaps?" She arches her brow. "I'd appreciate any information you can give me on her potential whereabouts."

"I can't pass out information about my employee's Agent Marks. I can only tell you that she is indeed employed here, and employed here still. beyond that" Nalani glances over irritatedly with Katherine. "If I tell you more, I'm opening myself up for a lawsuit" It's a placating and insincere smile as Nalani straightens up to grab her coffee mug. "why do you want to know about her?" Oh fuck. Nalani winces, turning her head just so, as if to work out some kink in her neck. Shit. she just.. to a homeland agent. Here's to hoping the woman doesn't get suspicious. Nalani carries on towards an ensuite in her office, beckoning the woman to come with her, tamping down mentally on her ability. The little off room has a couch, door to bathroom facilities and a built in fridge and coffee maker which seems to be where the woman is headed. Drop the cup off, grab a bottle of water. "I was under the understanding that the NYPD had taken her with them to register her"

The question sparks Kat's interest as she pulls out a notepad and jots a few things down. And for the most part, Kat is always suspicious. "We are concerned for her safety. She was taken down to make an appointment to be registered, and then she never showed up. Disappeared. No one seems to have any clue as to where she might be. No one in her family or friends. We're hoping there's no foul play involved." She follows behind the female as she leads her to the off room. She doesn't sit but scribbles on the notepad. "You say she still works for you, but have you seen her since the incident at the diner? Has she done any jobs?"

"I don't exactly mingle with intern's Agent Marks" But Katherine's words have the woman frowning. "She's gone missing?" Gone's the bitch facade, high maintenance. Nalani's browns slightly furrow (hello botox) as she reaches for a phone beside the fridge, pressing a few buttons. Lo! She can do stuff for herself! A few moments while the call connects "Marty. Can you look up the schedule for an intern?" She rattles off the girls name, another surprising thing, she actually knows the name without Katherine having to supply it. " When did she last come in to work?" More pausing, see, maybe this is why it's called Pause Magazine. Nalani frowns, then frowns deeper. "I see. Carry on" The buttons clicked and the phone turns off. "Why didn't you tell me there was a warrant for information pertaining to my employee Agent Marks"

The smirk that crosses Agent Marks' face should say it all. "Because I haven't asked for anything that requires a warrant. I actually hadn't intended to use it, but your secretary went a little overboard when I suggested you might need Dobson's file when I asked you questions about her. Now if you want to give me the file, I'll be more than happy to serve the warrant. If you're happy just answering my questions, well then I think we'll get along just fine without the use of the warrant." She leans against the wall and asks. "All I am really looking for is if you have seen her since that day in the diner."

'She's just doing her job. You understand" There's no 'I hope', or 'you should', its 'you do understand'. The water bottle is fetched again, uncapped. Nalani gestures to the fridge with it's contents seen through the glass front. 'Help yourself. It seems she hasn't been in since that day. Perhaps she's afraid?" Nalani eases down onto the couch, legs crossed at the knee. "Ask your questions, I'll answer them for you or I can get someone who can"

Kat nods. "Of course, it's understandable." she pushes away from the wall and reaches into her pocket and pulls out one of her business cards. "That's really all I wanted to know. If she'd have been here, I'd just ask for her address. Since she hasn't, then I'm going to have to escalate this case. This is my number. If she does come into work, could you please just let me know. We are considering her a missing persons until we see her otherwise." The card is set down on the table and Kat turns to go.

"Please keep me updated Agent Marks, if you find her? Since your declaring her missing, i'll forward any information that we have on her to your number" The card is taken between perfectly manicured and pampered hands, glancing down at it. "You have our number" The card is set aside, where she can grab it again. "Stephanie can show you the way out. I hope you find her. He position will remain open for as long as I can keep it open. Evolved status or no"

Kat nods, turning and leaving without the escort of Stephanie, who surely would have gotten choked out for cheerfulness. She leave the building and move out onto the street, which she crosses in order to get to her car. She unlocks the car door and slips inside. It takes her a moment as she analyzes the information, or lack of information she's gathered from the magazine. It really all boils down to the one person who appears to have seen the model last. "Harrison." She pulls out onto the street.

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