The Morning After Disaster


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Scene Title The Morning After Disaster
Synopsis Ryans is still hard at work in the wake of November 8th, but he's not so busy he can't stop and see the ex-landlady…
Date November 09, 2010

Pollepel Island

Reaching the island wasn't easy for anyone, really. And when Lynette's group got there, she was in such bad shape, she's spent the night getting patched up and… well, passed out. She sadly wasn't able to get the bag she had packed out of her building, so all she was able to smuggle out was the clothes on her back, a certain red scarf she had wrapped around her torso (it sports a bullet hole now) and a picture of her and her father on his ranch. Most of that is tucked away now, except the picture she has sitting out next to her this morning. The pair of them are caked with mud and dirt, but are laughing and happy and carefree. So it's something of an important keepsake.

Wearing some borrowed clothes, consisting of jeans and a sweater that hangs off one shoulder, her bandages are well and truly covered. But she's taking it easy enough to give away that she's not entirely at one hundred percent.

Knuckles rap against the door frame to alert Lynette of someone into her personal space, which is somewhat rare these days. "Mind some company?" Benjamin Ryans asks from just inside the doorway. He still hasn't really slept, eyes seem sunken and his overall stressed appearance makes him seem older. He's still wearing the bloodied and smudged clothing from the night before, as he's probably not really slowed down yet.

Taking another step in, Ryans studies the younger woman, with barely hidden concern. "News travels fast in such a small place. Going to be hard to keep secrets here." A mild attempt at humor, of course, if falls flat with that neutral tone. A hand hand tucks into his pocket and he takes another step in. "Checked in on you last night, but you were passed out. How you feeling?"

Lynette looks up at the knock and a gentle smile comes to her face. "Terribly, but I'll make an exception for you." She pats the spot next to her, an invitation to actually sit down for five minutes. "They told on me, did they? Well… it's not so bad. Although, I have a bone to pick with Hollywood. They make it look a lot easier to carry on with bullet wounds."

She looks up at him, his last words making her smile that much wider. "I'm sorry I wasn't in better shape for visitors. I'm alright now, though hugging might be a challenge for some time. And walking. I miss the adrenalin," she says with a light chuckle. Light, because laughing is not such a great idea with this wound on her side. "So you made it through the day, hmm?"

"So it seems," he says softly, with a hint of a smile. There is a moment of hesitation before, Ben moves to settle down next to her, thought it with a soft sigh that speaks volumes of exhaustion he's feeling. A hand brushing over his face, attempting to scrub some of the tiredness away. "Though that fool girl had me worried the whole damn day… both of them. They always talk about being their father's daughters, but they have their mothers independent streak."

Leaning forward, Ryans' rest arms on his knees, with head lowered in a moment of silence. "My vision didn't come to pass, but so many did." His head ducks further down, so he can brush hair out of his face. "A lot arrested, more killed… this is worse then I ever imaged it would be. Even with the knowledge in our hands we couldn't stop it."

"That's what children are for, isn't it? Giving their parents worry lines?" Lynette shifts a little as he sits, facing him a little more. But she really doesn't move all that much, and given the grimace on her face, even a little bit is unpleasant. But she does move her hand to rest on his back.

"No, we couldn't. But we did the best we could, Ben. We did everything we could have. And we cut the dead and arrested down to the minimum. It could have been all of us. I know it's not the best comfort in the world, but you did good work. Yesterday was never going to be anything but a bloodbath." Lynette's eyes lower there, falling to her own lap for a moment before she looks back to him. "It was a lot smaller than it could have been."

There is only a twitch of his shoulder at the touch, brows furrowing at a thought. "I know," he says softly. "I know that it could have been worse. And I know, we did everything we could." Ryans head turns to her now, not hiding the saddness. "But that doesn't comfort the family that lost their little girl. It doesn't make the death of those council members any less.

"Doesn't make me feel better about any of it," he sighs out tiredly.

Straightening a little, his hand reaches out to seek her own, to curl his fingers around her smaller one. "I'm sorry about Gun Hill."

"I know. You're going to count all the losses, and feel responsible for them. We can't… do everything. And I know you wish you could, because so do I. I've already gone over the day so many times and picked out my bad choices. I should have gotten the families out days ago. Sent them to my father's. Something." Lynette shakes her head, letting out a sigh before she looks over at him. "Just don't drive yourself crazy with the regret, alright?"

Her hand holds tight to his and she leans over to rest her head against his shoulder. "God, so am I. But you and your people? I am infinitely grateful for what you all did. We wouldn't have gotten out, not without you. Not without you, Ben." Him, personally. "Hell, I would have probably been strung out the whole day if it wasn't for you stepping in. God knows I thought about it."

His features soften at the head resting on his shoulder, glancing at the blonde hair at the corner of his vision. Ryans leans over to rest his head against hers, letting his eyes shut for a long moment. Maybe it's a comfort, for him as much as her. "You didn't have to take us into your home. For that we are infinitely grateful." Turning he head slightly, he presses a kiss to the top of her head.

Benjamin squeezes her hand gently. "Anyhow, now we pick up the pieces and attempt to survive." Life has changed significantly for them both. "With some hope we have time to recover, before the next crisis comes along."

In that quiet moment, Lynette's thumb rubs against his hand, giving as well as getting that comfort. But after that kiss, she looks up at him with a smile. "Well, let's just say we're even then," she says, her expression warm, but her smile crooked.

"I'll keep my fingers crossed for that hope. But we'll survive, Ben. We're all too stubborn for anything else. I'm just glad the Ferry has pieces to pick up. We came so close to losing everything." With as much flippancy as she tend to handle day to day life with, this organization means a lot to her. These people.

"Mmm." He sounds rather non-committal about the being even, but rather then arguing it he lets it go. "Should be a meeting about everything as soon as we are settled in," Ryans rumbles softly. He gives her a small smile in return, his other hand reaching up to brush a crooked finger against her cheek.

"I should let you rest, I think there is another boat coming in soon." Benjamin doesn't plan to rest anytime soon it seems. Too much work. "And you need to hurry up and get better," he comments, his tone lighter then it has.

"Well, when there is one, I'll be there." Lynette looks up at him, leaning a bit into that brush, "You're going to have to rest sometime, too, darling. Not that I don't admire your stamina." Oh yes, the sly smile is back there. "I'll be better in no time, you'll see. I'm taking full advantage of the downtime." Yesterday she pushed herself. Today she's giving herself a break.

She leans in, though, to press a gentle kiss to his cheek. "I'm glad you made it through," she says on a whisper, just before she adds, "Come back and see me sometime." While she's recuperating.

The kiss to his cheek gets a soft smile, eyes closing for a moment. There is no knowing what the old man's thoughts are, but Ryans does finally say with a touch of amusement. "It'll sound selfish, but… I'm glad I made it as well." Leaning away a little, he gives her a smile, a real one even if it is a small one.

Her hand is given a final squeeze, before Ben pushes himself to his feet, "I'll make sure to come by again, if I don't get made to pass out first." Lord knows his daughter threatens it enough. "Send someone for me if, you need me." Out here there is no phones, they will have to rely on word of mouth more often then not.

It's like a step back in time.

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