The Most Incredible Hospital Break Ever


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Scene Title The Most Incredible Hospital Break Ever
Synopsis Lola and Elle make a break for it, but not everything is as it seems.
Date September 29, 2010


Today, there are no flowers. There are no gift baskets filled with chocolates. There are no more teddy bears. Today, Elle is carrying one thing: a duffel bag, which contains an outfit that Elle put together out of Lola's closet. At least she can bring Lola her own clothing. The daughter of the man who was once the Director of The Company has gone blonde again, and she lacks the formal clothes and the high heels. She wears a pair of jeans that are just a little loose on her, and a simple quarter-sleeve black shirt.
She offers a quick knock on Lola's hospital room door, before slipping in, glancing around. "God, I don't know how you haven't gone insane in here yet." She finally turns her eyes down to the taller woman, smiling. "Howdy, room mate."

Lola is still clinging to that bear. Odd, that. Some weird attachment she's apparently sprouted. At first, she's a little groggy. As she looks over Elle, however, she shakes her head clear. "Yer blonde." That's the first thing that the woman notices.
And then, of course, other things are noticed. The memory of the phone call with Cardinal, the idea of 'room mates'. Diogenes. She shakes her head again.
"Hi there…room mate. Later yer gonna have ta tell me what happened ta get yer lil ass into a Dicky Cardinal Shit Sandwich.(tm)" She sits up on her elbows, and notices the

"Yup. I decided I didn't like being a Brunette." Elle smiles faintly, walking over to the hospital bed and setting the duffel bag at the foot of the bed, once the door is closed. Then, she's wandering over to the wall where they keep the medications, thumbing through them and pulling out a few pill bottles. Pain killers for Lola.
Once she has a nice armful of these, she makes her way back over to the bed, setting them inside of the bag as she pulls out the outfit she selected. "It's a long story, and no, this isn't a social call. Get dressed, and I'll explain how I got into a Tricky Dick Shit Sandwich when we get home." She tilts her head to one side, watching Lola with that bear.

Lola is loathe to release the bear as she sits up, arm slung against her chest. She grunts a little bit. "Right. Ah'll have ta register a false residence with the po-po later on." She says. She seems unabashed as she removes the sling. She doesn't move the arm much, but she does strip down right to the skin without a care in the world. Men in the showers. She begins to pull on the tank top Elle brought.
"Ol Tricky Dick didn' bring us a jacuzzi fer our troubles, did he? Fucker owes me one. If he ain, Ah feel like we oughta present a united front on that field a battle. Maybe win some ground." She wants her jacuzzi!

Elle is decent enough to avert her eyes, smirking quietly. "False residence would be pretty good. I'm pretty sure my former employers are going to be on the lookout for me, and they probably have eyes everywhere." She glances towards the hospital door, before moving over to the window, peering out. "They probably think I was kidnapped, though, so I at least have that. Still…probably not a good idea to go out that way." She jerks a thumb toward the door.
Thank goodness Lola is only on the second floor. Elle is suddenly grabbing a rather heavy-looking chair and dragging it toward the window.

Lola just stands there, blinking. She steps out of her gown, wearing white panties with little roses on them. How granny! She steps into her jeans, zips them up. "What the hell are ya doin, sugar? Ya walked in an outta here three times already, now it ain' safe?" She just stares, a little bit startled.

Elle turns, grinning widely to Lola. "I'm a runaway, now. I'm running from the gub'ment." She lifts the chair with a grunt, testing its weight, before nodding. It should do the trick of breaking the windows. "The past few times I've visited, I was still working for them. Buuuut, those days are over." She darts over to the hospital door, locking it with a faint grin, before darting back to the chair. "I'll explain everything when we get home. Right now, I'm risking a lot just by being out here."
She doesn't wait for any more response, letting Lola get dressed while she lifts the heavy chair. Her face turns a little red from the effort, but she gets the effect she wants. Tipping forward, she flings the chair against the window as hard as she can. The glass wasn't made to stand up to such things, and it shatters, the chair falling out. "Miiiiight want to hurry."

"Shit!" Lola gasps, as soon as the door shatters. She makes her way quickly to the hospital door, bare feet skidding across the floor as she makes sure there's anotehr chair jammed up against it so it can't open without some finagling. "Ya know, Ah was gonna go on the straight an narrow. Well, was gonna fake it. Damn, sugar." She takes the duffle bag and drops it out the window, then she holds up the bear. From the back of it she withdraws the gun Elle left her with the other day - no wonder she wouldn't let go! But she drops the bear with the rest of her stuff. Horace is not getting left behind! Her eyes sweep the area around the window, watching. "Ya go first, sugar, Ah'm right behind ya."

Elle grins. "Sorry to burst your straight and narrow bubble, Lola, but I need as many friends as I can get." She grins, kicking a few shards of glass out of the window, before hopping up on the ledge. She scowls down at the drop, before promptly leaping from the window, landing on the grass below and rolling to keep herself from getting hurt. She'll have a few cuts and bruises, but that's nothing.
Elle quickly stands, raising her hands for Lola to toss her the bag, before getting out of the way to allow Lola to leap out of the window.

Lola doesn't watch Elle fall. Instead she just scans the horizon, looking for anything menacing. Pretty quick there will be cops here, and of course it'll be obvious - Lola Mayeux is on the run again. Already there is a nurse pounding on the door. "So much fer gettin' mah old name back," Mary Lou sighs and heaves herself out of the window too, landing in a roll with a thud. She yelps as she rolls, holding her arm close against her. She picks up the duffle and slings it over her shoulder. It is wordlessly expressed that she expects Elle to get Horace, the giant teddy bear.
She looks around, hiding the gun from sight but keeping her hand on it under her shirt as she starts to run, hopefully with Elle.

The giant teddy bear is promptly snatched up, and once Elle is sure that Lola's on her feet, she takes off running. The vehicle that Lola is lead to…is a Vespa. A scooter. But it's a fast scooter, at least. "It's really a rush to steal things. No wonder you were a thief." Elle grins, hopping on the bike and starting it up. "Hurry, we can get away from here before the cops come." She offers a hand to help Lola onto the back of the scooter.

Lola literally squeals to a stop as she spies the Vespa. "Are ya shittin me!" She says, her disbelief and slight anger at the sight of it causing her to almost fall over backwards. "Ya didn' even steal a proper car? It'd be easier ta change Taxis eighteen times!" She groans, snatching the bear from Elel and kneeling over the duffle bag, zipping the bear into it and slinging the bag over her shoulder before she slides onto the back of the scooter. "Ah got so much ta teach ya," She says, with a slight sigh. "We are so ditchin' this thing somewhere in Brooklyn."

"It was easy. I don't know how to hot wire a car. I could shock it, but I'd probably just end up ruining a bunch of cars. This one had a key." She shrugs. "Rich bitch shouldn't have left it out with the keys in. She was asking for it to be stolen." With that, she guns the Vespa, which takes off a lot faster than it may look. "If you can teach me to hotwire a car, I'd be happy to bring a car to your next rescue."

"Ya don' need ta….ugh," she just shakes her head, snuggling up to Elle and putting her good arm around the blonde's waist. "Ya don' gotta hotwire a car ta steal it. We'll just…we'll talk about it when we get home. Ah'll make a lesson plan."
And this must be quite an interesting look. Elle Bishop driving a Vesspa with Lola Mayeux riding bitch, a duffle bag across her bag with a giant stuffed bear peering out, one paw reaching as though almost waving goodbye to the hospital as the Vepsa guns off.

"Ma'am!" Lola turns her head to look behind her as the Vespa speeds off, hearing the voice of a familiar nurse. As her head turns, she suddenly sees for real. She is lying on her bed in her hospital room, arm around her giant teddy bear. At first she is confused, startled as she looks around. The nurse just smiles.

"You're being released, Miss Mayeux. There's a Miss Bishop here to collect you."


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