The Nature of Men


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Scene Title The Nature of Men
Synopsis Sisters to be bond over the topic of how men operate.
Date January 17, 2011

Dorchester Towers: Bradley Russo's Apartment

The day before had simply been disappointment after disappointment. First Brad leaving angry, then Nick leaving upset, Delia had been crying all night. Nicole had arrived right on schedule, something that had been arranged a week or so ago, to allow Rosa a day without the needy redhead in Russo's spare bedroom. It's 8am, Delia is usually awake but she's been up all night crying.

Nine and ten AM pass by without a stir from the young woman whose pale face is still stained by tears. Whatever had upset her so much isn't really known. She didn't tell Brian, Nick didn't say a word, Russo… he's still missing. A small groan precipitates the arm coming up to rub at her blue eyes. There's a few blinks before Delia focuses on the dark haired beauty that is her brother's fiancée and jolts a little. Staring at the woman with furrowed eyebrows.

Slowly, she eases herself up on aching muscles, trying not to allow facial expression of complaint to appear. She's not exactly successful in that venture. Looking around, she turns to gaze out the door for a long time before uttering a few short syllables, "Morning Nicole."

Nicole smiles kindly when Delia focuses on her, lifting her head from whatever she's been doing on her ever-present BlackBerry. "Good morning, sleepy head." The smile fades, though, and she tilts her head to one side, concern in her features. She's dressed down today, in an NYU sweatshirt and yoga pants. Not the usual image she attempts to maintain. "You've been crying," she observes. Or maybe Brian told her.

"Y-yeah.." Delia utters, her entire countenance bordering on depressed with that one stuttered word. "I.. I upset a lot of people yesterday," specifically, two of the most important people. Turning a pleading eye to Nicole, the redhead chews on her lower lip and turns her eyebrows up just a tick at the inner edges. She's worried, it shows. "Nicole? I— Do you think— " Once again, the words aren't forming into complete sentences. A step backward for the young woman. She was doing well enough last night to actually open the door.

"I did something horrible…" she whispers, "I made Brad mad… and then I upset Nick. I was just trying to make him happy. I've been working hard… I thought maybe Brad would be okay… It didn't even cost a lot… I just… I screwed up and now everyone hates me."

"Oh, sweetie. Brad isn't hard to upset," Nicole assures the young girl, getting up from her seat across from the bed. She tucks her BlackBerry into the front pocket of her hoodie and crawls up onto the bed to sprawl out next to Delia, her back against the headboard. "C'mere." She reaches out to wrap one arm around the redhead and pull her in for a hug.

"Nobody hates you. Least of all your brother, or Nick. They both care for you a great deal." Nicole's voice stays level and reassuring without sounding like she's paying the young woman lip service. "Why don't you tell me exactly what happened, and I'll give you my expert PR advice?"

Wiping the sleep from her eyes, Delia allows herself to be pulled into the comforting hug and nods just slightly. A silent agreement to divulge and relive the nasty details of her yesterday, from her perspective. "I asked Brad if I could use his card to buy something…" she admits lowly, her voice cracking a little for the lie she told. "I wanted to get Nick something, he always brings me presents and I wanted to get him something special." There's a long pause as the redhead points a guilty look up to the woman she's confessing her sins to. She's not exactly a priest but Delia hasn't been able to get to a real church for a very long time. "Brad thought it was for me and I didn't tell him. He got really mad when he got it and found out it was for Nick."

Nicole rolls her eyes, and not at Delia. "Brad can tell Nick likes you a great deal. He's upset because he's afraid that Nick is going to sweep you off your feet, and then break your heart. It's part of being a big brother, I think. I've been led to believe they're all this way." Her lips twitch up into a little smirk. "I think all siblings are inherently nervous about their sibling's significant other. My sister, for example, tore me a new one when I told her I got engaged."

You couldn't tell that she went home and cried her eyes out about it from the way she blithely talks about it now. "Brad will get over it, or I'll smack him upside the head with the dictionary until he does."

"Are you— " Delia halts for a moment and then straightens to look up at the model thin beauty sitting right next to her. "You're not like that with Tasha though…" It's an argument that the redhead feels she's sure to win. One exception among soooo many hurt feelings. She doesn't let it settle though, switching tracks and becoming rather avoiding, just like her older sibling.

"Nicole, remember when we met?" From the look in her eye, she's not talking about the Halloween slash birthday party. "The first time we ever talked?"

"Not with Tasha, no." The implication being that there was someone else, once, that Nicole wasn't sure she approved of. But Delia moves on, so she doesn't regale her with any tales of her own brand of protectiveness.

Instead, she's struck a little dumb. But only momentarily. "The… dream?" Nicole asks quietly, eyes seeking Delia's for confirmation. They hadn't talked about it before. That had suited her just fine.

There's a slight nod from the redhead, her blue eyes falling away from the other woman for a moment before risking another discreet glance. "Yeah… with… " She doesn't go into a lot of detail, there's only the one that they shared. "You love Mister Logan," she whispers, dismay sweeps over her face even as she tries to stretch a brave smile onto her lips.

"I— " she stops herself short from saying anything else but she's completely wrapped up in it, mired in it, and drowning. "It's hard, loving someone and being committed to someone else." A small statement of support, something to let her know that she's in the same boat.

"…Yes." It's not an easy admission to make. Telling Brad was easier, but only because he admitted to loving someone else first. Nicole looks ashamed of herself. She doesn't meet Delia's gaze anymore. "But I care for your brother a great deal," she promises. "I will always be there to support him." Even if she'll never love him. "He doesn't love me, either." It's maybe unfair of her to tell his sister on his behalf, but she tells her anyway. She doubts he would be so honest with Delia.

"He's easy.." Delia says softly, letting Nicole's gaze fall away from her own. She doesn't press for the contact, the woman just being here is enough. "He's easy to love. He's… really nice and he smells so good… and he's fun." The redhead doesn't know the same man that her brother's fiancée does, her picture is sheltered and innocent.

"Do you really think he did that to Brad?" The younger woman's cracked voice might be a plea for denial, something to let her hold onto the perfect picture of that king in her mind. "I— What if it was someone that was just dressed like him? Or… just told Brad Mister Logan's name?"

"Mister Logan isn't a good man, Delia." And for that, Nicole tips the girl's chin up so that she can look her in the eye again. "He smells good, he has a nice smile, and he'll tell you all the things that you want to hear… But he is not a good man." The redhead is pulled in for a tighter hug, Nicole tucking her chin against the top of her head. "It doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be loved. And I'm certain I always will love him. But… he's not someone that a girl like you should… Had to warn my own sister away from him. It's not just you. Keep him at arm's length."

"I like his dog…" Delia murmurs sullenly, stubbornly refusing to accept the other woman's words. "Cheza visits when I sleep. I wanted to see her. Before— Before Brad told us about.. the thing that happened, I was going to call him and ask him if he could come over." With the dog of course. Risking a glance up at the other woman, she gives a wane smile and a half shrug. "Nick says the same thing about himself, says he doesn't deserve anything good. He's done some really horrible things but I see the inside, he's not like Mister Logan at all. Mister Logan is— .. there's… something about him even on the inside he's beautiful. Nick is bleak and hopeless."

"I'll see about borrowing Cheza for you," Nicole offers. "I don't think having Mister Logan over here is probably the best idea, because I think he might piss in Brad's Cornflakes," she may think this is a literal thing that might actually happen if Logan were allowed access to the apartment, "but I'm sure he'll let me take Cheza for a day or two." A quick glance around the room is conspiratorial. "I love that dog." Ssshhhhh. It's a secret!

"As for Nick… I think he likes you. A lot. I don't know what it's like in his mind, but I've seen the way he looks at you when he thinks no one's looking." Thanks to trips down to the pool. "I think your brother needs to ease up on him. I'll talk to Brad about it. And don't worry, I'll keep your concerns out of it. He knows I'm headstrong and willing to speak my own mind. He won't even realise I'm speaking yours, too." She leans in to whisper, "Men just aren't that bright."

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