The New Kid


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Scene Title The New Kid
Synopsis Gwen and Hugh meet the new kid. That'd be Agent Winters.
Date February 8, 2009

Primatech Paper

Setting his tray on an empty table, Agent Winters takes a seat by himself. It's a tough life for the new guy. He wears a sleeveless shirt and a pair of sweats. Apparently he came from working out, or training, or some type of exercise. Residue of sweat is still noticeable about his body.

Positioning his food in front of him, he looks this way and that before picking up his fork and beginning to eat quietly. Keeping to himself, not because he wants to, but because no one has really offered to play with him. The newest addition to the Company, so far, is a loner.

Back from a bag and tag with one of her merry-go-round partners, Gwendolyn always gets a bit famished after managing to haul one in on behalf of the Company. Truth be told, she likes keeping her hand in, as while she's trained for the Kill Squad, it's not really what she was originally built for, so to speak. She assembles herself a salad topped by numerous items that render its health factor positively null, she checks her watch. Hugh should be finished with his own assignment rather shortly…

And there's Hugh. Preceded down the hall by the sound of his own voice singing Gilbert and Sullivan. Something from Pirates of Penzance, specifically. He comes clattering in, looking happy. "Oh, that was a fun one," he says to Gwen, as if picking up a conversation left on pause. "Lovely trip to Ireland. A literal siren - this girl from Lahinch who could command, but only via song."

Stabbing a piece of something, Brian looks up from his food idly. His gray eyes honing in on the reuniting couple of Gwendolyn and Hugh. Bringing some food to his mouth he takes a bite. Watching the pair quietly.

"Argentina." Gwen supplies blithely, stepping in close to give the tall man a kiss. "Young man, soccer player, probability manipulation. Very easy." She then turns to look about the cafeteria, before catching Brian's eye. "Ahh. You must be Agent Winters. You had a blurb in my debrief. Welcome aboard." Her accent is educated Londonese. She starts to walk towards Brian's table, gets a whiff, and pauses. "You know," she says delicately, "The facilities are excellent here. Including the showers." She can't help but grin a little.

Hugh creeps up behind Gwen to put an arm around her waist. His own accent is Scottish. Edinburgh, to be precise. "Oh, hello," he says, amiably. "New to the company? How're you liking it?"

Brian watches them until they both decide to round on him, his brows arch at Gwendolyn's comment on his odor. "I" A little frown as he looks up at her. "Needed to eat something. I will after. So you must be my mother." He quips, "I've been waiting to meet you." A glance over to Hugh. "Dad. Thanks for the welcome. Umm.. Well, I guess it's alright. I was in an explosion, and don't remember much. Amnesia type thing." He confesses.

"Goodness, if I'm your mum, he'd be accusing me of being inappropriate with the milkman." She tsks, and moves to another table, with conversation distance but distinctly out of the general downwind that Sweaty Brian has. "I'm Agent Wickham. And this is also Agent Wickham. Pleasure."

"Oh, Treadstone alum, are you?" says Hugh, amused. "Well. We'll be extra careful with you. How're you settling in?"

"You already know my name, but Agent Winters." He reassures. Agent in training, really, but Agent sounds so much cooler. "So you two—" He points to the two of them before just giving a nod. Got it. "Treadstone?" He asks, furrowing his brows. "Sorry, I don't know what that is."

"Brother and sister? Far from." Gwendolyn says, amused. "Gwendolyn, if it's less confusing. And Hugh. Whom you shouldn't mind, he has something of a man-crush on Jason Bourne. Or is the new American phrase 'bro-mance'?"

"Worst portmanteau ever," says Hugh, making a face. "And well, he's almost as good as Bond, in terms of fictional spies," he concedes. "I'm Hugh Wickham, this is my wife, Gwendolyn."

Winters looks a little bewildered before finally just giving a nod. "Right." He says to the conversation as a whole. "Hugh. Gwendolyn. I'm Brian." He says with a little smile. "So how long have you two been working- here?"
"A few years." is all Gwen supplies. "The Company managed to lure us with their benefits package." It's hard to tell if she's kidding or not.
"It is a lot better than what I was getting from the Crown," Hugh concedes, looking wry, even as he wanders over to get himself juice, and serve himself from the buffet.

"Right so you're both, non-evolved?" He guesses. Not sure how many Evolved employees this place can have, anyway. Brian continues to eat, managing to finish off most of his food. "Any cool stories?"

"Non-Evolved, yes." Gwen casts an amused look at Hugh as he heads for the buffet, and turns back. "I'm not so much one for stories about work. It goes against my training. But Hugh adores to brag, I'm sure he's got tons."

Hugh returns, tray loaded with any number of unhealthy, fattening things. "Not so many from this job, yet. I used to be SAS," He's clearly bragging, despite himself. "And yes, I'm not Evolved,"

"Understood. SAS." He repeats. "But you came to work here." Interesting. "Well it was very nice to met you." Winters insists, finishing off the rest of his meal. "I should probably get going. Training with Thompson, and all that."

"Oh, fun." Gwen's expression is one of careful - very careful - amusement. Thompson is not one to mess with. "Good luck with that. I'm sure we'll see you at the company cake gatherings." Company cake gatherings? She's kidding, right?
"Pleasant to meet you, too," Hugh says, a little gruffly, as he extends a callused hand.

Reaching over the table, Brian goes to shake the hand before standing up. "Yeah.. Cake gatherings." He says, in a bemused tone. "See you there." With that, Winter is making his way for the exit.

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