The Ninja, Pirate and Mysterious Woman


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Scene Title The Ninja, Pirate and Mysterious Woman
Synopsis Sometimes you just have to run with your imagination. Plus teenage love.. is awkward.
Date November 17, 2010

Pollepel Island - Bannerman Castle

It would be common knowledge to everyone who escaped to the island that Kendall was in a coma for 5 days, which worried a few people. Now, however, he's up and about, seemingly fine aside from the occasional headache. And naturally, being in a castle makes his geekery show. He's in a CASTLE. It might have hidden passageways, or dungeons, or… garderobes! Therefore, Kendall has been poking his nose into every single nook and cranny, even if said nooks or crannies are occupied.

Not really searching for treasure or dungeons. But still walking around in order to get some exercise, a dark haired woman, whose hair falls just to about her shoulders can be seen in the corridor that Kendall is in. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a tank top and a leather jacket, her cotton gloved hands trace lines on the walls. This place is huge after all, she's sure to be able to wander alone for a little while, right?

Word of Delia's condition had reached Lucille and she's just leaving her sister's side. Not really wanting to leave her alone in case things change, she's decided against hovering over her sister. That wouldn't help at all, now would it? And so the former model is here, in abandoned corridors. Thinking she's alone.

Another presence in the castle is the one-legged courier. She's currently walking through the corridors, headed roughly in the same direction as Kendall, only from the opposite direction.

The Girl's known to the Ferrymen as Mina, well… to those who know her. Her metal peg leg provides ample announcement of her incoming presence.
The problem with having an overactive imagination is the 'overactive' part. "Pirate! My arch nemesis!" because…. Kendall is a ninja, or something? Yeah, right. And yes, he just called Wilhelmina a pirate; maybe it's the peg leg part. And this occurs just a short distance away from where Lucille is lurking in the corridor, so clearly audible.

Ahhh people.

Instead of hide like she wants too, Lucille makes presence known. Light grey eyes study the pair in front of her and she chuckles. "Seems like everyone on this rock wants to get away from people." This is the second time she's met someone in this way. Maybe it's the Universe's way of saying.. "YOU AREN'T TO BE ALONE." Anyway.

Lucille nods her head towards Kendall and Mina. "Lucille. Or.. Luc.. or Lu.. whichever." She's been trying this whole be friendly to the strangers on the island thing lately, so first step to be friendly. Introduce yourself. Momma would be so proud.

"Arr, matey, ye demise be today!" Mina counters, having just an as active imagination.

Well, untill Lucille steps in. "Hey, I'm Mina, and please excuse me, but I have a ninja to fight."

Back to playing pirate, Mina draws a wooden spoon and holds it like a sword, "Ye still wanna fight me, matey?"

"I'm Kendall, nice to meet you." the teenager replies cheerfully enough, then considers Mina. Four days is enough for Kendall to recover the use of his powers, so he mimes pulling out a katana from a sheath at his waist and it appears in his hand, and he's suddenly… wearing ninja garb. And… Ninjas are supposed to be silent, so he doesn't say anything in response. Ahaha, a wooden spoon versus a sword.

With an raised eyebrow, Lucille comes to lean against the wall and watch the two. She blinks as Kendall changes appearance in front of her. Whoa.. an illusionist? She's never met one. But since she's been reading about all the different kinds of abilities then she knows a little bit about his. "Wow, that's awesome." She breathes out softly before continuing to watch.

This should be good.

Mina also has heard a thing or two about Illusionists, and is willing to bet he is one.

5tSo as such the unmanifested Evo lunges out with her spoon, trying to land it somewhere on the illusionist's body.

"Arr me matey, go down so I cin swabber me deck with yer strange outfit."
Aw man. Kendall can't actually defend himself from an actual solid spoon, so he pulls a round object from his pocket and throws it on the ground. Smokebomb! When the smoke clears, he's nowhere to be seen. Aided by a store-bought replica of the One Ring, Kendall is now invisible. Heh. "Try to find me now!"

Judging from where the voice is coming from.. he's. "Psst." She says softly to Mina. "He's behind." She points to where she believes the boy is. This is quite amusing and entertaining. Lu laughs as she watches. It's one of the first real laughs she's had in a while. Since learning of Delia's current situation.

"Be quick though! I here ninja's are super fast.. or something." She shrugs as she chuckles.

As Kendall disappears, Mina looks around, wildly stabbing with the spoon in an attempt to get Ken.

"Arr matey, reveal yerself, lest I shiver ye timbers with my mighty roat!"

"Mighty what?" Kendall asks with a smirk, just out of stabbing range as he pulls off the ring and becoming visible again. "You call that a roar?" He's not wearing ninja garb anymore, but he's got… a card in his hand. A card with a monster on it. Hehehe.

"Is that a..?" Lucille blinks and tilts her head at Kendall. She remembers dating this really nerdy guy for a week and he carried around a card just like that. "Oh my freaking god.." she says with a laugh and she's holding her stomach, remembering the memory of that guy.

"This can't be happening." She feels like she's talking to herself, but that's okay. She's having fun, right?

Mina just opens her mouth and at the same time presses a button on her iPod.

A lion's roar sounds loudly, coming from Mina's shoulders, a close look shows a pair of speakers hidden in hr jacket.
Kendall jumps at the roar, and he blinks. "Hey, I'm not a hyena!" yay, Lion King reference. "Hmmph." he pulls out a different card from his pocket, then holds it up and calls out a name. You want a lion, huh? How about Gladiator Beast Alexander?! An anthropomorphic lion wearing golden armor with wings appears and roars right back at Mina. Lucille is eyed, however, since she seems to be laughing at him.

Choking back on her laughter, Lucille shakes her head towards Kendall and continues to watch. "Well.." she says at the lion that leaps forward. Her date, showed her some kind of magician card or something.

"Take him down, Mina dear." She cheers for the one legged woman.

As she is roared at by that beast, Mina blinks.

Then she decides to ignore it and lunge herself at Kendall, aiming to take him down with her.

Hopefully land on top of him too.
Wah! A girl his age is throwing herself at him! The lion monster disappears as Kendall lands on his back with Wilhelmina on top of him. He's got the breath knocked out of him, and all he can do for the moment is stare up at her and blink.

Um.. awkward.

The dark haired woman begins to back out and she tilts her head at the two. "Um.. yeah." She says loudly and shakes her head. "Awesome duel kids." Her light grey eyes on the sides in amusement. She's had enough for one day she believes.

And, as she lies on top of Kendall, Mina tries to give him a peck on the cheek before rolling off of him.

"That was awesome fun." She grins as she lies on the ground.

"I can't wait to manifest myself… I wonder what I can do when I do…"

"Oh… you aren't Evolved? Or… you are but you don't know what?" Kendall heaves himself to his feet once he's caught his breath, dusting himself off a little. "Hopefully it's something awesome." yeah, Kendall won't tell Valerie what happened here. Lucille is eyed, and he coughs. "Nothing happened here, right?" absently he rubs his temple as he says this, since using his powers gives him headaches lately.

"Get a room!" Can be heard echoing down the corridor towards the two teens. And with that the mysterious, laughing, dark haired woman has left the building. Off to be sad somewhere alone. That is.

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