The Octagon
The Octagon
Owner ReGenesis Foundation
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Affordable Residential Living

Thirty years ago, the Octagon tower on Roosevelt Island seemed like a multi-sided peg in a round-hole world; a weird, purposeless, leftover fragment of the New York City Lunatic Asylum, built in 1839 on what was then Blackwell's Island. Now, after its wings were demolished and it had deteriorated to a point just short of collapse, this once-grand building — or at least what was left of it — has being brought back from the brink of ruin.

The Octagon was originally built in 1834 and is an historic octagonal building located at 888 Main Street. It originally served as the main entrance to the New York City Lunatic Asylum which opened in 1841. The five-story rotunda is made of blue-gray stone that was quarried on the island. It is the last remnant of the hospital and after many years of decay and two fires was close to ruin. In 2006, a newly constructed residential building was built on the site, modeled on the original structure, however just one month after the inauguration of the Octagon's opening, the catastrophic explosion in Midtown left the expansive residential complex uninhabited.

In late 2009 the Octagon was purchased up from the private company that had owned it by the ReGenesis foundation and has since been renovated from three long years of abandonment to become an upscale residential complex operating at staggeringly low rental rates in an attempt to bolster the economy of Roosevelt Island, with the caveat of only being open to legally registered Evolved.

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  • Full-acre courtyard, terrace and heated pool overlooking the waterfront park and river
  • 6 lighted Tennis Courts with Plexicushion surface
  • State-of-the-art Fitness Center with cardio theater
  • Monumental Lobby and Atrium of stone, wood and glass designed by the Rockwell Group
  • Clubroom with lounge, billiards table, library and screening room
  • Art Gallery
  • Conference room
  • General Store and FiOS internet lounge with ATM
  • 24/7 Concierge service and closed circuit TV security
  • Valet and Maid service available
  • Bright Horizons Full-day On-Site Daycare Center for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
  • Playground with rubberized surface
  • Children's Playroom
  • Secure Parking Garage
  • Personal Storage and Bicycle Storage
  • Ecological Park
  • Healthy Building – no formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds used in building materials and building air quality tested annually
  • 4-mile waterfront esplanade/bike path
  • Express bus to the subway and tram

Octagon Resident Registry

The Octagon's resident list is by default private, save for where it must be made compliant with the Linderman Act. As such the following details for residents of the Octagon are kept:

  • The number of Tier-0 Octagon residents.
  • The Names, photos, and brief ability descriptions are published for Tier 1 Evolved residents, but not apartment numbers.
  • All of the above information is listed for Tier-2 residents, including their apartment number.


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