The Only Fiddle


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Scene Title The Only Fiddle
Synopsis After a few days apart Brian and Sam talk through their differences.
Date January 27, 2011

Confucius Plaza — Brian's Apartment

It was a long night. Brian searched high and low, but it's hard to follow a phaser who doesn't want to be followed. Finally going home, Brian plopped on the couch. He didn't sleep that entire night. Not in any body. Even the one that was sleeping woke up and just sat there. It's been a long few days.

He's limited himself to calling her only about fifty times. Checking with a few of their mutual acquaintances to see if she's checked in with them. Her family was left alone however. That could be dangerous. And so now, Brian sits on the couch in depression mode.

He hasn't shaved since the night she left. Leaving him with some fuzzy stubble and the makings of a moustache. Amid and he have conversed a little, gone over plans. But haven't really hung out. Brian's been too busy being depressed. And so now, the young man is watching Willow with a bottle of vodka held loosely in one hand.

It's almost empty.

There's a distinct click as the front door handle turns. And then it creaks, bidding the newest occupant entrance. Sam could've walked through the door, but somehow that just seemed too rude, especially with how she'd let herself disappear. It's been an odd few days for her. Long. Unrestful. Roaming as she visited her formerly ghostly haunts. She'd tried to disappear entirely, only to have chickened out in the end.

Her feet shuffle nearly silent into the apartment, but when she closes the door behind her, it's louder than she could've anticipated. Distinct in its click. Someone else is in the house.

Sam doesn't try to hide her presence though, stepping into the living room. Her skin is paled, her eyes are still bloodshot, and she hasn't slept much in days. Her lips part to say something, anything but nothing comes. Her hands hid in her pockets as she stands there, watching him quietly, with nothing but her breath to fill the silence.

There's something deflated in her posture, exhausted and weary after the last few days. Realizing she should say something, Sam manages a near whisper, "Hi." Her eyes move to the floor while the butterflies in her stomach press against her insides. She wants to say more, but that's all she can manage.

His brows rise up as he pushes himself to a seated position. Relief sinks through him, though he doesn't let it show. Despair still reigns the major facial region. Though the bottle is plunked onto the ground. Scrambling up, he stumbles to his feet. Thump thump thump, he goes to the side trying to catch himself. Bumping into the TV, he manages to straighten without knocking it over. And then his eyes center on Samara, as he moves toward her. One hand flies at her wrist, yanking it up. The other hand going to pull the ring off quickly. Hopefully it won't hurt her poor finger, and hopefully she will just phase her finger if it does. But regardless, once he has the ring he's thundering back for the window. Which is yanked open, and the ring is tossed unceremoniously outside.

"It was a stupid thing I did." Brian offers, turning to face her. "You didn't deserve that. And.. by throwing that out the window, I'm showing you she's out of my life completely. She already was but.." He shakes his head. Of course.. He'll go outside and get the ring later.. Hopefully so he can sell it and get a new one but.. It's a strong symbol.

Thumping back towards her he looks up. "You don't have to forgive me. I know how much I hurt you. And.. I don't like it but.." His hands flail a little with frustration. "If you need more time, I understand."

Sure enough her finger phases as he snatches the ring. Sam's gaze remains on him. Heavy. Silent. Especially as he tosses the ring out the window. Her hazel eyes blink and her hands shove back into her pockets. Her heart thumps in her chest, its quickness gives her pause, building a distinct lump in her throat. Her lips part again, but no works come, just that cracked feeling in her mouth and along her lips. She blinks hard, the first signal that she isn't a statue.

She gasps for air, a squeaky sound while the tears well in her eyes. She trembles slightly as she closes the distance between them, her arms extending to tug him close assuming he'll have her. The sobs are distinct, clear, but relieved. "I love you," she whispers amidst her sniffles.

"I love you… so much…" She sniffles again, trying to formulate her thoughts into words. "I.. I.. " she wants to forgive him. "..I love you.." she repeats. Sincere. Honest. Still hurt.

Brian is very relieved she isn't a statue. Statues usually aren't good serious relationship material. He knows from experience. Looking at her face he opts to look lower at less tear-y and intimidating features. Like her kneecaps. Staring there for a while a few things go through his head. Whether or not he should re-propose, if he should make it a much more grander thing this time, and Sam has really awesome looking knees.

Finally Brian tears his gaze back up as she starts to speak in Iloveyouanese only. His lips tug down as he takes a step forward. Hand coming up to cup her cheek, he attempts to pull her into his chest. "I love you too." He whispers.

Her eyes close gently as his hand cups her cheek. Sam leans slightly into his hand. She clings tightly to him, her tears moistening his shirt. She sniffles again as she leans into him. "I.. I.. missed you." Her eyebrows knit together tightly as she closes her eyes tightly this time.

The butterflies in her stomach dissipate as her tears begin to subside against the touch. Her voice is gruff in her throat, "I.. I'm sorry." There's a pause. "..for leaving.. like I did." Her cheeks flush brightly at her apology. "..and not calling.."

"You don't have to be sorry about anything. Forever." Brian says rapidly. His hand crawls around her face to cradle the back of her head. "I missed you more." He whispers into her ear, taking a step back. His other hand goes up to pull her with him. Going to melt onto the couch, he attempts to bring her down with him into his lap.

"Really Sam.. You didn't do anything wrong. This is all my fault." He places his chin against her shoulder. "You don't have to forgive me.. But I hope you can."

She follows him, while something between a contented sigh and a mmm has her falling into his lap and leaning tightly to him. Sam's eyes close again and she sighs again. Slowly she lets her eyes reopen, a gentle flutter of eyelashes. "I.. I want to." Forgive him. "It.. it hurts." Still. Days later. She frowns momentarily, the thought on the tip of her tongue, the question she's been considering finally surfaces. "I just, I want to know why. Why did you propose then? I just.. I ran it through my head and I.. I'm trying to understand.."

Placing one hand on her lap, he tilts his head down. "I.." No lies. "I was with her for a long time. We had been through a lot. And.. my feelings are for you now. But when she handed that ring back to me it was.. Emotional. Like.. Even though I'm with you and I love you. The pain of the old relationship stung. And I was like.. fuck her I can have a better marriage." He gives a little shrug."I guess.I don't know. I was emotional. And.. I was emotional." He repeats. "I want to marry you.. Just that may have.. Made it happen a little sooner than it should have. I kind of wanted to have a special proposal.. with like fireworks and hot air balloons. But instead we were just in a room." His lips thin. "I'm sorry baby."

"Are you.. sure?" again her hazel eyes close. "I love you.. I.. it.." there's a Sam's lips are the ones to thin now. "I don't want to play second fiddle. If you have.. if you still.. love her, I.." there's a flicker of a frown. She'd asked this the other night, but she wants reassurance. Maybe she even needs it. But even before he can answer, she's reaching for his hand to give it a squeeze. "I.. I get it, I guess. The why, I mean."

"You're the only fiddle I want to play." Brian assures, his voice genuine, his eyes sincere. His hands go to find hers and clamp around them tightly. "I don't love her anymore Sam. I love you. I want to marry you. I want to give birth to a little kid with you.. Or you give birth. But I supply the semen.. WHATEVER. I want to be with you." Winters murmurs, looking up at her hopefully.

His eyes start to go puppy eyed as his hands gently soothe at hers. His voice opens to emit an adorable yet pathetic puppy-esque voice.

"Will you take my semen?"

His hands are squeezed tightly particularly as Sami leans downward to plant a soft kiss on them. "I want to be with you. Every day. For the rest of my life. I.. want to be your wife. I want you as my husband. No matter what." Her eyes become glassy again, happily glassy. Her cheeks dimple as her smile grows along with a giggle. "Yes. I will take your semen." Her cheeks tinge a pale pink, "I want to have your babies~"

"I didn't even say anything about your mom." Brian reports as if she should be proud of him. She should. Really. His face comes forward to rest against her chest. "I'll get you your own ring. A new ring." He murmurs against her chest, hands going to relinquish hers. Crawling slowly around her waist. "I'm sorry I acted like an idiot, Sameye."

Sam settles against him a little more as her eyes close, just resting in this moment. She mmmmmms contently as his hands encircle her waist. "I know," she murmurs with a weaker smile now. "But I'm not going anywhere," they're words repeated from the night before. "And.." a little more laboured, a little tighter, she clears her throat, "I think we're gonna be okay, luv. I forgive you."

He leans in to plant a kiss against her lips, lingering there for a moment. Pulling back he smiles gently. "I wish Amid wasn't in our bedroom." Brian groans a little. Glancing to the guest room. "Koshka won't be here for a while." He tilts his head thoughtfully to Samara. "You know.. what they say. About making up.." He looks over to the guest room again. Then back to Samara. "Or we can watch Willow.." It's an afterthought.

The kiss is returned following which Sami's lips trail down his jaw bone and down his neck until it reaches his shirt line with the gentle reminder Amid is here, which causes her cheeks to flush. "I.. forgot," she admits with a small cringe. The smile lingers as she slides off his lap to her feet. Slow steps take her towards the guest room. She glances over her shoulder, "Or. We can watch Willow after…"

Eyes closing a soft 'mm' is let down as the kiss-trail goes down towards his chest. Then she's sliding off him. Which has his eyes flashing open in irritation. But she's going in the right direction. A slow smile pulls up Brian's lips as he practically bounds to his feet and after Samara. Rushing towards her, his arms fly out to scoop her up as he zooms into the room.

The door is slammed shut.

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