The Pack


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Scene Title The Pack
Synopsis Sable learns the true identity of the White Knight.
Date July 23, 2010

Gun Hill - Sable's Apartment.

Wearing his black Punisher shirt, some blue jeans, and black sneakers, it's been a day or so since the fight at Greenwich Village happened, and Magnes decides to knock on Sable's door a few times. He has a pink box that looks like it may have something sweet inside, possibly cake. "Sable, it's me, Magnes."

The knock reaches Sable's ears even over the incessant drive of 'Immigrant Song', which pumps from her CD player while she sits, belly down on the floor, injured arm cushioned by pillows, in front of her computer. She isn't looking at anything NSFW, at least not on any tab that's currently open. She's peering with her terribly intent gaze at a Google search for 'agitator record lable' (did you mean agitator record label?) which has turned up no clear hits, just MySpace pages for some band called 'The Agitators'.

She rolls onto her back and does a sit up that leads into a stand, like she's break dancing, a stupid little flourish no one is even around to see. Once she's on her feet, she rambles to the door and opens it, peeking out. She flashes Magnes a grin. "Bearin' gifts? Y' know how t' get past my door, boy. Come on in…"

"Ice cream cake." Magnes pushes it forward into her hands, then immediately heads over to the computer and unplugs her modem. "Sorry, we're about to talk about something sensitive, so I needed your computer offline." He sighs and sits on the floor, legs crossed as he looks over at her and the cake. "Wednesday, in Greenwich, it was me. White Knight, in the costume, that was me. A few people that know me figured it out, but I'm trying to keep it a secret from the general public. And I didn't think it was right that you didn't know."

Sable doesn't have the long term internet addict's gut wrenching terror at seeing their mainline of webz pulled. She shrugs, equitably. "I dig," is all she has to say on the matter. She's more interested in the cake box, which she lifts to her face and uses her nose and mouth to tug the top off of. She grins down at the confection.

Though this lasts just long enough to hear Magnes' confession. Sable lowers the cake and looks at Magnes. There is a moment of processing time, and then she squints one eye at him.

"I've got a ton 'f reasons why yer my best friend, boy," she states, "But I gotta say, one 'f the ones that comes most readily t' mind is that y' don't beat 'round the bush 'n' y' don't bullshit me with long fuckin' introductions. Y' just lay yer cards out… Jesus," she cracks a grin, "Shoulda known. Fuckin' shoulda known. Costumed hero bullshit. Bless your fuckin' heart…" a pause, "Did y' put 'im down? Did you take care of business f'r good 'n' all? Fuck, I shoulda stayed t' watch. But Elaine wanted t' get clear of it," she frowns, "Does she know?"

Magnes puts a finger to his mouth in a shh motion, then plugs the computer up and searches for the YouTube video of the news that also includes the edited cut of the numerous phone videos. Once it's loaded, he unplugs it again and plays the loaded stream for her. "This is mostly everything that happened. He beat me because I had to make sure no one got hurt. I couldn't let loose or the street would have gotten completely destroyed. I just tried to keep him busy while I waited for the cops. I don't know what his ability is, but he walked away from hits that would have completely annihilated anyone else, even if I was holding back."

Sable is listening, she swears, but she's also trying to figure out to cut a piece of this cake so she can eat it without appearing a total savage. She wrinkles her nose. That reminds her of something. First things first, though. She watches the video as the action unfolds, a very active audience member, making small noises of discomfort, wincing, and even gasping here and there. When its over, she turns a serious gaze on Magnes.

"One punch broke m' arm like I was a hollow boned li'l birdie," she says, sombre, "So looks like he c'n take it 'n' dish it out," she doesn't know, right now, how close to the truth she is - this is just a turn of phrase, "He's some sorta fuckin' hardass motherfucker. Jesus," she smiles a hard smile, "Elaine goes f'r some badass fuckin' dudes, huh?"

And this is when she recalls her remembrance of two paragraphs ago. "Boy, think y' could go out 'n' buy me a knife sometime? Nothin' fancy. Somethin' useful, simple," she pauses, "I figure it's good t' have, just in case, 'n' also… it's somethin' of a test. Seein' if I'm on a certain track."

"It just doesn't make any sense. You see this part where we both slammed our fists together?" Magnes shifts the video to that part and plays it. "The whole ground shook for a few seconds, that should have smashed his entire fist, but when he jumped away, my whole arm was shaking. I can't figure it out, there's something I'm missing, this can't be simple super strength, that doesn't account for why he can take damage. People don't get multiple abilities unless they're like Peter or Gabriel, and if that were the case, he could have stolen mine, which he didn't…"

He just shakes his head and hunches slightly in frustration. At least he's stopped thinking about Japan for a while. "Sure, I can get you a knife. What kind do you want? Another butterfly knife? We should start training again, I need to train against someone with your ability, that can help me a lot. And you're terrible at offense, so you need to learn more. A Russian's been training me lately."

Sable wrinkles her nose, "Nothin' illegal or fancy," she says, "Just somethin' that I c'n fold back int' it's handle 'n'…" she stops herself, "Look, I had a knife in what I saw, y' know? When I passed out back last month. 'n'… if y' go out 'n' get me the right knife, it'll be a sign. But I don't wanna tell y' too much, 'cause then it'll be all fuckin' with Fate instead 'f lettin' it happen if it's gonna happen. So… just go out 'n' buy me a knife 'n' don't think too hard 'bout it, eh?"

She lifts her good arm to scratch at the nape of her neck. "Yeah… yeah I figure so. Never really bother t' go at someone ever. Always better, me bein' what size I am, t' just get fuckin' clear 'f a fight. But yeah… I gotta learn t' dish out as well. When I heal up, mebbe?" She shrugs, "Fucked if I know what fuckin' power he's got. That's yer area 'f interest."

Another pause, "Quinn should know. She's a comrade. She should know whatall y' do. She may be pissed, but I'll back y'. This is who y' are, 'n' if y' keep t' doin' that rather than gettin' mixed up with fuckin' organizations 'n' shit… I'm willin' t' call it a good thing."

"About Quinn…" Magnes lets out a sigh, since he's not sure how Sable might interpret what he's about to say. "It's not that I don't consider her a friend or a band mate, it's just… I don't trust her as much as I trust you and Elaine. I don't trust her to the level of telling her something like this." He looks over at her with an apologetic shake of his head. "Do you understand?"

This earns Magnes a hard stare and a mouth thinned to the width of a metaphorical razor's edge. "This ain't right. And while it ain't my secret t' tell, I'll have y' know I don't fuckin' approve. Ain't nothin' we should have t' keep from one 'nother, 'nless falls inside th' dictates 'f love," where Sable picked up that expression is anyone's guess, "You bind her t' her word, she'll prove her faith t' you. Keep it from her, 'n' y' won't've earned th' faith y'd want from her so that y'd be willin' t' tell. This ain't right," she reiterates, "'n' I can't fuckin' say I approve."

"Alright, Sable. For you…" Magnes has to take another deep breath. Friendship involves compromises sometimes. "I'll try to talk to her about it, alright? I can't make any promises except that I will try, and I mean that." He smiles, looking over for her approval. "Are we cool?"

Sable's brow lifts, like she's considering it. "We're always cool," she states, a fact despite her tone, which retains its warning, "Do it soon. You just imagine what she'll think if she finds out 'n' y' haven't told 'er, dig? Think what that'll do f'r th' feelin's 'f our band. Th' unity." She gives a huff, "Now… what're we gonna do 'bout that motherfucker?" the colorful cuss is more or less James' proper name to Sable, "If he's anythin' like what y' say 'n' what, let's be fuckin' honest, we know he is, it mebbe ain't somethin' we can handle solo. The Ferryfolk've got scary folk," hey, the rhymes! "'n' it'll be better f'r th' peace here if we let 'em in on this, let 'em help. A threat t' Elaine is a threat t' all, eh?"

"I don't want them to think I'm irresponsible, that I can't handle my own problems, that'll only reinforce what everyone always says about me. Just make sure they know he's a threat so they can protect this place. I already have a plan to deal with him, and that fight was part one." Magnes links his fingers, hunching in a thoughtful gesture, though he winces as he pulls his back slightly. "That fight in public got him caught on film threatening people and trying to go after Elaine. He's already assaulted her, and I refuse to let the government's secret police spirit him away, I want him doing hard time, not becoming some paid secret agent. So we have to think of a place this fight can go down, somewhere people won't notice things breaking apart… Wait, that's it! Midtown."

Sable gapes, and then smacks her forehead with the heel of her hand. "Jesus, y' haven't figure out how these fuckin' people think, yet?" she says, "Did they not talk t' y', tear y' a new asshole 'r somethin'? Tryin' to take care 'f this alone'll do exactly that! Make y' seem irresponsible 'n' all. It ain't about handlin', not t' them, dig? It's about their big operation, 'n' th' attention drawn. Now, I ain't sayin' the Ferryfolk ain't fuckin' idiot's 'bout some things, that they aren't more th'n a bunch 'f young folks that shoulda found music rather th'n gettin' int' some secret fuckin' society bullshit, mixed with old nutjobs with itchy trigger fingers 'n' some fuckin' age old sin they gotta redeem themselves for b'fore dyin' all dramatic, like," quite the criticism of her protectors and wardens, "But they've got th' big guns 'n' they wanna use 'em. So Jesus, boy, please, 't least pitch yer plan t' them! Let 'em know. That'll be what raises y' in their estimation, a willingness t' play along."

"They're going to say no and want to do it their way, they'll want to go above the law. I want him in jail, and they'll say it's a stupid plan." Magnes groans and carefully lays back on to the floor, laying his arms over his forehead. His shirt pulls up a bit, so she can see his dragon tattoo and the gigantic bruise from getting gut punched into the sky, not to mention all the other bruises. "Look, I'll try to talk to Doyle, but… I'm against sharing it, I don't want them turning this into some terrorist operation."

"Man, I believe in love rather th'n war, dig?" Sable says, "I'm right there with y', 'n' I can't argue you 'gainst yer own principles. I mean… I know, like, Batman'd never, like… I dunno… do what th' Ferry might… I dunno comics well enough, but I dig that y've got a way. But this effects us too, dig? 'n' it might effects others we don't know. 't least talk t' th' big man, arright? Insist y' be involved, insist that y'll do whatever it takes but that y' want him in jail, justice served. But tell 'im. Only way t' earn these Ferryfolks' trust is t' let them think they're in charge," she snorts, "Just like any other sort 'f Man."

"I will, I promise." Magnes makes a lot of promises, but he never makes them lightly. That's the one way she'll know for sure he's going to listen to her. He reaches over and lightly presses his index finger against her forehead. "Sable, are you happy? I mean, do you feel like you have everything you need in life?"

Sable has never been asked this question before. Okay, she was once, by a girlfriend, but you don't tell a girlfriend you're not happy when you're sharing a 'tender-type sorta moment'. So real thought and thus a really thoughtful answer to this question has ever been given. And she takes the time to think now, just as soon as he eyes uncross from watching Magnes' fingers, "…dunno," she says, "I figure… I've got th' band 'n' y'all, 'n' I've got Dee kinda sorta, 'n' I've got a roof o'er my head 'n' food in my belly. So. Yeah. I'm fuckin' happy. Who th' hell wouldn't be? This is more th'n I've ever had," she grins, "Don't mean I don't want more, 'f course."

"I just wanted to make sure. I feel ungrateful sometimes, and it helps to know the people around me are happy. I have Elaine, she really makes me happy, I swear to God she does, but my life as a whole… I have these drives, and contrary to popular belief, I don't always do what drives me. This superhero thing, I'm driven to do it, I'm just afraid of the criticism from the people who know who I am, and…" Magnes shakes his head, scooting closer so he's sitting next to her. He opens the cake box and holds his hands over it, trying to concentrate as he causes the cake to pull itself apart in a few directions. It's the best he can do as far as slicing, and it's not entirely pretty. "I'm just bothered. They're talking about the Shibuya Incident. I ruined Japan, a whole country."

Sable watches with a very honest appreciation as Magnes does his trick with the cake. It's definitely not pretty, but Sable is about as susceptible to bouts of 'wow, cool!' as some of the Lighthouse kids. Her eyes cut up to Magnes at the mention of the incident. "Dee told me 'bout that. It's fuckin' rough, man, 'n' I don't blame folk f'r not knowin' what I know 'n' what she knows, 'bout how y' got her head screwed on a little straighter now, wiser f'r the shit y' been through," she sniffs, "That fuckin' gal Quinn's seein' got in m' face 'bout it. Came close t' punchin' her over it." She doesn't sound proud but she doesn't sound guilty or ashamed in the least, "No one speaks ill 'f my boy, 'cept for me when give 'im shit." She flashes a him a grin.

Magnes smiles, then reaches over to ruffle her hair. "Somehow, one day, I'll show people that I can really make a difference, that I've changed in all the ways that matter. They just have to realize that my personality is here to stay, and that it's not a reflection of how responsible I am or the things I know now." He reaches down to take a slice of the cold ice cream cake, taking a large bite. "Do they just think I've been getting lucky all these years?"

Sable is fine with eating with her fingers. She has not the slightest qualm. She can't hold a given piece for long, though, because the ice cream is hold, so she bites, drops, bites, drops, her mouth quickly getting messy. "They're blind t' all but what they're ready t' see. You gotta show it to 'em in a way they'll understand. It's a con, boy. Say things th' right way, walk th' right walk, 'n' y' c'n get people thinkin' just 's you do. That what y' gotta achieve, winnin' these folks over, gettin' 'im t' see y' as y'd like."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Magnes moves a finger to raise her cake near her mouth with gravity, grinning. "You're still as wise as always, Sable. I'm gonna go get your bed, then I'm gonna de-stress with Elaine for a while before I talk to Doyle." he says as he starts to stand, leaving her slice floating there. "You can go ahead and eat the whole box, I thought you'd like to get a little messy."

Handy! Sable chomps the hovering cake, finishing the piece and chewing, making a face, chewing, gulping. "Aaah, too cold! Jesus, too much!" She lifts her arm over her head. Brain freeze. "Fffuck…" she says, waiting a moment for it to pass, "That's like torture, Christ. Gah. What's this 'gain? Oh! Yeah, you go on 'n' do that," she lifts a sticky finger, "Suggestion, boy, 'bout yer girl. Try playin' hard t' get. Let 'er tease y' out. Hold back a little, must 's y' may want t' just be upon her, dig? I know it's mebbe 'gainst yer nature, but take it as a lesson," she nods, "Good things come t' those willin' t' broader their fuckin' horizons, 'n' hold back a fuckin' little, dig?"

"I'll try, it'll be hard, really hard," Magnes says, in more ways than one, then opens the door and looks back at her. "I'll be back with the bed and some sheets in a few minutes, then we're gonna clean up a bit, or I'll clean up if you just wanna eat your cake."

Sable gets all the meanings. Just built to catch them. "Y'll fuckin' thank yerself," she says half sing-song. She nods, "Get that sucker in here. Need t' start makin' this place presentable. A wolf's only 's good 's 'er den, eh?"

"A wolf's only as good as her pack, and I like to think we're a pretty good pack." Magnes offers her a cheesy thumbs up, then closes the door behind him and heads to her apartment.

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