The Past Is Prologue


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Scene Title The Past Is Prologue
Synopsis While trying to find a lead on Tyler Case or John Doe, Gillian learns that her friend who dreams of the future is dreaming of a new future that the past might be a prologue to.
Date May 25, 2009

Upper East Side

Before the bomb, the Upper East Side offered some of the most expensive real estate in the United States, which the upper-range of residences reaching upwards of 70 million dollars. In the wake of the bomb, the economic collapse of New York drove property values down through the ground. This was only compounded by the southwestern portion of the neighborhood being in direct proximity to the blast area, causing rampant fires that destroyed dozens of blocks of residential and business areas.

The Upper East Side has the privilege of being on the border of ground zero, with a barricade of one story tall concrete blocks forming a barricade around the ruins of Midtown. Entrances into these regions are protected by Homeland Security checkpoints reinforced by national guard. It is this jagged blight visible on the horizon of the neighborhood that has been a grievous scar on an otherwise well to do region of New York.

Despite itself, perhaps, the Upper East Side has done as good for itself as can be imagined in the wake of the disaster. Much of the western portion of the neighborhood has dropped so significantly in property values that it has become residential shelters for refugees capable of affording a living. The northern-most regions of the neighborhood though are beginning to thrive again in the wake of economic stimulus thrown into the area following modest reconstruction efforts. Private and public donations to rebuild the region has resulted in a recovery to some of its former grace, but the damage done by the waves of riots and arson following the bomb may never truly be recovered from.

Life has slowly but surely begun to get back to normal for Eve Mas. That is whatever was considered normal before Kazimir Volken entered New York City. The seeress has gotten her job back at the Orchid Lounge and is trying to lead a normal life. One away from all the conflict.. all the pain that being involved in the world of freedom fighting has brought her.

The singer is sprawled out on top of her old school Mustang, she has just finished her set at the Lounge. A soft sigh escapes the woman, her hair free and flowing all around her. She wears a long black skirt that comes down to her feet and a pair of black sandals, along with a white tank top.

Light grey eyes scan the night sky above her and she drums her fingers softly onto the hood of the car.

Not long until curfew, but the sky's dark. Stars would be easier to see if it weren't for lights from the street, as this area happens to have had more reconstruction than most. The Orchid Lounge isn't somewhere she usually visits, but Gillian's stopping by there briefly tonight. It's fortunate she doesn't need to go inside, because she spots the woman she's looking for on a car outside. Keeping a fair distance, she watches her for a few moments, as if seeing if she's awake, before taking in a slow breath and stepping forward. She may regret this later, but…

"Eve?" She's awake. The fingers tapping gave that away.


The name is said in relief and Eve closes her eyes briefly before opening them again. "I've been meaning to come and find you, so that we could catch up, but life has been- actually for once.. it hasn't been all /that/ crazy for me." The singer admits and looks over towards Gillian. She pats the space on the hood next to her for the other woman, who is becoming one of Eve's closets friends.

"How are things going with the ability?" Eve tilts her head at the former power augmentor and raises an eyebrow.

"I think I have enough crazy going on for everyone," Gillian admits quietly, as she moves closer to the car and settles down on the part of the hood cleared off for her. "I'm glad things have been relatively normal for one of us— it's been a long time since we had a chance to talk, and… that's partly my own fault. Ran off to Staten Island as soon as I found out Gabriel was alive, ran off to Moab to pull Peter out of there… and now this."

A mild shake of her head, a glance down at her hands. There's a lot of things she can do now… and she has no idea if Eve knows the half of it. "I don't know how things'll go until— well until it's over. I actually have Peter's ability— did you know that?"

The dreamer taps her head and smiles softly towards Gillian, "Remember these dear old dreams of mine Gilly." Eve leans back on her hands and returns her gaze onto the woman. "You've been very busy lately, don't worry about it. I'm not really all that offended by your not coming to see me." She winks and moves a strand of hair out of her eyes.

"My favorite of your abilities, is the metal one. You look so intimidating." Teasing lightly, though the talk of her dreams makes something die in Eve's eyes, she doesn't say anything about it.. /yet/.

"Oh fuck, I hate that one," Gillian admits with a mutter, shaking her head a little. "You have no idea— I can't feel anything like that. Well— not the way you're supposed to feel things. Yeah, I was stronger and could probably have stomped a couple people's feet right into the pavement, but— I couldn't even really see, Eve. It was more like… I felt everything I was supposed to be seeing or…" She trails off, glancing up at the sky. Dark hair falls out of her eyes, bangs splitting as she tilts her head back..

"I just hope they don't end up making me never want to sleep again. Cause then the iron thing would be helpful. I didn't sleep a wink until I got out of it. I didn't have to eat either." There's a small sigh. "Anything in your dreams that might help us find the fucker who did this so I can grab him by the collar and make him fix it?"

"On second thought.. that sounds horrible." Eve grimaces and looks up towards the sky as well, no not as clear a view as you would get at the Ruins, but a view of the sky none the less. "I dreamt of the man that did it, but nothing else pertaining to him yet." She admits with soft nod of her head.

There is a sketch pad on the side of Eve, one that was previously being neglected by Eve, she flips through and comes to stop on a page, "Kazimir Volken came to visit me in a dream.." is all she says as she shows the drawing that she did to Gillian: The ruined buildings and streets of Midtown can be seen and among them stands a lone figure on the hill, long hair and dress signifies that it's Eve, her back is turned and she is staring at something in the distance.

A full moon shines down on Eve and a wolf's shape before it has become a vaguely human shaped shadow can be seen reaching for Eve. Above it all is a rather huge looking raven, it's feathers are falling all around and where they touch down explosions at the atomic level can be seen in the distance. The huge mushroom clouds make Eve shiver slightly.

"It's never done Gilly.. no matter what, there is always another conflict to face. "The past is prologue he said to me.." " he being Kazimir.

Instead of finding out about the whereabouts of Tyler effing Case or John-whatever… Gillian hears the name she was least looking forward to hearing about. "Fuck," she mutters under her breath as she sees the drawing, memorizing it in moments, to the point she can see it even when she closes her eyes. "Why can't these fuckers just stay the fuck dead," she growls, getting up off of the car just in case one of her new abilities kick in. The last thing she wants to do is dent her friend's car with her tush.

"And like the city needs more fucking mushroom clouds." She's angry, but not really at the woman who had the dream, but the world that would allow dreams like that to keep happening. It will never end. It will never get better. No matter what there will always be something.

The anger fades after a moment, cause she knows how dangerous it is to let her emotions get the better of her right now. "I hate this. Does anyone else know yet? Have you told the people in Phoenix?"

It takes Eve a long moment to speak again, the wind howls softly and her hair whips along with it. "It would look as if the Vanguard is not done with us yet.." The singer looks away from Gillian and shakes her head, "I just had it a few nights ago. I haven't been able to tell anyone as of yet.. but maybe it's time to do so." She stays seated on the hood and looks back up to the sky.

"I should meet with them soon, tell them what's going on." Eve sighs softly and looks across to Gillian. "It's all happening again.. they are coming back. We have to stop it."

"I'll tell Gabriel," Gillian mutters quietly, reaching up to rub her face with her hands. She might even be able to recreate the drawing from memory thanks to Cat's ability and her own ability to draw. Doesn't draw often, but it might be better if he had a visual reference when she talks to him about it. Vanguard is one thing she avoids bringing up with him as much as possible. "Yeah, we're going to have to tell Phoenix. Helena got back, so it's not like she has much excuses to avoid it."

Even if Gillian's been avoiding her. "I haven't really seen her since she got back. I've been avoiding it." There's a pause. "God damnit. You'd think the people from the fucking future would have mentioned Nazimir coming back from the fucking dead. Or maybe the fucking time travelers fucked everything up and make it so he'll come back." In which case, she'd like to kick the lot of them.

"The future?" Eve had no idea anyone went to the future.. /none/. "Well /that/ is just astonishing." Eve really has been living such a normal life that she hasn't been on the lookout for information and such. "That very well could have changed things in our timeline."

"And my dreams aren't always as literal, I don't see anyway that Kazimir can be coming back. Abby destroyed him." Remembering that night brings chills to the seer. "I've been studying the dream since I got it. I have theories as to what it points too."

"Not just people who went to the future, but people who came back— the guy who zapped me and Peter and Gabriel? From the future," Gillian says with a grumble, rubbing her forehead. "There's others too, but also a couple people who were in Moab got sent forward to the same future that these guys who came back came from. So I'm guessing the accidentally fucked the whole timeline up. And we get to deal with Kazimir or whatever again." Accidentally or purposely? She can't imagine the future could have been so bad as to wish Kazimir or something like him on the world again.

Moving to sit back down now that she's sure she won't crush the hood with her tush, she looks back up at the sky. Kazimir. "Well, if it's not literal… what do you think it could be, then? I was right beside Abby when she sent his spirit wherever spirits go, but how do we know it actually killed him? Edward Fucking Ray said it would, but I'm not sold on him being always right. Especially since a future him sent this dude Niles to kill me."

"Niles?" She assumes it's one of the time travelers. "Well that is most interesting, I couldn't imagine anything else that could screw up time than people traveling to the future." Eve nods her head softly and looks down to her hands, "Maybe the Vanguard wasn't the kind of organization that once the head is cut off the rest of it dies.. maybe.. maybe someone else is beginning to pull the strings."

"But maybe you are right.. maybe Abby didn't really kill him.. maybe it never worked.. and he's been waiting for another moment to strike." The seer closes her eyes and wraps her arms around her knees. "Gabriel.. I saw him a little bit ago. He's different." Everyone is different now though.

"Yeah— he didn't handle losing his abilities very well," Gillian admits quietly, closing her eyes. "Neither did Peter." There's a hint of a sigh in her voice. "Course I got the opposite problem. They have to deal with having few abilities, I have to deal with having— far more than I ever freaking wanted." Instead of sitting, she ends up laying back on the hood so she can look up at the sky quietly. "The guy from the future that was sent to kill me… he mentioned something that…"

There's a trail off. How can she really explain this. "I think in this future that they come from, and the one that Helena and the others saw… I think I married Peter." And she just happens to be the very first person she's ever mentioned this to, even if she's avoiding looking at her. "I doubt you ever dreamed anything like that— you would have told me if you did, right?"

"A guy was sent back from the future to kill you?" Eve's eyes narrow and she tilts her head, "Name and where he stays.. actually just give me the name I'll find him myself." The seer has few people she can really call friends.. so when somebody threatens one Eve gets just /a little/ upset.

"Wait.. what? You and Peter?" The singer shakes her head and chuckles softly. "I had no such dream, I didn't even know you and Peter were involved in that way.. did he and Helena just..?" Evie is confused now.

"He didn't kill me," Gillian says, looking at her with a glance. "In fact he was pretty much telling the person who sent him to kill me to fuck off by not killing me, so— don't worry about it." There's a shake of her head, but really, it makes sense she'd be worried, even if the whole sudden desire to go after someone who threatened her is a little worrysome. Not that she knows the answer to most of that anyway. Except that the Ferry is currently keeping the younger version of the guy.

"And no. We're not involved like that. I mean the most time we even spent together was when we accidentally fucked the space-time continum and threw everyone to different points in space and time and we ended up in Antarctica together." There's a sigh in her voice as she settles her head back down against the hood of the car, looking up at the sky. The cloud cover starts to thicken overhead, as if a storm front is suddenly moving in. "I don't know what could have happened in that future where we'd ever— I'm not even the marrying type, and… He has Helena and she's all— Helena."

There's a small pause, that cloud cover overhead is getting reasonably thicker. The humidity in the air also seems to be increasing slightly. "And then there's Gabriel… Maybe he was just shitting with me."

Ok that's good. Eve sighs in relief and relaxes back onto the hood of the car. "Yes.. Helena is Helena.." Though Eve has not spoken to the woman in quite a long time.

The dark haired songstress is only oh so familiar with the weather changing and she raises her eyebrows, "I sense.. a torn heart? The man that is taken.. or the one that almost killed you.. and is still a murderer.. tough decision I must tell you." She looks up at Gillian. "Maybe you should just say fuck em both." She shrugs lightly. "If they are giving you such a headache."

"It's never easy, is it?" Gillian says, frowning mildly up at the sky. "That's the worst part. When he said… 'don't marry Peter Petrelli' I didn't think 'I would never marry him.' Not the marrying type, I'm the living in sin type, you know— but I didn't automatically go 'No, I would never do that, ever.'" The storm clouds continue to gather, even tossing a little lightning around at the edge of the thick cloud. Sudden gathering of a storm, that, but it's not raining on them at least. The lightning stays confined in the trees.

"And Gabriel's not a murderer anymore. He's— it's complicated." Everything is complicated. Nothing is ever easy. "They both tried to kill me. Peter almost choked me once— and he flew me up to a roof. And I shot both of them… Peter more than once. And they both saved my life a few times too. In little ways, in big ways…" Closing her eyes, the lightning settles down, but the clouds don't go away. "Maybe it would be easier… but I don't know who I'd be without… them. I'm having enough things in my life ripped away right now."

"It will /never/ not be complicated." The older woman shakes her head and chuckles. "Sounds like you're considering marrying him." she chuckles and looks up towards the night sky. "Looks like you have a thing for men with an aggressive side?"

Eve slides off the car so that she can lean on it facing towards Gillian. "I didn't say get rid of them.. I just meant try to move on. You guys can all be friends, though what you should /really/ do is follow your heart." Works every time.

Follow her heart. Gillian has to drape the back of her arm over her closed eyes as she lets out a raspy chuckle. "My heart isn't really the smartest part of my body, you know— and it's pretty much being ripped in pieces right now." It would almost be funny, if it weren't funny at all. She hesitates a moment before she lets her arm lower so she can open her eyes, looking up at the other woman. "I love Gabriel, I really do— But I don't really know if I… We're lovers but we're barely friends. There were things I avoided talking to him about at all until I got caught, until he found out about it anyway, or until I just had to talk to someone and he was the only one around."

It doesn't sound as if she's really proud of this observation. "I still haven't told him that I saw my dead sister— that she's the one who told me that helping Pinehearst and Peter's dad get him out of Moab was the right thing to do. I still haven't. I don't think I can. Cause he's…" There's a quiet sigh as she glances away again, towards that thundercloud. "He killed her. And the only possible way I could… even forgive myself for loving the man who killed her… it was because in a way her death might have helped save the world. From Kazimir Volken. And just when I had finally started to forgive myself— just when I finally started to accept it… Saving the world may not have even fucking mattered."

"If you love someone, you won't not talk to them. They deserve to know what's on your mind Gilly." In regards to Gabriel. She listens to Gillian talk of her sister and Gabriel killing her. "It's.. I can't really say anything about that my dear.. because if Cameron had killed Jezebel.. he wouldn't be alive to even think about it."

"That's the thing Gillian, it doesn't matter.." Eve laughs and she may look crazy right now.. "If you love Gabriel, then love him! Don't agonize over everything else, because as you have seen in the past few months.. nothing last forever and people.. people /always/ die."

People die. Gillian knows this. She could die before anything ever gets resolved— she's seen a hundred ways she could die. All different. All the same. They all end the same way, even if something different gets her there. "I don't know how I feel about Peter," she finally says. "But I could talk to him— and in some ways he was the reason that I was able to begin forgiving myself. Cause he said something that… He told me my sister would be proud of me…" The raspy voice trails off, mostly because it sounds like her throat is thickening with emotion, before she sits up and slides off the hood.

"It doesn't matter anyway. When Niles said 'Don't marry Peter Petrelli', my first thought wasn't that I would never… it was that he would never." She laughs, a raspy sound that breaks out of her throat. "Think you could give me ride over to Queens? We can go try to see Helena in a day or so." Though it does not sound like she's looking forward to it. More lighting tosses around overhead.

"/Now/ you're thinking." Eve winks and opens the car door, the engine purrs as she starts it up and she grins at Gillian. "Sure, hop on in. You haven't been able to see just how fast I can make her go." The car roars as if it's excited to get a move on, off to the next adventure.

"Just don't get us pulled over for speeding. I'm still technically missing, you know," Gillian says under her breath as she moves to get into the passanger seat, even buckling up. The cloud never breaks into rain, and it slowly starts to correct itself, dispersing and leaving them behind as they go off to Queens. At least it doesn't float overhead like some kind of cartoon.

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