The Past Repeats


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Scene Title The Past Repeats
Synopsis Upon visiting her friend and firearms instructor, Gillian finds out about certain haunting dreams. For a change, Eve's the one needing to be taken care of.
Date July 15, 2009

Eve's Apartment

Things aren't much different for Eve then they were yesterday. She's still humming except now she's moving paintings around the room. Placing them in some sort of order. The blood writings on the wall glisten in the light of the room.

There is dried blood all up and down her arms, the cuts not bleeding as much anymore but no where near being healed yet. Anyone that comes to her apartment door, would find that it's unlocked.

The seer looks horrible with the bloody arms and blood in her hair and on her face, she also looks as if she hasn't slept at all lately.

The last firearms lesson had been some time ago, and Gillian hasn't stopped by the woman's apartment since. Various reasons, none particularly good, but with the way she's been dreaming lately, the woman might have some suggestions or advice. Unaware of how horrible things are on the inside of the apartment, she approaches with a bag over her shoulder and knocks on the door, turning away to look down the hallway and not looking directly at the door as she waits for it to open. In part, she's watching for shadows, or anything else.

"WHAT." Eve says in a pretty strong voice, but then it's back to her humming and swaying. She looks at the door and says in a singsong voice: "It's opeennn." Her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she leans against the wall. Her barefeet make a shuffling noise on the hardwood floor.

Eyes snap back to the door. Gillian's startled by the strength of the voice, before she tenatively touches the doorknob and pushes it open. "Eve?" she asks, even if she knows the identity of the woman in the apartment. The voice, even if in tones she's unused to. It's the sight of blood on the wall that takes her by surprise first, then when she sees the arms, the state of the woman, she curses. "Fuck," and closes the door behind her, locking it. Not that that will keep out the worst of the monsters. "What happened to you?"

"Why.. I was paid another visit the other night.." she says softly and looks up to Gillian. "He was back again.. and ohhh does he have plans." Eve shakes her head and tilts it up towards the ceiling, putting a bloody finger up in the air and tracing invisible symbols with her finger.

A visit. From anyone else she might suspect Arthur, but instead… Gillian moves past Eve into the bathroom, grabbing a towel that don't look to be the nicest and wetting one of them. When she comes back, she moves over to Eve and reaches out for her, "Let's get you cleaned up. You— you can tell me about it, but you're lucky you don't need to go to a hospital." In a way, she's tempted to make her go anyway. The human body only has so much blood.

"Been feeling weak.. had to get it out though.. no other way." She says breathlessly before she grabs Gillian by the shoulder. "Kazimir.. he has plans. It's all coming back now. The past." Eve says and grips Gillian hard before she apparently loses the strength to do that anymore.

A shaky hand points to the paintings around the room. "She's the messenger, the herald." Eve says in a whisper, the painting she points out shows the blonde haired singer with half a face, the bottle of pills bouncing down the stairs.

"There's plenty of ways besides that, Eve," Gillian says, though she doesn't say much more as she guides the woman over to a place to sit, so she can start running the damp towel over the blood on her arms, so she can get a better look at the cuts. Kazimir. Coming back. The past. A herald.

"Blood doesn't make very good paint, Eve. Who is she? And is it just— is Kazimir really coming back? It's not just his people regrouping or something?"

"Maybe.. right.. I guess." Eve shrugs weakly. "I don't know, he says she's the messenger. She has something to say, I have to find her." The dark haired woman looks up at Gillian. The cuts don't look that bad, but then again they don't look that good. Eve closes her eyes and points to the other paintings. The one of Peter with the blue eyes can be seen, with him stabbing Eve in the stomach. "Have to get to.. Peter soon. Have to warn him."

Eve closes her eyes again. "I think, we failed.. he must be coming for us.. he must be.." she says. The paintings of the entire city underwater can be seen as well.

A lot of information to take in here. Gillian focuses on the wounds on the woman's arm to start with. While she's known cutters in her day, she'd never really had to clean up after them— the ones she knew usually tried to hide it. Light headed isn't good. None of this is. She really wishes she had a healing ability right now (and little does she know she already does…) "Then we'll find a way to kick his ass again," she says stubbornly, before looking up. "What about Peter? We're going to try to get him out and stop Arthur soon. If— we might need to get him healed, he's in a wheelchair right now, and powerless."

"Kazimir wants him.. the same way he wanted Gabriel." She says and sighs softly. "Peter has to be careful. I need to see him.. when he is able." No suggestions of going off to teleport exactly where he is. Not this time. "Things can get worse.. way worse then they ever were before." Then Eve goes back to humming softly. "La mer.." she sings softly and then starts laughing, head thrown back and she hits it on the wall.

Kazimir wants him, the same way he wanted Gabriel. Gillian stops trying to clean the woman's arms as she just stares at the drying blood and the damp cloth getting stained. There's a tremor in her before she stands up, leaving the cloth behind, and paces away a few steps. "Who the fuck does Kazimir think he is?" she yells at nothing, trying to avoid the urge to completely destroy the poor woman's paintings. Looking around at them all finally, she settles her eyes on one in particular. Good thing she doesn't have laser beams that shoot from her eyes, or the painting might be destroyed. "This isn't how things were supposed to happen. How the fuck did they get this bad? I don't understand it. Fuck." First Gabriel, now Peter. Weeks after she realized she loved one, he'd been possessed. Weeks after she realized she loved the other too…

Setting her jaw, she turns back, trying to hide the tension and how distraught she is, "Do you want me to tell Phoenix about this?"

"He thinks.." Eve rises to her feet slowly. Swaying some she starts forward towards her paintings. "That he is god.. but this time.. I'll show him."

"Things change, the future changes. All the time." That much Eve knows for certain. "But sometimes.. things just stay the same." Eve trails a finger down the painting of the Eve being stabbed by the bladed cane. "They will find out soon enough. But.. Arthur must be taken care of first." Phoenix can't take on every problem at once and this problem.. isn't really knocking down their doors .. /yet/.

"Yeah, Phoenix has enough on their plate right now— hopefully we'll have time to settle things when… when it's over." Gillian rubs her hands over her face. "If for some reason I don't— don't make it out of Pinehearst, you'll have to tell them without me. They'll need to know this. Peter doesn't— he shouldn't keep going through these things. He's been through too much already."

The seer is quiet.. "You will make it." That is said with finality. "I'll make sure they find out after this is all over with." Eve looks down at the floor.

"Well you certainly have more confidence in that than I do," Gillian says, moving back to grab at the woman, "You need to get in the shower and get cleaned up— you realize you just lost any chance of getting a cleaning deposit on this place too, right? Seriously, blood on the walls?" She's trying to get back a postitive sound, even as the tension shows in her eyes.

"Well if that isn't the least of our worries." Eve says with a light smile but the smile doesn't reach her eyes. She begins to make her way to the showers. "We just have to take it, just one step at a time.." She hums some more and looks up to Gilly as she walks. "Love ya girlie." She says with a laugh and then she sways a little more.

"I'm not getting in the shower with you, but I'll stand right outside in case you need anything," Gillian says, helping her to the bathroom and the direction of the shower. "You can tell me all about your dream— describe everything as well as you can. I'll write it down in my journal." The one she's been keeping for a few weeks now. Extremely detailed, it is. And accurate. Perfect memory has advantages, though she knows it won't last forever. Hence, journal.

"I'll tell you everything and you can tell me what you think." Eve says and makes her way into the bathroom.

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