The Pirate And The Photographer


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Scene Title The Pirate and the Photographer
Synopsis Quinn and Tess hang out and make further plans about their future fame.
Date October 27, 2010

Gun Hill: Quinn's Apartment

A phone call to come over and visit a friend is often the highlight of Tess's day, despite everything else she does, bundle of energy that she is. And she shows that energy when she shows up at Quinn's door with a fuller than usual backpack. She raps on the door, in the 'Shave and a Haircut' rhythm, then waits for it to open, while bouncing lightly on her toes and grinning. "Oh Quiiiiiiiin! Open up!"

It takes a few moments before the door to Quinn's apartment opens quickly - not slung open, but close to it, revealing the Irishwoman on the other side with a hurried look on her face and an oven mitt on her left hand. "Tess! Glad t' see you made it!" she remarks as she waves with the gloved hand, stepping away and inside. The common room of the apartment is a bit of a mess - Boxes lining the walls, DVD cases littered in front of the TV, and a big brown box sitting on the glass top table in front of the couch that reads "KORG". "How're you doin'?"

Tess sticks her head inside and glances around before she grins at Quinn. "I'm good! I don't even have a good camera yet or any photography classes under my belt and I've already got two jobs lined up, includin' yours! Isn't that freakin' awesome?" she asks before practically skipping into the apartment. "What's a Korg? Did someone misspell Kong? If so, I don't think that box is anywhere near big enough for King Kong!"

"We really need t' get you a camera, Tess! So, wait… did you get a new job, or did you forget about the band photoshoot too?" Quinn inquires as she pushes the door shut behind Tess, offering a laugh. "KORG is- I got a new keyboard and a new digital recorder. That's what KORG is." Quinn tilts her head, eyeing the box. "I should move that. It was in the way earlier too." Free hand pulling the oven mitt off her hand, Quinn glances towards the kitchen. "I just tried making chicken tenders. They're a bit, uh, brown, but you're welcome t' them. There's some left over pizza in the fridge too."

Tess laughs. "I was sorta lumpin' you'n the band together. So I got a new job. Takin' pictures of this new place for some Abigail chick who apparently once pulled a gun on my dad. Go figure," she says with a shrug. She sniffs a bit then follows her nose towards the kitchen. "Don't mind food that's brown. Should see me tryin' to cook. It's hit or miss. Sometimes it's fantastic and sometimes it's so bad that not even the gators'll eat it. But then I just dump all sorts of spices on it and eat it anyway, 'cause if you put enough hot sauce on somethin', you can't taste that it's burned anyway, so it's still sorta edible," she says, tossing a grin back at Quinn.

"You do better than I do. I create somethin' edible ever hundred tries. Though apparently I've figured out how to heat up chicken tenders without starting a fire!" Quinn looks thoughtful for a moment, tilting her head. "Huh! Another new job, that's awesome. How this Abigail chick's as awesome as I am. An' as cute." A grin, and Quinn makes her way over to the counter. "How much are those cameras anyway" I don't know anythin' about photography at all, so I'm curious."

"No one's as awesome as you, 'cept me," Tess says, grinning and snagging a piece of chicken and leaning against the counter to nibble on it. "I'll cook ya somethin' sometime. Maybe some gumbo. Unless I can convince you to try fried gator anyway," she says, the grin turning impish now.

"As for the cameras…they're not cheap. The cheapest good one I've found, without the flash or lenses or anything with it is about seven hundred. 'Course the one I drooled over was about five grand, but that's for way the fuck down the road. So I'd have to shell out seven for the camera, couple hundred more for flash and any lenses I wanted, tripod, whatever. Then I'll need a computer and some photo edittin' software, so it'll be sorta expensive to get set up at first. But since I already got some jobs lined up, I don't figure it'll be too hard to get more. Plus I got the job at the club."

"Seven hundred? Jesus. That's like buying a new guitar." Quinn can't help but wince at the rising dollar amounts, shaking her head. "Well, photo software's easy. Hell, I have photoshop, an' I certainly didn't pay for it!" She flashes a smile back at Tess, nodding. "An' a cheap laptop might not be too bad. I know a few people I can ask about deals." There's a pause as Quinn moves around Tess and to the chicken tenders, a hand placed on the blonde's back. "You know, if you need any help gettin' a camera, let me know. Consider it advance payment for the two photoshoots. I mean, it would help me as much as it helps you."

"Ooooh. I'm friends with a pirate! You know, now you gotta dress up as a pirate for Halloween. Pirate hat'n patch'n the boots and everything. And if you don't say arr mateys at least once, I'll cry. And you don't wanna see the Tess cry. It isn't a pretty sight. I have so little practice cryin' that I can't look all hot'n sexy when I do it," Tess says, grinning impishly.

The offer to help with the camera has Tess sobering a bit and doing some mental math. "Yeah…I guess that'd be alright. Advance payment. So it's not like a handout or anything, it's just a barter thing. I shoot you'n your band, you help me get the camera to do it with," she muses. A moment more, a definitive nod, and she grins. "Okay, yeah, that'd work. Thanks Quinn. You're awesome squared."

"A pirate? Oh Lord, no. I think I'm doing the…s team punk thing again for Halloween, I don't know yet." Quinn shrugs a bit, patting her hand on Tess back as she takes a bit of a chicken tender. "That sounds like a deal t' me! I'd love t' help you out with it, an' I definitely have the money right now, so it's certainly not an issue." Grinning, Quinn reaches a hand up and ruffles Tess' hair. "Just tell me how much you're plannin' t' charge, an' I'll pay it in advance. Just don't disappear on me once you do, or I'll find you an' attempt t' punch your lights out." The growing grin on her face, of course, says she's joking.

Tess laughs and slings an arm around Quinn's shoulders. "Darlin', if I wouldn't leave the city for an envelope stuffed with cash, I'm sure as hell not gonna leave after a friend helped me buy an awesome camera so I can become a professional photographer. As for how much…depends on how many shots you want."

An arm around Tess' waist, and Quinn looks perplexed for a moment. "I… have no idea how many shots. For either shoot. I guess figure out how much you think you need, an' we'll shoot that much. You're probably better at figuin' out that kinda thing than I am." Another bit of the chicken tender and Quinn shrugs. "Whatever works, you know?"

"Well depends on what you want the shots for, really," Tess says, shrugging and munching on the chicken some more. "I mean, with the band, it's easy. I'm guessin'…posters, maybe an album cover, publicity shots…That sorta thing, right?"

"Mostly, I guess. I'd have t' talk t' them about it. MY personal stuff… is mostly for my solo demo an' album so the same kinda thing. But… I dunno, it might be nice t' just do s shoot. Get some glamour shots an' the like." Quinn gives a bit of a nod at Tess, smiling. "I think that'd be fun an' handy t' have."

"Don't have to convince me. You should see my room at the Speakeasy. It's half packed with boxes full of photo albums. Mostly full of pictures I've taken," Tess says, grinning. "We'll get it all figured out though so it's fair for everyone."

Quinn nods enthusiastically, beaming at Tess as she takes a final big bite of the chicken tender. "Oh man, this is going t' be fun! An' I'm happy t; help out, just let me know whenever you decide t' go and pick it up. I'm a bit curious, I have t' admit, about this whole photography thing."

Tess grins and gives Quinn a light squeeze. "It's gonna be so much fuckin' fun. And I'm gonna make you look fantastic. Your band too. And you guys are gonna make me rich'n famous! Just don't forget who did your first shoot when you guys are tourin' all around the world, hmm?"

"You make it sound like the first one you do'll be the last!" Quinn replies with a wink, pulling Tess a bit closer into a squeeze of her own. "If the shoots good, an' I'm sure it will be, I'm sure we'll keep you around I know I will!" Quinn gives a quick nod, before reaching down for another chicken dinner. "So, what do y' want t' do? I didn't really have anythin' in particular planned when I called you…"

Tess laughs, and this time she ruffles Quinn's hair. "What's wrong with just hangin' out and talkin', hmmm? Oh! And I brought a couple albums with me, in case ya wanted to actually see some of the pictures I've taken. 'Course it's just with my cheapy camera, but they're still done by moi!"

"Oooh, really?" Quinn sounds… unusually excited by this prospect. "Sure, I'll take a look at 'em. I mean, isn't half of this stuff in the ability of the photographer, as much as the camera? I mean, it's not like the instrument makes the musician." chomp, and Quinn's quirking an eyebrow. "Hangin' out's fine! Some people get bored with that, though."

"Damn straight it is! And I never get bored." With her arm still around Quinn's shoulder, Tess polishes off the chicken and tugs her out of the kitchen and into the living room. "One of the albums I brought is New York. Might see some people you know! Actually, I know you will, since some of those shots are of Delia."

"Good thing you never get bored, means I don't have t' stress over things to do." Tugged by Tess, Quinn keeps her arm around the other woman's waist, directing her towards the couch. "When'd you get pictures of Delia?" Quinn inquires, eyeing Tess. "She's a fun girl, she works with me at Ichihara. You should come by there again some time."

"Coney Island. Met her'n took pictures of Abigail's hair'n got my palm read'n totally cockblocked a carny who was tryin' to ride the ferris wheel with Delia," Tess says with an impish grin. She releases Quinn so she can tug her backpack off before flopping down on the couch. A couple of albums are tugged out and the backpack set aside before the smaller of the two albums is offered to Quinn. "You'll see. Got some awesome shots in there."

"A carnie? Ew." Quinn shakes her head, taking the photo book and opening it. "I don't know what I'd do if a carnie hit on me." There a pause, and a sheepish laugh. "Well. If it were some pretty carnie lady, I imagine I wouldn't be so dead set on sayin' no…" She trails off as she begins to flip through photos, looking back and forth across them. "I know a few of these people. Delia and Lydia, they work at the bookstore. An' that's Colette's sister…"

Tess leans over as Quinn starts naming people. "The psychic works at the bookstore? Huh. And Nicole's got a sister? She didn't tell me that. She's the one who set up the first meetin' with my dad. She's good people. Though her'n Logan hooked up at that d'Sarthe party and left me without a ride." She grins again. "Though I found a ride anyway."

"Yeah, it's her bookstore. Actually, I think she inherited it from someone or something? I forget, exactly. She does tattoos too, totally get one from her if you ever decide to." Quinn continues flipping through, eyeing more of the pictures. "An' yeah, Nicole has a sister. She's kinda gloomy though, I used t' live next door t' her. I mean… she's nice, but she's gloomy." Quinn shrugs a bit, looking back at Tess. "They're quite good, though. The pictures."

"I've actually been considerin' a tattoo," Tess says, nodding. "I'll look her up. And gloomy? Pfft. Let me at the girl. I'll cheer her up!" she says, beaming at Quinn. The bright smile continues as she looks back at the album. "I'm glad you think so. I love doin' it. Hell, that's how I've been gettin' to know the city. I run around and take pictures. Used that book I bought from you and went around to all the monuments and shit too."

"I'm pretty sure if her cool, cute artist girlfriend can't keep her cheered up, you might not have a chance." Quinn gives a sort of "Oh well" expression, turning a page in front of her. "I mean, I think I've only really seen her happy with me twice. But anyway, yeah? That's awesome. Glad t' know that book was helpful, even if it was a little outta date."

"Pfft. Sex is great'n all, but really, who can possibly compare to the hyperness and awesomeness that is me?" Tess asks, grinning and shrugging. "Just tell me that she's not another one who hates my dad, pulled a gun on my dad, or will otherwise have somethin' bad to say about him? 'Cause seems like everyone I've met is one of those."

"I have no idea if she knows your dad or not. I don't think I know your dad. Much less woulda done any of those things." Quinn giggles, turning the last page of the photobook. "It all looks pretty good, even without a professional camera! I'm sure I've made a good choice for the band. Do you mind if I hold on t' one of your albums for a few days, t' show t' Sable an' our bassist? An' I imagine Elaine'll want t' see if she comes by."

"Sure. You can hold onto that one if you want. Maybe Sable'n Elaine know some of the people and will get a kick out of seein' pictures of 'em," Tess offers. "And thank god there's at least one person in this city who doesn't know him. I'm gettin' tired of defendin' a man who tried to pay me to leave," she says, rolling her eyes.

"Awesome! I appreciate it!" Quinn replies with a smile, folding the book close and tossing it down under the glass top table - there's no room on top at the moment. "I'm sure Sable won't need much convincin' t' keep you around, she certainly seemed t' take a shine t' you right off," Quinn replies with a wink, sitting off a bit. "She's always like that, though, so I hope it doesn't bother you."

Tess laughs and shakes her head. "Nah, doesn't bother me. Flirtin's fun. And if bein' hit on bothered me, I sure as hell wouldn't be workin' at a strip club! In fact, had this guy come in. He'd stolen the memory card from my camera, looked at it, and figured out where I worked from it. Came in and watched me dance before givin' me back the damn thing. Compared to him, Sable's not bad at all." She rubs her hands together and grins. "Now…What d'ya say we put on a movie, ignore it, get a lil' drunk and gossip about everyone you know?"

Quinn laughs, shaking her head. "That sounds like a fun night t' me. I'll get you a drink from the fridge, though I think I'll hold off." The Irishwoman risies from the couch, and in a moment she's returned to the couch, a Killian's offered over to Tess as she takes her seat back down and hooks an arm back around her. "Alice in Wonderland's in the DVD player already. Seems like as good a movie for ignoring as anythin'!"

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