The Pork Stinks


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Scene Title The Pork Stinks
Synopsis Some ms-13 gang members come in to make trouble and some members of Endgame decide to do just that as well, against them.
Date September 10, 2010

Piccoli's Delicatessen

Everything about Piccoli's is welcoming. There's a large, cheerful neon sign mounted on the roof, the interior is brightly lit and spotlessly clean, and the old-fashioned decor is more reminiscent of mother's kitchen than a successful business. Since the doors opened in 1946, Piccoli's has been best known for pastrami, hot dogs, corned beef, and salami. The wait can sometimes be a little long, but the prices are reasonable and the food is always worth it.

Sitting at one of the tables in Piccoli's, Elisabeth is wearing her all-black uniform with a T-shirt today, her blonde hair captured in an alligator clip to keep its wavy mass up off her neck. At the moment she's only got a soda sitting in front of her, and the wait staff isn't giving her crap for taking over a table because the lunch rush hasn't quite begun yet. She watches the door for the man she's expecting, and offers a faint smile when Jaiden steps in. She waits for him to order whatever he's ordering and it's only as he sits down at the table that she pops a secure silence field around them. Not out of paranoia, but just for privacy. "Hey you," she greets the Aussie with a grin. "How's life today?"

"Life is…busy." Jaiden says after the comforting cocoon of the silence field blips up around them. "Had to stay at Gun Hill last night to avoid getting tagged by curfew…had some interesting conversations about things, too. The usual fun and merriment." He's got a bag with him filled with older-looking things - at least ten years old give or take, clothes that were in style many years before now, too. It's placed on the ground next to the wall, the strap looped around his ankle to keep it from going anywhere.

Jaiden grins and looks over his shoulder to where the waitress went to, trying to judge how much time he has to talk and, when he turns back to smile at Elisabeth, it's with a weary-looking expression. "Didn't sleep very well last night b'cause I have so much to do. CAn you get me some information on a fire that happened about ten years ago? Cause of the fire, reports, witness statements and the like?" He looks over his shoulder again. "I'm going on a trip." He says softly when he turns back to face the blonde. "And I don't know when I'll be back."

Her brows pull together and Elisabeth leans forward to put her elbows on the table. "What? What's going on, Jaiden?" She doesn't like the sound of this much, clearly. "And yeah, I can probably get the police reports. Give me a date or a way to narrow down what fire you want the intel on."

Jaiden leans back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling for a moment, running a hand over his face. Where to begin, where to begin. "Okay…" he murmurs, sitting up, reaching into the bag at his side for a couple of things - a newspaper and a battered paper crane. Both are laid on the table. The paper is open to an article from 1999 about a fire in a hockey arena. The crane? It's slowly unfolded and put on the table, facing Elisabeth.

On the page is a picture of Elisabeth cheaply copied onto it, a reasonably public looking image as opposed to a private photo. In neat writing are the words:

She will need you.

She has needed you.

And then, the date and time of a meeting.

"I don't know the whole story, I'll admit. I was dumped on completely last night by a kid who seemed a lot older than he looked. He told me things and….well…" Jaiden taps the page with Elisabeth's picture. "The way I understand it, the timeline is being played with. Someone went back to eliminate you and then I went back, somehow…." The paper is indicated. "And saved you, but caused that fire, or at least was there. And now I'm a target because I saved you. So now I get to jump into my own little temporal loop. More or less."

The contents of Jaiden's bag? Preparations for his trip which, he thinks, will happen in less than eight hours.

Her frown becomes more pronounced as Elisabeth looks at both the newspaper clipping and the note. There's a soft sigh, though, and the blonde looks up at the man across from her. "I hate fucking time travel. Just so you know. It gives me a massive headache." Rubbing her temple, she picks up the newspaper and skims it. "I… can't tell you anything about that. I'll have to get hold of someone in the PD to pull the files. If I was there, it's among the memories that were obliterated when my brain was pulped."

"Well, I need it….like ten minutes ago, or at least in my hands before that meeting happens." Jaiden takes a sip of water from one of the cheap glasses after his powers purify the water, a little pebble of something about the size of a BB rising to the surface where it's quickly skimmed off and tossed on the floor. "And yeah…I know. It's giving me a headache already. I've had two massive conversations about it - one with this kid, one with someone else who's going to the meeting, and now I'm doing what I always do..preparing for the unknown. You have any ideas what you'd like to bring with you from the future to ten years ago? 'Cause I'm taking suggestions."

"Do you realize it's really weird watching the two of you talk without sound?" A chair scrapes across the pavement as Niki drags it over to Elisabeth and Jaiden's table from a different one across the way. She straddles the seat and folds are arms over the back, resting her chin there. Dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a simple black pullover sweater, her blonde hair swept back in a high ponytail, she seems a bit more subdued than usual. "Hi," she greets belatedly.

Elisabeth's head comes up as the other blonde approaches the table and she grins slightly as Niki … or is it Jessica? … pulls the chair up. "Hey there," she greets as the other woman joins. "And yeah, but it amuses the hell out of me," she admits about the sound barrier. Shoving the papers back over to Jaiden, Liz says quietly, "I'll make sure you have the information that you need. But you get to tell Richard you're jumping through time hoops. I'm…. staying out of this. I don't know what you could do in the past that wouldn't totally potentially fuck up my life. Don't take anything that can be traced to the future is my only recommendation. Including money."

"Already thought of that…got about two grand in bills from the 90's. None of the new stuff. I was going to dig one of my old credit cards out, but figured me, being me, would wonder why I was having charges in the states while I was in Africa at the time. I'll tell him. Promise." Jaiden chuckles softly, scooping the newspaper and image into the bag at his side, turning to smile at the newcomer. "Jaiden Mortlock, miss. Nice to meet you."

Niki nods her head and offers a smile in return to Jaiden. "Yeah, I've seen you around the office, as it were." She chuckles quietly and adds. "Niki Sanders. Sometimes Jessica." She shrugs. This used to be more embarrassing than it is now. Some things a girl just gets used to. Having a second (and third) personality seems to be one of them. "I'm sure someone's warned you about that, right?" A look is flashed to Liz briefly. "At any rate, it's nice to formally meet you."

Pleasantries exchanged, Niki's gaze narrows a bit as she peers between her two companions. "What's this about time travel?" Having some experience in the matter, Niki is perhaps understandably wary.

The group of raucous individuals that come in the front door of Piccoli's might not be the traditional customers in the sense that they probably don't often get groups of 5 or 6 people bearing tattoos with MS or Mara Salvatrucha in black ink across their back, arms, peeking out from under shirt.

The group of latin looking people, broad shouldered and loud, shoving at each other and shoving at others in the little deli as they go in, don't care that anyone calls out a loud "hey" when they're summarily put to the back of the line. Not that our band of intrepid Endgamers know, they're tucked behind Liz's little personal cone of silence. But they're there none the less and one, presumably the head of this little pack, leans on the counter in a slightly sleazy manner chatting up the cashier.

Elisabeth grins a little. "Sorry, I didn't realize you two hadn't been actually introduced," she says. Leaning on her elbows, she tells Niki with grimace. "Jaiden's been sent a cryptic message about needing to go back to the past or something. I'm trying to decide whether to flail and demand to know exactly who told him that and what the fuck is happening, or just to take it on faith — cuz they claim they're sending him to help me somehow — and shut the fuck up." She pauses and comments, "And I wish Richard were not hanging out upstate just now."

Blue eyes are keeping an eye on the deli as they talk, as is her habit, though, and Elisabeth doesn't much like the looks of the group that just came in. "Hang on, I'm going to shift things about a bit - we'll be able to hear them but they still can't hear us, okay? I want to keep an eye on something. Or an ear," she slants a faint grin.

He'll get a text message at some point, Jaiden is sure. ~ Gone to the Past to purchase stock in Apple & Microsoft. Also going to save Elisabeth. Back sometime. ~ That'll surely get Cardinal's attention and, more than likely, not in the best of ways. But when one is tapped, one must go.


"You can do one or the other, Lizzie. I'll know more after this meeting. Just hope I don't go somewhere right after - 'cause I'm sure Cardinal would really like to know what's going on, but…I'm sure you know as well as any, Time Travel plays with perception something awful."

Jaiden shifts his chair slightly to move his back to the wall, still looking like he's being conversational, but keeping an eye on the group of latinos at the counter. "Oh look….extortion."

Niki casts a cursory glance over her shoulder and toward the crowd that's come in. Outwardly, she seems no more than mildly curious and she's quick to appear to turn her attention back to her companions. "At least you maybe have a choice in the matter?" The blonde shrugs her shoulders to Jaiden. She isn't sure she wants to know the details. "I know I don't have to tell you to be careful."

Whatever they're saying - if you Spanish, you'll know what they're saying -But whatever it is, the girl behind the counter doesn't like it and the posturing, fist bumping and menacing looks that are sent the endgamers way, don't in the least seem friendly. The leaner, reaches out, trailing a finger up the deli workers arm, and she turns, calling for someone in the back.

Yeah… that's so not going to cut it. Elisabeth speaks enough Spanish to get by as a cop in this city, and the fact that they're slanting a look her way makes Liz have to think through what's gone on lately and grimace. Piccoli's sees too many clients on a normal day, and a lot of those clients are cops. None of them happen to be on their lunch break now, though, Liz notes as she glances around. "Great. This could get ugly somewhat quick, guys. The little clique of pains in the ass at the counter are part of the same gang that were shaking down a Ferry operation — and I'm not sure if it's the uniform or actual recognition, but they're not likin' our table." She isn't making a point of staring, but when she says that, she smiles at her companions. "Wanna help run a few jerks off the property for the owner?"

Niki straightens up when she sees the way the supposed leader touches the girl working the counter. "He is going to lose that fuckin' finger," she growls, while trying to keep her expression about as passive as she can manage. They may be unable to hear her, but they can still read body language. When she turns back to Liz, she's all smiles. "My fortune cookie promised an exciting day." Her head rocks to one side and then the other, gently popping her neck. Ready when you are.

Jaiden merely sits back for a few moments to watch the scenario unfold.

The uniform doesn't seem to get Liz any more special attention other than the leaner looking over, hand still tracing over the deli servers arm as he kisses the air in her direction and a wink. Not a friendly wink. As if daring the FRONTLINE woman to act, or one of her friends to come over and get all up in their business. Maybe they came in here because it was a known cop hangout.

Liz knows who they are, the ms-13, and they're not good news. Two of the members break off from the group, heading out towards the bathrooms in the back, jostling each other as they go and otherwise purposefully knocking into table, knocking over a drink that belongs to a couple further in who are enjoying their meal.

A few people exit the Deli and at a pace that indicates they were not done and wouldn't have been until the gang came in. As the two disappear towards the bathrooms and out of sight, leaving 3 still at the counter, from the back, someone with higher seniority comes out, unhappy looking, angry and jaw tight. "Please leave the establishment, we're reserving the right to refuse you service"

"I don't think so. We came to eat, we're gonna get served, so why don't you get in the back and start making the food so that we can eat. There's space for us to sit and eat and we're hungry" They've changed to English from Spanish, though it's accented.

Yep. Gonna get ugly. With a capital Fucking. Elisabeth pushes back her chair and stands up, shooting Niki … no, Jessica, very definitely … a faint, tight smile. "Only as much force as required, you guys. Jaiden, do what you can but keep it low-key that it's coming from you." He has no Registration card yet. "If shit hits the fan, get the hell out with the rest of the patrons, please? I can take whatever heat comes down." It's kinda her job.

Moving toward the counter, the blonde officer raises her voice to be heard by the manager who is standing behind the counter. "I believe the manager asked you to vacate the premises, folks. You can do as you're asked, or I can card the lot of you and run you in for Registration violations while we sort out your status."

Jessica stands up from her seat smoothly and comes to flank the offenders, quirking a brow to the nearest one as if to say you heard the lady. Or, perhaps try me. With Jessica, one is never quite sure if she actually prefers the method of non-violent resolution.

The leaner and his two companions look at Liz, eyeing her up, then down. "We're registered" He sneers. "Can't run us in for wanting to sit and have some food, and you can't run us in for having registration cards, so why don't you go back and go finish eating your food and leave us alone Lady" Number two looks Jessica up and down, sneering at her. "Polo, Can I take this one home with me I like blonde's, they always beg so nicely. Makes it sweeter"

Elisabeth's smile remains calm. "Even better. That means I can just skip the whole taking you over to the Registration building and sitting there for hours waiting for someone to get around to testing you, and you can just be run in for trespassing." She simply waits. "You don't have long to make your choice, though, since I'm pretty sure the squad cars are already rolling." Is she bluffing? Perhaps.

"Try it, Paco," Jessica sneers right back, her grey-blue eyes narrowed to dangerous slivers. "Give me an excuse to defend myself in front of the officer here. You will beg her to arrest your punk ass."

There's been cellphones out from the few people who are in the deli left and they're taking pictures, even as the two members that disappeared into the back, come walking back so that they can join their brothers. Even a camera is out, someone holding it up to keep a running video of the face off. The deli server and her superior are waiting tensely behind the counter, wondering how this is going to play out.

The leaner straightens up, sneering in Liz's direction and the uniform she wears. "Don't you wish Chica, that you could run us in, I bet that'd just make your panties all wet. Getting to put some cuffs on us. You'd like that wouldn't you" Moving a step closer to the Frontline officer. His companion just keeps on sneering, oogling Niki. "I'd beg for you to put me in handcuffs there honey pot. Why don't you come on home with me, I'll see how sweet it is" The leaner smacks 'paco's' shoulder and jerks his head for the door. "Come on. Foods probably bad here. The pork at least stinks" They start drifting to the door, bumping into things on purpose.

After they leave the deli, Elisabeth's blue eyes following them all the way out, she looks toward Niki and Jaiden too. "Why do I think that's gonna bite me in the butt later?" she murmurs with a sigh.

"Don't worry," Jessica murmurs, watching the gang members vacate the deli. "We bite back." She flashes the other woman a grin. A promise.

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