The President Wants You!


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Scene Title The President Wants You!
Synopsis Tracy Strauss contacts and meets up with Abigail Beauchamp to start the preliminaries of having the healer endorse FRONTLINE. She didn't anticipate the Healer mistaking her for someone else, but things work out and Abigail want the information before she signs her name to anything. Sonny's publicist is going to be put to work.
Date May 16, 2009

Starbucks in Greenwich Village

All starbucks look the same. Come on.

Afternoon is waning on. Tracy wants to get done with everything by 6:30 - there's a filly racing in the Preakness that she's dying to watch. But this sort of thing dosn't usually take long, particularly since it's only a first meeting. First meetings are very preliminary.

Tracy's gotten rid of her blazer - it's much too hot for it. So she's just wearing a professional high-necked sleeveless dress and her pearls as she walks up to the coffee shop (I think that's what we agreed on?) and speaking to one of the name tag workers. "Excuse me," She says, sporting her 'political' smile - the one that seems like there's something amusing back in her mind. "I'm supposed to be meeting a Ms. Beauchamp?"

The barista doesn't know who Ms. Beauchamp is, a blank look given, but from behind Tracy there's pipes up a southern voice that sound exactly like the woman on the TV and the video that was caught. "Ms. Strauss?" Abigail, still a redhead, sits on one of the armchairs that populate the coffee shop, legs crossed at the ankles, an iced coffee in hand. Exactly like on TV just, minus all that black clothing.

And here's the kicker. Tracy Strauss turns, showing the most unusual aspect of herself, though she herself doesn't even know it - her face. When someone is aware of Niki Sanders and sees Tracy Strauss, things will be kind of awkward, to say the least. But Tracy doesn't even know. She offers her hand. "Yes, I'm Tracy Strauss," She says, offering her that same smile. "It's lovely to meet you - thank you so much for meeting with me."

There's no hand forthcoming. Abigail doesn't touch. Niki knows that, Jessica knows that and likely the third personality knows that. The pleasant look on Abigail's face freezes when Tracy turns around, jaw dropping, mouth going slightly fish like. "Niki?" Blue eyes taking in everything. "Niki? or is it Jessica?"

Well Tracy's met some eccentric people, between Beverley Hills and Washington DC and now New York. Some outright oddballs, truth be told. But never someoen who failed to hear her name properly. "No, Tracy." She says, tilting her head just a bit. Her hair is up in that power-hair ponytail, and it sways slightly at the curious tilt. "We spoke on the phone?"

(repose)"Oh" Confusion evident on the young woman's face. "Sorry, just.. you look like someone I know" Abigail licks her lips. "Abigail Beauchamp" She gestures to the seat at right angles to her. "Your welcome to take a seat. I'm sorry, just.. you look a lot like someone I know" Maybe it was another personality? The warm southern hospitality flares up, a wide smile coming back to life on her face. "Tracy Strauss"

Tracy nods, finally lowering her hand, assuming she's not about to get a handshake. Oh well, Abigail seems to be nice enough despite the handshake, so Tracy takes a seat. "I hope this isn't an inconvenience. I saw your interview on Channel 4, and I wanted to discuss a few things with you." She slips her business card across the table, noting her to be: Tracy Strauss, Special Director of Communications to the President. If this is another personality, she has been in operation for some time.

But then Jessica had worked for the company for how long while Niki had worked as what? The business card is taken even as the redhead offers up "I'm not giving interviews, I can direct you to my publi…" The face of the business card is read, and the vibrant blue eyes flicker from it up to the blonde woman. "I'm sorry.. your.. working for the President?" Brows furrowed again, squinting a bit up at the woman. "I apologize I did some healing for the NYPD yesterday and I'm still very tired" Not to mention he dragged her to Staten fucking Island. "What did you wish to discuss?"

Tracy nods, her smile growing into a smirk for just a few moments as the shock is recovered from. Hey, it's nice to shock people with one's career. Tracy spent her whole life working to do just that. "I understand that you're not giving interviews, but I wanted to talk to you about the FRONTLINE act that's coming up for a vote in the end of the month. Are you familiar with it?"

"I'm afraid I'm not Ms. Strauss. I don't pay much attention to the news and try to lead a quiet life. I work and go to school and there's usually very little time left after I do my things to sit and read a newspaper or watch TV. What does this have to do with me if I can ask?" She'd have to ask Liz or someone else what this FRONTLINE was. "Sorry, about not shaking your hand. I don't like to touch people unless it's a close friend or someone who's hurt. Genevieve keeps telling me I need to get over that and just do it, that it will put people off, but.. I'm sorry" This is strange, awkward, really unnerving. Is it really another personality or.. just one really strange co-incidence?

Tracy tries to be as friendly as possible, although she is somewhat reserved. She always is in these situations. "Not to worry - we all have our little quirks." Like having three other personalities. Which Tracy doesn't. "The FRONTLINE Act is the brainchild of Vice President Mitchell, which would create teams of Evolved to be trained in their abilities and in combat and police action, to be dispersed among different units among the military and the police force." So it has an awful lot to do with Abby, especially if she heals cops. She waits to see Abby's reaction.

"Oh. Like. SCOUT. But for the military" She knows SCOUT. Hell it's usually SCOUT that she has to come and heal because their the ones who get hurt the most. "Are you supposed to come and ask me if I'll help heal them? Join them?" Not once does Abigail's eyes leave the other woman's.

Tracy chuckles, shaking her head. "Should FRONTLINE pass it will be on a voluntary basis." Sort of. People are often 'asked' things in a non-voluntary manner. "No, I'm not asking you to be involved directly. I'm here representing the office of the President, we're looking for people who might be willing to make a statement in favor of FRONTLINE's passage." She explains, moving with a hand gesture, very graceful and easy. "Working with SCOUT, I'm sure you're quite aware of the necessity of such programs."

"I think i'll need to have more information about FRONTLINE before I am willing to make any kind of statement for or against FRONTLINE. I'll need to speak with my publicist as well Ms. Strauss" When in doubt, delay till you can talk to me. That's what Genevieve had said. Abigail never thought she'd ever actually have to do anything of the sort. "I am.. Why me?"

Tracy nods easily. "Oh, of course." She says, dismissively. To be honest, she'd be shocked if Abigail had been willing to speak up immediately about it. "What we're looking for is someone to make a pre-recorded statement, so no interviews would be involved." Abigail's next question is taken up and dealt with in a smooth motion, her ponytail - very similar to some that Jessica wears - sways this way and that. "You're a popular Evolved with an ability that is inherently good." Morally speaking. "From your interview, you also seem like a very likable person, intelligent as well."

"What medium, radio or television?" The redhead inquires, still a little freaked by the similarities she's seeing. "It's the religious innocent girl thing. That's why I'm likable. And the accent" half of it is frankly the accent. It works in her favor. "Umm I can give you my address so that you can send the information, for me to look over, about FRONTLINE and i'll discuss it with Genevieve. when did you need an answer by?"

Tracy reaches over for a napkin, pulling an expensive-looking ballpoint pen out of her purse. "Next week?" She asks, though it's clear it's only a suggestion. "I'd like to have it run by the 25th - a week from Monday. It would be a television piece." She explains easily, chuckling. "Perhaps that is it. You do have a very approachable air about you - very friendly." With a flourish, she slides over the napkin and the pen for her to write her address on.

"I have some paper. Habit, from working in a bar. Napkins can get torn" But she takes the pen, pulling the little flip pad from her messenger. Abigail Beauchamp, the first and last letters have slight flourishes on them. Her cellphone below and her address at the Village Renaissance Building. The work number, she is sure, they'd have no problem tracking it down.

"Provided nothing else happens between now and then, I'll read over what you send me, do some looking of my own and I'll discuss things with Genevieve and give you an answer as soon as possible" Likely Monday in fact. Abigail doesn't seem the kind to let things linger. "I don't like being on television. Doesn't lend to me keeping my life private. But I promise that I will give it due consideration Ms. Strauss"

Tracy nods, taking the information and glancing over it. "I do appreciate it." She says, making sure that she leaves her card for the woman. "My cell phone number is on the back of that, you're more than welcome to call me at any time with any questions you might have." She says, moving to stand.

Abigail stands as well, wiping her hand on her skirt before offering it up to the woman. "It's been a very.. surreal pleasure to meet you Ms. Strauss. I'm sorry for everything. I probably should have offered to meet you tomorrow after church. When should I expect the information?"

Tracy smiles, that same, secret smile. "This evening. I don't like to let things linger. I'll call down to my office and have them delivered by courier." She doesn't offer her hand this time, not even out of habit, making a note of Abigail's dissuasion of hand shaking. "I look forward to hearing from you."

"Monday Ms. Strauss" Abigail answers, letting her own hand drop. She was doing it out of politeness but there's some modicum of relief in the redheads face. "I'll let you get back to whatever else you have to do. I have work soon. God bless" back down Abigail sinks, the business card in her other hand.

Tracy nods, turning on her heel and sashaying, click click clicking away as her heels make little taps on the tile floor of the coffee shop.

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