The Price For Knowledge


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Scene Title The Price For Knowledge
Synopsis Tracy's need for Pinehearst information comes at a very high price as Robin Hood finally puts a price tag on his services.
Date July 4, 2009

The Apartment of Tracy Strauss

Nathan's gone. He had his coffee and went back into the bedroom, and when Tracy went to look for him, the window was open with the warm summer air wafting through, ruffling the curtains. The bed was unmade. There was no Nathan. Not really having expected much more than that, Tracy sets about cleaning up, taking a shower to start. That finished, once she's dressed, she begins to make the bed.

Mortimer's gone too. She's calming down a bit - it doesn't seem like she did a whole lot of damage to the sink. She just needs to relax, to keep things under control. Everything's going according to plan so far, as much as it can.

It has been a few days since Tracy requested Pinehearst information from Robin Hood. He's also been peeking his nose around in a few other things. He's gathered some more intelligence, some things he thought she might find useful. Though, admittedly, he has been keeping an eye on her. Her PDA makes for a great microphone and a GPS. A man has to cover his own ass at times. Let's just say that Wade is not going to completely trusting of those who may be out for themselves.

Her PDA lights up, rings and vibrates with a message.

Robin Hood: I would question you about the company you've been keeping, but really it's none of my concern.

Which is true. She doesn't know who he is, though she could with a simple inquiry of the right persons, find out who he was.

Tracy picks up the PDA easily enough, pressing a few buttons to retrieve the message. And she groans. Yet more people knowing what she's doing, who she's doing…she's going to have to get her hair done at some point today, because she knows that she's got to be going gray.

I don't have time for chit-chat.

He doesn't like to be put off.

Robin Hood: Have I ever bothered you with chit-chat? Last time we talked, I was the sunshine in your evening. I can go bother someone else with this Pinehearst information, if you rather.

Tracy is certain there's a twelve-year-old boy on the other side of this PDA, or someone equally unaquainted with doing real business and on a power trip. She sits on the bed, typing back.

If you have it, I'd like it please. She adds please just to be polite, and not to bruise this ego made of lace - at least, that's what it is in her mind.

She's only off by a few years, actually. Not bad. Hood has spent the last few days organizing this information into two piles. The important, but not necessarily 'knock your socks off' information and what he likes to call 'the bomb'. The information that will be an entirely different twist on things. Even at 17 years old, he understands what this all means.

Robin Hood: Half the information I gathered is being sent securely to your email. As before, use your private key to decrypt. The other half will be delivered when you get me what I want.

There always are little catches, aren't there. She texts him back quickly enough.

And what do you want?

The information she'd receive when she opens her email would include the names of everyone who's been documented as being associated with Pinehearst. There's some brief information about the virus and a few other tidbits for her to chew on. It's quite a bit of the same information he supplied to the time travelers when they had him break into Pinehearst to start with.

Robin Hood: You have connections. I need a meeting with Arthur Petrelli. I could do to him what I did to you, but he doesn't seem to be someone I want to sneak up on. All I need is a time that he knows to expect my call. Once you get me that, I'll send over everything else here. And trust me, it's worth it.

Tracy sits there a moment, considering. But never let it be said that she doesn't drive a hard bargain.

That's not something I can do. I don't want to be handing an asset to Arthur Petrelli until I know for sure if there's anything else he's up to. It's a very difficult situation, I'm sure you understand. I'll arrange the meeting after I know what you know.

He had a feeling it was going to go this route. What he asks is not a simple task. He never expected it to be. But he did risk his own life for her. Going into Pinehearst network is always a dangerous task, and the second time around it was even more difficult. All it takes is for him to be isolated inside one system, it be powered down and no more Hood.

Robin Hood: If I give you this, I have nothing left to bargain. You know what I want and what you need to do to see what else I know. I've been keeping an eye on things, and I would highly recommend, you do what you can to get into his good graces. Besides, if I didn't have faith you could do it, I wouldn't have bothered with you in the first place, Tracy Strauss.

Tracy is very, very good at her job. Now she's going to try and prove it. Again. At least this time, she's not getting shot at.

If this is what you came to me for in the first place, then after I give you this you have no reason to help me further. But you're well aware that I'll need you after this. Your skills are your bargaining chip, because you know I'll need them again. If you give me everything so I'm not arranging this meeting blind, I'll arrange it. I simply don't like to be caught with my pants down, as they say.

There's a brief pause before the message comes across. At least he's considering his options at this point.

Robin Hood: This is entirely the reason I came to you in the first place. As to whether or not you get my assistance depends on which side of the line you decide to fall on once the dust settles. Consider this: If I get into Arthur Petrelli's good graces because of a meeting you set up, I could have unlimited access to the Pinehearst facility. But, keep in mind, Tracy Strauss, betrayal is not necessarily in my code. I see things in binary. Yes or no. There are no maybes in my world. You cannot walk the fence forever. If I tell you that you may want to consider a certain path, you can be certain I have my reasons for suggesting it. You know what I want. Can you deliver, or should I go find someone else who can?

Tracy's response comes seamlessly, easily.

It'll be just as easy for you to give him information on me as it will be for you to give me information on them. This may be the last information I get from you that doesn't have that taint on it, that I don't have to wonder what he got in exchange for it. You give me this, give me this little lead, and I will arrange the meeting. You know I can, quite easily.

There seems to be a bit of hesitation when Hood relents with a word of caution.

Robin Hood: Very well. You know what I can do. You've seen it. I would not want to be so forward as to issue warnings of doom if you fail to come through for me, but understand that I will now consider you my investment. Consider that no matter where you go or what you do, I will be keeping my eyes and ears upon you. You have everything now. I expect what has been promised. Arthur Petrelli.

Tracy smiles, a bit cooler of a political smile. She likes winning. Who doesn't?

You'll hear from me soon.

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