The Price Of Information


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Scene Title The Price of Information
Synopsis Lexi and Luce seek out some information about Walsh. Plus, Lexi uses it as an opportunity to kick the fledgling out of the nest.
Date January 25, 2011

Red Hook

Lola's got two blonde ditzes to keep eyes on - well one ditz, one future of humanity. Same thing! But for now she has a little time to catch a cigarette, so she steps out into the cold whipping air, taking a hit off her cigarette. Her dark eyes, the eyes of a killer!, watch around to see everything going on in her area. One never knows.

"I know this chick, she might know some people that know some people."

That's how this all started. Lucille thought she knew a lead on this Walsh guy, or someone that does at least. And so there they are, Lucille Ryans. Wearing a pair of black jeans tucked into her calf high boots and a thick wool coat. Her locket gleaming in the streetlights.

An ungloved hand comes up to pat her face, nope she hasn't frozen to ice. "She's a little bit of a loose cannon, I've gathered. But nothing we can't handle." She says with a wink towards her companion. Carried on her shoulder is a dark messenger bag, who knows what's in there. Hmm? "I met her once, know she lives around here. Her name's Lola. She's from New Orleans, you can tell straight from the accent."
And now here they are.. strolling around Red Hook at night. She hopes Jaiden doesn't just walk outside and see her.

Walking along with Lucille, and similarly dressed to fight back the cold, although she does have gloves on, Lexington nods her head to the other woman. "You've met my brother, luv. Ya ought t'know by now I don't much mind a loose cannon'r two around," she says with a crooked smile. "Besides, when ya got a vendetta t'nurse, the more the merrier."

Lola catches sight of Lucille out of the corner of her eye. She groans, tossing her cigarette into the gutter. "What Ah done toldja, sugar," Lola says, hands deep in her pockets, happily so. "Ah done toldja not ta come wanderin' down around here, little girls like you is a Superbowl Party Snack. An' skinny McGinger over here ain' much better either. No offense, darlin," Lola says, as an aside to Lexington. "But yer friend here don' seem the type got enough sense fer this area."

"Oh stop it." Lucille says with a light grin and she shakes her head. "Lola, this is Lexi. Lexi, this is Lola." She waves her hands towards the Cajun and then gets to the point. "Lexi has something she needs to ask you, we need information and I assume that a badass criminal like yourself.." she winks at Lola. Flattery almost always works. "Could help out. Plus.. it might lead to some fun for you."

Placing a hand in her pocket while the other grips the strap of her messenger bag tightly. "But it's up to you," she nods her head over to Lexi. Boss Lady can take the stage now.

"I don't have enough sense f'r a lot've things, luv. But gettin' out've trouble's a bit of a specialty," the Irish gal says with a crooked smile. Lexington gives Lucille a nod at the introduction to their reason for coming over, and she clears her throat a little. "Right t'the point, this gal. We're lookin' f'r information on a man that goes by the moniker The Irishman. See, got a bit've a bone t'pick there, given that the name's misleading and all. I understand he goes by Walsh as well."

"Mmm," Lola says thoughtfully, withdrawing another cigarette and lighting it with a tilt of her head. Seh says nothing, inhaling and then exhaling while she considers the two women. "And what's yer problem with the Irish, sugar? What've they ever done to you, mmm?" Lola's eyes narrow a little bit. She can't help but be slightly intrigued by two goody-looking women coming into this part of town to find a contract killer.

"He committed a grievance against us." That's a good way to say it. Lexi can elaborate. Luci's eyes narrow as well. All this damn glaring and eye narrowing. The former bartender shakes her head. She let's Lexi continue to talk though, content just to listen for now.

"Yeah, and I don't like his accent." Irony, considering Lexi is also sporting an Irish accent. And… since she doesn't actually know if Walsh has one or not, well. "Is it important f'r ya t'know why we want t'know about him?"

"Yes," Lola says, inhaling and exhaling her cnacer stick once more. "Very much so. See, sugar, Ah do jobs like this pretty often. But unless ya know more or less what might be goin' on around ya? Ya tend ta get shot. Buy me a couple a drinks sometime an Ah'll strip down enough for ya ta see it." Lola glances at the gorund, then back up at the two women. "Ya want mah help in the underworld? Ah don' go nowhere wearin' blinders."

"Do we just want information from her? Or do we want to hire her as well?" If they aren't hiring her.. then.. Lucille looks over to the redheaded woman and tilts her head. The politics in this.. jesus. The oldest Ryans daughter blows a strand of hair out of her face and she looks up and down the street.

"What you tell her, is up to you Lexi. I figure if she's gonna say anything to Walsh about then we're screwed so we have to hit fast and effectively. Right? Because word travels fast in this city, real fast." She knows, trust her.

"Well, the way I figure things, if ya actually know a thing about this man we're looking int', then ya already know what's going on around ya. And if ya don't, then ya aren't gonna be much help, then are ya?" Lexington looks over at Lucille, tilting her head just a bit. "I'm a business woman, Luce. I don't pay f'r anything unless I know it's gonna be worth it. That goes for money or information. As for Walsh, I want him t'know."

"You two ain' used ta doin' this sorta thing, are ya?" Lola drops her cigarette, using her toe to crush it out. Her hands retreat deeply back into her pockets. "Listen here, sugars. Information or results, Ah'm yer girl. Ya be up an up with me, ya be straight with me an Ah'm straight with you. It's how a gal like me manages ta have ears ta the underworld an not get kilt for it. I'm an honest worker an all that. So, that bein said - ya tell me what it is ya want an why in plain English, an ya might well have results. We can' come to an agreement? We both walk away."

Lucille cracks into laughter at Lola and nods her head. "I might not be.. but this one over here." She jerks her thumb at Lexi, "She's a regular vet." Luce shrugs her shoulders and looks Lexington. "Well, she's making it obvious. She wants the whole story or she isn't helping out." An eyebrow raised as she regards Lola again.

"She is right thought Lola, I mean. If you knew anything helpful you'd know what he did. It's kind of hard to miss what he did, afterall." Lucille grimaces, she knows that Seamus and Lexi loved their shop. Their operation that they had going and Walsh took that all away.

"I already told ya what I want. Information on a man I'm curious about. Maybe something more, later. If the information checks out and if the boogie man doesn't come creeping out from under my bed. But since ya seem unwilling t'even go t'the first step… and like Luce points out, since you're either ignorant'r playing at it real well, I think we walk away." Lexington goes give Lucille an apologetic look, adding to the girl, "I've been at this long enough t'know t'be cautious, at least." And given that the only other person she's used to working with is her brother, there may be some trust issues with the underworld types.

She glances back at Lola, giving her a little wave. "If ya decide ya know something useful, Luce here knows how t'find me."

"Oh hunny," Lola laughs, shaking her head. "I know plenty useful. Ah could give ya his underwear if Ah wanted to." And the worst part is that it's true. Lola keeps her hands shoved in her pockets, watching the two women, watching to see if they're interested enough to turn back knowing that Lola knows more than something - Lola knows lots of somethings. "Fer a price."

"Sorry Lola, but I think.. I'm not sure that Lex wants to pay you." She isn't sure, so Lucille follows behind Lola, albeit slowly. But she's following her boss none the less. "Sorry Lola, maybe next time?" Maybe next time, we can hurt people for fun?

Lucille comes into step with Lexi and looks over her shoulder. "She might be able to help Lexi." She offers softly, she's new to this whole game so she won't play it like she's been at it for long.

"I don't want t'pay for anything useless. She wants t'play both ways like she doesn't know what sort of things Walsh is up t', but then like she knows what side've the bread his butter's on. Doesn't add up t'me." Lexington looks over at Lola, lifting a shoulder, "Luce, if ya think it's worth it." And then can to her companion, "She's your contact, after all. And I need a beer!"

And it seems, the Irish woman is leaving the Ryans to fend for herself. It's out of love, really.

"Yer girlfriend's a charmer," Lola says, her voice not lacking in mirth and sarchasm. "Tell me what information ya want and Ah'll get it for ya in a couple a days. Ain' nothin' so easy as findin' an Irish motherfucker in New York." Actually that would probably be quite hard. But then again, these two don't know a great deal about Lola and Walsh's extensive relationship.

"She's been going through a few things recently, cut her some slack will ya?" Lucille says to Lola as she watches Lexi walk away. That bitch just left her! Ughhhhh, she'll have to handle this herself. First time for everything. "I knew I should have stayed at Tahir's all day." She mutters to herself before ruffling the back of her hair.

She isn't sure what she's suppose to say or not.. this is uncharted waters and she's floundering. "Look, he took a hit at my boss and her brother." Waving in the direction that Lexington's gone. "We just want to know why and also everything there is to know about him. Where he lives, his friends, his employees. Everything." Lu seems to be finding her groove and she looks down at her nails. "If you can get that sort of information, then you'll get paid I'm sure. Have to set up another meeting with the boss but if you're as good as you say, bring us a sample of reliable information. A picture.. hell even one of his workers. I'm sure Lexi will be impressed and want to do business with you." Luce winks at the Cajun.

"Quit winkin' unless ya got somethin' in yer eye, ya look like an idiot," Lola says, very much off-the-cuff. "Alright. Ah can bring ya what ya need. Gimme three days and ye'll get it," Lola promises. And with that, she seems ready to start walking away - keeping her back facing away from Lucille, of course.

"Quit with the fucking attitude. It's getting old." Lucille growls out and then she's nodding her head. "Great, see ya then Lola." Lucille rolls her eyes as she's gone in the shadows of a nearby alley. To where, who knows? Probably home. Lucille may seem not to know this area to well.. but that's all an illusion.

"And best of luck to you." Her voice calls out before she's gone.

Well.. alright for a first time.. yeah?

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