The Push


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Scene Title The Push
Synopsis Everyone teams up to make the Lighthouse habitable again. Also, hotdogs.
Date August 11, 2009

The Lighthouse

It is the perfect day for work. Sunny with a few protective clouds to keep it from being too hot. A nice crisp breeze rolls from the shore, giving the workers temporary relief from the sweat on their brows.

For the last few weeks, the Lighthouse has been desolate. Destroyed. A message to the entire world what great power in the wrong hands can lead to. And since that terrible act, the Lighthouse has sat in defeat. A few crews have taken to restoring it, mostly volunteers, contractors with a generous streak. But today, the gloom that has settled over the Lighthouse is being pushed back.

Practically abuzz with activity, many different people mill in and around the structure. Many with blue 'volunteer' shirts, some with hard hats, and some with power tools. The Lighthouse has attracted many of those who care for the less fortunate. Evolved without a home. Outside the Lighthouse there are cars lining everywhere, tables with free food, water jugs, and other tables with materials, tools and supplies. There is even a couple of large trucks full of donated furniture.

Though there are way too many people to fall under one crew, there are a few men and women wearing orange vests deigning them the supervisors. Directing people with idle hands or helping those who may not be inclined to this kind of work. In one such orange vest, Brian reads over a clipboard of the many things that still need to be done. JoeJoe the unbreakable boy stands at his side, wearing his own overly large orange reflector vest. He too holds a clipboard, though the paper on it has a large googly eyed dragon scribble rather than a list of tasks.

"Mister Mills, are we ready to take the beds up to the dorms yet?" Brian asks of a man passing by him.

"Give me another hour, Brian, I want to make sure the paints completely dry in there."

The push continues…

Cook is on debris duty. Okay, no, that's a lie. He's taking a lunch break. He's inside one of the carts being used to haul debris away from the wreckage, literally eating his 'couch', rock-by-rock.

Bebe can't help but imagine the terribly irony in still being saddled with someone else's stolen superspeed when, in actuality, her own ability might actually be more useful in this sort of setting… even if only subtly applied. Nails might find their way into wood without any awkward thumbs imperiled. Screws could easily avoid being stripped. Wayward washers and bolts that got lost down the unreachable depths of a drain might be retrieved. Instead, she does her best to tote whatever she's deemed fit to carry from point A to point B as instructed, moving only at the speed of normalcy.

Zuleyka is also moving debris. She's surprisingly strong, despite her diminutive size. There's a tiny gray dog at her heels, whimpering with concern. She's much less punked-out than usual, wearing only jeans, a faded Pogues t-shirt, and workboots. No makeup, no jewelry.

If the day hadn't been perfect, Helena would have made it so. At hottest part of the day, she made adjustments to the cloud fron, kept people from dropping from heat exhaustion. But the effort of her will isn't the only effort she's made, as can be indicated when she steps out of the Lighthouse proper. Her hair is held in place kerchief style by a bandana, her jeans and blue tee have pain smears, along with her hands and along one cheekbone. She's got her phone to her ear, and is beaming wide as she speaks. "Okay, great. No, just come on down, by the time you get here, it'll be perfect timing. Okay, see you!" With that, she clicks off and shoves the phone in her pocket. "Brian! We got a donation from a Brooklyn Linens N'Things. We'll have bed linens and comforters and towels. Isn't that great?"
Speaking of awkward thumbs in peril, after a couple loud bangs, there's a softer bang followed by a series of rather loud audible curses. Gillian just put her thumb in peril and unfortunately peril happened. Getting down from the place she was hammering, she's waving her thumb in the air as if that will help make the pain go away, while she holds a hammer in the other hand. "F— oh right, kids," she says, spotting Joe and wincing visibly. The kids may just have to get used to her language. "Sorry," she apologizes at Brian especially. "I'm not really made for this kind of work. Let me know when you get the bookshelves set up so I can move the boxes of books in." That's one thing she can do.

"I knew a little thing like a nuclear blast wouldn't take you down, kiddo." The words are a casual, complimentary greeting to Zuleyka from Cardinal as he plants a boot atop a chunk of debris and leans forward a bit from the slight rise he's stepped up to near to the young woman; having just arrived on the scene without properly approaching, at least in any corporeal form that would've been noticed. As bright as it is at the noonday hour, he's clearly showing a bit of strain to those who can read body language well, his neck a bit tense and fine lines squinted at the corner of his eyes even around the opaque shades that he's wearing. He glances over the work crews, one hand coming up if anyone shows any signs of recognition in his direction, then adds with an amused glance back to Zuleyka, "Picked up a li'l friend there too, I see."

Occasions like this often feature people with radios playing loud to go along with the work and make it seems less like work. This function, however, is a bit different. Cat isn't among the crews doing work inside and outside the Lighthouse, no, she's seated on a folding chair outside. Dressed appropriately for construction work, the five foot eight inch brunette also has sunglasses on and a Yankees cap to obscure her features somewhat as she plays her red Fender Strat. The guitar case is open next to her chair with a sign on it which says all proceeds go to the effort at hand.

Which tiny friend yaps defiantly at Cardinal, a belated warning system. "That," Zu says, putting down her stone, "Is CinderEdmund. I got him out of a burning wreck, was gonna name him Cinderella, but he turned out to be a boy." She rummages around for a water bottle, enameled bright blue, gulps a few mouthfuls before offering it to him. "Long time no see, Paladin. How's tricks?" Now it's time for her break, and she folds herself down out of the way, to sit crosslegged.

Cook tosses a rock up and tries to catch it with his mouth, leaning back back back back, "AAAAAACK!" He topples back from his place, crashing onto the floor and tumbling. "Ow."

"Linens N'Things?" Brian asks skeptically. "That's kinda gay." His lips purse together thoughtfully for a moment. "But great!" His features immediately changing to grateful and excited. "Thanks Helena, that's so good of you." The clipboard is folded under one arm, the ex-agent fake phoenix whatever he is, steps forward and folds his free arm around the young woman briefly. "Thanks for coming." He murmurs, taking a step back his hand remaining on her shoulder for a moment. A brief squeeze is given before he takes a step back. His eyes flick to Gillian's almost-curse. A reprimanding look is delivered though nothing is actually said. "Yeah. I think they're about to do that, just getting all the falkes and stuff vacuumed up right now." He responds to Gillian. "Then you can go do your library ting."

Joe however seems to be getting fairly bored with his supervisor duties, wandering away from Brian's side he eyes one of the food tables intensely. Depositing his clipboard of doodles on it, he trades the thing for a piece of pizza which is nibbled at while he wanders through the mass of people moving about. The little tiny dog gets his attention for a while as he munches thoughtfully, but finally the guitar wins over. And JoeJoe is wandering over there.

Even when doing construction on such a minuscule level, Delilah tends to do it with a certain level of over-exuberance; the redhead is finishing applying white paint to a freshly repaired piece of wall, all the while animatedly chittering something to a poor fellow who doesn't seem to want to be listening to her. He only gets a break once they finish painting, and he immediately drops his brush to pursue something elsewhere, leaving Delilah- wearing denim overalls splattered with all colors- to peer after him. Oh, well, maybe he had to pee?

She can hear the others in the next room, so Dee puts her roller down too, though half-heartedly, and backs off to find them and quite possibly in a minute- something to eat. "It's not gay, and that's not even an applicable adjective."

Oh, hey. Speaking of tricks, that must certainly be the cue for the timely return of a brown-eyed baby doll — make that Bebe Dahl — presently possessed of a jackrabbit's heart hammering away hard inside the cage of her ribs as if the simple act of strolling down the stairs empty-handed begged for a fifteen minute break. The tiny (ex)tart toddles over to a table laid out with lunch and lemonade and pauses to hitch her hip up against the end of it and use the hem of her bright blue VOLUNTEER shirt to chase away what scant amount of sweat there is to be found on her apple-cheeked face.

Claire is on dealing with debris as well, since well… she can't get hurt. She's small, but she can at least do the work. Blond hair pulled back tight on her head and wearing an old black tank top, worn out jeans and a pair of boots, she's even got smears of blood here and there from stray nails and such. She's in the process of dumping stuff in a cart next to Cook when he spills out of his own cart. An amused look his way she steps over to offer him a hand up. "Real graceful there." She comments with a hint of a chuckle in her voice.

"The guy who did all this is dead," Cardinal replies with aplomb, hopping down from that slight perch to walk over to the young woman and her dog, a chuckle stirring past his lips, "And I'm still breathing, so I suppose that things ain't all that bad… been lookin' for you, but it's a big island. You doin' alright?"

A pack of cigarettes is pulled from a pocket, and he rummages inside the foil to get at one of the last couple of cancer-sticks as he talks, cigarette dangling from his lower lip, "Been keepin' an eye on Tucker's kid?"

Helena snorts, digging her elbow lightly into Brian's side when he hugs her. "I'll just call and tell them to turn back around and give everything back, shall I?" she teases, and yes, is one of those people who waves to Cardinal. "God, I could eat a horse." Except of course there is someone here who could eat a horse, hoofs and tail included. She ambles toward the tables, offering Joe a brief smile as she considers her options.

"Who said anyt'ing 'bout bein' graceful?" Cook takes Claire's hand and hops back up, dusting himself off. "S'what I get fer bein' lazy."

There's a smack aimed at her brother's head as Gillian gets close enough. "I actually would like to have nice sheets to sleep in if I'm going to be helping you out here, jac— bro." Jackass had been totally what she was planning to say. God, stupid kids. There's a slow glance around at some of the people gathered. Some she knows, some she doesn't, and some that look familiar

As the boy approaches, Cat's current tune is reaching its end. She spots Joe and shows him a smile, watching him make his way over. Fingers keep going until the tune is done, then they become still on the strings and frets as she dips into memory for something a boy his age could enjoy. He, of course, is given a chance to ask before she starts anything else.

"I'm doin' okay," Zu affirms, gently, picking up Ed and cuddling him. "Now and then. He keeps trying to make a pass at me, I keep refusing," she explains.

"Linens and things-" Delilah isn't lost on the redundancy. "-are some of the most important things to have, when there's going to be kids. For all you know, someone could be a bedwetter, right?" She pries at a splash of white paint drying on her hand and wrist with her fingers, only sparing an upward glance after she seemingly gives up trying that. "And god forbid- if someone brings back lice or something-" Dirty children will always be dirty children, that doesn't get past her.

"Karma.. it's a bitch." Claire says in agreement, giving him a matter of fact look. Spotting Cardinal a short distance away, she strips the over sized gloves off her hands, she really doesn't need them really. She gives a sharp whistle Cardinal's way, as she rolls the gloves in a ball and tosses them his way. "Hey, be useful." She flashes the shadowman with a grin before glancing at Cook. "You done with chow? There is a half-buried wreck of a couch I can't move on my own." She quirks a blond brow at him and gives a little tilt of her head.

"We'll use rocks for pillows. And I'll fashion leaves into sheets." Brian grins as Helena jabs him in the ribs then Gillian hits him in the head. Instinctively he reaches up and grabs the side of his head with a pointed frown. "You wait til everyone's gone and I'm going to punch you straight in the teeth. Don't even think I won't because you're a girl." Comes the mostly empty threat. "You've been working hard, and when I say hard, I mean not." He murmurs to his sister. "Let's take a break." Delilah earns a glance and a little grin. "We don't have any bed-wetters." A discreet glance is shot at Gillian which seems to say 'We better not have any bed-wetters.

Of course Mr.Supervisor Winters has been all mouth and has barely lifted a finger so far, he's justified right? He's the owner, he needs to tell people what to do. With the clipboard tucked under his arm, he makes his way over to the tables, eyeing the many pizza boxes and sandwiches wrapped up. He finds himself right next to Bebe. "Hey Bebe." He murmurs, giving her a little nudge with his elbow. "Thanks for coming out."

Shoving pizza into his mouth, Joe watches patiently once Cat finishes the song. Though he doesn't make any requests, he's returned to his non-talkative phase. And most of his sentences begin and end with 'Okay.'

"I s'ppose I should be useful." Cook rolls his eyes. "An' if y'are gonna look at me that way, I might as well." He sticks his tongue out, and makes for her to lead him to the couch.

Helena finds hot dogs, and she ends up taking like, four. Hey, a girl needs her protein. She collects herself some lemonade too, arranges the dogs in a neat row on her plate, and takes a seat to watch other people do the work for a bit. There's a sidelong study of the interaction between Cook and Claire, pleased expression hidden by the insertion of food.

"What's your name?" Cat asks the boy, not giving her own, and given his lack of asking for anything specific, she begins to play again. It's a demonstration of how to combine a children's tune with classic rock, her voice adding lyrics, the piece played Stevie Ray Vaughan style. "Mary had a little lamb…"

"Good girl." A roguish grin from Cardinal, and then there's a sharp whistle and he looks up— just in time for the gloves, hurled by Claire, to slap against his chest. He catches one of them, the other sliding down and tumbling to the ground. He rolls his eyes behind the shades, bending down to pick up the one that fell before shouting back in tones that carry, "I'm blind as a fuckin' bat right now, Red! I'll clean shit up when that huge glowing migraine in the sky goes away."

Oh, hey. Busted! With a mouth full of peanut butter and strawberry jelly, Bebe abruptly cups her mouth with a hand, cheeks a little bit rounded out over-much, she must have just tried to shove a whole half a' sandwich into her gaping maw before Brian saw fit to jostle her 'hello'. "'erroh bwin…" she says with a stuffed smile, blatantly disregarding that whole rule about talking with your mouth full.

"Not a fan of the Giant Hurt Ball, Cardinal?" Gillian teases as she overhears the man complaining about the sun, before her eyes settle first on Bebe, as addressed by her brother, and then on Claire. Familiar faces, but hard to pinpoint. One had had dark hair when she saw her, the other she'd seen while in metallic form. "I'm trying to help, and if you punch me in the face, I'll make fifty of you pop out butt naked for everyone to see. So don't even try it, Bri." Sisters and brothers often annoy each other.

"Yes.. yes you should." Claire gives a firm nod of her head, her ponytail bouncing a bit. She angles a bright smile back at Cook and then sticks her tongue right back at, two play that game. Climbing up to sit on the back of a partial burned up couch that's covered in debris, she glance back at Cardinal and shouts back, "Likely excuse.. Could paint or something." Sliding off the couch she couches down at one end, digging fingers under one end of the couch, her legs straightening she gives the end a bit of a tug to start try to get it out of some of the rubble. "Help.. me.. here.." She says each word after each tug. "I think it's catching on something." She kneels down to feel in the debris trying to find where that end of the couch is catching on.

"That's the last thing I think I need to see, Gilly, please don't." Delilah teases, covering her eyes in mock terror and half-blindly walking out towards the food tables, even taking a few steps the wrong way purely as effect.

"You would just be making me more popular." Brian retorts back at Gillian. "I would have to thank you for that." He grins before looking back to Bebe. Oh right. Sweet innocent Bebe and here he is talking about… "Hi. Bebe." He grins broadly at her bad luck of chewing. You can't help but say hello when that happens, it's a lose lose. His hand raises up to give her shoulder a soft squeeze, grinning as she struggles with her mouthful. Delilah is sent a little mock annoyed glance. Until finally a stray word catches his attention.

A single hot dog is chucked at the back of Cardinal's head. "There's kids!" He scolds, pointing at Joe and the few other tiny ones that mill about trying to 'help'. "There's shadows inside, Dickie. Go in there if its making your eyes hurty."

"Joe." Joe answers simply enough to Cat. Though when she starts playing Mary had a little Lamb, even as hip as it is, it seems like he loses a little interest. Taking a step back, his eyes wander through the crowd of blue shirts and other assorted individuals. Finally he looks back and does the polite thing. "What's yours?" He says over a mouthful of pizza.

Zu eyes Cardinal worriedly. "You gotta headache?" she asks, trying to perch Edmund on her shoulder as if he were a parrot. He gamely tries to balance, whimpering. "I got some Advil, if you need."

She'll do— what now?? Bebe seems to be caught off-guard not only by Brian's abrupt salutation but also Gillian's issued threat and she very nearly chokes on the mass of mashed bread, nutter butter, and red goo she's trying so hard not to spew everywhere all of a sudden. What sort of weirdo freak power does that lady have?! Quick! Chewchewchewchewchew— so, she can ask Brian what that was all about before he slinks out of arm's reach and she's forced to stand there and look foolish. In the meanwhile between eating and speaking, Bebe has pitched her question via eyebrow transmission over to the man in his oh-so-suave DAYGLO ORANGE vest. Who knows what Brian actually manages to make out of the look he's getting…

"What, you think I wear these because they make me look cool? A day person, I am not." Cardinal's probably rolling his eyes behind his shades, the concerned question from Zu getting a look back to her, a chuckle tumbling past his lips, "Nothin' Advil can help, babe. My eyes don't work right in broad daylight, is all. C'mon, take a break and let's go get a bite to— for the love of God, stop torturing the puppy."

He reaches over to try and pluck Edmund from Zu's shoulder, then turns to force the issue by meandering through the reconstruction towards the others gathering near the fooding tables. The threat causes him to wrinkle his nose, "Please, I've seen enough of your brother's bare ass to last a lifetime, babe. Hey, folks. How's it going?"

Mary Had A Little Lamb? Really? Helena's despair at Cat's musical catalogue is comical. "Cat, play 'Skullcrusher Mountain' or 'Still Alive' or something like that." the blonde suggests as she scarfs her second hot dog.

Cook twitches his nose and bends his knees to help Claire. He's not very strong, except when he's biting something; and he's a rather short guy, so the whole leverage angle? Not so angular. More like obtuse, if anything. "I wish people'd call me for the demolitions instead of th' fix-ups."

Edmund emits a minuscule grinding noise that is no doubt intended to serve as a growl, and instead makes him sound like his AA batteries are running down. But he doesn't offer to bite, and- HEY. Are those -hotdogs-? He begins to oscillate in Cardinal's grip. "Sure," she says, reaching out to scratch the beast's ears, but not taking him from Card.

"Puff the Magic Dragon!" Delilah suggests past the last bits of a potato chip. MUSICAL GENRE DUEL. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot!" Pat Benatar and Cat! Come on! Dee goes about actually filling up a picnic plate next, instead of plucking chips out of the bags as she passes by.

The more that Gillian looks at Bebe, the more that she frowns visibly. Perhaps because the girl makes some strange faces at her, or maybe something else. "You look familiar," she finally says, giving up on trying to figure out where she might have seen the woman in the past. "Have we ever met?" There's something about the shape of her face more than anything else. "You know Brian…" And he'd given her a name. B.B.? A nickname?

She doesn't break stride with the lyrics or the chords, choosing to speak only at an instrumental spot. "Cat," she tells Joe with a grin. Then Helena gets a glare which says 'really? Please. He's eight!' Joe is her audience right now. Disappointment that the thing she thought age appropriate doesn't seem to win with him is concealed. Sheesh. What do eight year old boys listen to anyway?

Helena rolls her eyes. They listen to SKULLCRUSHER MOUNTAIN, word.

Leaning against the couch, Claire continues to dig around for what the couch is caught on. Suddenly, she jerks her hand out of the debris with a hiss of pain. "Found it." she murmurs as she glances at her hand, a deep gash across her fingers. Of course, even as she sits there oozing blood the damage is being repaired. "Felt like a piece of glass." Once the wound is healed she goes back to trying to unhook the couch. A grin is given to Cook. "What you mean making destroying the building? With that appetite of yours… I could see how it would be useful"

"Pffft. I just know how to build a bomb," Cook says with a shrug. "Who eats a building? It'd take me forever."

Meeting Bebe's glance, Brian waves a dismissive hand. Assuming she was upset at him for being so mean to random girl. "That's my sister she's.." He pauses while preparing his hamburger to think of the best word to describe his sister while she's in earshot. "Weird." A shrug. "Gillian, come here, meet my friend." He calls over his shoulder to Gillian. "Bebe, this is my sister, Gillian. Gillian," Assuming she's come back and is standing over his shoulder. "My friend Bebe. She has a boat." Smile. Then Gillian is over her shoulder, talking to Bebe. Mrr. Great! Glancing ove his shoulder, to Cat and her problem with music he gives a little grin. "JoeJoe likes Rod Stewart." Kids are weird.

Joe gives a soft "Hi." Once Cat gives her name. Once his pizza is engulfed he clasps his hands politely in front of him. Though the mention of Rod Stewart makes him smile a little bit. At least Brian likes Rod Stewart, which means Rod Stewart must be cool and Joe has to like him too!

Cardinal maintains a cradling grasp on the puppy, keeping him in against his chest as he squirms about trying to lunge for the hot dogs; keeping him from doing so, at least for the time being, as he walks along over to the gathered. "Swallow, Bebe," he offers over in affectionate amusement to the young woman in the volunteer shirt, before turning a little to offer Edmund back to Zuleyka— mostly because he's getting drooled on, now, "Then talk."

uleyka peeks past Cardinal at Bebe, offers a lopsided grin. Hey, someone else her own age, or close to it, right? Nevermind that she's misjudging that like whoa. She takes Ed, cuddles him against her chest, even as he tries to clamber over her in search of frankfurters. "Hey," she says to the other girl, and then wonders, "What've you been up to, Card?"

Helena polishes off her fourth hot dog and sets her plate to the side, downing the last of her lemonade and walking over to Cook and Claire. "You guys need any help?" she inquires, her grin all degrees of pleased. Who says shiksas can't be yentas?

Rod Stewart. "Thanks, Brian," Cat calls out. That she can do easily. Fingers start up again, playing the intro, then come the lyrics. "Wake up, Maggie, I think I've got something to say to you…"

And, suddenly, someone feels like they just might be in an awfully awkward spotlight. There's Brian… and then Gillian… and then Cardinal all appearing — not that she hasn't had about a year to develop some sort of limited immunity to being stared at, per se, but this sort of interest is generally only expressed when she's a lot less dressed. "Mmmrf, ermf— mm." Right. Follow Richard's advice. Swallow. Then talk. With a thumb pitched against her lower lip to sheer off any stray overflow, Bebe tries not to come across as grotesque when she finally says, "Oh, uh, no. I don't think so, but… I get that a lot." The looking familiar thing. This same sentiment was once expressed to a man who she sorely wishes was her for her to hide behind; a man without a name or half a memory of who he was supposed to be. She extends a hand that's meant to be clean across to Gillian. "It's nice to meet you." Bebe then slings a little look over to Cardinal that comes complete with a sweetened smile but she doesn't say anything.

Ohhh, a puppy. Ed (oh, the irony) is able to distract Delilah enough that she turns around from her first course towards an empty lawn chair to instead go to the fringes of the group still gathered about. "He's a cutie pie, isn't he?" Hi, Zu! There's now a redhead zoning in on you and your pup from the other direction, one hand balancing a foam plate of food at her side, in prefect line of sight fro the little dog to watch- but not touch, by far. Dee knows better than that.

"I must be mistaken then, sorry— Nice to meet you," Gillian says, waving a hand at the young woman as she looks away toward Brian. "Food any good?" she asks, before she grabs a plate for herself. At least her thumb has stopped hurting, at least stopped hurting a lot. She hisses when she picks up things, and there's obvious signs she'll have a bruise when the day ends. "Thanks for helping out with this. The kids'll appreciate it."

"I think we got it Hel. Thanks. Make sure there is a sandwich left for me." Claire calls out as she braces her hand on the couch, Claire gives a sudden jerk, gritting her her teach against the pain. She is rewarded with the sound of a snap., "Got it," she practically whoops, even thought her hand is oozing blood again, leaving a few drops in the rubble. Ignoring the healing she grips the couch and gives it another jerk, feeling it break loose. "Now we're in business." She work on pulling it out of the ground a little. "See if you can grab the other end now. I've dealt with explosives in my time." She adds nonchalantly. "Maybe not so much the building, but the set up and boom." The Irishman gets a smile. "Mostly, cause if it does explode.. I'll live."

"I got stuck in an elevator with a box of C4 for two days one time," Cook says as he lifts the other end of the couch. "Dun've to tell you the ribbin' that got me. It was tasty, though. Sort'f like pasta."

Helena winces a little - just because Claire can snap her bones and rend her muscles and all that doesn't make it any less painful to watch. Yeah, there's something morbidly fitting about the pair, so Helena turns around and heads back to Brian. "What else is on the to-do list?" she asks.

"Oh, you know me…" The cigarette's used to take one last long drag upon the narcotic smoke, and Cardinal snuffs it off on his jeans before tucking the remnant of the cancer-stick into a pocket, reaching over to steal a hot dog for himself. As he starts loading it up with various things available on the table, he glances back to Zu with a crook'd smile, "…saving the world, taking it over, whatever kills the time. Where you stayin' these days? Here on the island, or mainland?"

He cranes his neck a bit to look over the volunteers, checking out faces familiar and unfamiliar before taking a bite thereof— chew, chew, swallow.
"Still with Jake, when he's around," Zu says. "Squatting on the mainland. We gotta make some winter arrangements, though. Not so nice to camp out in the snow. Well, the world's still here, so I guess you haven't screwed up too badly," she concedes. Del gets a grin. "I found him," she tells the red-headed girl.

Bebe goes for the obvious understatement in regards to the quality of the food, "It's not bad." Then again, there isn't any C4 set out on the table to be supped on by the likes of folks who wouldn't mind chowing down on such things — OH HI COOK! But, uh, you know… there's potato salad and, hey, who doesn't like 'tater salad? Cardinal's subsequent departure from the area seems to stir something sad in the heart of one tiny (ex)tart… or, maybe just frustrating, since she screws on a little scowl shortly before hitching and arm around Brian's hips and craning her neck so that she might be able to catch a glimpse at his clipboard. "What's left?"

Claire chuckles as she guilds them on the way to the dumpsters, "Really? Yeah, I could see how that would get you picked. Cause it makes me think of those cartoons where the character eats a bomb." at she look at the man at the other end of the couch her eyes are filled with laughter. "Quite the image really." The blond has to look away to step over a couple chunks of foundation. "So pasta huh? Who would thought. Does the things you eat have certain tastes?"

Giving a grin to Bebe, he glances over his shoulder at Helena and as if on cue, gets the signal from Mr.Mills. Flipping the clipboard up he lets his eyes skim down to where they are now. As Bebe encircles him, his arm climbs up and dangles around her shoulders. "Moving in the furniture upstairs." He glances at Helena then to Bebe. "I could use two muscular chicks like you right now, this is the perfect job for you!" He nearly squeals delightedly. His other arm then goes to drape around Helena as he guides the two women towards one of the large furniture trucks.

Cook watches Helena go and blinks, then shrugs. "Yep," he tells Claire. "Like cellphones best. S'like candy that doesn't rot my teeth." Not that candy rots his teeth, but you know.

"Brian, you do realize moving furniture is one of the reasons men were put on this earth?" Helena's kidding, isn't she? Well, at the very least, she'll willing to roll up her sleeves. Well, if she had sleeves long enough. "Do you know where things are supposed to be placed or are we just stacking it up there for later?"

"I suppose there are lots of strays out here now, huh?" Delilah meets a little wet nose with a finger, lifting a hand to scratch his ears. "Poor guy. Glad you picked him up. I hate pounds- he would've too." And just because she spoils animals, Dee pries a piece off of her hot dog and offers it out.

There is a soft hmm from Claire, "Interesting." Turning thoughtful, as she ponders what Cooks told her. "What is the worst thing you ate? Non-food item." She drops her end of the couch next to the trash bin. She rubs bloody hands on her jeans and glances at the edge of the container, "I mean.. if it's alright that I'm asking."

"I've got some room for you, if you need it," Cardinal suggests offhandedly between bites of hot dog, "On the mainland, too. Plenty've room, honestly, I mean, it's not exactly the fuckin' Ritz but… once I get a few space heaters in there it'll be warm at least." A slight grin's crooked back to Zu, "Better than the street."

That said, he turns a bit to watch Brian squeal and drag the two women off, shaking his head in bemusement before taking another bite of processed food meats.

Muscular chic— wait, what?? Bebe seems to be temporarily befuddled and she actually takes a moment to look up, around, and over just to make sure that he's actually including her in that address. Maybe he's just teasing… hopefully. Still, she ends up reeled along for the ride, attached at the hip as she is, and heads over to the trucks for what will no doubt soon manifest as the most comical contribution to the Lighthouse's refurbishment to date — although, Cook's earlier gravity fail while 'supervising debris' still readily remains in the running.

Edmund lunges for the offered scrap of hotdog, though Zu's holding him firmly enough that he doesn't get free. She beams at Cardinal, "You sure know how to show a girl a good time," she teases, before nodding at Del. "Yeah. I usually like big dogs, but this little guy is good-natured."

After treating Joe to Maggie May, Cat slips a few fifty dollars bills into the guitar case and asks the eight year old "Help me out, Joe? Pick up the money in there," she nods toward it, "and take it to Brian?" Then she's after food. Cat will eat, and drink. Eventually she returns to playing and singing, the choices fairly modern with some medium age works like Walking On The Sun, Spoonman, and a few Nirvana tunes mixed in. At one point, Helena will even get her Skullcrusher Mountain.

"Brian just wants to see you two girls get hot and sweaty," Gillian says fairly loud as she gathers up a plate full of not-gross food for eating. The sight of Cook, and a flash of a memory of the Pinehearst Raid, is all she needs to move away as that question is asked. There'd been some pretty terrible things that he ate, before everything went to hell and back. And she doesn't want to ruin her appetite.

"Errrrrm," Cook seems to think about this for quite a bit as they move the couch. "Nastiest thing? Well. I ate a pair of underwear once that were pretty rancid." Problem with girls knowing Cook's ability? They ask that question. And then they run. Because dude.

"Easy." Delilah advises sternly when the little dog manages to get all excited and snaps up the bit of food she holds out. "I've been a bit lonely when I'm at home. Maybe I should get a dog." She laughs, but its obvious that she's been considering it at more points than this one. "I'm no good with names or anything though- I would probably name it Spike or Buddy or something boring like that if someone didn't happen to- eh- advise me."

The last of the hot dog's finished off, and Cardinal licks bits of relish and ketchup from his fingers. "That a yes're a no, kiddo? I need to know if I need to pick up some more cut-rate mattresses on the way home or not," he offers in affable teasing, glancing over then towards Gillian to call back just as easily, "Who wouldn't?"

"She's so annoying." Brian mutters, flicking his chin in the direction of Gillian. Pulling Bebe and Helena in tightly for a moment he releases them both in turn as they arrive at the furniture trucks. "Men were put on this earth to tell women what to do." He teases in response to Helena. Stepping onto the ramp, a few more volunteers join him before he points out a few lighter things in the truck. "There's a little nightstand that shouldn't be too heavy. But one of you could help me with this mattress, shouldn't be that hard, right?" He glances at Bebe then to Helena. "Yeah I know where to put them.

Joe eyes the money intensely. That's like a billion otterpops. But he's supposed to give it to Brian, and that he will. Begrudgingly. After giving an enthusiastic applaud to Cat's performance he goes to deliver his tips to his fake-dad.

Taking her end of the couch again, Claire struggles to heft it up on is end and leaning it against the lid of the trash container. Cooks answer makes the ex-cheerleader pause and stare at Cook for a moment. Then there is a blink. "Wow… okay. I walked into that one." She gives him a small smile, "Let's lever this thing into that bin and then I need food. Screw my diet." the last being a bit of a joke. "That's okay though.. I once woke up on a medical examiners table." She crouches down to grab the end of the couch still on the ground. "Whole chest and stomach wide open. You know.. autopsy.. cause well, I had been dead. Could see all my guts." which might explain why his answer didn't send her running.

"I wouldn't. They're not my type," Gillian says, leaving the response there as she moves to settle down somewhere to sit, so she can eat. While she's desperately trying not to listen to what Cook is saying (cause EW), she is looking at Claire, taking a moment to yell in Brian's direction, "I love you too," before she spoons some food into her mouth and goes back to looking at Claire. And catching pieces of what she's saying. That's ruining her appetite too. But it makes her frown even more.
"Count me in. I won't sneer at a safe, warm place to sleep," Zu says, easily, nodding at Cardinal. And then she nods at Delilah. "I wasn't out looking for one, but I'm glad now that I have him."

"Nevermind your sister, I will kick you in the shin." Helena mutters mock-sullenly. Bebe is given an easy smile and she offers, "I can help with the mattress. It's probably a bit more difficult to manage."

Cook sets the couch down where Claire indicated and listens to her story. His answer, put simply because he doesn't know big words, is: "Sounds yummy." Note: everything sounds yummy to Cook.

"He's a sweetie." One last scratch behind the ears for the puppy, and Dee smiles up at Zu. "And lucky to have someone." She offers a small toodle-wave of her fingers before finding that seat she had been going for. It happens to be strategically placed now, right beside Gillian. Delilah plops down in it and would put up her sneakers on something if she could. "Oh, what a long day. Nice weather, at least, huh?"

Claire gives Cook an amused look before lifting the couch to lifts enough to slide into the trash container. "Anyhow…." she starts as the burnt couch tumbles in. ".. thanks for helping with that." she eyes him a bit as she adds, your good deed for the day has been fulfilled." She runs a hand still smeared with some dried blood across her stomach, "I'm starving." She motions at the tables with a jerk of her head, blond ponytail sent swinging about. "I'm gonna grab something before it's all gone."

"Good idea," Cook says with an amused nod. He leans over and grabs a bit of leather from… somewhere. It's not sure what it used to belong to. He stuffs it in his mouth.

Bebe isn't afraid of parting ways with Brian on pinched terms, it seems, as she gives his hip a playful nip between two fingers before heading off after Helena's brave bit of volunteerism for double-duty on the mattress with the man of multiplicity. She's nearly made it to the back of the van when a jaunty tune jingle-jangles from the small celphone that the tiny (ex)tart has tucked away into a pocket. The nightstand is seemingly forgotten as the conversation takes precedence in Bebe's brain and she wanders right back out of the truck, down the loading ramp, and around the corner before disappearing from the scene entirely by way of someone else's stolen superspeed. Oh dear. It seems the wee White Rabbit has somewhere else to be.

"Not bad weather, no, but labor is definitely not my thing," Gillian admits as she spoons some food into her mouth. The disappearing speedster makes her blink, before she looks back down at her food, and glances in the direction of Claire again. "A lot of people showed up to help out. Brian has a lot of friends, I guess."

"Good, good…" Cardinal brushes off a large piece of debris, and drops down to sit on what used to be a wall; resting folded arms on his knees as he leans forward, one hand lifting to pull the shades off for a moment as the other rubs at his eyes. Just letting the various conversations flow around him, for the time being.

Helena snorts. "Brian does not want to see me get hot and sweaty." Helena calls out to Cardinal, before looking back to Brian. "You know, you could always just replicate and manage the mattress while I get the nightstand." Because their drafted partner in crime took the speedbullet train to zippytown.

There is a small amused shake of Claire's head, before she heads for the food tables. "There better be a hot dog left." She calls rather cheerfully as she approaches the group still there. Hands get scrubbed on her jeans again, trying to get more of the blood off them. "And please, tell me there is something diet to drink." Girl has to watch her figure after all.

Frowning a bit, he gives Helena a bit of a look. "There are so many volunteers here. That we don't know. You really think it's a good idea for me to replicate in front of all these random people? I don't think that's wise. Also.. I'd be naked. Are you just trying to get me out of my clothes?" He gives a disappointed frown. "Come on Hel."

Giving Bebe a bit of a nod, Brian goes to heave up the mattress with Helena. Giving her a smirk over the end, he starts to back up out of the ramp. Deciding to take the backwards route and give Helena the benefit of sight. Edging out of the truck, he makes his way for the entrance of the Lighthouse, several other volunteers are pioneering the route, taking the various pieces of furnishing up nto the building.

Zu gets herself a hot dog and a Coke, but silently moves to sit by Cardinal. More tire than she'd realized before. She sighs, and props herself up, keeping Ed from stealing her snack.

"There's some diet over there," Gillian says pointing towards the drink, still watching the young woman rather obviously. "I don't think we've officially met. I'm Gillian." And she's had to keep a knot tied up in the back of her head to keep bad things from happening in this large of a group. But so far so good! "There's some towels over there too, for the…" She waves a hand. Blood. Yeah that part. Healing herself. Dying and coming back…

"Yes, Brian. You caught me. I've ached to see you starkers." Helena says with an absolutely straight face and solemn tone as they haul the mattress up. And then mildly, "What? Go in the bathroom. You've got a twin brother. It's not like we couldn't get you clothes." Her tone is low on that last bit, but beyond that, she leaves the issue alone.

Cardinal rubs at the nape of his neck a bit ruefully as he listens to the general conversations, the counter-call from Helena gathering a snort of amusement. "S'weird," he murmurs to himself, regarding some inner thought, then he looks back to Zu and asks conversationally, "You'n Jake still hanging out with Fedor'n his people?"

Whether or not Dee is aware of Gillian's keeping them from doing a million things all at once at a million times more power- she doesn't show it. "Oh, fff, drink the regular, it's not like it'll bloat you up." Don't be silly, Claire! Delilah leans back in her seat to narrate a bit out loud, but relatively to herself and the general vicinity of people beside her. "I don't get it. It's not like healthy curves are a death sentence."

"Jake, yeah. I….not so much with Fedor's people. I think Jake gets itchy, sort of wants to do that ronin thing. Too independent to stay contracted for long," Zu says, sounding sanguine about it.

"Oh, hey. I don't think we have," Claire says with a smile for Gillian. "Claire." she holds her hands up and gives a slightly sheepish look, "I'd shake your hand, but…" glancing towards the direction of the towels, the blond takes a moment to grab one, before returning to sit near Gillian. "Nice to meet you." She comments lightly while trying to get her hands cleaned off enough to grab some food. Claire chuckles glancing at Dee. "Hey.. I kinda.. maybe got a guy, I got to keep up appearances."

"Aching." Brian murmurs with an arch of his brow. "Wow, that's.. Pretty intense." He says, giving a smirk as they make their way up the stairs and into the dorms. Dropping the mattress he then goes to join her to go downstairs. "I will replicate and work when there aren't a bunch of people here. But we got a bunch of volunteers. There's like a gajillion people here. Might as well take advantage." He murmurs as he starts back down the stairs.

"And some people like the taste of diet more," Gillian defends the girl who might have a guy. Who she totally bought a Batman shirt for, don't you know. There's a dimpled smile for a moment, before she holds up her own thumb, "I'm going to have a nasty bruise for a few days, so I envy you," she admits, without saying exactly why. It's fairly obvious with the source of the blood gone. And she happened to have that ability not too long ago… not that many people know that. "Nice to meet you too. You like that guy you mentioned?"

"You can only manage so many." Helena notes in retrospect as she clambers down the stairs alongside him. "And yes, I'm glad you appreciate my gift of word choice." Giving him another grin, she ambles toward the trio at the food tables. "Let me guess. Claire's on her Diet Coke kick again."

"The old man's gone fuckin' looney tunes anyway," Cardinal informs her in rue-painted tones, "He's better off gettin' out of there… maybe I should talk to him, I'm sure I could find something new for him to be doing." He brushes a bit of dirt off his knee, then hears a snatch of the conversation over with the girls— rolling his eyes as he offers to Zu, "Two thousand to one it doesn't last a month before the kid does something stupid and she dumps his ass."

If they all only knew it was who it was- lots of things to talk about, there. "Ever since they put so much sweeteners in it, it tastes metallic. If I liked to drink dimes, I'd drink diet soda." Delilah nibbles thoughtfully at a piece of bun hanging by a thread from her hot dog. "…All the guys I'm interested in all have… problems. Unfortunately. Not all of them are bad problems- just problems that keep me inadvertently at bay."

"I'm not taking that bet," Zu says, drily, petting Edmund. "What do you mean?" she asks, cocking a keen look at Cardinal. "Looney how?"

Claire winces as the thumb is held up. "Ow. I feel bad that you can't." she comment with a sympathetic look. "The guy? Yeah.. I think." Claire ponders Gillian's question. "Totally, not like the guys I dated in high school." She send a look at Cardinal and sticks out her tongue, before turning back to the girls. "Jury is still out in light of some…. stuff. And yes, Hel.. I'm on my diet coke kick again. Should be glad cause then you'll fit in my clothes again." She teases and slaps the side of her own thigh with a hand.

At the tongue stuck out, Cardinal just smirks a bit back at Claire, both hands lifting in a 'hey, I warned you' sort of gesture. "He's a good kid," he murmurs to Zu, "Just not a lick of common sense to him, and a tendency to get into shit way, way over his head. Saved the world once by hiding in his shoe. Long story. Remind me to tell you sometime." He scratches under his chin, then, pausing, "Mm. Got— paranoid. Started harassing all've my friends, threatening to kill them, and shit, because I had personal business I needed t'do."

Zuleyka tucks her chin a little, not liking the sound of that. "That does sound crazy," she concurs, nudging Ed's muzzle away from the Coke can.

"I think all guys ever have issues," Gillian says, casting a glance over at Helena as her smile fades. "You just have to decide if they're worth the trouble or not… If they let you decide, at least." Directing her eyes down at her food, she shovels a few more spoonfuls in. "Course you could always just give up on guys, but girls have just as many problems, and they can be bitchier." Is she speaking from experience? No kids are close enough for her to watch her language.

"Ha, as if you're too big now." She obviously hasn't heard Gillian's conversation, and instead continues to tease Claire. "I can fit into your clothes. But you know what, this kid, Colette? She stole my skinny jeans a few weeks ago. So you see? Totally the circle of life. It moves us all." Solemn nod.

"I wouldn't know. I'd think it'd be easier because we're all intuitive. Guys really aren't, so that's why they always do stupid things." Girl Time, officially. Delilah hooks a foot over the other in front of her, the denim scraping around her feet. "Some are worse than others, I suppose. And yeah, girls can be bitches. We're just smarter about it." Proud to be conniving.

"Anyway…" Cardinal slants a look to Zu, "…what've you been up to lately, anyway?"

Zuleyka gestures grandly at the business going on. "That, mostly. I wasn't here when it got blown, but damn, it pisses me off. Kids, man. Kids. I don't have any power of my own, but they don't deserve this. No one does."

"Good point, Gillian." Claire nods a bit ignoring Cardinal's comments behind her. "Yeah.. he and I… I'm gonna sit him down and talk to him. I'll decide then if he's worth it." Her brows lift at Helena and she laughs at the irony of it. "Oh.. How the tides have turned. Just wait til you go to try to wear something and you find a stain." she gives Helena a pointed look, before grins at Delilah at the women being smarter, "Amen, sister."

"Unfortunately I like sex with men far too much to give it up entirely, even if they have a tendency to be complete morons," Gillian says, keeping her voice down, but still being shameless. "I've dated some pretty fu— messed up men." There might be a few kids getting close, even if she's keeping her voice down. "Most we'ren't worth it. And the ones that were I realized too late. So definitely give it extra thought. Especially if it's the kind of guy… that you can buy stupid things for." Yes, she's talking to you, Claire.

Maybe Helena was deliberately avoiding interfering in the conversation with Delilah and Gillian, but folks will never know. Her eyes flick to Gillian and Delilah, eyes going - not necessarily flat, but definitely careful for a moment, before she notes in a friendly fashion to Claire, "Just means I can buy more. Though you know what I wish?" She sounds momentarily wistful. "I wish I could go out and party - you know, dancing. Dress up. Which is kinda shallow, but."

"No. They don't." It's said somewhat flatly as Cardinal turns his head back to follow the gesture by Zu, looking over the area and admitting in brittle tones, "That's why I did something about it. Well— " He scratches at his cheek, "— amongst other reasons. This really pissed me off when I found out, though…"

Zuleyka eyes him, from under heavy lids. "Oh? What else did you do?"

"I'll tell you later," Cardinal says with a shake of his head, "Too many ears here."

"They make alternatives for that." Delilah's first response is one that Brian would probably punch her in the mouth for. "I know a guy that makes me clothes. How cool is that?" And then Helena looks over to them for a few seconds, following up with a pointed Wish to what seems like anyone listening. Dee does sit up a bit, expectant. She's not entirely disappointed by the result. "Dress up? I live for playing dress-up." Her spare bedroom lives for it too. There's no bed in there, needless to say. "It's not shallow, it's just- hm. I dunno a word. Not shallow, really."

A sideways glance to Gillian and Claire's head ducks down a bit, as her cheeks color a bit and she murmurs something pretty unintelligible. Something about not knowing anything about certain things that Gillian mentioned.. what? She clears her throat and glances up at Helena, her expression turns a touch wistful. "It's been awhile since I went out dancing in awhile. Or even really gone shopping for a really nice outfit rather then the grudge stuff I have now." She smirks at Helena. "Which I figured would be a bit of a deterrent for a certain someone."

When Delilah mentions knowing a guy that makes clothes. "I know one too.. Made me a costume," she has a little amused smirk as she thinks about that gift. "Cheerleading outfit." admitting that really makes her grin.

Zuleyka doesn't press. She sips from her coke, feeds the last of her hot dog to Edmund, who gobbles it happily. And then she slouches down to stretch her legs out before her.

"I think I'll go check on Brian," Gillian suddenly says, perhaps catching the glances Helena's casting her way, and deciding to exit the girltalk while she can. "I kinda want to put some ice on my thumb, too, assuming we have any…" Otherwise she's going to just have to suffer. Beats dying. And she knows what that felt like. Going to dispose of the plate first, she makes her way away toward where her brother vanished to.

"If I get someone to do my hair and face," Now colloquially, people will assume Helena means makeup, but she actually means Sal Silvatti, "We could totally go out." Yeah, she eyes Gillian a moment. The pair's acquaintanceship has a delicate balance, and sometimes, one or the other manages to tip the scales and make them teeter. She looks between Delilah and Claire. "Let's do it. We can grab Cat, and hell, we can shop first." Something that doesn't involve saving the world, and allows for the opportunity of a mani-pedi? Yes, please.

"Really? Same guy that made me a dress did that for me too. We went to a convention as Firestar and Spiderman." Oh, hey, does this sound familiar or what. Delilah looks up as Gillian starts away, not really considering it was anything she or any of the girls were doing- Gillian's words are taken at face value. "Gillian too, if she wants." The redhead chimes at her heels as she walks away. Well, that was as good as asking, right?

"Sounds good to me. I've got plenty of things at home, too. If anyone feels like being cheap. That's something else- maybe we should have a swap. Goodness knows I need to lighten my closets…" Hopefully Gillian hears that as she goes too. If not, well, she'll hear about it all again at some point, for sure.

Cardinal's silent for awhile, just watching the others… and then he pushes the shades fully back up upon his face, one hand planting beside him to shove himself up to his feet. "Anyway, I'm gonna go see if there's any help I can give indoors," he states, the sun perhaps getting too much for him, or his own thoughts and conversation having diverted his mood down a less-pleasant course than before.

"Nice meeting you Gillian." Claire calls out after the retreating from. Claire brightens a bit at the mention of all that, but then her smile falls a bit. "I don't know Hel. I feel like there is still a lot I got to get done." There is a glance sent towards Cardinal. But as she turns back to the others she sighs heavily. "Feels like there is no place in my life for that." She looks thoughtful. "I'll — see what I can do." She climbs to her feet. "Know what… things seem well taken care of here. I think I'm gonna head home and make a phone call."

Zuleyka pulls herself up to trundle after him. "Sure," she says, quietly, as if reluctant to give up his company. For once she doesn't want to be alone with her thoughts.

As Dee speaks up, Gillian looks back and nods, a small smile making the dimples appear. "I'll think about it." That's a non-committal response, but she gives a wave, especially at Claire and Dee, before she gets inside to head upstairs, likely to check on the state of her potential library (read: single bookshelf).

Helena lifts a brow at Claire. "No place left in your life? Claire, if anything, being in Moab taught me sometimes you have to make time. Even if you only let yourself…close to never. You have to celebrate or you lose the point." For a moment, Helena's tone is… almost tentative, but she does believe what she's saying. For some reason it bothers her, what Claire said. Obviously she's reading into it more than Claire necessarily means.

"There's a lot to do, yeah, bu-" Helena takes the words right out of Dee's mouth. "Yeah. Something like that. Y'can't let yourself be down and business all the time. If there's life to life, it's dead boring."

Cardinal rolls his shoulders back, elbows swinging closer together behind him as he stretches briefly, then lets his arms fall before heading for the reconstruction proper. "Sure," he echoes, slanting a look to Zu, one brow raising as he walks beside her, "What's up with you, anyway? Awful quiet suddenly, kiddo."

Zu eyes him. "I….I'm not looking forward to winter. And even now, I'm thinking about it. It sounds stupid and ….I dunno. Gone with the Windish. I just remember being so hungry, sometimes. I feel like I should start storing nuts for the snowy season, you know?" She ducks her head, sheepishly, as if embarrassed by her outburst.

"Maybe.. maybe I'm just frustrated where things are going…" Claire admits, "And as much as I like this guy.. It was too good to be true. I'm.. trying to decide if it's worth the risks.. A girls night.. I dunno. Seems…" She makes a frustrated sound as she can't find the words and sighs, "Anyhow.. I'm heading back. Give Brian my apologies.. I'll make it up to him at some point." She then gives the girls a wave and heads out.

"Petty?" Helena queries softly, but Claire has already gone. She looks momentarily hurt, and frowns it away before she restores her expression to look back to Delilah. "I feel like I'm supposed to feel guilty for wanting…" she trails off, shrugs. "I need another hot dog." Food sublimation for the win.

"Ah." Cardinal reaches out a hand to try and ruffle Zuleyka's hair as she ducks her head, "Just stick with me, Zu. I might get you shot, but, hey, you'll die with a full stomach an' warm." Gallows humor, a dark-humored grin flickering to his lips briefly.

"Well don't. It's fine. We deserve it. You deserve it." Delilah's words are very confident. "We'll have a great time. It's just that being tentative about these things has been made a habit by a lot of people. Habit because of need to hide. We've trained ourselves." And that's that. Dee stands up and drops off her garbage before eyeing someone she can help. "I'll drag you all by the ears if I have to." And with that, the redhead skitters away to help move a table. That's all she has to say about that.

Zuleyka nods. "I trust you. I trust Jake. And honestly, crazy as you both are, I've never had reason not to," She smiles up at him, almost reluctantly .

"I've missed you guys," admits Cardinal a bit reluctantly himself as he heads inside, "Fedor might've been a crazy motherfucker, but it was nice havin' some people around I could trust with my back, for awhile. Uncomplicated." He snorts, "Everything's complicated these days."

With Delilah having moved away, it leaves Hel by herself. Polishing off her fifth hot dog (seriously, where does she put it?) she rises and disposes of her waste before heading indoors.

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