The Queens English


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Scene Title The Queens English
Synopsis Is not heard in this scene. Ever.
Date January 22, 2009

Minea's Safehouse

Late morning, The new new safehouse that even Felix doesn't know where it is. And it's likely to stay that way if she has anything to say about. Minea's called Christian, requests for the man to meet her at the place when she gets back from whatever judicial questioning and talking she's had to do the last night with regards to Deckard and his cohort. She's cleaning up her work area, changed out of her ruined clothes and into jeans and a long sleeved shirt, still fuming and not in a state to be resting any time soon.

knock knock goes the door, grumble goes the ISA and bitch goes the police. Christian wasn't happy about what had happened, but he'd already read the paperwork. This was a byproduct of the operation, this was nobodies fault. "Its me Minea."comes his voice as he doffs his helmet, letting it hang from a gloved hand.
She still looks through the peephole, still has her gun out regardless. But it looks like him, talks like him and she opens the door. "Lock it behind you" Minea returns back across the room to her work area, sorting things out. "Fucking asshole. They want us to work with him?"

"So do you understand why I play hardball yet?"He slips inside, nudging the door shut and locks it. "Still want to arrest him, and tell him he's wrong? Personally, I'd rather shoot him, and if he survived that I'd torture him to death and leave his body for others to find. We were kind and polite, we were good and he was bad. "Christian snorts, looking around though he doesn't set his shit down.

"He messed with me on the bridge. I was taking shots of the shoreline, see if there was anything that your little group hadn't found. He got in the way, did something to my camera there too. Apparently, my kneeing him in the nuts pissed him off" ID's are put into their little groups, pieces for one person, that little pile, pieces for another in this little pile. "He's got a partner. Can go incorporeal. Phase, something like that. She reached into my purse and lifted my MP5 Einlieter. Without ever opening my purse" That rankles her. That he didn't have the decency to come at her himself, just sent someone else. "his friend escaped with him, turned him untouchable, they found nothing below the street in the subways.

Christian waves a hand dismissively. "That doesn't answer my question. Do you understand, why I shoot first now? Do you understand why I play hardball with these people yet?"He almost growls, a low bestial sound at any rate. "They're somewhere, laughing about and playing with your gun. Maybe they'll sell it to some fourteen year old kid, or kill a cop with it. If I asked you a few weeks ago what we'd do about this, you know what you would have told me? That they deserved arrest, that it was our duty to take this phasing bitch into custody and figure out how."

"They don't have my gun Einliter. She tossed it back, and a civilian broke it down so that no one would use it while my back was turned. A mr. Hugh Wickham" She gestures to the now fully assembled weapon, laying with her others where she'd cleaned them. Minea listens to him then, nodding. "My answer's still the same, except that now I have to take into account how to subdue a woman you can't touch. I tried to arrest Deckard, I had him down and unconscious, just that bitch went and turned him intangible with her and that was that. He and she blew my fucking cover by stealing that gun. How many others does he run around telling who or what I am?"

"Who the fuck cares Minea, when your still too fucking nice to play the game. Maybe they confused you back at command, but we're not the police. We don't arrest these fuckers, we don't come out of the shadows to help people and arrest them so they can see a fair trial. We come out, because the government doesn't want trials. We are fucking in the business of Murder, not law enforcement Minea."He steps closer, narrowing his eyes. "You better cowboy the fuck up and get your head in this war, because the inability and unwillingness to play the game looses it."

"I didn't shoot him in the head, or her Einlieter because your friends that we are supposed to be helping, need him. Or were we not at the same meeting? I didn't aim for her head because I didn't feel like having to justify a kill on a woman who had no weapon in her hand at that moment. Next time, I won't be so kind and gentle, to either of them" Things are put into their respective envelopes, narrowing her eyes back at him. "We're not cut from the same cloth Christian. Maybe you can easily play that game, but I can't. It's not that easy for me, not that I'm complaining. I work with papers and pictures and electronic files, dabble with guns and take surveillance. I'm not on the front lines like you are. Now I am. It's about adapting. you've been fucking with these people Einliter and know what they are capable of. Now I know. I won't hesitate to fire a shot at them next time. When i'm not in the middle of a crowded market place where some poor random fuck might get one in the head because the person opts to go intangible"

Christian presses one of those big farm boy hands to Minea's shoulder, and he -squeezes-."He's not my fucking friend. If Caravaggio fucked with you, I would kill him myself. "He presses in closer, firmly pressing you back until there's a wall he can pin that shoulder into."Either fucking quit, or get your gun and go find him. You need to find him and you need to fucking kill him, kill him open in public where everyone can see. Everyone needs to know, what happens when you fuck around with the ISA. You make it bloody and terrible, or /I/ will. Go make it right, or fucking quit you fucking pussy civilian."Oooh, he called her a /Civilian/. Granted it was technically accurate, but its still just about the most vile, harmful thing he could muster to a woman who'd been in the service.

"Maybe Einliter, it's you who needs to quit. We still answer for who we strike down, whether we're civilian or not. Now get your hand off me." The hand opposite the side that's getting pinned comes up quick to wrap around his wrist harmlessly for right this moment. "There's bending rules, and seeing shades of grey, but then there's stepping outside the rules and breaking them. You want to kill him for what he did, you go ahead. He's fucking with me, so I'll fuck with him back. That means, that on top of what I do, I'm going to find out how to disable his girlfriend. Right now though, he isn't our Priority. Our Priority, is to help this little vigilante group so that you have the chance to kill him in public and justifiably"

"Fuck you, you fucking rookie. Go the fuck home, nobody fucking wants you here."He releases that hand just fine, as he turns back towards the door. "You /suck/ at this job, you understand me? You suck, and you should be fucking ashamed." In no particular rush he crosses the room and pulls open the door.

"I'm sorry you think that Einliter. I'll still be showing up Friday to this little meet and greet. After that I'll put in a request that they find you a new partner. Someone who can stand up to your expectations" Minea eases back from the wall once he's released her, brown eyes watching him as Chris opens the door.
"Shut the fuck up."as he all but slams the door on his way out.

Minea just shakes her head as Christian goes, the sound reverberating through the room. Perfect evening, perfect morning. Her lips are pressed thin as she makes her way back ot her table and to finish organizing.

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