The Queens Monster Hospital Collapse
Date November 8th, 2010
Relevant Logs And the Hell All Around, Part I and And the Hell All Around, Part II

Two incidents in the East Flushing area are found to be related when the first stories of an 'ice-man' proved to be fact when it appeared a second time.

The first incident, taking place at approximately 3:30 on the 8th, surrounded the events of a riot in East Flushing. Several cars were totaled, while one was thrown by an unknown evolved person. Two separate evolved persons stepped in to retrieve the car before it fell into the crowd.

The unknown evolved that had thrown the car stunned onlookers when what was described as a 'monster' appeared in the leakage of a nearby hydrant. The unknown evolved was created entirely of ice, and proceeded to charge the crowd. The water covering the roadway was frozen, forcing the stampede into even more dangerous circumstance. Two unidentified persons were shot, and injuries remain uncounted, but suspected into the dozens. Deaths resulting from the stampede itself numbered eight total by primarily blunt force trauma. Only two accidental deaths resulted from the presence of the 'ice-man', as when he manifested, two men were smashed by the torrent of ice.

Despite the force used, the rioters dispersed in fear of the bizarre assailant and spread out into the surrounding streets. The ice-man moved eastward along East Flushing, disrupting collections of rioters all the way into west Manhasset.

The second incident took place at the North Shore University Hospital at approximately 5:00. fires in the nearby streets were spread to the campus of the hospital, prompting emergency evacuations of all personnel and patients. The fires were tended to by parts of the NYFD before the unknown evolved from the previous incidents in East Flushing appeared on the scene and proceeded to assist authorities in the fire, however its attempts to help resulted in the entire and calculated collapse of the hospital's west wing, containing the visitor center, cafeteria, and an evacuated ICU.

The NYFD also believes that there were several other evolved presences among those at the scene, including at least one hydrokinetic. Dozens more civilian volunteers also assisted in evacuating the hospital campus. Authorities are currently investigating all events and the origins of the monster. Civilians are advised, if upon encountering the creature, move to safety and contact your local authorities. By no means should you engage it.

Video accounts were taken of the second incident at the hospital and can be found spreading over the internet and over video-sharing sites. (see log here for images: )

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