The Question


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Scene Title The Question
Synopsis To register or not to register… THAT is the question
Date February 23, 2011

Bay House

She'd been gone for hours. Just going to the grocery store to pick up a few things, she'd said. It was only a short walk. She could manage. But Samara had kept walking— mostly to clear her own head. It's early evening now, still light, but dusk is close at hand. The good news is the walk had fulfilled its intention, she's numb again. It's an easier feeling than completely distressed, and requires less tears (and less dehydration).

She walks through the door (literally through— no need to open it up), without groceries of any shape or size, and peeks around inside. There's no easy signs of life which in some ways is relieving and in others? Downright unsettling.

A quiet exhalation of breath has her hopping on the kitchen counter and reaching into her pocket. Saltines. More saltines. Her nose wrinkles. Why she put them in her pocket is anyone's guess. Must've been part of her exit strategy.

Slowly she unzips her coat, shedding the layers one by one to ease herself back into this space. This eerily quiet space. Particularly because so many people live here.

Her lips twitch to the side as she turns on the counter, letting her palms flatten against it to give her some semblance of balance.

"Hey baby." Brian greets, as he enters the kitchen. Winters moves into the kitchen quietly, boots clapping along the ground as he moves in deeper in the kitchen. His hands go to settle on either side of her waist. His head immediately going to settle on her shoulder. Lips draw back some. He's out of tears by this point. Crying is done. He's also numb at this point.

All he can do is force him to do other things. Hands on Samara's waist he pulls her back into him some. "You were gone for a long time." He only just realized that. He hadn't really recognized the actual amount of time she was gone until she got back. "No groceries." He observes out loud, letting out a quiet sigh. "Are you having an affair again?"

"Tahir's girlfriend seemed to think so," Sami answers dully. "She made me hurl. Twice." She actually shudders slightly at the memory. He's her brother. Ew. "I think she was ready to give me beats." Or getting ready. Her cheeks flush slightly as her arms wrap around his neck, she forgot the groceries. Good work. She slides a little tighter against him, letting her head a little askew to look up at him. There's no observation at the lack of tears, just the numb.

"I missed you," she whispers quietly as she closes her eyes lightly. "I guess.. I guess I just needed the walk. I forgot why I was on it." She frowns lightly.

"What?" Brian asks blankly. Peering at her as she turns, his hands seize around her waist. Going to bend his knees lightly he lifts her up. Going to set her back down on the counter. His hands going to lay in her lap. He leans forward to rest his forehead against hers. A light sigh dragging out of his lips.

"I missed you." He mutters. He didn't even notice she was gone, he was so busy with thinking about Eric. However, now that she's back, he definitely appreciates it. "I've been taking walks too." His hands clasp in her lap. "Why did you hurl twice?"

Sam shifts in her spot on the counter to settle in her seated position a little more. Brian's forehead against her own brings the slightest smile, a faint curl of her lips as her eyes close. It's an odd sense of peace, even if it's experienced through numbness. "Tahir's sex partner(?), fuck buddy(?), girlfriend(?)… well she implied that.. that I was there to hook up with Tay. Which.. ew." She shudders again. "And then she threatened him and thought I was carrying my brother's baby… which.. ew. And then he came home and they were.. just ew."

Just remembering makes her a little queasy, evidenced by the paling of her face. "Just ew." Her hand rises to his cheek, fingers reaching out to caress his hairline. "Where did you walk?" Her cheeks flush further as she lets her hand drop and a small frown plays over her lips, "Lots to think about, huh?"

"You said fuck-buddy." Brian smiles somewhat pleasantly. Before his head slides from her head to her shoulder. He gives a little forced laugh. He needs to laugh. At least a little. He frowns a little. "Really? That. Yuck." Then.. Wait. What. "How did she know you were pregnant?" He asks quickly, head ssnapping up. Staring at her, "Does Tahir know now? Shit." He spits. But it's only a moment of tension before…

"Whatever. Doesn't even matter." His eyes lid as her hand brushes over his head. "The beach. Look over at Staten. Thought I could see the Lighthouse." Winters murmurs weakly. Bringing his own hand up he presses it against hers, bringing her hand to his lips. Kissing it lightly.

"Yeaaaah.. " Sami cringes slightly. Tahir knows. "He was being theatrical. And she found out because I was just chattering again and sometimes that gets me into trouble. You know being invisible was good for that at least, couldn't talk in one long line of syllables…" her cheeks flush brighter. "Sorry. I'm.. getting better maybe?" she scowls slightly.

"Sound like you had some good walks," there's a twitch of a smile, deadened by the neutralness of her features only to be uplifted again at the press of Brian's lips against her hand. "You're too good to me," she whispers. Her shoulders deflate some as she sighs, "I was thinking.. maybe.." the frown grows, "…registration… maybe.." her eyes squeeze shut, "..maybe I should think about it.. if I get vaccinated the baby will be okay.. for now.. " her frown deepens.

Bringing his hand up, he flicks Samara in the forehead. "You told him? We were'nt.." A heavy shrug is given as he decides not to care, again. "What did you say? Was he pissed? Is he going to fight me again?" Brian drops his hand back into her lap. He shakes his head, "I'm not too good to you." He disagrees quietly.

Registration. Brian's features flatten, not handing over any reaction immediately. But the vaccination. And the baby. "Yes." He answers immediately. "Yes. Go do it tomorrow." Despite it being against everything he's worked for, his hands wave a little bit.

The flick at her forehead is met with a cringe and a faint scowl before she rubs her hand over her forehead. "I know. I shouldn't have said it.. I just.." Sam sighs quietly. "This whole registration thing. What Colette said about being a good mother— I want to be. I really do and I— " Her frown deepens. "I have awesome parents. I know a lot of people have these not good childhoods and I was lucky. All three of us were lucky. Mom and Dad are awesome… I wanted to know what Tahir thought they'd do. If in my shoes."

The quick response has her frowning a little further. "Really? Is it actually a good idea? Or just one because I’m worried?"

"You should do it." Brian agrees. "I don't.." He shakes his head rapidly. "If— No. Get vaccinated." He urges desperately. "If you went… Fuck. I don't want to think about it. If the flu gets over here.. I couldn't survive without you Sam." Winters murmurs, lowering his head some. "Yeah.. We need to do this." He agrees, letting out a quiet sigh. "They won't take you in. They have no reason to. There might be complications but…" He shrugs gently. "You should do it."

"Are you sure..? It seems like a good idea. I.. Mom and Dad are both registered and Tahir is registered… and I'm just the kid who came back to life, right? That's.. my only worry. Like.. I disappeared. I'm off the grid entirely which is good, but.. the vaccination.." Her lips press together tight. "And if I go to register now.. I don't want to disappear again— " the frown lingers as her fingers brush against his cheek once more. "I just don't know what will keep our baby safer. Like.. a mother who doesn't exist or a vaccination.."

A faint smile spreads over her features. "I'm not going anywhere, okay? I couldn't live without you either.. you’re my best friend," don't tell Rue, "and the love of my life. Lots of reasons to do this, aren't there?"

"I'm sure I'm sure." Brian insists, shaking his head. "There's no way they can track you just because you're registered." He smiles gently. "You have a clean record. They should believe your story.. You can even go register with your mom and dad. They can cover for you. You'll be approved.. You'll have a clean ID. You'll be able to do things I can't." Looking up at her, his eyes lid some. Turning his face to have his lips brushing against her fingers.

Smiling softly, he nods over to her. "You're my best friend. There's a lot of reasons. And we have to keep you safe. We have to keep the baby safe. We have to." Winters murmurs, leaning forward once again.

"Tahir practically begged me not to, which I can't really figure out why… claims that he doesn't want me making his mistakes.. I know he has his reasons and his concerns, but— " Sam frowns slightly. "I just think mom and dad would've done it. They did it without thinking already. Like it was the most normal thing in the world. You know? I can't see them putting any of us at risk." She leans forward to press her lips against his cheek. "I'd be able to get into a doctor.." She plants another kiss down his jawline. "No more worrying about that.." She plants a third kiss. "…I just wish we could get the vaccine another way…" for everyone.

"What? But he is.." His brows screw up. "Why is he begging you not to? What is wrong with his life? Not registering?" Brian frowns deeply. "If.. No you should register. It'll be better for you." If something happens to him, she will need to be registered. "There's nothing wrong with you living a normal life, even though I can't." A quiet mm is let out as she plants against his jawline.

His eyes open, "You want me to go kill everyone and steal some?" He murmurs, his hands going to slide under her. Picking her up by her rear he goes to lift her and pull her against him. Keeping her elevated against his stomach as he goes to tilt his jaw up planting a kiss in return on her neck.

"I just want a life with you," Sam says softly. "Normal or not." She swallows hard, 'I'll sleep on it," she whispers quietly as she's drawn off the countertop. Her legs instinctively wrap around his body while her arms comfortably draw around his neck. Her eyes squeeze shut and her neck cranes to the side, giving easier access. The soft mmm in the back of her throat is followed up by, "The bedroom." Most of the important words have been cut from the sentence, but the message is there just the same.

Planting another kiss against her neck, he takes a few steps forward. Brian pulls her into him tightly, feet dancing rapidly to take them in the direction of the bedroom. A light smirk crawls up his lips as he thunders towards the master bedroom. Another kiss planted against her neck. Before he looks up with a sly yet somehow still sad smile. "Good luck sleeping." He murmurs. Stumbling into the bedroom, she is practically tossed onto the matress before the door is kicked close behind him.

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