The Reaper Returns?

CHINATOWN — After several months without incident, a startling discovery on Canal Street in Chinatown raises suspicions that the Evolved serial killer coined by the public as "The Reaper" may still be at learge in the New York Metropolitan area.

Shortly after 6:30pm, NYPD and SCOUT operatives arrived on scene at 356 Canal Street, the location of Jittetsu Arms, in response to a 911 Emergency call about a fight breaking out between a prospective customer and an Evolved man who has been a client of his antiques shop for several months now.

The clerk of the store, who wishes to remain nameless, openly spoke with the press that a client of four months that he knows as Kazimir Volken began to engage in an argument with a prospective client who had identified himself as Edward Dantes. The store clerk fled from the scene when Volken revealed to have some form of unknown Evolved ability.

By the time authorities arrived on the scene, the shop showed signs of a scuffle, but neither Kazimir Volken nor Edward Dantes were found on the scene. One building down, at the local restaurant "A Taste of Sczechuan", ten bodies were discovered in the restaurant, identified as the restaurant's owner Ronny Pang, 47, his two teenage sons, and five patrons. Each of the bodies recovered looked to be suffering from extreme dessication, matching the modus operandi of the Reaper back in October.

NYPD and SCOUT have yet to comment on this startling revelation, and authorities have posted Roadblocks through all of Chinatown in an effort to apprehend the suspects involved for further questioning.

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