The Reflection Of A Murder


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Scene Title The Reflection Of A Murder
Synopsis Rebecca is employed to look into the past and to witness a murder.
Date February 23, 2010

1326 Broadway

North Stairwell, between the 46th and 47th Floors

One would never know by looking at it that the address of 1326 Broadway was home to the scene of a crime. Between floors 46 and 47 in the stairwell, the crime tape has been removed, and cleaned up. The Chesterfield campaign headquarters has been cleared up and it's business as usual for this location now.

It's always less beneficial for an investigator to come to a crime scene once it's been cleaned up. There's little left to be scoured and very rarely would you find something that law enforcement has missed. For Rebecca Nakano however, there is always one thing that is left behind. History. The memories of everything that ever occured here still exist for Rebecca.

The elevator stopped at the 46th floor and Rebecca exits to move towards the stairwell where she is to meet with Catherine Chesterfield for a job, referred by Elisabeth Harrison. This one is far different than most of her jobs as someone has the knowledge of her ability and wanted her to use it.

The news of the murder of Jenn Chesterfield was all over the press, and though there are still bits and pieces splattered throughout newspapers and tabloids in the area and across the country but nothing as it was when it first occured. Stepping through the large door and moving up the stairs, she spots the party she's to meet. "I hope I'm not late." She's not, but a few minutes early. Off her shoulders hang her bag, which she sets on the ground. "Catherine, right?" Dressed for the cold, she removes her jacket and drapes it over the handrail, removing her gloves as well.

"You aren't," the one and seventy-three hundredths meters tall brunette replies grimly. She's standing nearby the spot in question, observing the investigator she hired in that arrival. "That's me," Cat confirms, "and thank you for coming out." A short distance from her, placed on a spot she hopes is accurate enough, is a large mirror.

"Before you do this," the panmnesiac states somberly while making eye contact, "I have to warn you this is a murder site, and you may well observe a murder. Mother," she states in a quieter voice, "was garroted after her left arm and wrist were broken."

"I'm sorry for your loss." Even being around death as much as she has for her job, only on rare occasions has she knew anyone who was affected by death. As Cat gives her warning, Rebecca nods sympathetically. Cat would not be seeing what Rebecca is seeing. As a former forensics investigator, Rebecca Nakano would be fully aware of what she could possibly see. "I understand. I appreciate the warning." She kneels down and digs into her back, producing a small hand-held mirror and glances around. "Can you tell me where she fell?" Died. Her fingers trace the rounded frame of the mirror which she keeps held away from her sight. Her black hair is held into a ponytail by a white scrunchie, and the tail itself sways around lazily behind her.

"Here, as best I can estimate," Cat replies with a gesture toward the mirror she herself provided. It's a tall one. She seems to believe the larger area, the better. There seems little to say beyond that, her role here consists mainly of observation and asking questions after the fact. Her features remain grim, darker urges showing in eyes from time to time. Things kept in check by the force of will. But it's quite clear the woman intends retribution, to see this matter brought to an optimal and swift conclusion.

The larger mirror would do far better than her smaller one, but gives her less mobility. However, closer to the mirror she gets the more of the area she sees. Without actually looking at that mirror, she sets her other one near it and then sits on the floor in front of it. She crosses her legs, pretzel style, eyes down towards the floor. "I'll be unable to see anything but what I see here, though you can speak to me, I may not be able to answer." It really just depends on how deep she has to concentrate. Rebecca finally lifts her gaze and her eyes make contact with the mirror and there's a wince as she starts to scan backwards to the date and time just before the murder of Jenn Chesterfield.

There is, and will be, silence as the viewing takes place. Cat is still, avoiding movement which might make sounds and distract from or disturb the investigator's mojo. She just watches her for the duration.

Rebecca stares stoically as she watches the older woman smoke.

She tilts her head curiously when the woman is approached by a man and money is passed between them.

She jumps when the man grabs her wrist, spins her around and breaks her arm. Rebecca's eyes seem to follow the purse as it hits the ground, wincing at the sound of the woman's scream that only she can hear.

Rebecca flashes a brief look of pity when the woman begs the man to stop, but he gives her no pity as he wraps that piano wire across her throat, blood beginning to seep down her neck. She watches the woman try to reach for the man, but grabs nothing it seems.

Then it's over and the man leaves, and a phone starts to vibrate.

Stumbling across a murder scene after the fact is one thing. Being witness to a murder as it's occuring, is something else entirely. She's only done it a couple of times and it always turns her stomach, as well it should.

She tears her eyes away from the mirror and rolls over onto her hands and knees as she takes in one breath after another, then slowly sits back on her feet, facing away from that mirror, shaking her head. "I'm sorry.."

"Don't be, Miss Nakano," Cat advises in breaking her silence when being spoken to indicates the viewing is complete. "If you're ready, and able, I'd ask you to tell me all you saw and heard." She takes two photos out of a pocket. One is decent quality, taken from the website of a University in Russia. The other is lesser quality, a grainy image from a cellphone. They're held ready to hand over, but she doesn't press. Rebecca is afforded whatever time she needs to collect herself after viewing such an event as that.

Running her hand over her face, Rebecca takes a deep breath and nods. The images are ingrained in her now, something she's not likely to forget. She pushes herself to her feet and steps further away from the mirror so as not to repeat the gruesome scene that unfolded before her. She looks at the other woman in the room, giving her a sympathetic glance before she finally turns her attention to the photos, reaching for them.

They're handed over. The grainy one is Doctor Aleksandr Koslow, titled Skoll by the Vanguard. The other, better image is Carlisle Dreyfus. Cat is stoic and silent, waiting to hear the account of what was seen and the postcog's verdict as to whether either of those men was the assassin.

Rebecca turns her eyes to the photos and she looks at them very closely. Fortunately she doesn't need very long to give Cat her answer as she points to the clear image of Dreyfus. "It was him. He's the one." There's almost a sense of relief in the investigator, as perhaps this means that perhaps justice can be served. "I hope you know who that is and my answer can be of help in apprehending him." She lifts her gaze up to Cat's.

Her features twist into a scowl, the eyes flash with darkness; a muted rage and lethal desire. "Thank you again," Cat utters. "I have things to do, and officials to confer with." While she doesn't leave the location, it seems she's soon to do so. "The mirror I brought is yours," she offers, "it may be useful in similar situations. I can have it sent wherever you'd like. Or I can smash it as a symbol of what took place here, a thing forever tainted."

It probably would be best served to be used as a vehicle for a child's rage at the murder of a parent. "Do with it as you please. It's far easier for me to carry around this one." She says, reaching down to pick up the smaller one she brought with her. "If there's anything further I can do to help, please don't hesitate to call. You have my number." She's tucking her things back into her bag and reaching for her coat.

Nothing further is said, Cat remains where she is with eyes on the mirror until the investigator has departed. Only when she's alone does movement occur; the offending instrument is struck with the sole of a boot and sent tumbling down the stairs to create the sound of shattering glass and splintering wood.

Moments later, she too makes her exit, fingers tapping on an iPhone screen. As she steps into the elevator, a text message is sent to Veronica Sawyer: Assassin identified as Carlisle Dreyfus.

Then a phone call is made. When the other end picks up she tells the person "This is Doctor Chesterfield. I made a bit of a mess outside the former campaign HQ. Send someone to clean up, please."

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