The Return Of John Doe


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Scene Title The Return Of John Doe
Synopsis John Doe pays Cassidy a visit to figure out why Mortimer no longer seems to hold an interest in her.
Date October 7, 2009

The Home of Coren Shelby and Cassidy O'Shea — Lower East Side

It's early evening and Adam has tracked down Cassidy to her partner's apartment. It's unknown to him that they're a tad bit more than partners, nor does it particularly matter for his current goals. Either way, he walks up to the door of the apartment and knocks.

It was the breaking and entering of Lola that followed her unannounced visit and Mortimer's before her that prompted Coren to insist the building superintendent hire an armed guard for the front door to ID people coming and going from the building. Unfortunately, there was no budget for it, so Coren went ahead and installed two more deadbolts and an alarm system, and made a large number of purchases of various items that could be used as weapons, beyond his 12-gauge shotgun. His service weapon is also on him at all times, save when he sleeps— then it's in his nightstand. If he weren't so calm about it all, Cassidy would think he were paranoid.

Due to recent events, Coren has only recently returned home after spending the past eighteen hours at the Municipal Building, or what's left of it, helping with the rescue effort. He intends to go back in a few hours, but had to get something to eat, which is what he's doing when there's a knock on his door. The wooden spoon he was stirring a pot of soup with is set aside as he walks to the door, turning the three deadbolts and leaving the door chained. Note to self: Get a peephole installed. He opens the door a crack to peer out, and doesn't recognize the person facing him. "Can I help you with something?"

Adam smiles cordially to Coren, "I assume you're Detective Shelby? I'm sorry to interrupt, I hope you weren't eating dinner. I'd like to speak to Detective O'Shea, if I might. It shouldn't take long." he pauses, "My name is John Doe." or at least, that's the name Cassidy would remember Adam by.

Cassidy is dressed as always in a dress shirt a few sizes too big, the sleeves rolled up and the buttons undone enough that when anyone sees her, that she's been used as a cutting board. The knock itself, startles the poor woman, making her jump a little from her spot sprawled out on the couch, pouting. She didn't like being stuck at home while he was out there helping. Unfortunatly, her foot doesn't allow her to navigate the ruins of the municipal building. So she had been stuck….

Hearing a voice that stirs memories from many months ago when she helped out Dutch, Cassidy straightens on the couch. "John Doe?" She frowns a bit and reaches for the cane that has replaced her crutches. Pushing off her feet, Cassidy limps her way to the door, to peek over Coren's shoulder, one hand going to her partner's shoulder to keep her balance. "How did you find where I live?" She sounds rather curious about that.

"No, just preparing it before going back out." Oh Lord. That's the precise thought that goes through Coren's mind, as he recalls a certain argument he had with Cassidy regarding a Mr. John Doe being interviewed on behalf of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. "John Doe?" Coren asks with a certain level of incredulity as he grabs Cassidy with one hand to help her keep her balance. Careful, luv. "You'll excuse me for wondering the same, seeing as my address is unlisted. Go ahead, ask your question."

Given their apparent level of suspicion and paranoia, it seems less likely that the real answer would go over well. So, instead, he does something he's very good at, he lies. He takes in their reaction and says, "I…wouldn't want you to worry, but there's unsavory people that know where you live. You might say that I hear things." he shakes his head as if moving on, "In fact, I had a question about one such unsavory individual. Mortimer Jack." he pauses as he concentrates on Cassidy, "Particularly…" he pauses, "I don't know how to put this…I've seen the webcast. Mortimer Jack doesn't appear to the type of person to…'move on'. I'm wondering why he did. I was hoping you could help me understand why."

"Moved on?" This is obviously news to Cassidy, she glances at Coren something in her expression is like she's saying something but her mouth doesn't move. That doesn't sound like his. He was obsessed with helping before. Eyes travel back to 'John Doe' and she slowly shakes her head. "I don't know anything about that. Last thing I knew about before I was…. " the young woman grimaces, takes a deep breath and continues, her tone strained. "..abducted was that he pissed off a serial killer." Who… if Adam kept up with the news abducted the redheaded detective.

Coren continues to observe John Doe with a certain level of suspicion, but for the moment remains only somewhat irritated with the mention of Mortimer Jack. "I would hope it involves the man getting some sense into his head after his … visit here, but I find the idea of him getting some sense into his head to be unfathomable." He gives Cassidy a look for a moment before he says, "I have to say, this is the first I've heard that he's leaving her alone, though I do admit I've been too occupied to notice that he hasn't reared his ugly head again since September."

Adam arches a brow lightly at the mention that Mortimer had been there, apparently that detail wasn't known to him. He pauses, "The truth is, I've heard that he wants to kill someone close to me over a girl, yeah?" he questions, "A thief named Lola. I had assumed…with his willingness to kill over Lola, in the way that he attempted to kill Dutch over.." he pauses and motions to Cassidy, "That he had moved on from you. I thought there might be a reason, a story."

Giving Coren a patient look, since she knows all too well his thought on Mortimer, there is no missing the affection there. Then blue eyes turn to Adam and she frowns a bit, "Maybe he know what he did… what he caused." There is a hard edge to her words now, a she moves to position herself in front of Coren. "He taunted a madman.. That madman.. kidnapped me." There is a trembling to her voice as she talks. "He… he…" She moves to where Adam can see her through the door and then reaches to slowly pull the dress shirt she's wearing up just under her breasts, leaving her stomach exposed to the hallway. It's a literal mosaic of cuts, one really nasty one comes from under the shirt on the left side and disappears into the the top of her sweat pants on the right side. "He had some fun." The words are cold and emotionless." And the shirt drops again. "I partially blame Mortimer for that… maybe he does or doesn't blame himself… Doesn't seem like he's capable."

Once Cassidy's done showing off, Coren slowly pulls her back behind him, shielding her as always. "I'd like to think it had something to do with me breaking most of my furniture with the man, but Cassidy's reasoning is definitely more … compelling." And yet still, something … "Lola… can you describe her for me? What she looks like, personality?"

Adam studies Cassidy's wounds and scars and frowns for a moment. Ironically, he could fix all that, but he's really no reason to. Instead, he just says, "I'm sorry to hear that, that must have been such an ordeal." he pauses thoughtfully at the idea that it's mostly Mortimer's fault before he glances at Coren with an arched brow, "Um…smallish height, athletic build, slightly tan, dark hair…speaks with a southern accent?"

Resuming her place behind Coren, Cassidy doesn't look back out… instead she rests her forehead against his shoulder. It took a lot to do what she had just done, Adam wouldn't know how much, but Coren would have felt it. "You have not idea." She murmurs softly. Of course, the man on the other side of the door only saw a small portion of the damage. She sits there and silently listens to the men, content just to rest there and try not to think too hard. The description of Mortimer's new target, brings up memories of the woman that visited them.

"That makes more sense now," Coren says. "That she's a thief. Rather wish I were still in the dark about that, but as the French say: C'est la vie. Definitely explains how she broke into our apartment so easily. She's a remarkable sharpshooter, but not the sort of person you want to be stuck on a road trip with." He has one hand on the door and one on Cassidy. "Mister Doe, I don't know what to tell you. This Lola person sounds like the individual Mortimer Jack sent to me to help deal with our problem. I don't know what this situation is you have with him, but my stance on Mortimer Jack is to avoid him as best possible."

Adam arches a brow. Coren's various statements about what connections he does or does not have with Lola and Mortimer fills in a few blanks. He pauses a moment and nods lightly, "Alright." he says, "Well, thank you for your time." he lifts a hand lightly, "Have a good dinner, sorry to have interrupted." he steps back and makes his way back down the hallway.

"Good night, Mister Doe." Cassidy finally calls out lifting her head form her partner's shoulder. "Give who ever it is.. the best of luck. Mortimer… can be persistent once his mind is on something." Cane in hand, she moves to back away from Coren so that the door can be shut again.

"Have a good night, Mister Doe, and take her advice. He is one persistent son of a bitch," Coren remarks before closing the door, locking its deadbolts, and giving Cassidy a kiss to take her mind off what she just did, showing herself away like that, and also to praise her for her strength. Then, when all is said and done, he returns to the soup he was preparing, stirring it up and then pouring it into bowls. "So I'm thinking we ought to move…"

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