The Right Choice


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Scene Title The Right Choice
Synopsis Helena meets up with Abby and Brian after their encounter with Deckard. Abby makes a choice.
Date November 14, 2008

Abby's Old Apartment

Abby's shindigs, it's late, late at night and no lights are on. Brian, or whatever clone of his that is currently out and about instead of melded with it's injured counterpart was instructed to come to her old apartment, the one recently abandoned. Door unlocked, and the air warm, abby seems to have survived through Deckard fairly well, curled up on the couch, blanket over herself and dozing lightly.

Helena makes her way to Abby's apartment, being careful about her route, and upon arrival, knocks on the door, albeit softly. Put her hand to the knob, she's startled to see it give way and let her in. "Abby?" she calls out. She'll lock the door, like a sensible New Yorker.

'Sleeping" Comes drowsily from the couch. "You came so fast…." Abby pushes the blanket down, rubbing at her eyes and looking to the other entering blonde.

"It didn't take long. What's going on?" She tries to look around, but there's a distinct lack of light.
"Brian's in the hospital, someone's looking for you and did that, through looking for me. I don't know who has him in a bad state, but… they do

"Brian's in the hospital, someone's looking for you and did that, through looking for me. I don't know who has him in a bad state, but… they do. Bad enough that Flint told me to change my name, change my hair and get the hell away" Abby looks over through the dark. "Lights by the door. They won't turn off the electricity till the end of the month. Your in trouble hel. I am in trouble"

Helena moves to sit next to Abby. Her frown is intent, but not panicked. "I've always been in trouble. Back up and tell me exactly what happened."

'Flint. A customer from the diner. I've seen him a few times. He came to the diner, and he and Brian got into it. Brian beat the ever loving christ out of him. Not realizing I knew him. Brian covered up, I think he shot himself, somewhere, and I got flint away from there, brought him here. Brian can tell you more but… " She shakes her head. "He was asking about you. Specifically you. He was asking wheteher I would be in need of guns, special deal, that he had questions" She's sleepy, and despite the hour, one can guess why. "He was hinting around as to why I was with some terrorists and why affiliate with them"
"Did he mention me by name?" Helena inquires. That Brian's gotten himself shot - damnitall. That's just the sort of thing that led her to have doubts about him in the first place. "Why did Brian get into a confrontation with him?"

It's really difficult to run around the city naked. Especially with a gun. At least he's been working out lately and looks his very best, at least that part isn't embarrassing. Sneaking through the shadows, waiting until there is absolutely no sound, then sprinting. Well it has been difficult to get here to say the least.

Once he finally does though he's finally ready to make himself known. Sprinting as quickly and silently down the hall as he can he arrives at the door. The hand with the gun is raised up and the barrel is knocked against the door three times and the password is whispered into the door. Once told to enter he does. But slowly and awkwardly. Opening the knob then edging it open while using his hand that isn't holding the gun to hold his manbits. Once in the apartment the young man will edge the door is closed. In all his naked glory. "Do you have a towel or somethin' I could use, maybe?"

"I don't know Helena. he called me, said someone with a gun was asking for me, and questions about me. I came in at the end…." There's a knocking on the door and the blonde tenses.

At the sound of the knock, Helena will rise and creep to the door. When the password issued, she relaxes only slightly, and then Naked Brian walks in. She's genuinely torn between laughing and shoving him up against the wall. Helena shrugs out her jacket - it's leather, and a men's jacket, and wordlessly hands it to Brian. "Abby, it's Brian. One of him anyway. Go sit next to Abby."

"oh blessed jesus" Naked man. In her apartment. The blanket's brought up, if only to cover her face. "Blankets, in the closet beside the bathroom. No clothes that would fit you" The place looks a littel ransacked. 'How's origional brian?"

Tucking the gun under his arm the man wraps the jacket around his waist tightly. How come when women are naked its sexy? And when a man is naked its funny? Brian then goes to sit on the couch next to Abby, laying the gun on his lap. The question about original Brian makes him narrow his brows. All of him are original. He simply doesn't pay attention to that part of the question. "Hospital."

"One of you needs to tell me what happened from the beginning, because very little about what you've told me so far makes sense. And if you're wrapping yourself in a towel, give me back my jacket." Helena herself moves to sit down, all kinds of scowling.

"Brian. Tell her. You know more than me. I'm going to fall asleep soon enough" Only when Brian's covered, does the southern blonde uncover her face and event hen, her cheeks flush red at the bare upper half of him.

He doesn't waste time to go put a towel around himself. He simply sits with the jacket. "This guy comes in the Owl looking for Abby.I say she doesn't work there, he says.. Shit. What did he say? Oh. He said, he told me to give me her file. I told him to fuck off. He kept doing crap like that, offered me fifty bucks. I asked him why he wanted her. He said it was personal, so I told him to get out of there and I turned my back to him. He pulled out a taser on me. And told me I had to tell him about Abby. So. I replicated, and beat the shit out of him. I dragged him into the back of the kitchen. I was the only one in at the time.. and I took the taser and I told him to tell me why he wanted Abby." He pauses for a deep breath. "He wouldn't answer. So.. then.. He drew a gun."

"Abby said he was looking for me too." Helena remarks. Brian naked under that jacket is making her vaguely squeamish - not because he's naked, but because he's naked under THAT jacket. "And he shot you. Did you get a name? Any means to ID him?"

'Teo knows him" Abby informs. "We ran across him in the graveyard, digging up a coffin a few days ago. Flint is the name I know him by. Teo knows him by another. I think he's an odd job man. Does whatever gets him money"

"No. No." Brian corrects. "See.. I called Abby. Cause he said he knew her. And I told her not to come, to definitely not come. But she came. And she knew him, treated him all friendly. I stopped him from shooting me, but he did let out a shot, so I told my coworkers taking a smoke break to run and get the cops. Then.. Abby was there. And she got him up and was gonna take him away. But the police were coming, and I couldn't let us be compromised. So I cut the video camera wires and smashed the tapes, then I made it look like someone was trying to rob the place.. Then I shot myself in the leg. I'm in the hospital right now. Some of the Police are calling me a hero, and some an idiot. Getting shot hurts really bad." He notes.

Helena swerves her head to look at Abby. "Why would he demand your employment file?" She looks between the pair of them, frowning. "I don't like the sound of this guy at all. I want you both to report the incident to Conrad, okay?"

"Can I keep this?" Brian asks with a little smile as he picks up the gun off his lap.

"Because i've run across him Helena. He's run across you too. Chinatown. The man who's eyes glowed. He's interested in selling weapons I think, to us, if we want it. Best I can fathom, he thought to find out where he could find me, and by that, you. Since i've run into him three other times before today" She scowls at the thought of conrad. "Hel, I need to get my name changed, Between Coeltte and her threat, and this, and the tracer…" Abby shakes her head. 'I"m am up the brown creek and very little chance of a paddle."

Helena says as gently as she can, "Calm down, Abby. You need to come into the library and stay there for a bit. We can work on getting you a new ID, but you're going to have to set some guidelines for yourself as to when and where and who you heal." Note Helena didn't say she'd do it. "We've already got an arms dealer, so we're…wait." Helena rises, walks over to Brian, and sticks her hand into the pocket, against naked flesh. She pulls something out of one of the inner lining pockets, unfolds it, and holds it out. It's a grainy photo of Deckard that looks like part of a dossier. "Is this the guy?"

Abby nods. "Flint"

Brian's eyes go wide as Helena suddenly has a desire to play pocket pool with him. He looks up at her with a quizzical expression. Not in front of Abby! Then his features relax once she gets a picture. He nods in agreement with abby. "That's the asshole."

Helena scowls. "I know who to speak to about this." she says. She rolls her eyes at Brian. Don't flatter yourself, Mr. Multiple. "Why was he so insistent on getting your dirt, Abby? Do you think he was trying to sell you out? And is inclined to try for me next?" She doesn't seem too concerned about herself.

"Hel, if he was intent on selling me out, I wouldn't be here right this moment. He saaid to stay away from the diner, cahnge my name, my hair, that he wasn't my friend or my father. But he also didn't hit me upside the head and run off with me and it's been an hour since he left. He wants you, and he was going through me to find out about you. As for my healing. No. I heal who He places before me" she looks upwards at that then once more to the blonde. "That's how it is, and that's how it'll be. I'm going to see if that Detective wants my help as well, when i'm able to find a way to get ahold of him. I don't need to be told, how to manage my gift. But I thank you for your concern. If I hadn't have done such, I would never have met you"

"Then we need to get you a safehouse and away from Phoenix." Helena says plainly. "Because I don't want you compromising others, or the entire operation, because of your principles. I respect them, but I won't let you endanger people because of it. Clearly you do, Abby - or a good portion of this mess wouldn't be happening."

Brian watches with silence as he holds the pistol protectively in his lap. The half naked man leans back on the couch.

"I don't need a safehouse. But i'll be out of the library and away soon enough. I'm arranging stuff and I think i'll have a job. You have my phone, you'll know how to get ahold of me, if you ever need me. I think I realized last night, that I don't belong with anyone. I want my life, and if I hadn't fallen in with you all, none of this would be happening as it is, and I wouldn't be sitting with a bag of hair dye owndering whether I need to go brown, or black" Abby shakes her head. "I'll find some place. Don't you worry"

Helena rises to her feet. "You're blind, Abby. There's a war coming - it's practically on our doorstep, and there's only a limited number of places you can end up. Fighting the fight - ideally with us, working for the government either as a lackey or a guinea pig, or dead. I really hope you make the right choice. Brian, I need my jacket back.

Brian sits in shocked silence. Does this happen often? He watches ABby quietly with his eyes wide. She's… leaving? "Abby," Brian starts softly. He frowns and slowly unwraps the jacket and hands it to Helena.. ew. Then places his free hand over his testicles again. "Abby.." He starts again. "Forgive me if I'm mistaken. But you already gave your life away. To Christ. Your suffering is his gain. I don't understand how you're not seeing this. The bible says, take trials with joy my brethren. This is a trial Abby, not something to run away from. Your life is in God's hands.. Wouldn't you rather serve him to further His love to the world, Evolved and Non rather than staying safe in 'some' place." Says the man. Though he doesn't speak about his faith as often as Abby, and although he curses, and although he runs around naked, it is obvious his faith and convictions run deep.

"I'm not blind Helena. You just see me as that. I have my principles. you have yours. Neither is wrong, but neither is probably right. I respect yours, but at the same time… I need to keep mine. You'll do whats right, in your heart, and i'll do whats right in mine" brian starts talking, abby listens, intently but shakes her head at him. "Who says that i'm running? My life is in his hands. Every morning when I wake up, when I see someone hurt, and I lay my hands on them brian. When I choose who is going to be on the recieveing end of that miracle. He holds my life, and He guides me" She glances to Helena. 'And this isn't the first time we've had this talk, Helena and I. I don't think we need to have a third. I'll fetch my things from the library. You have my number. Teo has my number. I'm tired, and it's late. I'm spending the night here"

"I simply can't let your principles get people killed." Helena says quietly. "I'm not going to make any assumptions about your participation in the miracles project. You can let us know if you're still in." And with that, out she goes.

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