The Safest Option


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Scene Title The Safest Option
Synopsis With the recent raids and revelations, Ling presents Kendall with what she believes is the safest option for his future.
Date October 11, 2010

Little Green House

The presence of living beings at the Little Green House has been scarce the last few days. With Melissa having moved out, Edgar in jail, Tony and Faron about are rarely as they ever are, Ling rarely on the building’s grounds, and Kendall being urged to get out of the house as much as possible, the formerly bustling home has all become a ghost town.

This morning there are small signs of life and activity, a few sounds indicating presence on as the smoky form of Ling climbs up the stairs, a stream fo smoke furtively snaking through the building as she searches for Kendall – he surely has to be here, as she didn’t she him at the comic store or Cambria.

Well, sure, Kendall's been urged to get out as much as possible, but…. he has video games to play! He woke up around 9 or so, grabbed something edible, and brought the food back to his room as he works on yet another game. He's missed an entire month of video game playing, after all, and needs to make up for lost time. The sounds coming from his room are a sure indication of where he is.

Kendall’s room, of course. Ling had hopped he’d listen to her requests a bit more, but she’s willing to take what she can get. Today, however, she has something much more important to handle. A decision following the recent course of events has been reached, granted largely on her own with Melissa out of the country, and soon, planet, and she needs to speak with Kendall.

Kendall”. A thin film of black smoke slips under the door to Kendall’s room, indicating Ling’s arrival. Her voice rings out thin and whispery, just audible as it carries over to Kendall. “It is Ling. I need you to meet me out back.” And then Ling’s gone, making her way to the backyard, waiting for Kendall.

Kendall doesn't hear her at first, since his game's kinda loud, but then he squints, and finally understands. "Aw." he pauses the game and sighs, going to the door. He makes his way to the back yard, squinting against the sun. The light! IT BURNS!

When he arrives in the backyard, Ling is already fully formed and waiting for him, waving him deeper into the yard. “We need to speak about something. Something important.” Once the younger boy reaches her, she turns tof ace him, eyes narrowed. “Have you been watching the news, between your trips to work and into town that I have been asking you to make?”

"No. It's too depressing." Kendall replies, shifting his stance somewhat. Or, more likely, his TV's been used for other things. "Why, what's up? I have a good idea, since your face practically screams 'bad news'."

Ling wrinkles her nose. The boy manages to disappoint and surprise her at the same time. “I’m afraid you are correct. Messiah, I’m afraid, has been outted. Edgar has been arrested, and names leaked to authorities.” She gives a pause, letting that sink in. “As such, I’m afraid I do not believe it wise for either of us to remain here on a permenant basis. I have passed on such a message to Faron as well.” Or at least, she left a note.

"Eh." Kendall just shrugs at the mention of Edgar getting arrested. Ever since the guy tried to shove a tampon where it wasn't supposed to go, Kendall started a mild dislike for the carnie. "Well it doesn't affect me since I wasn't allowed to join your band of merry men." yes, Kendall sulked a little. You should tell him he came close to becoming a member postmortem, Ling! That'd make his day.

“I’m afraid it does, Kendall.” Ling arms cross as she looks down at the young man and shakes her head. “As I said, names have been leaked to the authorities. We do not know how far Melissa’s immunity reaches, nor do we know if they have acquired mine or Faron’s name. Nor do we know what Edgar has or has not told them. They are conducting raids, Kendall. What will you do, should they come charging into our home? Should they decide to take you into custody, or attempt to hand you back over to your parents?”

"Melissa told my parents I was dead." Kendall frowns a little. "I guess… well, I don't know how many people thought I was dead, did Melissa tell a lot of people about it? I mean, being here, it's obviously not true. Or, uh.. at least not anymore?" Kendall doesn't really understand this time-travel-was-dead-but-not-anymore thing.

If Kendall doesn’t get it, one must understand how Ling feels about the topic. “I am unaware of exactly how many people she told. At the very least, the whole of Messiah knows, even those not present at our attack, thanks to Rupert wanting make you an honorary member our wake.” Ling shakes her head, looking at back at the house. “I brought you out here, because I wanted to speak with you out of prying ears, in the event one of our own truly has compromised us.” She stares at Kendall for a moment, before letting out a weary sigh. “Even if you’re not dead, if the government comes raiding and you are here, it’s hard to know what they will do with you. They may simply cart you off to the Institute. Thus, I believe it is safer for you if I turn you over to someone else’s custody, until Melissa’s probation is up.”

"What?" Kendall blinks at Ling at that revelation. "Really? Did you guys, uh.. make me one?" he did try hard to persuade Peter to let him join beforehand. As Ling continues talking, however, he narrows his eyes. "I'm not some package to be handed off to someone else!" he snaps with some heat. "I'm not a little kid!"

“If you aren’t,” Ling snaps back, leaning at Kendall with narrowed eyes, “then you will understand how, for the time being, this is the smartest thing to do. I never said you were a package or anything of the like, Kendall. But I believe if you want to remain safe, you should hear me out.” She stands straight again, hands on her hips as she stares at Kendall.

“I have a contact within the Ferrymen. Her name is Kaylee, Melissa and I have met with her before. She seems… trustworthy enough.” Ling shakes her head, arms crossing again as she looks off to the side. “I am in the middle of setting up another meeting with her. I would like to take you to see her, to see if some sort of temporary placement arrangement can be made.” She stops, waving a hand at Kendall. “Of course, it is moot without your compliance. I certainly cannot force you. If you wish to stay here, and face the potential consequences, so be it.”

Kendall heaves a sigh. "Well I've had to move twice already, why not go for a hat trick? I'm not one to ignore common sense." he does still seem annoyed, however. "It was suggested that instead of Messiah, that I join the Ferrymen since I'd be pretty good at hiding people."

Ling raises an eyebrow at this. “There is no intention to hide you, Kendall. Simply move you out of harm’s way until Melisa is able to take in a roommate. It is only a short lived concession.” Ling grimaces, beginning to pace a bit. “As for joining them, I’m afraid I don’t know enough about the organisation to say one way or the other. Simply that they are evolved friendly, and are likely to help if asked.” She gives a bit more of an honest frown as she turns back to Kendall, ceasing her pacing for a few moments.

“I understand your frustration. I moved a lot as a child, until I went off to school on my own. However, unlike being at the whim of my elders, you must do what you think best for your continued survival. Such is the nature of things in the world we live in currently.” Ling Chao is actually showing empathy, or at least attempting to. Perhaps it is time to start checking the thermostats in Hell. “You will be able to keep your things, and perhaps once the Eighth passes, be able to return here. It is a temporary measure.”

"The Eighth what?" maybe Kendall isn't as aware of the world as he pretends to be. "Eighth of October? It already passed, right? Or November? Oh." yeah, NOW he remembers. "Hah, you think the world would be better after that? Not if what I saw was true." chaos in the streets!

“No. But I believe that by then there will be more important things to worry about than raiding or paying attention to a small house on Staten Island attached to a member of Messiah.” Ling hand rises, pinching the bridge of her nose. “If what I saw is true, then I won’t have any way of knowing what comes next.”

"One thing's for sure, they're going to blame us if it does happen." Kendall complains. "Racist bastards." or the equivalent. "So this means I'll need to pack up all my stuff, huh?" sigh. "I don't want to leave any of it behind in case someone decides to break in and steal stuff!"

“They will. It is unfortunate, but there are reasons I spent the last few years seeking to keep my ability to myself.” Ling resumes her pace, giving a bit of a short nod. “When I hear back from Kaylee, we will go meet with her. I would not begin packing much quite yet. It is hard to say exactly if they will take you… or what conditions they might impose, given Melissa and I’s involvement with Messiah.” As she turns back to face Kendall, still pacing, her eyes settle on him. “This is still your choice. If you’d rather stay, or search other accomdations, let me know.”

"I tried to pretend I didn't have one when I was living with my parents." uh oh, Kendall's gone morose again like he always does when speaking on that subject. "I didn't draw at all, then, because it kept…. slipping out when I did." he sighs again. "I keep losing places to stay, will I ever find some place I won't have to leave?"

“You are not the only one who has to keep moving, Kendall. This is my third home in a year and a half. I imagine the Ferry even exists because of people who need help in this fashion.” Ling turns from Kendall, stepping a bit deeper into the yard. “As I said, once Melissa’s probation is up, I am sure she will take you back in with open arms. I imagine then, you will have little more moving to do.”

"That's what I thought when we moved here." Kendall points out, gesturing to the house. "I mean, she even kept the outside derelict so that it wouldn't draw unwanted attention."

“Perhaps, then, she should have avoided falling in with a burgeoning terrorist organisation. However, it is not my intention, nor desire, to criticise Melissa.” Ling turns back, and begins to walk towards, and past, Kendall. “I just want you to think about what you wish to do. I am hoping Kaylee will contact me before I head out on business this afternoon, and if not then, in the next day or two. I need to know what you would like to do before I go to see her. I will not speak for you, Kendall. Not if you wish to be an adult.”

"I'll speak with her. I already agreed to this, all right?" heck yeah, Kendall wants to be an adult! Personally, he thinks he is already, but no one wants to treat him like one, so this is a challenge!

“Good, Kendall.” Ling doesn’t stop to look back at him, instead continuing towards the Little Green House. “I will let her know as soon as I hear back from her, then. For now, I have business I must attend to.” And teh way smoke is drifting off her, until she turns fully into a cloud of smoke and drifts off says it likely is something of a less savoury nature.

If only he could have seen the smile on her face.

Aww, maybe she likes him after all.

"All right then, I assume I can go back inside then." Kendall mutters, going to do just that.

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