The Sailing Club Weekly


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Scene Title The Sailing Club Weekly
Synopsis A handful of Ferrymen drop by Gun Hill for a meet and greet. And some get put to work.
Date August 20, 2010

Gun Hill

The front door swings open for a few moments, letting in a blast of the heat outside - and a somewhat red-faced woman who is already in the process of shrugging out of her heavy biker's jacket. Closing the door behind her, she moves to press her back against the shaded wall of the lobby, yelping at the cool, then sighing contentedly…

In and out of the doorway to the Landlady's apartment, a blonde woman is tossing out empty moving boxes. She is, at least, folding them up first, but there's still a sizeable stack out there. When Ygraine makes her way in, Lynette straightens and brushes imagined dust off her clothes. "Can I help you?"

Ygraine starts in surprise upon being addressed, looking around quickly before laughing rather self-consciously. Peeling off the wall (leaving a somewhat damp patch behind), she clears her throat. "Ahh-hrrm. Ah, yes. Sort. Are you the landlady here?"

"I am. Lynette Rowan," she says as she steps around the pile of folded boxes currently cluttering the lobby, not bothering to shut her apartment door behind her. "Do you need an apartment?" she asks as she offers her hand out for a shake.

The new arrival accepts the offered hand, clasping it in her own gloved fingers and shaking firmly. "No, no. You'd be Lynette, right? I'm with the Sailing Club. I run a few errands for them, and was dropping in to see if there's anything I can help with."

The sound of a car pulling up outside can be heard, the engine a bit louder than the normal vehicles that go up and down the streets of New York. "Ygraine!" comes a call from outside. "Slow down on that bloody bike. I can't keep up in a car!" The voice, very australian, gets louder as whoever posesses it climbs the stairs, Jaiden coming into view after a moment. "Oh, hello there."

"Ah, well. Always glad of another hand around. I'm afraid I just got back, so I'm catching up on everything that needs doing around here. Mostly it's handy work, though. I've been thinking about putting in… something like an escape hatch." Lynette looks over as that call comes from outside. "Look who it is. How's the recovery going?" Since last time she saw Jaiden, he was getting stitches put in.

Ygraine is clearly surprised when Lynette recognises Jaiden, but grins at the pair of them, before addressing the Aussie. "Sorry. Old racing habits die hard. When I see a gap, I go for it, generally."

Looking back to Lynette. "I'm Ygraine, as you've probably gathered." In contrast to the mechanic, her own accent is unmistakably British and educated. "And it's a pleasure to meet you. I've spent a little time here during your… absence. It's good to see you up and about."

"I'll be right as rain given a few more days, Lynette, thank you for asking." Jaiden says to the Jaiden grins to Ygraine, walking over to punch her playfully on the shoulder, taking in that look he's given. "I do that too, but in cars, it's a lot more difficult. Lynn here and I were in the field hospital together, y'see. She watched a nice girl pull slivers of wood and such out of my back and stitch me up. It is good to see you on your own two feet. Any troubles since getting out?"

"It's New York City, darling, you're lucky if you can move at all in a car." Lynette looks back to Ygraine, though, and smiles lightly, "Nice to meet you, too. And good to know the place was getting some use. I still have to thank Eric for looking after it for me."

At Jaiden's last words, though, she looks over at him, her hands moving to tug at sleeves far too long for the weather outside, "No! No, everything's been sunshine and roses. Thanks."
Accepting the shoulder-punch with a laugh, the Briton grins at Jaiden, then looks back to Lynette.

"He did a good job", she says warmly, "in spite of… some problems. The children were very happy here, from what I saw. Have you met Toby yet? He joined Eric in looking after the place, after a while."
Jaiden grins and leans against the wall, pushing his fingers into his pockets, thumbs looping in belt loops, just listening and watching.

"Yes, I heard he did well. And Toby… Toby's an old friend. He was the first person I saw, after the hospital. He's been catching me up." Lynette looks between the two, a hand moving to her hip, "Would you two like something to drink?"

"Water'd be lovely", Ygraine says warmly, darting a glance to Jaiden. "So… the two of you were caught up in the recent unpleasantness together?", she asks, sounding a little cautious.

"I'm fine, thank you." Jaiden smiles, nodding to Ygraine. "We both took part - I on the outside and she from within. You know how in Super Mario Brothers, the princess is in the castle? Well…" He inclines his head toward Lynn. "There she is."

"I understand that particular castle had several princesses," Lynette notes, although Jaiden does get a hint of a flattered smile there. "I'll be right back with that water." Turning, the woman disappears into her apartment for a few moments.

Ygraine flashes another quick grin at Jaiden, half-stifling a chuckle. "I've never heard Super Mario referenced in quite that sort of context before. Congratulations on coming up with that."

"I specialize in metaphors. A lot of them are duds, but occasionally I get a good one, like that one, and hilarity ensues." Then, once Lynette is out of earshot, Jaiden leans in a bit to Ygraine. "She was really, really traumatized by whatever happened in there. Almost like shell shock. We may want to keep an eye on her an' make sure everything's okay, or be there if she neeeds us."

They do get their few moments of privacy before Lynette comes back out again. She steps over to pass Ygraine a bottle of water, but she carries a tumbler with ice and some sort of creamy-vanilla drink that most certainly has alcohol in it. "Here we are. And Jaiden, if you want anything, feel free to make yourself at home. My apartment's a mess, but the kitchen's alright."
Ygraine lifts a brow at Jaiden, then nods. "I know she was taken", she murmurs, before falling silent lest she be overheard by the lady in question.

When the landlady returns, the Briton gratefully accepts the drink, taking a long swig. "Mmmmm. Thank you. You're a godsend", she says warmly to Lynette. "Have you had a chance to be introduced to your tenants as yet?"

Jaiden straightens as Lynnette emerges from her apartment, slouching against the nearest wall comfortably. "Of course, Lynn. Just getting back from a long trip does give you a little leeway regarding cleanliness. I will not hold it against you at all. After all, I'm a bachelor who lives in a basement. I'm used to a little clutter."

"Not your mother's basement, we hope," Lynette quips in his direction, a crooked smile on her lips. And it does seem, all in all, that she's adjusting to life back on the outside a little too well, a little too fast. But maybe she was just lucky. Turning back to Ygraine, she shakes her head, "Not yet. With the exception of Toby, I haven't run into anyone who actually lives here yet. But I plan on making the rounds."

"Oh, no", Ygraine says dryly. "It's even better. He lives under a garage."

Firing a wink at Jaiden, she then looks back to Lynette. "I've only met a few, myself. And I think that only… two of those are still here. But I could see if I could roust out one of those, at least, if you wanted."

*blink* Jaiden chuckles. "You know, it took this very moment to realize how bad that sounds. Thank you very much for pointing that out." He straightens a bit before speaking again. "You see, I own a garage. An old warehouse, in fact. And downstairs, in a cellar, is where I live. (This is BETTER?) It's got central heating and air, carpets, furniture….a full kitchen, even, and is most certainly not papered with comic books and japanese DVD's."

Lynette lifts an eyebrow at Ygraine's addition to Jaiden's lifestyle, and as he explains it… ah… better, that amusement just heightens. Ah ha. "So you're a mechanic?" She nods to Ygraine's offer, though, "I'd love to meet those that are still around. Whenever people have a moment."

Ygraine cracks another grin, cradling the bottle of water in her hands. "It's actually quite impressive", she assures Lynette. "And… I'll just send a text to someone. See if she's mobile again after I gave her a training session this morning…."

Delving into her jacket, she fishes out a slim little phone, quickly sending a simple message. 'Hi! You able to move? Come downstairs and meet the landlady if you are.'

"I am a mechanic. A darn good one, actually. If you have something broken, I can probably make it work." Jaiden tilts his head. "Who's coming down to visit if they can move?"

"I'll have to come see it sometime," Lynette says, her gaze falling over to Jaiden, "Although, sorry to say I don't own a car. Or a motorcycle." She gives Ygraine a nod as she sends off her text, and echoes Jaiden's question, "Yes, which of my residents are you torturing?"

Ygraine giggles, focusing upon her phone for a few more moments, to confirm that the message went off okay, before looking up. "Oh, Robyn Quinn. I think that she's already met our Australian troglodyte, here. She asked me to teach her some martial arts, and we started this morning…."

Troglodytes aren't normally as tall or as tanned as Jaiden, but sure, we'll go wtih that. "Oh yeah, she was part of the group who asked me to join the Sailing Club. Lovely woman."

"If we're all sailors now, I really feel like there should be more cursing." Lynette looks between then, though, and smiles lightly, "Well, I would love to meet her, bruises and all."

"I tried not to mangle her too badly", Ygraine says with a somewhat sheepish laugh. "But she's not exactly accustomed to exercise, and it's hard to judge quite how far to push someone. I'm, ahh, used to exercising for at least a couple of hours every day, so… judging things for someone with a more normal lifestyle's a bit difficult."

"Oh dear." Jaiden laughs. "Remember when you're teaching her that you lose students if you end up killing them, and they don't tend to come back from that very easily. If you need any help with that, I've done a little training in my time."

"You've done training with bringing students back from the dead?" Lynette asks teasingly. "Handy skill, that. Does it just work on students or is it a blanket resurrection?"

The loud clopping of feet down stairs and across the floor above makes for an excellent portent to Robyn Quinn's approach -though it is mixed with a chorus of "ow ow ow ow ow ow", and a "Ygraine?". Moments later she comes into view at the top of the lobby stairs, her head tilted as she spots the group below, a red acoustic guitar held by the neck in one hand, an iPhone in the other.

"Hey!" she remarks with a wave, her pace down the last flight of steps much slower than previous, a smile given to Ygraine - and a look of surprise to Jaiden. "Oh, heya Jaiden. Didn't exect t' see you here. But when her eyes settle on the unfamiliar woman, she tilts her head, and eyebrow cocked. "An' you must be the landylady! An' here I thought Toby was in charge."

Ygraine sticks her tongue out at Jaiden, but looks far from offended, and laughs at Lynette - but when Quinn starts down the last flight, the Briton moves forward to meet her, reaching out to offer a supporting arm to the woman. "Good to see that I've not entirely broken you", she murmurs warmly.

Jaiden glances at his watch and frowns. "Bloody hell. As much as I hate to show up and then vanish, I need to. I have a guy bringing a car around for me to hammer on, and I need to meet them." He smiles to Lynette. "You can come by and see the Underground whenever you have a chance. Same goes for you too, Quinn and Ygraine. I like having visitors."

"Thanks for the invitation, I'll be sure to take you up on that," Lynette says with a raise of her glass toward the disappearing Jaiden. But her attention turns to the newcomer, and she smirks just a little. "Toby's the first mate. I'm the captain. You must be Quinn." Her gaze does fall to the guitar in hand and her brow lift curiously. "Planning a serenade, darling?"

"I read the maps!" Jaiden hollers as he departs,giving the three ladies a wave. A moment or two later the sound of his mustang can be heard turning over, followed by a horn as he pulls out into traffic.

LAdies and Gentlemen, Jaiden has left the building.

"What?" Quinn says for a moment, blinking as she stares ahead. "Oh!" she exclaims, laughing as she lifts up the guitar. "Not at the moment. I was in the middle a' workin' on somethin' when Ygraine texted me, so I just kinda… ran down." Hands fall to her side, searching for a pocket for her phone, but no such luck with the skirt she wears, instead offering the device over to Ygraine.

"Yep! Robyn Quinn, pleasure t' meet you," she continues with a wide smile, a hand extended out to Lynette. "Um… Lynette, right? I've heard a lot about you since I moved in. All good, I promise. It's nice t' finally meet you." Quinn's Irish accent is obvious, if just the slightest bit diluted .

Ygraine accepts the phone with a grin, tucking it into one of her jacket's pockets. "Jaiden described Lynette as the princess rescued from the evil overlord's castle, in the recent… unpleasantness", she says quietly, smiling at the women in question. "We're all glad to have you and the others safely back out."

"That's right, Lynette," she says as she gives Quinn's hand a shake. "Glad to have you here. I hope the place hasn't been too much trouble. I hear there were some incidents." She looks at Ygraine and seems to be trying to keep that smile in place. "And I'm glad to be back out. I'm sure we all feel that way."

"Ooooh…" Quinn says after a moment of silence, taking a few seconds to understand what Ygraine means. Shaking Lynette's hand, she gives the other woman a warm smile. "I'm sure everyone will be glad t' have you back. I've heard a lot of 'when Lynette gets back's. It's been nice! I've really liked livin' here. You've missed quite a bit a' fun that we'll have t' make up for sometime. Maybe I can set up a 'Welcome Home' party this weekend."

Ygraine cracks a grin at Quinn. "Another barbecue on the roof, perhaps?", she suggests hopefully, before focusing upon Lynette. "Oooh. Have you seen the roof garden yet? Not that it's a top priority, by any means. And I should certainly be offering to help you move in before I haul you all the way up there…"

"I have seen the garden, and it's very beautiful," Lynette notes with an easier smile. "I just bought a ton of food, so it would be the perfect time for a party. As for me moving in, it's mostly just putting things away now. I had the furniture all in place, but barely anything unpacked. Now I have everything out of boxes, but not in place yet."

"I threw one on fourth of July too," Quinn muses with a grin. "Shame you weren't ehre for it, it was right fun. But I think another rooftop barbeque sounds fantastic." She paces a little bit close to Ygraine, nodding at the two. "Do you need any help unpacking things. I'm a bit sire, but I don't mind helpin' if I can."

"And I'll gladly help out, if you'd appreciate an extra pair of hands", Ygraine agrees eagerly, smiling fondly at Quinn before nodding to Lynette. "Or we can get out of her your hair if you prefer, of course."

"No, no, please. I'd adore the help. It's a lot of work for one person." Lynette nods the two toward her apartment, "And the sooner it's all done, the better. Or else I'll be at this all weekend."

Quinn smiles, giving a short nod and stretching before she follows along after Lynette. "Well, that wouldn't do. Sounds like you deserve a weekend t' relax an' be awesome, after being… away for so long." That's the best euphemism Quinn can come up with, but it works.

Resting a hand on Quinn's shoulder as she also starts after the blonde, Ygraine then pauses. "Ooh. That's a notion. I have my bike outside, and I live to serve the Sailing Club in all its forms", she says with a wry smile. "Is there anything you'd like fetched for you, Lynette? Clothes hangers, cleaning supplies, fresh groceries or whatever? I can nip out and grab it now, and help out with the unpacking when I come back…."

Inside the apartment, things are mostly in piles at the center of the various rooms. Just waiting to be set in their proper places. "Food we're good on, but some hangers would be fantastic. And something for all the dust. It's everywhere." A few months without use, is anyone surprised? "Thanks so much, Ygraine, I appreciate the help." To Quinn, she taps a finger against her chin, then points toward the kitchen. And there are a lot of groceries there, too, sitting up on the cabinets.

"Leaving so soon?" Quinn teases with a chuckle to Ygraine, looking back up at the taller woman. "If we're done when you get back, some find me, mmkay?" She tips up, a peck on the other woman's cheek before turning her attention to Lynette, looking to where she sits. "Oh! Want me t' put those up for you?" she asks cheerily as she slips in and over to the kitchen, eyeing the various bags of groceries.
Ygraine delivers Quinn a quick, one-armed squeeze, then nods to Lynette. "Certainly. Shouldn't take me too long. I hope to be back before you're finished, at least!"

Shrugging back into her jacket, she pulls a bit of a face as the still-warm lining comes into contact with her skin, then raises a hand in farewell. "See you both shortly, I hope."

"Don't worry, I'll help. But I think that's as good a place to start as any." Lynette turns to wave to Ygraine, "We'll be around here, no doubt." But then she comes to the kitchen, too. It seems everything that was here before has been tossed, as the cupboards are empty of any food. The fridge is packed as is the freezer, as she was quick to put all that away. But there's even a new set of cups in those bags. It really does have the air of someone just moving in. "I'm not picky about where everything goes, except that the cups stay near the sink. Why don't you tell me about yourself? You're a musician…"

"Alrighty!" Quinn replies happily, giving a nod of affirmation. Immediately, she sets to digging into bags and pulling thigns out, setting them where it sesm they belong, though careful to make sure all the cups end up close to the sink. "Funny, somehow I think this is going t' end up more organised than my cupboards…" she muses with a chuckle. "So, how long have you been ehre at Gun Hill, Lynette? I mean… in general. Aside from when you were… away." She doesn't really want to drudge back up those memories - it sounds like it was rather unpleasant. Dancing around it proves tricky, though.

"Well, for now, anyway. Let me live in it for a while," Lynette says with a chuckle. "I got here… at the beginning of May." There's a little pause before she looks over at Quinn a bit. "You know, that's how everyone says it? Pause… away. Pause… gone."

There's a bit of a frown on Quinn's face, shaking her head as she places the last of the cups up into the cupboard above the sink. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean t' offend you. I still don't honestly know everythin' that happened, an' I was afraid of, like… bringin' up bad memories." She smiles weakly back at Lynette, shrugging. "So, I'm sorry." There's a moment of pause where Quinn fells a little bit uncomfortable before she speaks again. "T' answer your question, yeah, I'm a musician. Startin' a band with Sable an' Magnes."

"Oh no. I'm not offended. I don't offend that easy. To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure what to call it, either." Lynette returns the smile, albeit weakly. "You don't have to say sorry. It's just sort of this giant elephant in the room, isn't it?" She seems to have picked the cans to put away, shoving them almost mindlessly into place. "Oh, are you? What sort of music will you all play?"

Quinn nods in response, tilting her head again, a warm expression on her face. "If you ever want t' talk about it, you're welcome t' come t' me. My ear's always open t' that kinda thing, even if it is rather unpleasant." With that put out there, Quinn sets to digging through another bag, slipping back to the other subject with a laugh. "Well, we don't rightly know yet. There's been a lot of… things preventing us from getting t' really approach it seriously. But I think we're finally going t' get to it soon. An' I have my own stuff I'm working on, so it's not so bad."

"That's very sweet of you, Quinn, thank you. I'll keep it in mind." But isn't taking her up on it at the moment. Lynette seems far more comfortable talking about the band anyway. "Do you all have a name at least? As I understand it from some very cute garage bands in my youth, the name is the big thing."

"I think the way I described it t' another friend was 'we kinda suck at being a band'." Quinn giggles, shrugging at Lynette as she works. "Not that we actually suck, we just haven't had a chance t' really get our act together. So no, no name yet. I figure the name'll come after we have a sound we like. We all come from different… styles, I guess. Magnes seems t' be more of a progressive rock kinda' guy, jsut listening from his ideas. Sable's a real classic rock kinda person. The Beatles means Joan Jett. I'm… well, I grew up playin' violin an' piano, so I'm int' bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Metric. It's an interesting mix."

"So you become a progressive classic band with vocals by Joan Jett and intense piano solos." Lynette looks over and gives her a crooked smile. "You know, I know someone in the music business. Used to be his personal assistant for a time. So if you do ever get your band together… let me know. He's in the hip hop side of things, but knows the right people. If you don't mind the whole gangster thing."

Quinn snorts, laughing mirthfully. "That certainly would be the easiest solution. And probably pretty fun," she muses, nodding at Lynette. "I think we're going t' try and strike a balance. I get t' be the band's jack of all trades - rhythm guitar, piano, violin, keyboards, an' if we don't get a drummer, I get t' be the drum programmer too!" She laughs again, louder this time. "Anyone we can talk to is nice. We have one person who was willing t' help us out - Cat, if you know her - but anyone we can talk t' or get advice from is welcome."

"Try not to get tied down by genre. Break boundaries. Think outside the box. People are so tired of hearing the same band over and over, you know what I mean? The advice I can give you is not to give up. Music's a hard place to bust into. Be pushy. And get yourselves recorded. And then? Find your Leonard Chess. Find someone who knows what they've got and knows how to sell it. Then you worry about the music and let them worry about getting the word out. It helps, too, if you're actually good," Lynette adds with a bit of a crooked smile before she shoves a bunch of empty bags off the countertop and pulls over another.

"We'll be fantastic," Quinn remarks, voice full of confidence. "No need t' worry about that at all." Now she's putting some cans away, not even really looking to see what each one is before she slips it up into the cupboards. "I'll keep that in mind, though. Not bein' confined to any one genre is definitely sound advice. If it all turns out alright, I'm hopin' we'll have a nice blend a' things. " A nod to herself, and a look over to Lynette. "But I've been workin' at this for years. Alone or in a band, I have no plans t' give up. I've been doing music all my life. Givin' up now would be kcikin' dirt int' my own owns." A pause, and smirk. "I have a demo I recorded a few years back that I've started givin' out t' people again, if you want a copy. It's kinda crap, but…"

"Well, I'd love to hear it. And I can pass it along to people who can give you some advice before doing your next one. It's always good to know people in the business." Lynette gives her a nod, though, as she explains, "Good. Devotion to your craft. I've always envied people like you. You have such firm direction."

"I'll burn one for you when we finish up here, then," Quinn says with a nod. "It's honestly not taht good. Just a few poorly written overly emotional songs, a piano, and aguitar. An' a few covers." She shrugs. "I put it t'gether when I was 18, though, it's kinda expected!" She eyes Lynette for a moment, nodding. "Well, I was raised on it. Mum's an artist, so she got me workin' on creativity an' music at a young age. It's a direction I've been in more or less my whole life."

Pausing a moment form putting things up, she leans forward and props her elbows on the counter, looking at Lynette. "So, besides takin' care a' the people here, what is it you do? We've just talked about me, an' I'ms tarting t' feel kinda bad."

"My father's a lawyer. He pretty much wanted me to be anything but that," Lynette says with a smirk. "Me? Well… I do a little of this, a little of that. I've dabbled in photography, fashion, writing, the whole Green movement, it's very big out in California. I landed in import/export sort of by chance. And now I run this place. And still export here and there. If we mean for fun… I like to try a little of everything. Jack of all trades, master of none, as it were."

"Sounds busy," Quinn remarks with a grin, pushing back up from the counter. "Fun, at least somewhat. Though I imagine shufflin' between things gets kinda old…" She shrugs, looking around to make sure there's not any more bags immediately around her to be put up. "Particularly photography. I think if I hadn't taken t' music, my mother would have tried t' get me int' that. It looks pretty fun, snappin' pictures of beautiful an' unusual things." She smiles, walking back out from around the kitchen, and looking for anything else she can handle. "Well, if you decide that you want t' add some music to that list, let me know. I've taken t' giving people lessons lately, an' I'd be more than happy t' do the same."

"Photography is fun, that's true. I just don't have the eye, unfortunately. It's the whole phenomenon where you can look at a painting done by a true artist and be moved, but th same painting done by someone without that spark, it just lacks something. But that's alright, we can't all be artists. Then who would stand around looking confused in galleries, right?" Lynette puts away the last of her bags, too, and chuckles a little. "I'll let you know if I ever get the desire to learn. Could be interesting."

Quinn smiles ruefully at Lynette, giving a short nod. "Alright, what can I get next…" She looks around, hands on hips. "Well, I suppose that's true." She feels silent again, searching for something to talk about amongst the things floating around in her head. "Oh! If we're going t; throw a party, anythin' in particular you want? I'm a DJ too, so I can get just about any music you want." She smirks at that, chuckling. "I actually work at a club, Tartarus. A goth club isn't everyone's scene, but feel free t' come by some time."

"I suppose we tackle the living room next." Out there, it's mostly lamps and books for the bookcase, movies and such things sitting out in the middle of the room. "Hmm. I'm partial to Jazz myself. Swing. Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, that sort of thing." At the mention of the club, Lynette looks down at her khaki pants and springy blue top, "I'm not sure I'd fit in, hun."

"Oooh!" Quinn lets out in response to Lynette's music choices. "Jazz! I think I can manage that, definitely," she enthuses with several quick nods. "Yeah, that's going t' be awesome." And then she laughs, shaking her head. "One a' Magnes' friends has come in twice now, not lookin' anything like someone who'd come in normally. You're welcome to, though. Or I could take you corset shoppin' like I have for a buncha other people lately." Quinn grins - she's clearly joking.

"I suppose if I won't get turned away at the door for looking different, I could stop by. I'm afraid I haven't hit the club scene in quite some time. But I'm sure Toby would come along with me to look just as out of place." At the mention of corsets, Lynette chuckles lightly and shakes her head. "I would! Except I never figured out how you're supposed to breathe in one of those."

Quinn's face contorts, and she breaks out into mirthful laughter. "Oh lord, Toby at Tartarus. He could dress that poor little corgi of his up in appropriate clothes!" This is just the most amusing idea Quinn's had in a while. "Corsets are kinda fascinatin'. I'd never worn one until I started workin' at Tartarus. I'm… not a part a' that crowd, by any means, but a job's a job. Ygraine took me corset shopping and it worked out better than I thought. Much easier t' breath than I was expecting." A shrug, and she begins lifting books up into her arms. "You'll have t' tell Toby about that, later. I don't get t' see him often, but I'm sure he'llg et a kick outta it."

"Don't think he wouldn't! Rugby just loves those little outfits." Lynette grabs the DVDs, starting to put them in place as well. "They are fascinating. And they're so beautiful. but personally? I'm glad we live in a time period when they're no longer a social must. So much better to be able to wear them when you're in the mood."

"Oh, yeah, I can't imagine wearin' 'em all the time. I only wear them t' work and on a few nights out. I'll probably wear one the next time I go on a date." Quinn grins, slipping books up on to the book shelf. "They certainly are good for a bit of an ego boost," she comments as she looks back, winking at Lynette. "That dog of Toby's is just adorable. When I met him, he put sunglasses on her. It was adorable. I imagine Rugby'd look all sorts of cute in a little goth themed outfit."

"Well, you're right about that, they do seem to get the heads turning," Lynette says with a chuckle. "Also good for a keeping a first date from going too fast, unless your date is practiced at getting them on and off." There is a smile for the mention of Rugby though, "So adorable. Those two have been thick as thieves as long as I've known them. When we were dating, he threw this toga party on his yacht off Santa Monica, and that dog, I swear, had the best outfit out of everybody there."

Something about what Lynette says warrants a look of surprise from Quinn, but it quickly turns up into a smile, then to a giggle, and finally into full on laughter. "Oh, why am I not surprised by that!" She scratches the back of neck as her laughter dies down, shaking her head. "I didn't know you knew Toby that well. Good t' know that the building's in the hands of people who get along well t'gether though. Always helps things go smoother." Quinn nods, smirking as she gets another arm ful of books.

"Oh yeah. Toby and I have known each other… since before the bomb. I adore him. When they told me he was here looking after the place, well. It was good to hear." Lynette comes over to help with the books, having finished the movies, of which there seem to be a lot less. "So not to worry. There won't be any landlord drama from the two of us."

"I'd only been in town a eyar back then," Quinn replies, a wistful tone to her voice as she speaks. "It must be nice t' have someone from back then you can rely on so well. I'm glad it's good friends runnin' the building. At least it means for sure that we complain t' one of you, the other will know." She snickers, slipping the last of the books she carries up and on to the shelf. "Nice collection a' books you have here, by the by. Worked in a bookstore until… well, t'day."

"That's true enough. And for the record, he's more of a pushover than me, so if you want something crazy…" Lynette smirks a little, she's teasing! "Although, perhaps you know if there's any handymen around. Carpenters something like that. I have a project I need to hire someone for. Someone discreet." She looks over at the shelves of books, nodding, "Oh yes. That I did inherit from my father the lawyer. Always reading something."

"Handymen?" Quinn frowns, looking thoughtful for a moment. "I don't think so. The only person in teh building I've met that I don't know well is Kaylee, an' she doesn't see the type. An' Jason's back at the Lighthouse now," she muses, tapping her foot as she stares at the books in front of her. "Maybe ask Colette? She put t'gether that garden on the roof, and I think she fixed up that bike she uses. So she might be able t' help!"

"Well, I'll ask Colette. Thank you." Lynette is quiet for a few long moments before she looks over at Quinn again. "I don't suppose… anyone figured out those visions, did they? Whenever… it was they happened."

Quinn frowns a bit at that question, scratching the back of her neck. "The ones back from June? I… don't think anyone really knows what they were. Or why they happened. If you listen t' the internet, they're visions of the future. November 8th, I think I read the date was?" Quinn grimaces, looking around for a moment. "I've read up a bit on 'em out of curiosity, but that's really about it. I just know mine was one a' the more pleasant ones I've heard, an' it still totally sucked. I'd like t' think the internet's full a' crap, but…" she kinda trails off, sighing.

"Was it June?" Lynette blinks at that, as if trying to fit it into her personal, very screwed up timeline over the past few months. Huuuh. "Yeah, mine was… not great. I was here. The kids were here. It was just… strange. I was hoping someone was figuring it out."

"June… 10th, I think? I was here when it happened, actually. Out on the fire escpe, ended up faceplanting right into the metal…" She reaches up and rubs the spot where she'd been left with a rather bad cut afterwards, as if on reflex. "Mine was… I had my violin, an' was running through some burning building that I'm… fairly sure wasn't here. Fell an' broke my arm, an' some woman helped me get out before the whole place fell down on me." She closes her eyes, exhaling sharply. "I used t' not buy the whole idea of them being, you know… visions. But then I met the woman from my vision." She falls silent for a few moments, shaking her head. "I'm sure people are workin' on it. Like I said, you can read a lto about it on the internet. Just be prepared for people bein' idiots."

"That must have been rather jarring, meeting her," Lynette says with a gentle smile. "I was already in my cot, thankfully, when they hit. I'll have a look around. Perhaps ask around a bit. Burning building, huh? If these really were… the future… I think I have a lot of work to do around here."

"It was pretty weird, yeah," Quinn confirms, quirking her lips. "Not unpleasant. Just… very awkward, for the both of us. She didn't see m in hers, which made it that much weirder." She tilts her head, looking at Lynette with a cocked eyebrow. "What kinda work, ifyou don't mind me askin'? Maybe I can help. Or get someone t' help."

"Security work. These… people, they break in. I'm thinking of ways out that we would know, but wouldn't be obvious from the outside. I'm not sure we'd be able to keep them out, but getting the people here out before they get in… that's the goal." Lynette frowns gently, concern for her building, for the people here, for whatever she saw, it's pretty clear on the woman's face.

"I… get why you want a handyman now," Quinn replies with a grimace, tapping her foot. "Want me t' do any askin' around? I imagine we can find someone who can help with that if we look hard enough. Or we can get Doyle back over here for a bit. I'll even go watch the kids if I need t'…" She's mostly just thinking outloud now, hands crossed over her chest as she thinks. "I suppose that's one a' those times where knowin' things ahead a' time is really gonna make a difference, though."

"Hopefully it'll make a difference. I've never been a fan of knowing the future. You never know if what you're doing is just playing into self-fulfilling prophecy. But in this case… I can only imagine not taking such measures would end worse, if things go that way." Lynette stands back from the bookcase, letting out a sigh as she folds her arms. "Let's ask around. I mean to go see Eric to tell him thanks, I'll ask him about it then. Surely we have contacts to someone who would be of service."

"I never really bought int' anything like that. KNowin' the future and everything. Not until this." Quinn's eyes close, her head hanging a bit. "I'll ask around the enxt chance I get. I'm sure at the very least, pretty much anyone in the buildig'd be willin' to help. I'm pretty sure, at least, that Colette, Tasha, Sable, an' myself would be. Dunno about Kaylee, an' I haven't heard from or seen Odessa since I met her the other day. We'll see though."

"You sort of learn to expect anything after a while," Lynette says dryly. "But it's good to know I'll have willing hands. If we tap out here for someone to design me something, I'll see what I can dig up with my contacts out west. I would just rather someone I know is… trustworthy."

Quinn looks around again, giving a slow nod of her head. "Yeah… I can understand why you'd rather have that. Don't blame you at all." She gives a bit of a chuckle, sighing. "And yeah. I'm learnin' that lesson rather quickly. Here's hopin' things pick up though, right?" She grins, moving to find something else to unpack. "Things can't let it be so gloomy all the time. No one should live that way. AN' I'll make sure people cheer up personally if I have t'."

Those words from the girl get a look from Lynette that seems world weary and far more cynical. "Here's hoping," is what she ends up saying, though. The box that Quinn goes for next has Lynette stepping over to put her hand on the lid. "Ah. Not this one. This is… for the office…" Scooping it up, she points Quinn over toward the dinning room. "There's a chest in there for the china. Should be in the boxes next to the table." As for her, she moves to unlock the office door, sliding that box within before she locks the door again. Ahem.

Quinn looks a little confused when she's abruptly shooed away from the box she goes for, quirking an eye at Lynette. She doesn't question, however, that's not her place. "Um, alright," she says simply as she makes her way over to where directed, grabbing the chest pulling it up. "Just int' the kitchen, then?" she asks with a curious smile as she pads back into the common room, chest in hand. "Or do you keep your china somewhere special?"

She even double checks to make sure the door is locked. And then she makes her way over to the dining room. "Ah, this set goes in here," Lynette notes as she comes over to what looks like a very old, but well taken care of chest. If one were to open the drawers at the top, they'd see some fancy silverware. And actual silver, too. But what Lynette opens is a door with several shelves within. Some have wine glasses and the like, but the rest are empty. "For dinners," she says, with a tone that says she doesn't mean just a normal dinner.

"Date dishes, then?" Quinn teases, flashing a sly smile back to Lynette as she takes the china to it's designated spot. "Anythin' else of, uh, weight t' carry, t' get it out a' the way an' all?" She stretches her arms, taking a deep breath. "It all looks rather nice, I have t' say. The nicest things AI have are some Waterford glasses up in my flat. But that's cheatin', my dad works for Waterford Crystal."

"Dates and for friends. If I had family out here, it would be used for them, too. I like to use them as often as possible, so I make a lot of excuses. But always when something good is being served. I feel bad putting pizza on them, you know?" Lynette smiles at the compliment to the apartment, straightening up to look it over. "Thanks. I did a little interior decorating for a little while. And hey, it's not cheating. Connections are everything." She is from Los Angeles, after all.

Quinn laughs, nodding. "I only use my plates for nice food an' desserts. But that's because I can get right lazy an' even loading the dishwasher is too boring. Paper plates are the order a' the day on those days!" She snickers, shrugging. "If you say so. If you ever need new glasses, though, let me know. I got Elaine a set, before she an' Magnes moved out, my dad can send me the ones that have minor, invisible-to-the-naked-eye imperfections to me for cheap."

Standing in her dinning room with Quinn, her front door open and a stack of folded boxes outside her door, Lynette has made it clear that she has picked today for unpacking! And a glance within tells of the girls having made excellent progress thus far. "That's very kind! I'll let you know. I do tend to go through them. Clumsy." And a flaring temper now and then. Of course, the dents in the walls are now strategically covered with furniture.

"God, I know what you mean!" Quinn laughs loudly, a hand covering her mouth. "I'm clumsy as all hell, an' I can't cook for the life a' me. Results in a lot a' broken china an' glasses. Which is why I'm so glad I can get this shit for cheap from dad." Quinn grins, crossing her arms. "it's no big deal, though."

"Daaaaarling!" comes that oh-so-familiar, oh-so-effusive call from her doorway, as Toby knocks on her open door. "Lynette, I was making up some hors d'oeuvres, and I thought I'd bring some over — Oh, Quinn!" The sandy-haired man beams, plate covered in, frankly, delectable-looking appetizers in hand, as he strides inside. "You can't cook? Goodness, come over to my place, I cook too much!" It seems today's attire is a red-and-white hawaiian shirt and a pair of black dockers, nice italian leather shoes on his feet. "I hope you don't mind me dropping in?" And of course what would be Toby without the scampering click-click-click of corgy nails behind him as Rugby catches up from whatever exciting thing he'd found to sniff at in the hall. And that corgy makes a beeline to Lynette to sniff her over. And wriggle, with excitement.

"You know, I'm okay with the cooking, but I drop things in there all the time. I used to have this wrought iron skillet, but I kept cracking the tiles in my kitchen. Such a shame." When Toby comes in, Lynette visibly brightens, if just a bit, and she comes over to greet the man with a kiss to his cheek. "You made food. I think I love you even more now," she says, with a air of a long practiced ritual about her. And when Rugby comes along, she crouches down to give the dog some loving scritches. "Hello to you, too, hunny!"

"Hey!" Quinn practically shouts, giving an enthusiastic wave as Toby makes his presence known. "We were jsut atlkin' about you a bit ago. Fancy dressin' Rugby up goth style?" she teases, laughing mirthfully. "An' don't make offers like that. I can't cook for the life a' me, so a nice cooked meal is wonderful. Maybe I'll get you t' ghost cook for me the next time Ygraine comes over for the evenin'." She's beaming, happy to see the co-superintendant (and the food he brings0, but as Rubgy comes plodding inn she lightens up even more, falling down to her knees and summoning the corgi over.

Lynette gets a kiss to her cheek too, and a bright smile. "Lots of food. And more where that came from. I was just bitten by the cooking bug, you know, and well. You know how I get swept away." He sets the platter down on the table, and it has all manner of treats on it, from deviled eggs to some sort of bacon thing to some guacamole and chips to apricot-and-brie tartlets… It goes on. He certainly did get bit by the cooking bug. To Quinn, he turns that same enthusiastic smile to her. "I don't offer what I don't mean," he laughs. "Sure, next time you have Ygraine over, just let me know. I'll cook you girls a nice big meal, and you can say you did it all. Also, it gets lonely in the apartment with no one to cook for! So anytime you're hungry just bring your waifish self down and there will be such a meal in it for you." Mm-hmm, you bet.

Rubgy, meanwhile, laps all over Lynette's face in eager greeting, before Quinn's approaching his height gets his attention and he waddle-runs over to her to do the same. Wiggle wiggle wiggle! Attention! It's exciting! He even barks!

"Watch out, he'll fatten you right up. Last time we lived near each other, I gained ten pounds." Of course now Lynette looks like she could stand to gain ten pounds. She gives Rugby a fond pat on the back as he waddles off to Quinn and she stands back up, wiping off her face with her sleeve. "We were talking about you, hunny. How would you like to go sometime and stand out from the crowd with me at Quinn's work? It's a goth club. Tartarus? You know I don't do the goth scene, but we could go in bright pink or something."

Quinn giggles as the corgi runs over to her, greeting the dog with open arms. "That'd be just wonderful, Toby. I wouldn't take credit for it, though. Jst get you t' cook." She smiles wide, hands running through Rugby's short fur. "Christ. Bacon thing? Man, you aren't kiddin' Lynette. He knows my one true food weakness. You'd think I was a boy with how much I like bacon." Pulling the corgi to her, she begins to play and tease the pet, plopping down on her butt. "I'll have t' stop by sometime, even jsut t' hang out. Or you're welcome up t' my place. I'll play some music, an' we'll have a fun time." A beat, and she laughs. "You guys don't actually have t' come by. I was just thinkin' of fun things for Lynette t' do now that she's back."

"Oh— yes, excellent! I always stick out like a sore thumb in goth clubs. It would be fabulous to do that with you, Miss Lynette, come cheer for our rockstar." Is that a pose? Yes Toby has a pose. A rockstar pose. "As for dressing Rugby up, I think it would be daaar-ling! What do you think, Rugs?" The dog, busy squirming happily at Quinn, pauses at his name and looks back to Toby, puzzled. Then he drops one ear and groans a little, like, what are you doing to me, man? "Perhaps I should start cooking for the building," he says thoughtfully. "I haven't hosted a party in so long, Lynette, you have no idea." Tragedy. Lynette would know that's one of his tippiest-top favorite past-times. "And you're both always welcome to drop by any time. Lynette, I think I'm going to start bringing you meals at night. You need to eat, darling."

"Actually, we were talking about having a party. Frank Sinatra-y party. Although with more food than just the olives for the martinis." Lynette looks over at Quinn, a smile coming to her. "Are you kidding? I know I'd love to come over. And I know Toby would, too." And then, to Toby again. "She's a musician. I'm going to send her tape to Donnie, see what he and Ginger think." Donnie, of course, being Donnie Costa, hip hop/fashion/nightclub mogul on the west coast. And gangster. And Ginger Saunders, his agent and right-hand woman.

"Yep! Another party up on the roof, t' celebrate Lynette comin' back home t' Gun Hill," Quinn elaborates with a smile and a nod. "I'm thinkin' maybe a jazz theme since that's the music she said she'd like. High class food an' drink, instead a' pizza an' chic-fil-a like on the 4th." Quinn's tone clearly shows her growing excitement at this idea, nodding occasionally as she speaks. The names of Donnie and Ginger go over her head, simply assuming them to be friends of Toby and Lynette's. "I'll be sure t' give you the band demos, when we get them done. Maybe a few more of my own, I'm plannin' on going int' the studio soon t' put some down."

They just said the magic words. "A Frank Sinatra party? Oh please tell me we'll have the whole Rat Pack! Dino has my heart, you know!" Toby leans against that table and just looks so enthused. "Can I cook for the whole thing? I'd love to make up some party food! It's been sooo long. It's been since I lived on the Upper West Side, actually! Which was, like, a year ago." But he lights up even further at the names Lynette mentions. "Oh, gosh, how is Donnie nowadays? I bet he could get her a wonderful in, somewhere. Doesn't he own his own label, or am I mistaken? So many names, you know. And Quinn, my dear, I'd be happy to see your demos. Do you take donations? I'd love to donate." Because he's got cash to throw around, and this is pretty much how he uses it.

"We just made his year, by the way, Quinn," Lynette says with a crooked smile. So indulgent. "He's doing pretty well. I had to call him the other day, he wanted to send some people out, but I told him it wasn't necessary. He worries. Whatever his image, he's a sweetheart, really. And he does have the label, but it's all rap and that whole scene. But I know they know some people, maybe could find Quinn and her band an agent to work with out here who won't screw them over, sort of thing."

"Well," Quinn notes, tilting her head. "Critique and tips are welcome, but I know there's been talk of putting up our own label, if it's feasible. Cat was willin' t' help with it. It's a nice thought, t' start out like a true indie band. But…" she looks thoughtful, nodding. "We'll see. I like the diea of a big wig getitn' ahold a' my work." With that, she turns to look at Toby. "Sounds like a deal! You cook for the party, I'll get you a copy a' my demo. It kinda sucks, I'm in the middle of puttin' together somethin' more recent. No donations, though. You kidding? I ever make a real album, the whole building gets free copies."

"Well, I certainly can understand that," Toby says with a nod to Quinn. "At least I'm sure Donnie and Ginger can find you places to perform and perhaps dish out your work to the people who need to hear it. But! Of course it's up to you." He offers a thumbs up at the deal, as a bright grin crosses his face, and the effervescent man seems plenty cheery. "Well. Let me know if you ever perform somewhere, hmm? I'll be sure to show up." And donate. Muahaha. Rugby, meanwhile, toddles back over to Lynette and yawns, flomping over against her legs.

"Of course. Either way you want to go, hun. Just know that you have some connections to tap into if you'd like." Lynette gives Toby a look that probably means she's going to send things Donnie's way anyway, if just for his opinion. But, Rugby comes and flops against her, and who can resist that cute thing down there. She moves to sit, patting her lap for the dog to climb up into.

"That dog is too feckin' cute," Quinn muses, reaching over to pet Rugby as he climbs up into Lynette's lap. "It's nice t' know that some serious connections are there, if I need 'em. Makes me happy t' have so many people willin' t' help me get along with this. So, thanks a lot, you two." There's a warm, grateful smile on her face as she nods between the two. With Lynette coming down to the floor, though, Quinn is now rising to ehr feet, making her way over to the food that Toby had brought with him, grabbing one of teh self described "bacon things". Munching on it, she smiles wide. "Toby, I think we might need t' start having a biweekly flat-wide dinner. This is fantastic."

Rugby does indeed scrabble into Lynette's lap to be coddled, tongue lolling at the additional scritches from Quinn. "Hey," Toby grins, "that's what friends are for!" Not to mention overly exuberant supers. He leans over as Quinn starts rummaging, and snags a few things on a plate to pass down to Lynette with a stern look. One that says 'you better eat something! Or I will give you such a pinch!' But Quinn's praise catches his attention, and he fairly beams. "Why thank you. I'm glad you like it. I've spent years perfecting this stuff. Gotta throw the best parties, you know, and food? Food is the key. As for flat-wide dinner, I'd be all up for it. Maybe we could make it a pot luck!"

Lynette takes that plate from Toby with an indulgent smile and she does eat them! Because she knows he means it about that pinch. And she can't make a getaway with Rugby in her lap. "I actually really like that idea. Some sort of regular gathering for the tenants to mingle and get to know one another." She's not exactly as exuberant as Toby, but she is just as socially minded, it seems.

Quinn beams at the warm reception to her little idea, nodding. "Pot luck! That's where we all bring somethin' t' dinner, right? I think I could get behind that. I'm sure I can fine somethin' small an' simple I can make. I've made stir fry before!" She says that as if either of the other two is supposed be impressed, Quinn smiling wide. "I didn't even think a' it like that, though, Lynette. That'd be nice, I still don't know everyone in the buildin', I think. Which is a shame, 'cause so far everyone here seems so much more tolerant a' me an' my music than the jackasses that lived around my old Brooklyn studio flat."

"Yeah, you know, I still haven't met all of our residents. And that's a crime." Toby pauses there, and then grins at Quinn. "By the way, you've been recruited to the Ferry, am I correct? Joined the ranks of us crazy folk?" Rugby looks up at Lynette, meanwhile, with what can only be described as a stern expression. He is, after all, on post thanks to Toby to make sure she eats her damn food. Luckily, she is compliant. Which means that stern look softens to a bit of a beg, complete with whine. Those bacon things smell tasty…!

"You know, I haven't met them all, either." Lynette seems to think that settles things, and she looks up at Toby, "Alright, darling. We'll have a party with Jazz, and then you'll plan a building-wide gathering. Potluck. Have a sign up sheet for food, since we don't want seventeen main dishes and no napkins or something like that." Yes. Also, she ever so sneakily passes Rugby a piece with bacon. >.> Because that dog's cute. <.<

Quinn looks both surprised and relieved when Toby openly mentions the Ferry, something reflected ni the relieved sigh she gives. "Yeah, I'm involved with you crazy sailing types," she says with a crooked grin, glancing down at Lynette. "I hadn't mentioned it because - well, I know you guys are running the place, but I guess I awnted t' make sure?" She catches Lynette giving teh dog the treat, but doesn't rat her out - he is more than cute enough to deserve. And so is she, she thinks as she grabs another one (no ego, she says. Haha.). "I was actually out on Staten the other night t' help with something, but it… kinda went bad. That's how I got this," she remarks ad she lifts hair up and off her cheek, revealing a rather long, horizontal cut. "Not the worst, from what I heard, but… not what I'm used t'."

"Absolutely. Understandable. I've coyoted for the Ferry for many years. If you ever have questions, I'd be — any of us would be — happy to answer them. At any rate: potluck, jazz party, and Lynette, I think Rugby's been a little lonely with just me lately, and he really misses you. Mind if he stays with you a little bit? I'll still walk him, if you prefer not." Yes, slyly leave your little doggy minion to look after her. Muahahaha. Toby then turns to regard Quinn's cut, and sucks in breath. "Yeah, you get a few bumps and scrapes, doing something like this. This is my trophy." Lifting his shirt, he sports a twisted, deep scar in his side. "But that's a story for another night, I daresay. I ought to be getting back to cleaning my apartment. Made such a mess in the kitchen, and you know how some of this stuff sticks." He offers a bright smile to them both.
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"Oh, goodness, this whole time, you didn't know? Jaiden mentioned earlier that you asked him to join up." Lynette looks up sharply as Staten Island is mentioned and of all the things they've talked about, that name seems to upset her. Although she's clearly trying to downplay it. And before she can do anything to trip herself up, there's Toby offering her a fuzzy little companion. "Aww, Rugby. I've missed you, too," she says, ruffling his fur some. "Of course he's welcome to stay. And I can walk him, if you're not missing him too badly by then. Just bring over his food and all that. I haven't picked up any yet. Sorry, Rug!" She looks up at Toby, giving him a gentle, but worn smile. "Kiss before you leave, darling." Of course, she's not getting up off the floor, so he'll have to come down. For Quinn, she looks up, more together just now. "Things can get dicey, hun. Just make sure you take care of yourself when you help out.

Quinn doesn't necessarily recoil when Toby shows off his scar, but she does give rather strong wince in response. "Wow, that looks rather bad." Expressions look between Lynette and Toby, and Quinn gives a bit of an awkward smile. "Yeah, I'm learnin' that now. I had some other people warn me about how it can get. But… that's different from actually being around when a firefight breaks out." She reaches up, scratching the back of her neck. She only sort of catches Lynette's sharp expression, quickly dodging back away from the topic. "I really should looking int' getting a pup. There's a bunch a' them in the building now, an' I've always wanted a pet. An' Rugby here is jsut absolutely adorable!" She bends over, patting the corgi once more. "Sounds like this has been a productive afternoon. Parties and dinners! I'm lookin' forward t' being social again."'

Toby misses the expression, personally, but Rugby catches the shift in mood, which in turn alerts the man. But he doesn't point attention to it either. "Absolutely. I'll bring his food over, and his toys and bed and dishes, and all his stuff." Of which he has plenty. Because, well, he has Toby for an owner. It's a wonder his collar isn't sparkling. Then again, his collar matches Toby's shirt so maybe he has many. "Oh, gosh, I know the best breeders. And I'm something of a dog guy myself. Actually…well, I'm a canine telepath, to tell the truth. So if you're looking for a dog with a good temperment, I'm sure I could help you locate one." Because he loves to be helpful! "In any case, parties, and dinners! My fave. I'll look into what I can do to help, shall I?"

"Something of a dog guy, he says," Lynette remarks with a crooked smile. Shaking her head, she looks over to Quinn and gives her a nod. "It's a hard thing to accept before you actually see it. This organization… is more peaceful than others, but doesn't come without its dangers. I hope someone explained all that to you. We are harboring lawbreakers and fugitives. And then sneaking them out of the country." My, isn't she a downer. "But don't get me wrong, it's incredibly rewarding work. We're fighting the good fight, in our own way."

"By a few people, t' be sure," Quinn reassures Lynette, giving a half smile. "Ygraine, Cat, Sable, Colette, an' Tasha have all made sure I know what I'm gettin' int'. So, I'm fairly well informed. It's just… yeah. Experiancin' it and hearin' about it are so different. But I'm still in, regardless. I'm here t' help people, after all. Well, now I am. I was… kinda moved in without knowing this was a safehouse or anythin'," she adds with a sheepish laugh and a shrug. "An' Toby! That explains why Rugby is so obedient, you cheater!" Her hands come to her hips, a teasing tone in her voice. "But I'd love some help with that." A pause, and she smirks. "I'm only any good if the power comes out. I make light."

"You make light? That's pretty neat. Can you do, like, light shows?" Toby grins. "Also, Rugby was obedient all his own before I manifested. I just cheat a little." He winks, then waggles his fingers. "Come get me if you ever need any help. With anything. Dogs, parties, food, abilities, Ferry, money…Fashion… Anything. Lynette, double for you, darling." He leans down and presses a kiss to her cheek, friendly ritual as always. "With that, I leave you to your nibbles. I'll be by later with Rugby's things, yes? Ta!" And off he goes. Practically twirling. Because he's just that Toby.
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"Good. People are on the ball then. Hopefully this building always attracts people with a certain willingness. Or at least willing blindness." Lynette tips her head up for that kiss, returning it easily. "I'll see you later. And don't you worry about Rugby. We're going to have a wonderful time. And I'm going to spoil him rotten, so be prepared." She watches the man go with a gentle chuckle before she looks back to Quinn. "Light, huh? What can you do so far?" She keeps the dog there, petting him gently. And he seems calm even in the absence of his person. Although being telepathically linked to him is probably responsible for that. "I'm eletrokinetic myself."

"Can I? They're a big part a' my DJin' gigs!" Quinn says that with a certain amount of pride and confidence, grinning. As Toby turns to leave, she waves. "I'll come see you sometime soon, Toby! Thanks a bunch for the food, an' stop by any time!" Looking back down to Lynette, she smirks. "Well, not terribly much. Not compared to Colette." She holds out her hand, palm up, and after a moment it starts to glow, radiating white light out from around her hand - which, after another moment, turns green, bathing the room in the colour. "Colette can't make light, but she can do so much more than me. I can make light, change colours, an' make some simple shapes an' the like in the air. And Colette taught me how t' pull light away for things. But that's about it. Both her an' Ygraine are pushin' me to do more, though."

Rugby is indeed calm, but as light appears in Quinn's palm, he pops up in curiosity. And when it turns green? He starts barking. What is it! What is it! It's changing! Things are weird! He hops off Lynette's lap to jump onto his back legs and hop a little, trying to sniff out the source. But of course, he's not so graceful that he can stay on his hindlegs. He has to thump back down to all fours.

"It's good to explore the limits of your ability. Then you won't be taken by surprise. But I get the feeling it's a lifelong process. You never know when some breakthrough will happen. It's the old adage, never stop learning." Lynette stands up as Rugby starts to hop around, a warm smile for the dog. "It's just Quinn, silly puppy," she says down to him before she sneaks him another treat. She wasn't kidding about spoiling this dog. "Sounds like you and Colette would be able to push each other a little. That's always good. I know Ygraine's already pushing you," she says with a smirk.

"Guh, you have no idea. She spent the morning showin' me some basic defence, in case I ever get caught by surprise like the- other day." She grimaces slight, but doesn't let it sit. And she couldn't even if she wanted to, now with Rugby being absolutely adorable. "It's fine, boy!" she reassures teasingly, motioning her hand over to him. "I don't have t' just make light from my hands." She points at Rugby's nose, and now it's glowing, like he's Rugby The Red Nosed Corgi, the forgotten Christmas Hero. She giggles, shaking her head. "It's good I ended up here. I'm learnin' a lot, from a lotta people. It's kinda perfect, really."

Oh snaps. Rugby practically goes cross eyed as he falls over backwards over himself trying to scramble away from his own nose. BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK! He winds up flopping over to his own back, pawing at his own nose, before squirming to his feet and snapping at the air, as if he could catch his nose like a bug. Whine!

Lynette covers her mouth as Rugby goes after his own nose, hiding a chuckle at the animal's expense. Adorable thing. "So I see you are! It's good. You'll be surpassing yourself any moment. It's really quite amazing," she says with a soft smile, although she seems to be staying away from a sample of her own power just now.

Quinn, on the other hand, can't really control herself, practically erupting into a fit of giggles as she watches Rugby paw and snap, only ceasing teh effect when he lets out that whine. "Poor thing!" she teases, shaking her head. "I think you deserve another bacon… thing." She grabs one, offering it down to him. "Thanks for the vote of confidence. Colette showed me some of what I could be capable of, and it was both scary and exhilarating. So, I'm hoping I'll only get better with time."

Rugby's ears flick back in surprise as the glowy nose stops glowing, then perk up. Hooray! Monster gone! And he even gives a little whine-bark to celebrate. The new bacon thing gets eagerly snapped up and devoured — dare I say, wolfed down — and he looks back to Lynette expectantly. There's another bacon thing in it for him, right? Look at those eyes.

Of course there's another bacon thing! Because he's cute! And cute boys get all the goodies. That's life. "Sure thing, hunny. You sound like you've got some good people looking out for you, there. Don't be too scared. Here, we're all looking out for you."

"And that's why I'm glad they talked me outta moving from Brooklyn out t' here." Quinn stretches, looking around the room. "Whew. Well, we didn't finish, an' now I feel like I need a nap. At least I was able t' help, though." Hands move back to hips, the Irishwoman looking down at Lynette with a smile. "I'm up in 403 if you ever want t' stop by. If I'm home an' decent, the door's unlocked, so don't be afraid t' come on in, mmkay? I've got a good collection a' movies an' music." She takes a few steps towards the door, before turning back. "I meant what I said about if you ever need someone t' talk to. An' if Ygarine comes back, just send her on up t' my place."

Oh boy! Iiiiit's bacon! Rugby snarfs down the treat and then sniffs eagerly at Lynette's hands to lick them clean. But as Quinn seems to be leaving, his ears perk and he scrambles over after her. Walkies? Are we going for walkies? Hop hop! The door's going to open! I like the new and exciting things behind the door when it opens! BREAK FOR FREEDOM!

"We got a nice chunk done. And thank you for the help. It's much appreciated. As is the offer. I'll be sure to come bother you now and then. Toby will, too." Seeing the dog's reaction, it's a little like she has puppy telepathy for this moment, as she bends down and scoops him up, the big lug. "We'll go out later, Rugby, promise. Once we get your leash." Back to Quinn then, a soft smile on her face, "Thank you. It does mean a lot. When I'm… ready, I'll see about venting it all out, possibly over double Mojitos." She nods to that last note, though, "Will do. I'll see you around the building no doubt."

Quinn laughs when Rugby begins to dash after her, only to be denied by his temporary guardian. She looks back at Lynette and smiles. "I'm lookin' forward to it," she replies with a grin, making sure that the dog is secure before she gets the door open and slips out with one last wave, feeling good that she was able to help someone out today, even a little.

No! Foiled again! Rugby whine-yawns, big mouth opening around the sound and snapping shut. He squirms a little but huffs and streeeetches for the door, until it clicks shut behind Quinn. And with it, his little doggy hopes and dreams. He looks back at Lynette, with those big eyes. I need more bacon, to make up for this. Wibble.

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