The School Paper


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Scene Title The School Paper
Synopsis Under a false premise, Devon seeks out Audrey Hanson in hopes of learning something new about the Midtown robots.
Date August 21, 2011

Outside, near a lunch cart, New York City.

Special Agent Audrey Hanson at times, can be predictable. She goes to the gym four days a week. She takes her lunch out three times a week with an agent for the DoEA. Only thing not regular is what hours she goes home. Today though, there's no plan to meet up with Jane for lunch, or the gym, just the blunt haired blonde with her freckles pasted across her nose heading out to pick up lunch from a food truck so she can get back to digging up information and doing her job.

A stakeout would seem really unnecessary, but no appointment and not really interested in making the list of interesting people left little options. Short of calling or in their custody, how else would one approach an agent from the DHS? With shoulders resting against the front of the building, in khaki pants and a plaid button down shirt, stands Devon. A backpack hangs from one shoulder, the strap grasped casually in one hand, the other holds a small spiral notebook with a pen tucked into the tiny wire binding.

Though his eyes follow the small spattering of people, the teenager does have some idea of who to look for. A couple of questions poised to earlier passersby, the tone of a kid eager to gain a tale from just the right person while politely turning down offers to go indoors, earned enough details to know who to look for. So when Audrey eventually passes by on her way to lunch, Devon pushes off the wall to trail her a short distance from the building. Then he calls to her. "'Scuse me, are you Agent Hanson?"

Digging a wallet out of a pocket, Audrey is quick to notice Devon when he's approaching and then inquiring if she is the aforementioned individual. "Who's asking?" She inquires back to Devon, pausing in her stride, facing him fully.

"My name's Matthias Henry," Devon replies with a quick grin. "I'm a freshman at Claremont Prep trying to write a piece for the school paper. Really trying to get an awesome article written so I can be a regular writer. Anyway, there's some rumors going around school and I heard from some of the students there about these robots in Midtown?" He pauses there, still grinning, a brow raising in skepticism. Then he shrugs and proceeds with explaining himself. "I asked around and somewhere I heard Agent Hanson. Figured I'd follow the lead."

Only one person knew about her, sniffing around robots.

It's nearly feline in nature, the tension that slips into her body and the intent focus on the teenager. "What did you say your name is?"

"Matthias Henry." Devon watches Audrey for a moment, likely studying her posture before motioning over his shoulder with the hand holding the notebook. "If now's a bad time… I'm sure you're busy with work and keeping things in the city running fairly for everyone." He doesn't turn to go, but his posture implies that he will without a second thought.

“And where did you hear my name when you were asking around about… robots? I don't tend to talk with students, my days are pretty wrapped up with more important things that talking to individuals with raging hormones" She points out to him even as she's gesturing to a bench, moving away from the popular pathway to vittles.

The teenager turns to follow the agent toward the bench, his brows arching again. Raging hormones? He shrugs, before turning to sit on the bench, pack placed on the ground near his feet. "I think it was during a field trip. A bunch of us were talking, I don't remember who said it." Devon shrugs dismissively and half pulls the pen free of the notebook binding. "So what do you know about them? Are they even real?"

Up comes her phone. Snap goes the on board camera, getting a picture of Devon as he looks up, thumbing it to saved with a bit of a frown. "I don't know anything more than everyone else. I've seen of the posters someone's put up, but that's it. So whomever gave you my name, hwoever they got it, has to be mistaken. If they're real, then I have yet to see one. Nor who's responsible for them. Might be a technopath who's having a little too much fun. It's not my purview"

"Too bad," Devon says, the disappointment in his voice not completely feigned. "Would be a great story if I could get it, real or not." He looks at his notebook again, pulling out the pen in order to write a couple of notes down on a sheet of lined paper. "You know," he says as the notebook is closed and pen returned to the spiral, "you should ask before taking my picture. Manners and all." He looks up at Audrey again, pulling his pack back onto his shoulder.

"If you were coming to a federal agent Mr. Henry, to get information, on robots. I'd be very careful, lest you find that your home becomes the site of a visit. While I may not know something, walls have ears" She warns him, looking him over, phone tucked away. "And ears have a way of spilling details whether we want them heard or not. I suggest you carry on with investigating the janitor or whatever else it is that the people who go to your school like to read about. And I suggest not visiting midtown, in case the stories of these robots, are true" That and it's illegal. But she wouldn't put it past some teenagers or college kids to do just that. See if they can spot one much less outrun one.

Devon's eyes widen slightly, a swallow causing a bob of adam's apple. He's not fully worried about federal agents busting down his door for a visit, but reminder of the dangers of the robots is another story. Boyishly, it's the fantastical more than reality that's frightening, or so is how he plays his cards. "Yes, ma'am," he tells her, pulling his pack around just long enough to jam his notebook inside. "I'll find something else to write about. Thank you, for your time, for the warning too."

"If you do write about them, if you are the kind of kid who's going to go ahead and do things that he shouldn't… sniff around the outside of midtown." A description of Tasha follows, detailed as Audrey can give. "I saw her putting up posters once. She might have something to tell you" And with that, money dug out of her wallet, Audrey is heading towards the food truck intent on getting a gyro and getting back to her desk.

The description is filed away, though Devon can venture to guess that it's the same girl who gave him the name Audrey Hanson. If he does any returning to Midtown, it's more likely he'll be there to get more photographs of the robots and outrun them. But he might stop and say hi to Tasha as well. "Thanks again for your time, Agent Hanson," Devon calls when Audrey turns away. He picks himself up from the bench and turns the opposite direction. It'll take him home eventually.

Hold on a minute, Audrey's doing an about turn, fishing out a business card, moving fast enough to slip it into a pocket or opening in his backpack, not trying to be sneaky, he'll feel the tug, but it's just in case. You never know. After that, it's back for gyro, back to work, back to the grindstone and her nose.

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