The Ship Is Sinking


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Scene Title The Ship is Sinking
Synopsis Things are starting to unravel. Minea confides to Len about some things — but can he be trusted?
Date May 6, 2009

Central Park

Late morning. Minea's sitting on a bench, somewhere nearer to the ruined end of the park sheerly because there's less people there. The fear of being tainted by the residual radiation tends to make people favor the healthy side of the park. There's a file folder beside the Company agent as she sits and enjoys the weather, steeling herself for whatever conversation that she might be about to have with her new boss. Leather jacket, jeans, black turtleneck and a black headband to keep her dark brown hair away out of her dace, the agent's eye keep looking here and there, keeping an eye out for someone with a cowboy hat.

Clop! Clop! Clop! The heavy sounds of the heel of cowboy boots clicking against the sidewalk can be heard. Now you would think that a field agent would be a little more stealth, but either Len Denten wanted his approach to be heard, or he's just careless. Take your pick. The clops are silenced as he steps into the grass. He's currently dressed, not as one would expect an agent with a branch of the federal government, but in a plaid work shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots. He does have a worn leather jacket on to fight the little bit of chill there is today.

He sits down next to Agent Dahl and is quiet for a long moment. When he finally speaks, his baritone voice is not raised, but in a low conversational tone. "Not that I object to spending some time in the great outdoors, Agent Dahl, but you have my curiosity peaked. I hope you aren't about to disappoint me." There's a wide grin on his face, though his eyes are hidden behind a pair of black sunglasses, and his hands are shoved deep into the pockets of his jacket.

"That depends upon the answer that you give me to my first question Agent Denton. "Do you trust Dalton and everything that the company stands for?" Minea looks over to the cowboy as he plunks himself down onto the wood beside her. "Think long and hard on the answer Agent Denton. I'm not asking this for some comsetic flippant reason. I really want to know"

"If you're asking me if I think everything is on the up and up within our organization, I am going to have to refuse to answer that question on account I am not entirely sure of your motive for asking it." This answer is given after a long moment of silence, where birds can be heard chirping and cars can be heard driving by. He turns to look at her through tinted glasses, his own eyes are not seen through them.

"If you are asking me if I trust everything I am told within the unit, then I will say that first and foremost — I trust myself, my gut instincts and my view of the facts as they are laid before me." Eyebrows are raised up as he continues. "If you have some evidence, or fact that you feel I need to be aware of that might influence my potential response to the first answer, then I am always willing to listen to my agents."

"I don't even know whether to trust my own fucking partner" Minea shakes her head before her own hands reach over and plop the file in Len's lap. "I found the Isotopes. Only thing is… I shouldn't know about where some of them are. I worked with the ISA before, which you likely know about. Part of it was to shadow and keep tabs and watch a group called Phoenix amongst other terrorists groups. We did, up until the icnidents that ravaged the city, the electrical plant, the bridge. I participated in one of them as per the orders of my partner and because it would give me an In"

"I know about level 5. I'm not cleared to know about it, but I do. I keep in touch with a phoenix member as another Avenue for getting information. I'm probably derailing but it needed to be said. In the folder are the names of some of the known isotope'd individuals who are what we're looking for. One Nile Wight, One APril Bradley. There's a technopath, robin hood, he's one of them, but not isotope'd. They're from ten years in the future. That's how we got 4 mysterious isotopes showing up. An officer in the NYPD gave me the information off Mr. Wight that they had gathered, and from what the Phoenix operative gave me, I've pieced together a shitload of things. THey've said Hiro Nakamura is not involved, but, he's lost his ability to manipulate time. They're going to try and get me in touch with him" She's not even looking at him. Quite possibly, right here, right now, she's fucked up. Headed for the first train to mindwipeville.

Large black fingers reach over and grip the folder and pull it back towards the cowboy. He is silent as she speaks and he slowly opens the folder. If there is any emotion running through him, he doesn't show it. He slowly flips, page by page, through the folder — stopping to read where there are words, or studying a picture. When he flips the last page over he closes the folder, and extends it back to her. "And the reason, Agent Dahl, you felt like you needed to contact me outside the normal reporting chain?" Len only then turns towards her, his hand reaching up to remove his sunglasses now as he looks at her with his dark brown eyes.

"In august, someone will supposedly, from the inside, bring the company down to it's knees. They'll reveal to the public what it is that we do. Every single little detail, no stone left unturned. Because Roger Goodman is apparently, defecting to a company called Pinehearst sometime between now and then. How much of it is true, I don't know. And I am going through the chain. Your the boss between me and Ms. Dalton Agent Denton. There's another man in the files. Tyler Case. Except when I asked, there was no trace of him or my clearance wasn't enough. But he was apprehended by homeland, and probably our company. You said if we needed help, don't hesitate to call you. Well, Agent Denton. I'm putting my fate smack in your hands. Worst, I get a bullet to the brainpan for knowing too much, or I'm gonna find myself at my desk tomorrow with not a clue of everything I've just told you, or.. well, I can imagine a great many scenario's. The problem being is that all those people who are from ten years in the future, were in prison for one thing or another. April Bradley of ten years from now.. Was in prison for being a company agent. Tyler case for what he does which seems to be giving non evolved or evolved individuals new abilities in lieu of their old ones, possibly switching abilities with people. Niles wight because he's unfit for society. Robin hood I don't know how. But that only counts for three of the isotopes. The Isotope'd individuals are supposedly currently all in custody and I suspect, level 5. Future Bradley believes that they all belong back in captivity and swears that once they're done doing what their here to do, she'll try and capture them all and put them down"

He lets Agent Dahl talk and talk and talk. When she's finished, he glances at her for a moment. "Looks like I need to talk to April Bradley, now doesn't it?" He looks out towards the park again. "Agent Dahl. You have good instincts. Crappy execution sometimes, but you have a definite knack for playing hunches. I want you to continue to monitor this case. I want real time reports if you have any change whatsoever. In fact, unless you hear otherwise from me personally, I don't want you to breathe a single word of this to anyone. To include — I repeat — Agent Cook. Though I should probably ask if you've discussed this with him at all."

"Haven't. Short of when we first spotted the future Bradley at the incident in Brooklyn with the chase" She can agree with Denton frankly. Good instinct, crap execution. "Agent Bradley is hiding I believe from the NYPD. They have her fingerprints on a vic's credit card and likely her hairs at the scene. though it's not her. It's the future her. I have a way to get in touch with the future agent. Current Bradley called when some officers came sniffing around her. So far I think I have them convinced that it was a shape shifter. I thought it was, but now I know different"

The brunette nods, a gesture to the file. "I have a copy of everything. I'm still waiting to hear if Mr. Nakamura will talk to me. I'm not laying any bets on it, but. I'll see what I can get from the phoenix operatives further. I asked them to keep some feelrs out for anything happening in Brooklyn that we're not aware.." She snaps her fingers a gesture for the file to be given back as she digs for a pen. "The tehcnopath, robin hood. He's currently occupying a body. Somehow. I tried to find out who but the contact wouldn't tell me, just said they were trying to see about getting the technopath out of the body" She's gonna write this down in the files given to him.

Denton takes the file. He nods. "No one else gets knowledge of this without my say-so. Including those over my head. I will take the hit on that if it comes down to it. You take your orders from me. If you need backup for anything in regards to this, you call me. Everything else, you call your partner. Once we determine what exactly it is we're dealing with, then we'll shift accordingly and bring in those I feel have a need to know. If Goodman is not working in the best interest of the Company, I need to know if he's working for the best interest of this country — or some rogue element with less that desirable designs for us in the future. Changes are if April Bradley was put in prison for being a Company agent, we are all at risk. So, I need to know why she was jailed." He stands and tucks the folder inside his jacket, zipping it up halfway. "I want you to find out which technopath "Robin Hood" has taken over. You can probably assume the techno was not registered, so you need to go back to your contact and push for more information. I have a gut feeling we need to start with the technopath."

'She was put in prison the same reason you and I will be put in prison at the end of the summer, For doing what we do, right now. The bagging and the tagging and whatever else that's above my security level. He's defecting to Pinehearst and brigning half the company with him and whomever else doesn't go with him, get jailed, and given unfair trials and tossed into MOAB for i'm pretty sure life Sentences. I may not agree personally with half the stuff that our company does, but in the end, even the military did stuff I didn't agree with. It's the job, the public doesn't have the capacity to understand that the few bad apples they see, and that's saying it gently, are only the tip of a pretty big ice berg. Sometimes they need to be protected by remaining ignorant" Minea rises from the bench. "I guess visiting our known technopaths huh. Phoenix has access to one, we brought another one in a few weeks back with her bro…" Minea looks to Denton. "Her brother associates with a known phoenix member"

There's a nod from Len. "Start there. Two technopaths are better than none. Just be careful. Hood can be either of those individuals. We don't know anything about him — to include how dangerous he can be. Keep me posted. Real time." he repeats. "And Agent Dahl.." He pauses, turning his head back to her, ".. nice work." The tall black cowboy turns and that familiar 'clop'ing occurs as he hits the sidewalk and disappears out of sight, leaving Minea alone to her own thoughts.

Minea watches him go a grim line to her lips as the clop clop fades out. One hand in her jeans pockets, the brunette turns and takes off for her own car. "Here's to hoping I wake up in the morning" Spoken to no one in particular and yet, everyone.

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