The Siege Of Reporters...


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Scene Title The Siege Of Reporters…
Synopsis … is what two people discuss.
Date April 25, 2009

Village Renaissance Building

A few hours have passed since she had that conversation with Kimiko Nakamura, during which time Cat's been ruminating over what was learned. Now there are things to do and people to see, places to go. Or people to bring here. But she can't do any of that, at present it seems any communication will need be electronic and secured via Hana Gitelman.

The reason for this is being looked at right now, through the street side windows in her penthouse. "Reporters," she murmurs. "Here for Abby. If I go down there and try to get them to leave, that might make one or more curious. Bad idea. But if they don't leave, it's paralyzing. Can't have that either."

She turns away from the window, eying a clock. 9:30 a. m. "Can't bring Abby up here to talk, that gives things away. Old Lucy's is probably swarmed too. Going there might draw attention to links between me and it. Very not good, again."

There is, however, one option available for use. First Wireless is contacted and asked to secure the conversation. Next she puts the earbuds to her iPhone in and taps out Abby's number, then taps the spot marked Call, and waits for the other end to pick up. While doing so she scans the throng as best she can for indications any of those press persons are from Pause magazine.

PAUSE isn't hiding out in the throng, there's the regular stations parked outside in the hopes that they'll catch something, someone. Photographers from the various papers in the area. Just enough to make it annoying for people coming in and out and to make their focus do the same thing as Cat is doing. Standing at her window and looking down. The phone rings though, her cell phone and after a glance to the number, Abigail answers. "Beauchamp." Tentative, worried. Is it a reporter who managed to get her cell phone number?

"Good morning, Abby," Cat begins in a calm voice. "It seems your life has recently become very other than boring." She looks out the window for a few moments longer, then turns to walk elsewhere in the penthouse. "How are you holding up?" The exercise and training room is her destination. There she takes up her bow and an arrow, draws the string back, holds a breath, and lets fly. The shot impacts target, striking at the very tip of the nose on an enlarged photo of Nathan Petrelli.

It's Cat. Thank God. "If I head out the back door of my building, I can get to church, or make it to my doctors appointments but work..," Not happening. "I couldn't help it. I'm sorry. He was going to die Cat. I'd do it all over again I just… wish it hadn't been in so public a place." Abigail turns away from her window, no hands free tool just the cell cordless phone as she heads for her kitchen. Baking, baking, baking. With the phone pinned between her ear and shoulder there's the sound of an oven door opening and things being removed.

"We do what we have to," Cat replies. "No apologizing, Abby, it's false, because you aren't sorry. If you hadn't, the man would be dead and that's something you'll never be sorry about." There's a bit of silence as she holds another breath and draws back the string, then lets another arrow fly at Nathan's image.

"The question is how to get your privacy back." she comments. And mine too. "I'm working on a few ideas to that end. Might take a while, though." Arrow three is loaded and fired while she listens.

"Have Dr. Bianco change my face and move to a different place, quit my job," Abigail answers deadpanned. None of that obviously is an option. She's sick and tired of moving. "I don't know Cat. I don't want to talk to them, I don't' want to have my picture taken and splashed across the paper, because we all know that people dig, and what was just me helping someone will turn into … more," Muffins are overturn on the counter, some goodies for Ewan when he hightails it back to the apartment.

"There are ways," Cat tells her, the voice one she hopes will impart some calm to the besieged healer. "They won't be out there forever." Cat considers telling Abby to just give them something, anything, but she knows that won't be gone for, at least not yet. Besides, Cat is Cat. She has an agenda, and if Abby's going to be a press magnet she wants to see if some positive pro-Evolved spin can be put on things too. Not that she'll say this right up front to Abby, of course.

"Then part the Red Sea and tell me how because I got enough groceries to last me… three more days and then I'll have to brave going out the front door instead of the back just so I can stock my fridge again and I'll need to get back to work or I'm living slim this month." Cause she bought a laptop not anticipating not being able to work for a short amount of time.

"I'm not Moses," Cat offers deadpan, "though it could be said I'm trying to set my people free." There's a pause as she aims and shoots at Nathan's face again, her arrow lands in the left eye. "You won't run out of food, Abby. Don't even begin to worry about that."

"I got Brian every second night and I have Ewan right now staying with me and he's eating like a horse while he has access to food. Maybe if it was just me" The former blonde points out over the phone. "I suppose I can subsist off muffins for the next week… Were you calling to check in on me, or was there something else?"

"I was just touching base to see how you're doing and tell you I'm on this," Cat answers. Whether Abby chooses to believe it or not, she won't run out of food. There are ways. She'll just do it instead of trying to reassure the healer.

"On it how Cat?" Curiosity, worry. There's a running of water as the the muffin tin is placed in the sink and she moves away from the kitchen. Dishes later. Ewan can do them.

"Any way I can think of," Cat rejoins. "Patience, grasshopper."

Grasshopper? "Grasshopper?" Confusion in the healer's voice.

"It's a movie reference," Cat replies, deciding not to explain. Maybe a copy of the source will be sent her way too. "Just rest assured you won't be facing the siege of reporters forever. They'll be encouraged to undertake other stories soon enough. I need to get off the phone and start working on that, in fact."

"Sooner better than later." More movies she's never seen. Impatient grasshoppers. What hell kind of movie has impatient grasshoppers?! "I'll hang up. Thank you Cat, for whatever you end up doing. Be nice not to have to hide in my apartment."

"Keep your head up," Cat advises. She presses the area on her iPhone screen to end the call and takes a few moments to fire another arrow at Nathanface, then turns attention to other business. Contacting Teo and Elisabeth, first up.

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