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Scene Title The Sims RL
Synopsis Delilah comes to tell Kendall news that visibly breaks his heart.
Date April 27, 2010

Little Green House

This is a medium-sized two-story home, and one that, in its better days, was no doubt a very warm and welcoming home. Now, however, it's succumbed to time, looters and squatters. There is graffiti on the walls, and trash litters the floors. Most of the light fixtures no longer work, and the plumbing, while updated, is more of a joke than anything else. There is dust on everything, and the windows are so dirty that they do almost as good a job at keeping out light as curtains would.

However, the structure of the home is still nice. There are large bay windows which let in plenty of light, and several of those windows are really French doors that lead out onto the back patio, or onto a small square balcony on the second floor. Even the attic has a few windows which normally would keep that space from looking dingy or even creepy.

The first floor consists of a foyer, large kitchen, living room with a fireplace, bathroom and what must be a sort of laundry room. When there are any appliances in the house. The second floor has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, one off of the main bedroom. These rooms are all rather decent sized, though there are doors missing, and broken windows, but for anyone with a vision, this house has something.

It's getting towards sunset, the scarce-seen sun heading towards the horizon, although there's still an hour until that moment. The Little Green House now has heat, and electricity, so Kendall is just fine. He's upstairs in his new room, reading a book, since there's not much yet in the form of furniture, and thus no TV for him to play video games with, unfortunately. The place isn't a secret, or anything, since people have been in and out helping them fix the place.

Even though people are in and out, it's still polite to knock her way in first. Delilah has taken her time in making visits again, and today's order of business was to visit the other handful of people that looked out for her while she was sick. While she is intending to find Melissa, Kendall will do just as well. The door vibrates as its knocked on, heavy and rather loud. Enough to jar people out of book-reading, at least.

Kendall is indeed jarred out of reading his book, and he blinks. Melissa isn't here, so… darn. That means he needs to actually get up and answer the door. Nabbing a random flat object to use as a bookmark, he trundles down the stairs, peering out the peekhole. Oh, it's a Delilah! Hurriedly, he opens the door, smiling at her. Aww, seems like he still has a crush, he looks like his dreams just came true. "Hey!" he's also looking a lot healthier than the last time she saw him, but that's probably the case the other way around too.

"Hi! Lemme in! It's cold!" Delilah practically bowls him over coming in, dreams coming true or not. It is cold outside, and she doesn't want to be there longer than she needs to. It takes the young redhead a moment to get her bearings and shake off some of the chill, but she is offering Kendall a bright smile the whole way through. "You look better! Feeling good, Kenny?" Awes. A Pet Name. Let's see if he minds.

"Yeah, a lot better, Dee." Kendall hesitates a little at the last word, seeing if she minds it either. He certainly doesn't. "Uh, come on in." kinda pointless when she's already inside, but whatever. And now down races a little german shepherd puppy, named Jerry. Jerry is happy to see someone new. Jerry attempts to maul Dee with affection, sniffing her shoes. He smells a dog! Where's the dog?! Kendall rolls his eyes and shoves the puppy away before he can stick his nose into her crotch like dogs are wont to do. "This is Jerry."

"Ah! Jerbear!" Yeah, she knows him. Delilah is petting his ears when he comes up; he gets shoved away but goes right back to her, and she crouches to give him rough huggings. Awww, whossa puppy~. "I don't have Samson, it's too cold for him, sorry." She says this to the dog, grabbing onto his head and pinching at fat puppy cheeks. When she stands again, Dee is still grinning. "Heard you were here with Melissa now? She around, or is it just you?"

"She's out doing something or other." Kendall waves a hand vaguely towards the door, appearing amused as Delilah goes all goofy over the dog. "She's crazy, being out in this weather." then again, Dee was just out in this weather too… "Want a soda?" he asks, playing the gentleman. "Or… water?"

"Water's okay. I'm not having caffeine much. She's gotta go out sometime, huh?" Delilah gives herself this cue to start wandering to-and-fro to check things out. Jerry probably follows her around. "This is a cute little house. She gonna fix it up come spring? You gonna stick with her? I'm sorry about what happened, but I guess you have places to go now, so it's not all bad."

"I guess I'm staying. I mean, if my parents don't want me around…" Kendall trails off, shrugging. "Oh, uh, don't go into the basement." he tells her quickly, leaping to bar her way. "No one's allowed down there since we found a dead body there and all. And we're trying to fix it now, since spring doesn't seem like it's going to come any time soon."

Delilah backpedals a little. "A body? What? What'd you do with it?" She doesn't seem too disturbed at the fact there was a dead person, just apparently at the sanitation. "If it's not there now, what's wrong with the basement? Fixing the inside first?" She peers over his shoulder towards the basement door.

"Er, actually…. it's still there. We haven't figured out what to do with it. Melissa's kind of, uh… on the run from the government, and they might force me to Register too if they found me, so we're trying to figure out what to do with it in a way that doesn't involve the police. I think we should dump it in the river and let someone else find it." Kendall shrugs.

"It's still there?" Okay, well, if Kendall's not ready, Delilah will be trying to slip past him and down into the basement.

"No!" Kendall tries jumping in her way again. "It's really gross and decayed and full of germs." he tells her in an attempt to dissuade her. "It's not freshly dead, it's been there for like a month."

Sweeeeeet, dude. There's a body! Not that she's morbid- it's just curiosity. "Lemme see? Please?" Delilah edges closer to him and puts a warm palm to the top of his chest, the gesture somewhat sudden for him- but calculated for her.

Kendall blinks when she actually touches him. "Why do you want to see it?" he stammers out, eying her hand on his chest. Cue internal fanboy squealing. « She's touching me! :D »

"Well, why not?" Delilah knows what she's doing. A small flutter of her lashes against one another, big brown eyes peering slightly past the upper lids. "I'm just curious." And it is sad, that most people she knows- and her- know how to dispose of a body- or know someone else that does. Are they awful, or just victims of circumstance? Who knows.

"Well we need to figure out how to get rid of it without it being traced back here." Kendall continues stammering, and then all of the sudden just like in The Sims, a big floaty heart appears above his head. Whoops, someone or something activated his powers. He seems oblivious to it, as well.

Bodies and discussions about how she knows how to help them can wait. The appearance of the heart practically reflects off of Delilah's eyes at this range when they peer up. Her hand leaves his chest, but only so that both sets of fingertips cover up her mouth in a giggle. Teeheehee. "What's this then?"

"What's what?" Kendall asks, following her gaze upwards. He blinks at the heart, then blushes crimson. "I-I have no idea, I didn't draw anything!!!" oh, would the floor just open up beneath his feet and swallow him up already! He's about to die of mortification.

Delilah reaches up carefully to touch it. Regardless of if she can or not- "Can I have that water now?" Body forgotten. Supposedly. For now.

When she reaches her hand up to it, just like in the game, it fades away. After all, Sims can't touch it. "Water, right." maybe Kendall can go drown himself now? He goes to get her a glass of water.

Delilah glances at the basement doorway again, but follows Kendall off while he begins his quest. "So, I came to tell Melissa, but I suppose I can tell you too- I've got some interesting news. Wanted to at least share it with most people so nothing is a total surprise…"

"Oh, uh, what?" Kendall asks, handing her a glass. He seems relieved about the fact that she's not going down to the basement, and keeps checking above his head in case something else appears.

Delilah takes the water and sips at it, letting it cool her curiosity a little. "I'm about eleven weeks pregnant. Thought you guys should know. So that when I start looking like a blimp, nobody'll think I've got a giant tumor in my uterus."

It's a good thing Kendall handed Delilah the glass of water, otherwise he would've dropped it. Sure enough, the heart reappears over his head, this time breaking in half. "Wh-what?"

Delilah puts her free hand over her chest, looking vaguely forlorn at the next thing to pop up over Kendall's head. "Oh, no, don't be like that." Visual aids. Ouch. "It's not a bad thing, honest."

"What?" Kendall squints up again, and looks distressed. "I don't know what's going on!" he exclaims, waving a hand over his head in an attempt to shoo it away. It does fade, and Kendall sighs. "Well congratulations, anyway."

"I'm not dumb, I know you kinda like me. This doesn't make me totally off limits." Delilah smirks, and though she is being serious, she does not expect Kendall will act on it even if she wasn't like this. "Thanks. I was gonna tell Mel too, but she's not here. If I can't catch her sometime, it's okay if you tell her. I figure after a while gossip'll travel fine."

Wow, how on earth did Delilah find that out?! Kendall thought he was being subtle! "Well if you'd rather tell her yourself, I can let her know you want to talk to her. If not, well, I'll let her know." he shrugs, avoiding her eyes.

"Alright. We'll see if I can get down here. If I'm not back within a week or so, you can slip it in somewhere." Delilah takes an absurdly big break for water, draining the cup. Ahh. Then she lifts her knuckles to push up his chin so he has to look at her. "Hey now, fella. Don't be sad. Crush on me all you like, but you never know- maybe someday soon you'll meet someone that makes you do it even more. Wait for the cupids to start popping up around you, and there you have it."

Kendall has his chin pushed up, but he still avoids looking her in the eye. Darnit, that's not fair… "I guess." he mumbles to her. He still feels like the world has ended. So dramatic…

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