The Strip-O-Gram Incident



Scene Title The Strip-O-Gram Incident
Synopsis A moment in hell for Detective Thomas Cooper courtesy of Agent Audrey Hanson. Enjoy, Cooper!
Date April 01, 2010

Cooper's Apartment

One thing people do not really get to see is Cooper at home. When he's in boxers, white t-shirt and socks, sitting slumped low on his couch, the TV on, a remote in one hand, a bowl of cereal in the other slowly going soggy. Hair in a disarray, socked feet up on the coffee table, sitting in a V formation so he can see passed them, to watch the moving pictures beyond – Tom and that crazy mouse Jerry on tap.

This is a Cooper people don't really get to see.

His cell phone starts buzzing on the cushion next to him, dancing a bit as it vibrates. The remote is replaced by it and he frowns a bit as he moves it where he can see the text message written across his screen, tongue picking bits of cereal from his teeth.

“Huh, The Corinthian? Really?” It buzzes again, brows lifting a bit. “ASAP?” The detective sighs and moves to get up. Well, it was going to be a nice relaxing day off.

Freaking Home Sec…

The Corinthian

A few hours later — No he didn't hurry much — he's being shown up to a room, there is something suspicious about all this in the detective's mind. “Your certain she said to show me up to this room?” He motions to it with the keycard they gave him. “An actual room? This… room?”

The woman with her dark brown hair brained up on her back of her head, gives him a sly knowing smile. “Yes sir, she gave specific instructions to bring you to this room and give you…” The sharply woman reaches into the pocket of her jacket and extracts a three by five card and hands it too him, painted nails shining in the light of the hallway. Once the detective is holding it, she gives him a smirk and turns to walk away, leaving a slightly stumped man behind.

“Huh…” He says softly, watching her go, a tongue pressed to the inside of his cheek. After a thoughtful moment, brow quirk upwards and he looks at the card in his hand. Again that suspicion returns, eyes narrowing as the card has only one neatly written word.


He even repeats the word slowly, as if saying it would somehow give him some insight into the agents head. That one little word should have been a huge clue to Cooper that something was up. This is Hanson after all. Why would that bitch of a Home Sec Agent want him to enjoy anything. He was pretty sure she was put on this god damn earth to do nothing but simply make his life a living hell.

And yet, a hand lifts to scratch at the stubble of his jaw, he hadn't shaved since she told him to hurry and get his ass down there.

“What's the harm…?” The man murmurs to himself. Oh Cooper of you only knew. Pushing the keycard into the lock and sliding it out, hearing that click, his hand pushes the handle down to open the door, he's resisting the urge to pull out his gun.

The emptiness of the room makes his brows drop in confusion. What the hell? The door clicks shut behind him, making him jump. Sending his heart racing, which is why he misses the sound of the sliding closet door open. So next thing he knows bare feminine arms are sliding around his chest from behind, a body pressing up against his back. It's definitely female.

Whoa! Hey.. what is this?!

Brows shoot up as high as they can, his head tilting down to look at those arms. “Did Han…”

“Shhh…” Comes the quick response, hands disappearing behind his back, he starts to turn his head, but manicured nails stop him, followed shortly by a red silk blindfold descending to cover his eyes. His 'this is a very bad idea' alarm should be going off in his head, but a set of lips brush at his ear and fingers trail up his back, hook in his jacket and, slowly slide it off his shoulders, and he can't exactly think clearly anymore.

No words are spoken by this mysterious woman… He really hopes it's female. The large chest he felt at his back seemed real. The detective can't help but to start getting a little worried. He suspects it wouldn't be beyond the Home Sec agent to hire a drag queen. That thought about gets a shutter out of him.

He can feel this woman walk around to the front of him, fingers hooking into to his belt as she pulls him further into the room. It is taking everything in Cooper not to pull the blindfold off, a crooked little smile on his lips as he follows her. After several steps, he feels her hands grip his arms and slowly turn him around, then he's pushed, legs hitting something behind him sending him off balance, and he drops into a chair.

It just keeps getting weirder.

Once seated, her can feel her lean in, breath light against his skin, and finally a kiss.

God, please let her be female.

This close he can smell a whiff of a familiar perfume. Where does he know that from, hands lift to try and grab her, but they are captured and pushed down and behind him. There gets a little thrill off alarm from him and it only gets worse when he feels cold steel against his wrist, followed by the familiar Click click click of tightening hand cuffs.

A small tug, proves that he is not going anywhere.

This can't go well.

But then there is a warm body straddling his lap, equally warm lips kissing him, hands wandering all over – Hey.. little lower! — and his brain kind of melts. He could get into this.

Good things never last, as is proven next. The warmth moves off his lap, a delicate hand hooks under the edge of the blindfold and it's slid off giving him the first glimpse of the woman who was his lap. Well, her chest anyhow, — Nice rack — then his eyes lift, a mischievous pull of his mouth as he finally looks at his companion.

That is about the time he screams, “Ahhhhhhhh!!” Eyes wide, his head jerking backwards away from her, to attempt to put distance between them. “Oh dear god!” The chair is thrown back too far backwards and tumbles over, spilling him and chair onto the floor. Unable to stop it, his head thumps the floor rattling him for a moment, making his vision blur.

Thank god for carpet.

When his vision clears and he can focus on the form above him, he is faced with his ex-wife Daisy, who is staring down at him, hands on her hips, looking REALLY pissed. Of course, his eyes can't help but drop to what she's wearing… or not wearing.

Awww. She wore that red lace bodice and thong number, with the thigh high stockings. He always like that little number.


What the hell is he thinking?

Remember Cooper. Think with your head not with your dick. That's what got you in trouble the last time.

But… the outfit!

“Tooommy!” A red heel stomps th floor in frustration, forcing his eyes back up to her face, her blond spiral curls bouncing a bit. The whining of his name makes his teeth grit tightly. There was once a time he would do anything for her when she used that tone. Now it made him want to drive a stake into his head to end the pain and misery. “I thought you'd be happy to have my hands on you again.”

There is a moment, Cooper can only stare at her, sputtering from rage her words bring bubbling to the surface. Of course, he has to do the stupid thing and open his mouth and shout, “Why the hell would I want you touching me?! You already are sucking me dry with alimony! Clawing it out of my hide, with your – your dragon lady nails. You wanna fuck me too!?” He glares at her, head jerking back and forth, there on the floor. “ Your the devil in disguise, Daisy!”

Laying on his back, arms stuck behind the back of the chair, his legs higher then the rest of him, from this position he can see a lot of interesting things about what she's wearing, however that's not what he's looking at.

Uh oh.. There is that look.

It is a look that says, 'Something bad is going to happen.' Last time he saw that look in her eyes, he got a knee to the groin, beat up by her boy friend and then served with divorce papers. Sure enough as she glares at him, scowling – she does look pretty when she does — a heeled foot plants itself on the rung of the chair.

Oh shit…

“Daisy… Don't do it. Just get me out of these cuffs and I'll leave.”

And with a mighty shove of her foot, gives it a push sending him tumbling, chair and all, to his side. It is shortly followed by a sharp toe in his gut. “Oof!” He groans softly, curled up on his side like that, knees curling close to his body, just in case, she decides on that groin shot.

“I hope you rot, Thomas Cooper.” Daisy snaps out in a hiss of anger. “Your such a Bastard.” He can hear her moving, but can't see what is going on until. But he does hear the door of the room open and then slam shut, rattling the walls.

Oh great that will get someone attention.

He does not want to be found there like that, so the detective yells after her, “Daisy! Daisy! Get back here and get me out of these cuffs!!”

Nothing but silence.

“Oh fuck me…” Head dropping to the floor, it lays at an uncomfortable angle. Eyeing the up close fibers of carpet, he lets out a heavy sigh. “April Fools on you Cooper.”

Detective Thomas Cooper lays there a moment longer, before his head lifts, craning his neck to try and see, uttering a weak little “Help?”

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