The Subject Of Impartiality


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Scene Title The Subject of Impartiality
Synopsis Following an awkward evening, Robyn stops to see Hana for a chat.
Date June 20, 2018

The Bunker: Hana's Office

There hasn't been much seen of Robyn Quinn since the fiasco the night before. Upon retreating from the common area, she seemed to have effectively vanished - not even a light to be seen in her office, her typical late night hangout. It's not until noon the next day that she emerges from her room. Gone are the jeans and casual attire that she had been commonly seen in most of the last month, and back is the crisp, pressed black suit with lace cuffs that had been so familiar when she first arrived at the Bunker.

Hair straightened and folders under one of her arms, it's clear from how she ignores any obstacle or interruption that she's moving through the halls with distinct purpose. And when she finally reaches her destination why that is becomes much clearer. She stares at the door to Hana's office upon her arrival for what feels like several moments before she finally reaches and knocks in a deliberate staccato four beat rhythm.

"Major Gitelman," she starts after the only repetition of knocks she gives. "It's Agent Quinn," notably not just Robyn. "If you have a few moments, I'd like the speak with you."

"Come in," is called out promptly, without any evidence of hesitation.

Behind her desk, Hana looks much as she does on any other day during business hours — dressed in her accustomed mandarin-collared black suit, paperwork on her desk to be dealt with. There may perhaps be a hint of strain in the fine details of her expression. There is definitely an evaluation of Robyn's appearance as the SESA liaison enters, which elicits a single arched brow.

"If this is about last night," the major states preemptively, "you have no need to apologize. In fact, I should apologize for you being drawn into a distinctly personal concern."

Robyn closes the door without a word, hesitating for only just a moment before she turns to face Hana. "Be that as it may," the SESA agent offers, "I would still like to." She levels her gaze with the Major's. Her head cocks slightly to the side. "Even beyond my personal feelings on the matter, it was extremely unprofessional and unbecoming of me as an agent on official business," she explains, before moving to take a seat.

The folders under her arm - not actually for this meeting, but carried with her nonetheless - are set aside for a moment, hands folding into her lap. "And truth be told, I fear it may be a symptom of a bigger problem, one that last night helped me realise."

Hana inclines her head at Robyn's reply, raising one hand slightly in acknowledgment of her point. "Consider it accepted." And put it all behind us.

The major lapses into silence as the agent seats herself, folding her hands on the desk and waiting with calm reserve — the variant of expectation that doesn't involve implicitly putting the person she's waiting for on the spot. She's not left to wait for long. "What problem would that be?" is as neutral as the patience that preceded it, offering no insight into Hana's opinion on any cause for concern.

The look on Robyn's face as she regard Hana is a bit weary, and for a moment, it tells her to forget her thoughts and walk away. That maybe she's more worried than she should be - that would be on brand for her, as of late. Instead she takes a deep breath, letting her thumbs show her nervousness as they circle one over the other in her lap, one of many anxious fidget she possesses.

"When I first came here," she starts, trying her best to keep her gaze on Hana, "it was with some distinct requirements in conduct and bearing. With distinct goals in mind. Professionalism at highest priority, making sure everything was happening above board, and making sure everyone was covered safely."

Pursing her lips, she finally looks away from the Major, dismay on her face. "Last night helped me realise that hasn't been happening. I fear the exact thing I promised wouldn't happen has. I've gotten too comfortable." On it face it sounds like a silly thing for her to say, but- well. This is important to her.

There's a distinct moment of silence that ensues after Robyn's statements, one textured with consideration and contemplation; the concern is not of the kind that might be treated glibly, few that those are. "It is difficult to draw that line and keep that separation," Hana says, something in her tone hinting at personal experience with that erosion. "And this has affected both sides — your conduct, and ours." Where 'ours' acknowledges that Hana has not chosen to take Wolfhound to task.

She lifts a hand, palm up, as she continues. "We all live in each other's pockets. We are all, in some sense, family — particularly with the number of personal connections you have here. 'Comfortable' is only a matter of time in that situation."

That hand drops, and Hana sits back in her chair. "I stressed professionalism to everyone at the outset for exactly that reason," she continues. "But whether 'too comfortable' is in fact a problem is between you and your boss." Who is not Hana Gitelman.

Allowing the smallest smile at that, Robyn nods. "Fair enough," is an honest reply, and one that Robyn seems to be sharing with a lot of people lately. But from the stormy expression she wears, it's clear that that's not enough to entirely settle this matter, whatever it exactly may be.

"It worries me to be told I've become one of the pack," she admits in a low voice. "Since that was explicitly something to be avoided. Acceptance and friendship; distrust and distance - that's one thing. They're unavoidable when you spend enough time around anyone." They Ferry was a good enough example of that, unspoken as it is. "But when it starts to move beyond that is what worries me. It calls my impartiality into question."

She takes a deep breath, focusing on Hana. "And not just with the outside looking in." She swallows, and finally looks off to the side. "I went to see Demsky privately last month. I don't know if she's spoken to you yet. I recently learned that- well, it's a long story. But she gave me advice, ability related. Offered to train me." She shakes her head. "Intends to ask you about it. Wants to get her COM license. Do things above board."

The tenseness in her body relieves as she hangs her head. "I told her I didn't care if she did it the right way," she admits. "Didn't even think about how wrong that was at the time." She spreads her hands, not looking back up at Hana. "Too comfortable."

"It does," Hana agrees, on the subject of impartiality. "I was against your selection from the beginning for exactly that reason. But I will say this: Somewhat more recently, I have had some indication that your connections were thought a positive, rather than a concern." The major does not, and will not, elaborate on when that was, or who from; a short breath in and out hints at some exasperation, unsurprising given the opinion already presented.

"She has not spoken to me yet," Hana admits, but that's incidental. She inclines her head, one brow lifting in mild query. "I admit, I fail to see what you consider wrong there. You know as well as anyone the endorsements are not true licenses, as no regulation mandates them for anything except passing along more endorsements." SESA agent, after all. "And if she goes in for a COM, they'll just toss her back as already having MIL, since that takes precedence."

Ultimately, Hana dismisses the tangle with a slight shake of her head. "In any case. If she wants an instructor endorsement, I can attest for it." Which has nothing to do with Robyn's quandary, but is all that Hana can herself really do.

"For yourself," she continues, redirecting the subject slightly, "I do suggest you speak with Choi. Determine whether you are in fact doing the job SESA needs done here."

A small chuckle is what Hana gets afterwards. "Guess that's our differing perspectives," she remarks. "Between someone doing the right thing, and me encouraging them to say forget it because I'm too eager and familiar with them." Offered as means of clarification. She lets out a bit of a sigh. "I see wrong there in trying to tell someone who thinks she's doing the right thing to not."

She raises a hand, as if to cut off any further thoughts she has on that line of thought. "I admit, I expected a different conversation," she says in an appreciative tone, trying her best to smile. "But it doesn't change the fact that last night left me uncertain if I am doing right by my station." She cranes her head back a bit, looking up at the ceiling. "Or if it's even necessary anymore."

Clearing her throat, she gives a small nod. "I plan to take a small vacation, Friday through the following week. I won't be here until after then." Teeth rake across her bottom lip, hands folding back into her lap. "I plan to put in a request for reevaluation and/or reassignment while I'm in the Safe Zone. Just so you have a heads up on both matters." Which is to say, speaking with Choi or someone else of similar import is already on her mind. "Either way… from here on out, I'll be taking any work I do here much more seriously." That's what she said last time, though.

"I'll grant that Demsky does not need any encouragement," Hana allows, exasperation resurfacing. But no more really needs be said there, as Robyn indicates; for one, too easy to slip past what Demsky did last night to what she did last year.

The SESA agent's attempt at a smile is not returned in kind; the major merely inclines her head, acknowledging the sentiment. "It was never necessary," is her decidedly biased but wholeheartedly sincere opinion, "but now that the position exists, I do not expect it will be rescinded." Whether or not Quinn is the one who fills it.

After Robyn has finished, Hana nods, rising to her feet in recognition of the fact that there's not likely much left to be discussed. "I appreciate the notice." A hint of a smile, the subtle kind written in crease and highlight, more felt than seen. "On all counts. Enjoy your vacation."

Robyn is quiet for a moment as Hana rises up to her feet. "No comment," is her thoughts on if the position was ever necessary, but by now she imagines that Hana knows she largely agrees with that sentiment. But she also knows better than to state that so outright.

She doesn't rise immediately afterwards, hands still folded nervously in her lap. It takes a moment for her to retrieve her folder, and slowly stand up. Adjusting her collar, she offers a look to Hana for a moment, before giving a small nod.

"Thank you, Hana," is offered somewhat obliquely, in reference to many things, but nothing specific all at once. "I will." If she's coming back afterwards, well. She knows what she thinks. It's only a matter of time until she finds out.

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