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Synopsis Amadeus attempts to rally the denizens of the dome and spread the word, a small camera crew catches it.
Date February 8, 2011

The Dome

It's been a few hours since Amadeus came out to one of the edges of the dome. He's been climbing up the ladder, spray painting, then climbing down and moving over a bit more to repeat the message. He's written it around five times in very large letters, a good fifteen feet up. THE SUITS TRAPED US, NOW THEYRE GUNNA KIL US. BE PREPAIRED!.

He's just finished the fifth message, beginning to climb down. He hasn't noticed the gathering crowd, simply taking a bite of his browny, wearing a zipped up black jacket with a heap of gold chains around his neck, red claw-like tribal markings on each cheek, blue jeans, and black Chucks. On his back is a black backpack, and a large machete that can be seen by the handle sticking up above his shoulder.

Shuffling the ladder over a bit, it's clear he's getting ready to prepare another message.

So far, no PMC's - Stillwater or Redbird - have discovered the graffiti artist at work. It helps that Amadeus isn't doing this at a main location or right on the beaten path. But because of this, it gives people a chance to sneak forward from outside the dome, see what is going up, take pictures of it as the feline telepathist diligently works to spread his message.

A small crowd has started to gather inside and out, inside, someone five minutes before ran off and is just now returning, a bag of spray paint cans. He intends to help spread the message, help Amadeus write his message on the clear barrier that separates man from man. Spread the word.

The man is going to come.

Well, there is one face from Redbird around, even if she's officially on hiatus since November 8th. Monica Dawson stands outside the dome, looking up at the painted message with a tilt of her head. She hovers with the other onlookers, hoping not to be spotted by… well, anyone who might want to arrest her again. But, curiosity, as they say, killed the cat. And it's enough of a draw to get Monica out and about.

"My dad's homeland, and I know dudes on the inside. This is all the government, this whole dome!" Amadeus explains as he moves out of the way of the ladder, motioning for the other person with the spray can to take his place. This way, he can address the crowd. "They got all the evos on Roosevelt, like, nice and neat, then the big dome goes up where we can't run. Any day now, I don't know when, we're gonna see what their real plan is! And we've gotta like, be ready and shit, and tell the rest of the dome so we can stop all this Mad Max stuff and defend ourselves. And you dudes without powers ain't any safer than us. If they gotta go through you to get us, they ain't gonna hesitate. Regular dudes and evos gotta work together."

Luke has tried many different ways to break out of the dome, and each way has failed, which just serves to piss him off. What's the point of having super strength when you can't even bust your way through anything? And the worst part is, it's boring. Being forced to stay in the same place all the time, it's messing with his free spirit, or something. Therefore, when a ruckus starts, he gravitates that way, joining a small group of onlookers in the dome, although he regards the graffiti with disdain.

That the individuals outside the dome are tilting their head, looking at the dome and it's backward words, makes people wonder whether the painter is an idiot, or whether the message is for people on the inside. Either way, one teenager is skittering up to the dome, getting his phone close so he can take video of the whole affair.

Inside the dome, in the distance, patrolling along the border is a small group of PMS, the symbols of stillwater and redbird mixed amoung the group of three who are there to ensure that there's no nefarious business going on. The growing throng further down is starting to attract attention even as another ladder is produced and soon Amadeus has three others helping him, this time writing the message backwards so that it can be read proper to those outside.

When people start to go help, that's when Monica grabs her phone to take a picture. You never know when you might need something like that. And when Stillwater and hey, Redbird! start coming closer, she frowns a bit. Is it illegal to paint on a dome? It's not like it's a building or anything. But you never know. So it's Monica that waves to try to get the painters' attention and point them toward the incoming Man.

"Now we've got soldiers. Maybe it's time to see whose side they're on?" Amadeus starts walking in the direction of the stillwater and redbird group, holding his hands up. He speaks rather casually, eyes perpetually half-lidded. "Hey, we ain't doin' anything bad over here. I hope you ain't gonna oppress us from like, the inside. They're gonna pop a cap in your heads just like the rest of us."

Luke didn't really have a good interaction with the Redbird guys a few days ago, but… he's not exactly going to run away, this time. Smiiirk. "Watch out, those guys like to shoot anyone they decide they don't like. Gotta love slime of humanity." not like Luke's one to talk.

They're on the side of those who have paid them and have signed the contract with. When Amadeus, backed by Luke and the gathering of a handful of people start to make towards them, they at least keep their cool in the face of threats from the small mob. The strange behavior of those within the dome have put everyone on edge.

"Sir, you'll need to cease and desist your vandalism and please return to your residences. Everyone needs to do the same. Put down the.. paint and please return to your residences" They could go in guns blazing but there's specific orders and they are outnumbered. The black garbed individuals come to a stop, weapons at ease but ready to use them if indeed the situation calls for it.

Outside the dome, the cellphones come out, someone calling home to relay what's happening to a friend, another to record the confrontation that seems to be brewing inside the dome, nudging Monica while doing so as if to say 'are you watching this?'

Monica facepalms as the guy in there decides to go the sass route. And then she looks up at the sky like… why me. At the nudge, she looks over and nods a little bit. Oh, she's watching this.

"See that? The government's already got people inside, tryin' to keep us separate, so when they come, they can just round us up all disorganized and shit!" Amadeus backs up into the mob, but he keeps talking, hands in his pockets. "They're tryin' to keep us from spreadin' the word, 'cause there's more of us than them. If we get together, they can't do shit to us! We get their guns and we can be ready for the fuckin' suits!"

Luke sneers at the guards. "Vandalizing what? The thing that's keeping us all TRAPPED in here?" he asks, gesturing at the dome. "It's not even a building, so how could it count as vandalism?"

"You say that while you're slinking into the back of the group sir." One of the stillwater's speaks up, calling Amadeus out on his posture, hands in his pockets and back tracking. They're watching everyone there, watching the people on the other side of the dome. "I'd appreciate it if you all would please go back to where you are staying, do not approach the barrier. We are working on the problem and the government hopes that it will be resolved soon"

This is from the Redbird PMC, his gaze settling on Luke and the teen's attitude. Then points to the two guys who it turns out, are writing out Amadeus's original words on the wall of a building. the trio steps forward a few feet, one of them reaching for his radio to let others it seems, know about the small group building on the dome side, and the barrier side.

"Dude, you think they're going to shoot them?" Whispered to Monica, the guy beside her moves forward, bringing a fist down on the dome. "Don't touch them dude! We're watching you!"

"I hope not. The last thing they need in there is some sort of riot," Monica says, her gentle southern accent tinting her words. And then he's going to bang on the dome, too, and she groans a little and starts looking around there side, to see if the security guys are showing up on their side, too.

When Amadeus walks back out of the group, he's holding a spray can in his hand, briefly tilting his head to the side. "We ain't gonna let you round us all up. You think we're stupid enough to listen to your crap? You just don't want us organized and shit."

He allows his backpack to slide from his shoulders, then sits it next to him with a few cans sticking out of it. "Everyone grab a can and spread this shit! They try to stop us and we'll curb stomp their asses and take their guns! We'll group up and find a base and then we'll put our supplies together and kick some government ass!""

"Bullshit, if you're working on taking down the barrier, then take it DOWN already! All I see you assholes doing is throwing your weight around and trying to intimidate everyone." Luke isn't all that impressed by the guy's attempt to cow him by a simple gaze.

"If you're such a smart ass, get down to the Suresh Center and give them a hand kid" One of the trio of Stillwaters fires back to Luke. "If you can't then get back to where you came from"

With no weapons, just the threat of more painting happening, they're just walking towards the small group, some people not bolstered by Amadeus's words and start to take off. The rest though, a handful, stay put, digging down into the bag that Amadeus packed.

What's coming isn't cops, or more PMC's in queens that Monica can see even as a few others are now joining the one in banging fists on the barrier to warn off the Stillwaters/redbirds. It's a camera crew a jean clad and winter jacket adorned with a local news channel's logo. Someone has been careful, and seeing the group that is gathering, the spraypainting on the dome both backward and forward, they're running to catch up to the action.

"Oh… heck," Monica says when the media shows up. That might even be worse than the cops. She slinks back into the crowd, not leaving just yet, but trying to keep her face off any camera footage that might come out of this.

"My dad's homeland, what the fuck do you scrubs know?" Amadeus carries his can to one of the ladders, climbing up halfway so he can write in the space a few feet under one of the people already painting. 'My dad is homeland, he knows shit is about to go down'. "Hey! You!" he calls down to the camera crews from the ladder. "Those dudes down there, they've like, got guns! They're tryin' to depress us! They don't want us to get together in a group 'cause the government's gonna come in soon and take out the evos!"

"They're trying to…. you dumbass." Luke rolls his eyes at Amadeus. "Suppress us, or oppress us, they're not trying to make us fucking sad." yeah, the soldier guys are being ignored now. Hmmph.

Camera crews make good chaperon's. Everyone either behaves or misbehaves in front of it, depending on who's behind it and what's happening around.

Take the PMC's. For all that Luke is heckling them and Amadeus right now about Oppressing, suppressing, depressing or any kind of 'essing, the only thing that they do is move forward to swipe at the bag of paints that have been claimed by any of the others, tossing it behind them before they advance again, thereby pushing back a few people. Not physically, just their presence is doing such, making sure not to touch anyone.

That includes Amadeus as he carries on with his 'art' and trying to get his message across.

The reporter - part of her view into the dome obscured by the energetic and erstwhile strokes of telepathic genius, flips her blonde hair, turning towards the camera which has started running. They can hear her through the dome."This is Ciara Collins for Channel 4 news reporting from the Dome. As you can see behind me, some of the residents are trying to get a message out to the public" The camera pans back to take in the backwards message, then the one written to be seen by those on the free side of the barrier. "We're going to try and speak with some of the individuals inside the dome, see what they hope to gain by this message"

Amadeus starts rushing down the ladder when his writing his finished, stuffing the can into his jacket. He walks right to the dome, knocking on it a few times for the camera. "Hey! My dad's homeland, I've got somethin' to say!"

Luke eyes Amadeus and just shakes his head. "You keep saying that like it matters to anyone." he remarks, then sneers at the PMCs again. "They're probably ready to shoot us in here, how's that for press?" he tells the news anchorwoman.

"Bugger off kid. Go cry to your mommy" One of the PMC's sneers back at Luke, not backing down from the teenager even as Amadeus is bounding with enthusiasm towards the barrier and the reporter. One of the PMC's is on the radio again, keeping everyone up to date about what's happening down here.

Ciara Collins gets right up to the dome, close as she dares, moving to where the seemingly perpetually half baked individual is. "What's your name?" She inclines the microphone towards Amadeus and the others who are gathering around him, the cameraman gesturing for Luke to come too. The more the merrier the better the ratings and something that some other stations don't have. "Do you have anything to say to those of us out here who are waiting? what's it like inside the dome? What's happening in there?"

"My name's Amadeus Deckard, and I got word from my father in Homeland that the suit's, y'know, the government, trapped us all in the dome. First they put up the evo houses, then when they got us all over here, they put up the dome. Now they're gonna come in here and start takin' us out, ability or not." Amadeus pulls out his machete, holding it up for the woman to see. "Those dudes over there, the soldier dudes, they're just here to keep us all apart, like fuckin' Mad Max or somethin'. They know that if we like, know the truth, and all get together and start helpin' with supplies and stuff, that the government plan won't work. We've all gotta work together, share our shit, and get ready for when they come for us!"

"What evidence do you have that the government is responsible for this? Who is your father?" She moves the microphone back and forth, a little surprised at the production of the machete, a look slanted to the side as he points to the soldiers who are busy trying to herd people away from the dome, no use of excessive force. Luke seems to have slinked off, likely to go find more people to harass.

"How have you come by this information Mr. Deckard?"

"My father told me! Flint Deckard, he's Homeland! He knew all this stuff was gonna happen, tried to warn me but I was like 'Fuck this old guy'. It ain't like he was tryin' to spill government secrets, he was just drunk off his ass." Amadeus lightly taps the dome with his machete, then turns around to start walking off. "People gotta start spreadin' the word and gettin' together! If we keep up all this Mad Max bullshit, we're all gonna kill each other before the government can!"

"Are you telling me that inside the dome, people are looting and rioting? Still? What else is going on in the dome Mr. Deckard? What is happening on Roosevelt Island?" She tilts the microphone back towards him while keeping an eye out for any PMC's who may be bearing down to chase her away. Her palm rests against the barrier, outlined in the reactive blue to her touch.

Amadeus turns back to the camera, sheathing his machete behind him again. "Hell yeah they are. They've got gangs runnin' around, people gettin' women for slaves, just killin' motherfuckers. All 'cause these assholes," He motions to the PMCs. "Don't want us to work together."

This is starting to sound even more implausible as words go by, the reporter staring at the quite possibly high or very crazy individual on the other side. What to ask him next? What medication have you been taking? It's going to take a great deal of editing as it is and she looks back to the cameraman as if to ask what next, she spots PMC's hoofing it on her side towards them.

That solves the issue of what to do and with a quick goodbye, a promise to pass on the message to his father at the Department of Homeland, Ciara Collins is hoofing it back the way they came. That leave Amadeus and the few stragglers who the PMC's have given up on getting them away from the barrier now that the news crew is departing. That and the words painted on the dome and the walls behind them.


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