The Sword Of Revolution


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Scene Title The Sword of Revolution
Synopsis Peter Petrelli and Rupert Carmichael deliver news of the Staten Island Hospital attack to Messiah.
Date August 5, 2010

Howland Hook Facility

Dusk in Howland Hook is a quiet time, when the construction machines have all been turned off, when the noise of inustrial work has given way to the chirping of cicadas and crickets in the fading light of day. Clouds cover the sky tonight, no sunset to be seen beyond the small panes of glass that tile together to make the tall warehouse windows in one of Howland Hook's many abandoned factories.

Here in an expansive former machine shop floor, a war is being planned. The call to gather went out early that morning, and as the sun is but a fading memory swallowed into the Jersey skyline, they begin coming out of the shadows and into the dim lantern light of the meeting house.

Gathered around a makeshift table made from layered planks of plywood supported by sawhorses, Peter Petrelli and Rupert Carmichael have information to deliver to the soldiers of Messiah. No maps lay out on the tables today, this is not a tactical meeting, but a rally. Familiar and even unfamiliar faces are everywhere in the crowd in these evening hours — Knox, Allen Rickham, Risa Lynette, West Rosen, Matthew Lacombe, Larson Riggs. While the less recognizable faces of Julian Kuhr, Jesse Murphy, and several other Messiah operatives from out of state that have been filtering in to the area for days.

"I have an important announcement to make," Peter states clearly over the din of murmured conversation from the growing crowd, "an announcement to all of Messiah, one that I know each and every one of you has a personal stake in, be it small or large." Peter's voice carries through the warehouse, even as Rupert slinks back to a passive, observational position, brows furrowed and hands tucked into the pockets of his slacks.

"We finally know where to find a limb of the Institute," Peter asserts with a furrow of his brows and a strong scowl, "and we're going to sever it."

Ash makes his way into the meeting area with a soft scuff of shoes on concrete, his walk slow, stiff. Eyes go to Peter and the otehrs gathered as he finds a spot of wall to lean back against, and he leans rathe rheavily at that, his eyes closing for a long stretch, only opening again when he hears Peter's voice.

Attention pulls to the man, watching him. The mention of attacking the institute brings a lifting of one eyebrow, but no words. Hands tuck into the pockets of his jeans, carefully, easing his shoulders down before he lifts his eyes up towards the other members of messiah, watching for their reactions.

Ling stands towards the head of the crowd, quiet and observant. She does little in the way of moving, as she had actually rather tired herself out just getting to the meeting, her leg sill stuck up in it's cast, watching as her eyes move across several faces she still doesn't recognise among the crowd - to be truthful and honest, she had no idea Messiah had quite this many members.

Arms crossed across her chest, she assesses this news carefully, a finger tapping a constant, unwavering beat on her arm. "Quite the milestone, indeed," she mummers, eyes turning up to Messiah's leader. It's not meant in a condescending manner, though it certainly sounds like it could be.

Many times though she can be brisk, snappish when under duty- Huruma had been rather subdued for a long time. Today, however, it is clear that she is not subdued, nor keeping her irritation at other things within check. She is entitlted to her bad days, but yesterday was worth twofold, possibly more. Benjamin Ryans buffered her initial reactions to the hours of the afternoon and evening; once she was alone it was another story. Simmering anger gave in to striking out at various things, objects, people. Herself. When Huruma reaches Howland Hook on her black and chrome bike, she takes her time in getting into the machine room in the noted warehouse. As such, she is late for how early she usually can be.

Regardless, she still breaches for a seat at the opposite head of the makeshift table, listening in silence with one leg crossed over the other, the black material of her dress wrapped snug to her knees. The cropped leather jacket serves a more superficial than practical purpose for riding motorcycles- but somehow it works for her. Who is going to argue?

Call her paranoid, but Claire Bennet is at the back of the room, back pressed tight up against the wall. This means she can't really see well, but she really doesn't care. If Sylar was willing to grab her in the middle of the raid, she's having a hard time accepting he wouldn't have a chance to grab her there. Arms are folded across her chest, her head tipped down, but her eyes watch everything, every movement.

Thanks to this, she hasn't exactly slept well either, it's not exactly telling with her regeneration, but… she could easily sleep. She isn't taking any chances, under her black trench coat she's armed and ready. This tiny terrorist is determined not be caught unaware again.

Looking to the arriving members of the team, Peter paces around under the light of chemical lanterns, his dark suit jacket unbuttoned and brick red button-down shirt beneath creased and wrinkled like he slept in it. "The Institute has been right under our noses all along, here on Staten Island inside the Reclaimed Zone, the walled off area of the island protected by the National Guard." Murmured voices of surprise and frustration begin to rumble through the crowd.

"Messiah has made contact with groups that have vital tactical information about the Staten Island Hospital, a secure facility where Evolved are being detained for inhuman medical experiments. The Ferrymen and the associates of a man named Richard Cardinal. They have agreed to join forces with us to perform a two-purpose attack," Peter lifts one hand up and raises two fingers, "One, rescuing the prisoners of the Institute from their captivity. Two, destroying the facility and killing every single man and woman that has connection to the Institute on premises. We will turn that facility into a glass crater with the combined power that Messiah commands."

Circling the table, Peter looks out into the crowd, eye contact from dark brown eyes flitting from one person to the next. "We will need to work together with these others, in order to perform this assignment. We will need to cooperate with our brothers and sisters in arms who cannot take up a fist to the air as we can. They will be our support, our eyes, and our ears and— if I can convince them— they will be soldiers at our sides."

"Together," Peter affirms, "we have the strength to defeat anything thrown at us."

Cooperation. It's never really been one of Ling's strong suits. But there are times everything must give for one to reach their goals, and it seems this will be one of those instances. The worry of just outright destroying the facility brings a frown to her face, however. "And what if we hace something we seek inside of this facility?" she asks in a very businesslike manner, staring straight up at Peter. He should know what she refers to - Bao-Wei Cong's personal files and information, if he is indeed there.

"Th'fact remains that it is only one arm. An'growing those back is no'completely unheard of." Huruma's comment somehow floats up the table from the other end, her smooth drawl especially dry tonight. Rescuing an'killing is one thing." She looks once over, to Ling, and back again, towards Peter, her arms on the rests of the chair. "Information is another. I do hope we will put the opportunity to use- I should so hate t'see it wasted." One set of long fingers moves up, and the dark woman rests her chin on the backs of them, eyes ahead and practically glittering in the dimness.

If anything, putting her anger to good use is another thing that several people should hope she does not waste.

"Things don't make it out," Peter asserts, "I don't want any research making it out of that hospital. Too much escaped from Pinehearst during its death throes. I will not be responsible for the next Refrain coming out onto the streets because of our actions. People unconnected to the Institute can leave, but everything else is left to burn. Files, drugs, research— all of it goes up in smoke and flames. One of us will be helping Rebel get access to their intranet inside the facility so that he can search for employee names and facility locations— tactical information— but I'm not letting some of their projects out."

Looking askance to Claire and then to Ash, Peter breathes in deeply, letting his gaze wander to Huruma next, then Ling, then around to the others gathered in the crowd. "I need to know that you're all with me on this one, that we're all in agreement that we don't let viruses or drugs or anything that could be turned against our kind escape that building."

Ash arches a brow as he's picked out from the crowd by Peter looking to him and Claire and a few others. He pushes off from the wall, walking slowly, limping really as he moves. He may have had medical treatment, but wounds like that don't just seal up. He stops a few feet away, eeys on Peter. "Whats in there that you want destroyed so very badly? We've taken things from them and the government in the past and used them against them. Why now are we destroying every little thing and not letting a single bit out? What are we destroying specifically Peter?" The man's arms don't cross as they normally would, he's in a bit too much pain still for that. "And if Rebel wants in there will need to be an advance team to sneak him in. Once the alarm is raised they will purge their databases."

Ling looks less than pleased about this, and the expression on her lowered gaze relays this clearly. "Then I will have to speak with Rebel," she says flatly, eyes still locked on Peter. "If not for this, than for something else." And with that, she scoffs, looking rather amused. "I believe you don't have to worry about me bringing out any drugs. I have had my fill of things such as Refrain. For my part, I will help as I can, if I am in the condition to do so." A glance down at her leg, her posture shifting a bit as she continues to watch, think, and analyse.

"I think it may be best if I am not taken to field." Huruma responds, amidst other muttering from around the table. "My hands are sticky enough as it is." She does not need the temptation.

"I don't know, Ash, that's what scares me. I've heard stories of human experimentation, virus manufacturing like what we stopped in Chicago, it could be anything. We open one wrong door or unstopper one wrong bottle, and we might let out a genie that we can't put back in." That explanation seems to be projected to everyone, carried on Peter's raised voice as he turns in a slow circle, looking around the room. "Whatever the Institute loses here I don't want them getting back, I can't risk us making one fatal mistake. We've gotten as far as we have without whatever they've researched, we can continue to persevere without it. We destroy everything they have and rescue our captives…"

But then, Peter's lips downturn into a frown. "If it turns out one of the captives is something we should be worried about," dark eyes scan the crowd again, "we deal with that as it comes."

Rupert, however, takes up the slack on a point Peter was too indignant to address. "We won't have the opportunity to sneak anyone in advanced. Not more than by a few minutes. While we haven't put together a full plan of attack yet, my rough outline indicates that we'll need to perform a layered assault on the structure with a diversion team outside and squads inside performing multiple operations. Getting Rebel hooked into their intranet will be hit or miss, but if we sneak someone in early and the Institute becomes aware that we know of their facility?"

Rupert lifts his hands and brings them apart with a blossoming motion of his fingers, "K-pssh," and makes and epxlosion sound with his mouth. "We lose everything. It's a risk we can't take. Priority goes to destroying everything in sight and cutting off their ability to utilize that facility and liberating the imprisoned. Anything else we manage will be a surpluss victory."

Ash pulls in a slow breat and then lets it out before he shakes hsi head slightly. "We're ready to strike if they find our advance team. But we can't risk not having the information in their system if we're going to continue to survive." He looks over to Peter then and sighs. "Peter, do you really think they're going to ignore us destroying an entire facility? No… we're going to need something more after this operation, that or we'll have to scatter so bad they can't find us, but there will be retaliation for this." He folds his arms over his chest and glances to those around him, then back to Peter and Rupert, watchign them both closely.

Harrison walks in wearing his red scarf and has not been seen much. Perhaps the young man has been hiding as he folds his arms over his chest and leans against the wall by the door. He listens silently from his position.

"I imagine they have measures to prevent even someone with such an ability that makes it easy from sneaking in," Ling says thoughtfully, nodding at Rupert. Her finger finally ceases it's tapping, eyes narrowing. "Once this is over, I would still like to speak with someone, however, on these matters." With that, she lets it rest, waiting to see what else Messiah's leaders have to say on the matter.

"So what about th'inside? Getting in can be planned. What about getting back out?" Huruma puts her leg down, sitting up in the old chair she has perched in. "What do you know of the inside? Security measures?" She may not be willing to go into the hospital herself- surely she can find another use- but the question remains for the benefit of those who are going to.

Harrison 's eyes fall on Ash from his position. He has not come to visit the man since the mission. Perhaps he feels guilty for his injuries that he got or not. He turns his eyes back towards Peter from his position struggling to hear yet remains away from the group for now. He shoves his hands into his pockets in a sigh.

"I doubt they will do much hunting, Ash. I mean… you have to expect some back lash. It's going to happen." Claire says from her place as a wallflower. "When Pinehearst went down, the government didn't sweep through and scoop the lot up that took it down." People may not really see her through the crowd, but she's there. No effort is made to move forward, they can just listen if they can't see her.

"The fact that no one knew where it is… well, I kind of doubt that they will be happy it's exposed." The ex-cheerleader straightens a bit where she's standing, sliding hands into the pockets of her trench coat. "I think they may be too busy dealing with being exposed and explaining the reason it even exists and what was going on there.

"I guess what I'm saying Ash is… you can't plan for everything, just relax and go for the ride." Claire gives him a small smile, though it doesn't reach her eyes. "I'm not a planner, I don't understand the finer points of it, I trust Peter and Rupert to know what they are doing." Nope she's not brainwashed at all! "If we don't get the data now… okay… so?" Her shoulders shrug, brows lifting a bit. She motions to Peter and Rupert. "They'll figure something else out. For now, I just want to see them go down and I want my friends out of there."

"Nothing, yet. Cardinal's people have maps, notes on security and numbers. We haven't made a full plan yet, and we won't be able to until I meet with the Ferrymen council on Saturday. After that Rupert and their tactical minds will get together and plan the assault utilizing all of the information we have. As far as I'm aware, Cardinal has a remote viewer in his employ, she might be able to get us inside looks at the building and also offer intelligence during the operation, she's their Rebel in that respect."

Rubing one hand at the side of his face, Peter scratches his beard and looks down to the unadorned makeshift table, then back up to to Huruma. "The Ferrymen will be assisting with the evacuation, they have the transportation and numbers, they've also offered to set up a triage center for our wounded in the Greenbelt, well outside of the combat zone. Once we establish a plan, every member of Messiah participating in the atack will be briefed on their role."

Then, though, the conversation turns to more "Retalliation is going to come, Rupert and I already discussed that. If we can get information out of the satellite center, there's no guarantee that it will save us from that, or even give us an edge to go on the offensive further, but Rupert and I have outlined a plan to carry us through the remainder of the year…" Looking to Rupert, Peter motions to give the tactician the floor.

Graciously bowing his head and then sweeping back his thinning back from his forehead with a smile. "After we finish the attack on the Staten Island Hospital, we're going to recover from our injuries and strike again. I have identified some key targets here in the city that we can strike at while they're weakened, Retreiver hubs, centers where these kidnappers operate out of. We can debilitate those facilities and cripple their capability to strike back at us at all. Then, over the next few months I'll be preparing a list of other locations in the United States we can hit…"

One of Rupert's brows rise slowly, "Before I unveil my coup de grace, the plan I've mentioned since day one. A certain end to the war between the Evolved and the government and the collapse of the Institute and the Petrelli Administration, all in one single sweep."

Peter offers Rupert an askance look at that, then furrows his brows. But Rupert finishes with, "All I ask for is your patience, and your trust. But some of you?" Rupert looks to Ash notably, "will be given some more responsibilities after the Hospital attack."

Ash turns hsi head, glancing over to Ling before he raises a brow to her statements. Brow raising, he does alot of it. Maybe someone should give him Sylar's eyebrows, make it nice and dramatic like. No one would miss brow raises of that caliber. Ash shakes hsi head to her statements. "no, the time to work stuff like that out is now, the planning stages not later." He sighs, though glances to the side. "Makes no difference between us going in there full force and us going in there with an advance team, the same problems arise." Harrison gets a smile and a nod of his head, a thankful nod of his head of all things. "Doing okay kid?" He asks the young man before pulling his eyes back to Peter and RUpert.

Claire's words bring his head turning and a smirk across his lips. "I know. I was there. That's the first time I saw Petey over there. Being wheeled out in a wheel chair by another group that was raiding the facility when I was in there. And you may not be a planner, but I am. I'm not just a killer, I actually have a brain and know how to use it." His eyes narrow at the regenerator. He parts his lips to say something else to her, then closes them and gives his head a shake.

Ash, not speaking everything on his mind? A miracle to be sure. He goes quiet, listening to Rupert and to Peter as they speak again, the man's eyes flickering between each, judging their reacti9ons and expressions when the otehr is talking. "Patience is hard to ask for from hunted people Rupert. Many of us can't show our faces in all but a few public places." He's not saying he won't have patience, just … reinforcing how much time means to a lot of them.

As his eyes move from the various people in the room, Harrison looks back at Ash and nods his head slightly. "I am fine Ash. Hope your doing better man." He runs a hand through his hair and asks, "I hope this time I might be able to help a bit better Peter." Harrison takes a step forward. "I know I make a great shield but…I want to help more…I am not just a kid who can turn to metal." He sighs looking frustrated.

"You learn…" Claire says blandly from her spot when Ash talks about patience. How many years did she have to spend her time hiding? She doesn't say much more then that, falling into silence letting the others talk.

"The difference is risking our allies," Peter explains to Ash, "I know you're not just muscle, which is why Rupert and I are going to see how you do on handling your own side missions once we're done with the hospital. But we're not just risking the lives of Messiah going in on this, we're risking the lives of the captives and our allies. One risk we're all willing to take, we know what we signed up for. The prisoners? That's something I can't risk." He won't admit that it's because of one particular prisoner.

Claire likely understands.

""We can't make any decisions until I see Cardinal's data. The maps, information… whatever he has will help us actually form a plan. Right now, all that matters is that we're all on the same page. We step on the Institute, crush them flat, and make certain that they can never re-use that hospital facility again. Are you all with me on that?"

Peter doesn't quite get an answer, not at first, some half-hearted mumbles before he starts pacing around the table. "Knox," Peter throws out, "Are you with me?" Looking up from the crowd, looks looks left and right, then lifts his chin up slowly.

"'Course I am, Pete. I ain't lettin' these bastards keep nobody, 'specially not Gillian. That girl's right in my book, and she ain't no criminal like some'a us," and that earns a look to Jesse, who promptly — and teasingly — flips off Knox with a broad smile.

"Allen," Peter turns his focus to Rickham, "are you with me?" Rickham's hematite eyes settle on Peter, his metallic face sags into a frown, then eyes close and his head dips into a slow nod.

"To the end," Rickham hollowly echoes, "I'm with you."

Looking around again, Peter turns to Ash. "Ash," dark brows furrow, "when we come up with the plan, I'll want your input. But I need to know for this— for making sure nothing survives— are you with me?"

Ash shifts his body a little bit, muscles and form tensing with sudden pain. He /was/ moving towards Harrison, but he stops in his tracks and hunches his shoulders a bit. "I'm… alive." He offers to him, then shakes his head. "You did fine." He offers the kid. "No one expects you to turn into a paramilitary operative over night Harrison." His head turns, and his eyes settle on Claire.

"You might, you don't die. I on the other hand? Do you really see me surviving all of this Claire? With my general attitude and drive to see things done? I damn sure dont' expect me to survive all this. My only hope is that I can make some sort of differnece with my life." He rolls his broad shoulders a bit, then glances away, down to the floor.

Eyes pull back up towards Peter, and a brow slides upwards. "To point out the obvious Peter. This is war. Casualties happen. Collateral happens. I'm sure you guys have friends in there. But ask yourself, are their lives worth it all? Is rescuing them worth endangering the operation, and the data we could get Rebel access to? Yes, we're risking lives, it happens in war. People die for a cause. Anyone going in to raid that facility will know what they're walking into, they risk themselves by being there."

Yes, Ash is an asshole. He takes a slow step back from the table, his body shuddering in pain. He watches Peter make his rounds before the man looks his way. "I wouldn't still be standing here if I wasn't in this for the long haul and the big boom Peter. You already know that I'm with you."

Ling chuckles, shaking her head. "It will be interesting to see exactly how this plays out," she mutters to herself, glancing over to each person as their name is called. Arms uncross, leaning back with her weight on her good leg. "The institute has made sure I cannot do what I want likely for the rest of my life. My personal interests aside, you will have my assistance."

"I may not be with you-" Huruma has never made it a secret that she doesn't see Peter as leadership material. "But I am with this." One long hand motions vaguely forward, to the room at large. Her answer from the end of the table is more of a grumble than a verbalization, but she gets her point across.

As Harrison looks Ash over, and clearly frowns at the manner in which he is speaking about how he expects to not live through this he looks over at Claire with a raised eyebrow. He shrugs, "I have killed already Peter. I made my choice already….I won't be put in a cage for being different. I will not allow people to be harmed because they are different." He frowns at his leader clearly as he opt to ignore his statement as he shoves his hands back into his pockets in a huff.

Claire studies Ash and starts to say something, there is a lot she could say, but just drops it, settling into silence and shaking her head. She's been off since the raid, cranky and fairly unsociable… worse then before. Head tipping down she listens to everyone rallying to the call. Her fingers hook the silver chain with it's warped tags and pull it out to where he fingers can run over the stamped lettering on them.

She doesn't add her own call, Claire just glances at the two men at the center of it all and gives them a small smile and a little nod of her head.

"Each of you is going to have a more active role in the future, Rupert's going to need you all to use the assortment of skills you have to the best of your ability, more than just the simple hit and run tactics we've been using. Some of you may not believe in me as a leader," Peter admits with a motion of one hand around the crowd, "some of you may not agree with my ideals. But I will not abandon this cause, and I will not fail to accomplish what Messiah has set out to do, with or without your belief."

"You don't need to believe in me," Peter says with a slow shake of his head, "you need to believe in Messiah. Believe in each other. Believe in our cause." Breathing in deeply, Peter exhales a slow, short breath and lets his shoulders slouch, raking his fingers through his hair. "I'm going to need all of you to make this battle succeed. People are going to get hurt," Peter agrees with Ash indirectly, "people might die, but our kind is few in number… and if I can prevent even one of us from falling, I will."

"Once we have our intelligence," Rupert affirms, "some of you will be contacted to help with the planning stages, and we are looking to hit the hospital no later than one week from today. I recommend you all, ah, get your minds in order for that…"

Ash notices Harrison's look and though it brings some curious confusion to Ash's face he doesn't address that right away, instead he turns his head, stiff as his neck is, to settle his gaze upon the leader of Messiah. He doesn't speak again, at least, not at the moment. Instead he slinks back to his section of wall and leans back against it, his breathing slightly heavy, his face pained, and his eyes closed.

It is probably fortunate for Ling that, at this point, she has little to lose from this endeavour, little to think about and little to be distracted by. "And when do you think you'll have this intelligence by?" she inquires honestly, quirking an eyebrow as her glance moves between the two men. If that detail had been shared once, clearly it wasn't clear enough for Ling.

"Easier said then done." The words said under her breath, softly. Claire isn't sure how she's going to get her mind in order, when she'll probably looking over her shoulder constantly worried Sylar is after her… Or jumping each time she sees Gabriel. Blue eyes close for a moment and she sighs softly.

A hand dips into her pocket and she pulls out her cellphone. She thumbs through numbers stopping on one in particular and then another. Two people she'd love to talk to right, maybe they can help her get past this sudden snag. Claire glances at Peter and Rupert, then the door, as if pondering an attempt to sidle her way out.

"Saturday night," Peter states to Ling with a slow nod of his head, "then we'll start planning for the attack." Following that explanation, Peter doesn't give much more space between his words before wrapping a bow on this meeting, metaphorically speaking. "I want you all ready to go on Wednesday next week in preparation for the Thursday attack. Those of you who still have injuries, I'll make the rounds to do what I can for you to get you back into fighting shape." Which likely means at cost to himself, but that part is kept quiet.

"Keep your heads up and your eyes open, remember that one slip-up about this impending attack could kill us all. Don't speak of the battle outside of known members of Messiah, and don't let the threat of what we're facing make you fear. We may be few in number, but our strength grows exponentially with each one of us."

Peter steps around the table again, looking across the faces gathered in the crowd, then up to a bird perched in the broken skylight above, his brows furrowed on sight of the crow. There's a nod to the avian observer, then a look back down to the others. "Have faith, have strength, and have hope."

Then, along with several other members of Messiah joining him in the phrase, Peter closes out the meeting with a familiar saying.

"Fortis Est Veritas"

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