The Symbiosis Foundation
Symbiosis Foundation
Owner Melissa Pierce
Hours of Operation
Current Status Open for Business
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The Symbiosis Foundation is based out of a small office space in East Harlem — on the outside, there's nothing particularly impressive about the building, a narrow three-story brickfront with bold black windows, but the property appears clean and well-kept with a metal plaque attached to the wall on the inside of the entryway with the Foundation's name on it, as well as the names of the other businesses that have leased space in the brickfront's modest interior.

Although there is no elevator inside, the stairwell that leads to the second floor where the Symbiosis Foundation is located does not make for a difficult climb, and during business hours the door that separates the office space from the landing is always open. Polished hardwood floors and a bay window with a view of a small park behind the building betray the building's origins — before it was converted into offices sometime in the late seventies or early eighties, the brickfront was a small apartment complex. Each unit has since been transformed into roughly seven-hundred and fifty square feet of space, and the Symbiosis Foundation's office still includes a kitchen in the back with a working microwave, stove and coffee machine as well as a table and two chairs for employees who might choose to take meals there.

The majority of the space, however, is dedicated to the waiting room with its plush seats, front desk and bookcase full of Evo-related reading material beneath a wall-mounted flatscreen TV.

One of the unit's bedrooms acts as a storage room and is located at the end of the hall with a bathroom opposite. The other poses as Melissa Pierce's personal office.



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