The Talk. Yeah, That Talk.


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Scene Title The Talk. Yeah, That Talk.
Synopsis Post Deckard slapping, Leo has the talk with Abby over ice cream on the street. There's also talk about Buck and working as well as getting a bigger apartment.
Date July 16, 2009

Greenwich Village

"You really have a thing for that guy? I totally thought you were like a nun!" Leo blurts, as they exit the apartment building. It's still sultry, despite the evening - too much stone and concrete absorbs the sun during the say, reflects it back out at night.

"I have a thing for Victor too" Abigail defends herself after the quiet walk down the stairs and out into the air. "Obviously though.."

Obviously. Nothing is ever going to come of it. The top is peeled off her ice cream, follow by the safety seal and since it's warm enough and the ice cream has been in her hands for some time now, she lifts it to her mouth to nibble and scrape at the sides with her teeth. "Don't judge me. I'm allowed to.. want. I'm not dead. I'm still chaste" There's a look over to him though.

Leonard looks shamefacedly at the pavement, even as he reaches in to a pocket, produces a couple of plastic disposable spoons. "I'm not looking down on you for it, darling. I know I do, even if I don't choose wisely. I….Victor I've met. Mike…..I don't know. I don't know if I'd do him," he says, after a moment.

"I'm not gonna do him. Heavens, Leo, I won't even let Xiulan" Zoolahn she pronounces it. "Buy me .. adult toys" The spoon is gratefully takne, and she digs into the ice cream, unearthing a chunk of real strawberry. She looks miserable and after one bite, is passing the strawberry over. "Chunky monkey please"

The strawberry continues to waft alongside her, like a floating puppy, faithful and true. "Maybe you should. An orgasm never hurt anyone," he says, blithely, snatching the strawberry out of the air. "God knows you've accumulated a lot of good karma asit is…."
Now her cheeks start to turn the very shade that she was eating as the chunky monkey is quickly taken and the process repeated though with less teeth scraping. "I'm not that kind of girl"

"You don't know, you've never tried," Leo points out, genially. 'I mean, I don't want you to do anything against your religion, or whatnot…but…have you ever had one?" he wonders, peering at her.

Leo's gay. It's okay to talk to him about it.


"No" The answer quickly followed by a heaping mouthful of aforementioned chunky monkey

Leo is bisexual, but it is still okay to talk to him about it. "Then you don't know," he says, gently. "I won't pretend it's the end all be all, but really…."

There's another heaping mouthful of chunky monkey. What was that movie called? Down with love. A woman doesn't need a man, she just needs chocolate and chocolate is better than.. that thing that Leo is encouraging her to explore. "Not supposed to till I'm married."

Leonard rolls his eyes. "'That's a scam, because men have a bizarre obsession with virginity. Which doesn't biologically exist. And you can have an orgasm before you're married, you just can't have actual intercourse, if you're going to get technical about it."

"And what's the harm in me waiting huh?" There's a spoonful of ice cream, a little of everything it held out for Leonard to take a bit from. "What would you rather, someone who's kept herself pure until the night of your wedding or someone who's.. been.. you know.." There's a soft sigh, spoon taken back when it's empty sp she can scrape the top of the ice cream, go for the melted stuff. "Sometimes, I think about just doing it, getting it over with. It's such a big deal to everyone else. But then I think about my momma and my Dah and they're already disappointed with things…"

"The latter, honey, honestly. I hate that a woman has to measure her worth purely by her sexual behavior. That's one huge reason I'm not a Baptist anymore," he says, taking a delicate bite of the Chunky Monkey. "Purity is bullshit, honey. Your virginity is not a commodity. It doesn't exist. Now, there's no reason to hop into bed with anyone you don't want to. But exploring what you like beforehand, by yourself - where's the harm in that? What's wrong with liking sex, so long as you're responsible about indulging it? Frankly, what you do with whom is not your parents' business. It's not even mine, really," he admits, unhesitatingly.

"Cannot believe that I am having this conversation on a street outside my apartment while eating ice cream" It's groused, god naturedly, her cheeks still flushed. "I went and got the pill. From Dr. Bianco. I've been taking it since I got it. Just in case. I mean, you know" Abigail shrugs her shoulders. "Love the one your with then, huh. Victor"

Leonard shrugs. "I'm one to talk, considering what I've done. Who I've done, for that matter," he sounds entirely nonchalant about it. "That's wise - I know it has other benefits for women, as well. And I'm not saying you have to go out and fuck anyone, at all."

"Don't use that word" Her brows crinkle, not liking that particular work used to describe that. Another bite of chunky monkey offered up. "Isabelle was here, she wouldn't ask me if I wanted to go shopping for toys, she's buy a whole box and just shove me upstairs and say not to come down till I found one I liked"

"I should do that," Leo muses. "In her memory. Seriously. Stuff with batteries….I thought I was gonna faint the first time someone used one on me. Sorry. Make love, have sex, however you wanna call it."

"make love. They called it the F word a lot on the island" Then there's that. Everything that happened there. "Strawberry please" chocolate held out, waiting for the strawberry to be handed over. The lack of healing ability means that she's not thin anymore. She's still thin, there's just a few more pounds here and there. Abby has hips. Small hips, but they're there.

Leonard nods to her, hands it over, after taking the Baileys out of the air as if it'd been placed on an invisible shelf. "No one interfered with you there, did they?"

"What do you mean by interfered?" There's another chunk of real strawberry and it's now making it's way to her mouth.

Graciously, he lets her finish, before he replies. "Sexually molested," he says, more bluntly


"No. And people can stop asking me that. Hiro can tell you too. They never.. did that. They just like to come down and tell me stuff, see who could make me blush, get a reaction out of me" Her spoon is stirred in the strawberry, getting more melted ice cream.

Leonard grunts at that. "Good," he says, simply. "That'd be awful to have as your first introduction to it."

"And if it had been?"

"I'd do more terrible things to Logan before I killed him. And not be ragging you about this now," Leo admits, between bites of ice cream.

"Would you really go buy a box of them? What, would you sit outside my door and make sure I tried them all?" A bite of strawberry offered, her mouth open for a taste of the Bailey's.

Leonard nods. "Well, you're an honorable girl, so i wouldn't insist on you letting me try to use them on you. You don't think of me like that, it would be weird if you started," he says, spooning the Irish Cream one in there obligingly.

"yeah, no" He's like a brother. "Nor would I let Teo. If he was a around. Nor the one at the helm" The Bailey's is tried and she swallows hastily, screwing up her face. "Nope, don't like that, that ones all your's" She lowers the strawberry, peering up at the smog laden sky and the absence of stars. "Flint wouldn't have the patience. Victor…" It would ruin what they have and right now, he's got a lot on his plate, or will whenever Gillian gets around to telling him. "Xiulan, she's in Chinatown, at the Green Dragon tattoo. I'll.. talk with her, get her help. No offense but.. Yeah"

Well, now he has. Leo should've kept his mouth shut. He looks wry. "I'm sure it's better to talk to another woman about these things, yeah."

'That's not it. Lord in heaven, strike me down, i've done put my foot in my mouth again" Abby sighs, the patented Ben sigh. "Get me one. Whatever one. That you think might, be.. appropriate"

"I'll just get you a massaging showerhead," Leo says, lazily. "I like 'em myself."

"Oh. I see. Because you'll get pleasure out of it too huh"

"They don't get me off, they're just convenient when you shower," Leo says. He's apparently quite serious, too.

"I'll ask Xiu how that works" Seems like Abgail's agreeing to that particular purchase. "How are you doing? Becky find you anything to do in the bar yet?"

Leonard shrugs. "Grunt work, but that's fine, honestly," he says, with a lazy wave.

"Get your ID's and stuff and insurance numbers and I can get you on the front" She offers, quietly, looking over to a bus bench and trots over to sit down. "I was gonna sleep above the bar but maybe I'll go see if Victor want to pick me up. Can beat curfew back to his place"

Leonard eyes her. "You sure?"

" it's either that or Cat offered to put me up on the fourth floor when we have guests. Buck can stay but.. at some point Leo… he might find out what you are"

"You mean a mutant, or a terrorist? He knows I'm Evolved," Leo says, easiily. "He doesn't get to drive you out of your place, though. It's only temporary."

"The terrorist part Leo. And he won't. Claire's upstairs and I promised i'd spend some time with her too. I swear, I was busy before I lost God's gift, and I'm even busier now. Just less bone weary tired. Come sit" Parked on the bench herself.

Leonard settles himself on the bench, obediently. "If you're sure."

"Depends on him, if he doesn't mind the inflatable bed, then I can still take my bed and we don't need to worry about you breaking stuff" She's arranging stuff in her mind. "Or you know, I can ask Cat to move into a three bedroom, and that way I'm not always playing Musical beds"

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