The Ten Foot Squid


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Scene Title The Ten Foot Squid
Synopsis Elephants are so 1999. It's the ten foot squids in the room that people don't want to acknowledge now. And Kameron has a practiced flair at not acknowledging things - whether she really doesn't get it or not. Needless to say, Brian's attempt to Talk(tm) about the events previous, fails.
Date March 2, 2009

The Lighthouse

Well then. Getting kissed apparently -out of the blue- by a friend was … definitely not something Kameron had expected to happen. Oh sure, maybe other people might have seen it coming, but not for the Obtuse one! In fact, Kameron had frozen absolutely still from the shock - then quickly excused herself. Mostly because ….. well, embarassing for one. And that whispered swear from Brian told her pretty clearly that he hadn't meant for that to happen. Best to give him a bit of space, right?

Not to mention she herself had to think. She had actually sat up almost all night tryin to figure out the how and why that happened. Of course, the primary reason someone would do that? Because they liked you, she supposed. But she just as quickly dismissed that idea as nonsense. Besides, if that had been intentional… well she didn't know what she'd have thought if that was intentional. It had to have been a mistake. They -were- on the stairs, and it was perfectly possible that he had been leaning in to give her a hug, and wound up… doing that instead. Which explained the curse.

Right! Okay, that made perfect sense to her. So she'd managed to get some sleep after that. Not that there was much left in the evening -to- sleep. A handful of hours, at least. Come morning….Kameron knew it was going to be awkard. But she would do her best to muddle through it. Mistakes happen. So, after shaking her head a few times to clear her thoughts, she scooped up her shades, slid them in place, and boldly marched out the door to head downstairs, with Prince at her side.

Brian stayed up for a long time as well. Over analyzing most everything she had ever said, and every little movement made on the stairs. Reading too deep in to things, jumping to wrong conclusions, then jumping back, then jumping over again. It had been a very exhausting night. That stupid Eliot must have gone through his mind a billion times, and the way she so quickly ran up the stairs after he did his dirty deed. Besides if he did fall asleep, that meant the morning would come all the faster.

Between entertaining thoughts of running off and going to perform in a circus in Malaysia, and finally returning home with a sheepish 'hi' the replicator finally decided that he could not in fact leave. Stupid kids. Turning on his TV, he had tried to distract himself with the news and the other majillion problems in the world, but throughout the night he realized that this was without a doubt the most critical one existing on planet Earth for the time being.

Sitting on his bed and watching the clock go tick tick tick, was extremely irritating. So he decided to go for a jog. At night. On Staten Island. Having taken a gun on his little adventure, Brian is just now returning. Locking the kitchen behind him he glances around to make sure no one is up yet. And so a naked copy slides out of Brian in the kitchen (unsanitary) and is tossed the gun, and the keys to the basement. The copy will go put said weapon away and then go take a shower for the two of them, whilst Sweaty Brian starts to make breakfast and silently pray that Kameron had a sudden amnesia attack during the night.

Sudden amnesia attack. That could work. Of course, there were a few problems with that - like that she could quite forget that little accident. She was almost wishing for an amnesia attack. Pausing at the top of the steps, Kameron wonders if she should just - go back into her room and focus on fretting more about Cally. Nope. That won't get anything done. She'd just… have to act like he never stumbled into her. It would be easier for him that way.

She pats her cheeks one final time, then leans down and scritches Prince, making her way down the stairs. She can hear someone fussing about in the kitchen, and someone else in the shower. One or the other might be Colette, so she tilts her head downward to peer over her shades slightly. Nope. The figure in the kitchen was most definitely male.

Right. Taking a deep breath, she stretches her arms over her head and pads towards the kitchen, "Good morning?" Heck, it might not even be Brian, but a new guest. It could happen. She doesn't seem to be acting any strangely (yet) though - maybe Brian's wish for a sudden amnesia attack came true!

"Morning." Brian responds amicably. Oh, hey, are they gonna do the whole pretend like it didn't happen thing? The prospect of that makes Brian a little comforted. Maybe it really didn't happen. It was just a socially awkward dream. But it was a nice dream, for that fraction of a second before he realized what the consequences would be of said 'dream'. And then it wasn't so nice anymore. He's making pancakes. A meal they will probably have a lot of for breakfast if Brian has anything to say about it. Not that he's in love with pancakes, just he is not a fan of breakfast. It's the stupidest meal of the day.

The sizzle of the pan sounds as Brian looks over her shoulder as she walked in with Prince. And his shoulders slump a little bit. "Did you sleep okay?" He asks, normal conversation!

"Oh-um," She folds her arms, leaning the wall, "Yeah. Well enough anyway.. I only got a little bit of sleep," she glances away, "I was asking around about Cally, but so far, no such luck with any sightings." See, that's why she didn't sleep well. Being worried and all that. "How about you?" She is perfectly O-K with not acknowledging weird dreams or whatever happened if Brian is. Poor guy, things would probably get Awkward(TM) otherwise. Especially if he got a girlfriend! Man, would that ever screw things up. Nope, best to ignore the giant squid in the room.

"Yeah. The rescue thing has been put off. We.." He gives a little frown. "Ran into some difficulties. I guess. I didn't sleep much either." He admits. Or at all, really. Brian continues to go about his merry business, until, ugh that stupid squid would get really annoying. And despite his head telling him to continue down present course, he finally turns halway to her. "Should we talk about it?" Brian asks, quietly.

GEK. NO. NO they shouldn't. ".. Talk about what?" As far as Kammy's concerned, there be nothing -to- talk about. It's.. not a conversation she wants to have anyway. Though mention of the difficulties suddenly takes priority, as she turns to look at him, "What happened?" .. that could just as easily be interpreted as from the previous evening as not. Oh -wait-. "It's because.." She leans against the wall again, "You don't have enough people, right? I spoke to Richard the other day, and he said that if Cally was evolved and got picked up in Staten island, she might be fighting in Pan …. Pan -" Pause. "That arena thingy. But he wouldn't tell me where it was." this last in a sour tone.

"Are you serious?" He asks with incredulity after she asks what exactly they would be talking about. "Talk about what happ-" Oh. She's probably doing that avoiding thing. Riight. "Um." He gives a nod of confirmation, accompanying it with an affirmative grunt to her talking about the Pan Pan. He can't say it either. "I know where it is. I think." He offers. Richard. The Disembodied Voice. Ahaaa. It all makes more sense now. "But I won't tell you either. I mean, we can go there together. But you're not going there alone." Even though just saying the 'word' together referring to them two makes him feel just a tad more awkward than he was already.

No, stop payin attention to the squid! Do you want things to be Awkward? More even?
She glances away at the incredulous tone. "Brian, it's all right, I understand," she waves off the 'talk about it'. "I-I mean, accidents happen." She shakes her head, in a reassuring gesture as she steps on the squid for not seeing it. Still. "I mean, if it's hard for -ME- to keep my balance on the stairs, then it's not a shock for someone else to stumble." Which is what she thinks happened. So that's the end of -that-. For now at least.
There's a faint sigh, "Right, right," she nods, "I know - and really, I'm.. not sure I'd even -want- to go there. We don't have any proof that she's ther still. It's just theories. Besides," she muses, "You remember that other guy I was teling you about? The one that accused me of not being blind? Well, you remember, Cally kicked him in the knee - I wonder if he kidnapped her as revenge." Poor Cally. ;.; "I didn't think about that possibility until I was talking to Richard the other day."

"Oh." He murmurs when she says she understands. Well he guesses that's a relief, but then she's talking about stumbling. Whaaa.."You think I tripped?" Brian asks with his brows going up. Really? Does she really not get it? She has to be pretending, right? Turning back to his cooking he plops a pair of pancakes off the pan and onto a plate. The pan is put down he puts some more mix in, and continues to make the next batch. "I can check it out, at least. We know they're using Abby. Deckard.. Uncle Mike he was caught there too. But he got free, but he hasn't stopped in. He won't answer my calls." Brian murmurs.

"Kidnapped? For kicking him in the knee? That's kind of extreme, Kam. I'm not really sure someone would go to all that work just because a teen homeless girl kicked him in the shin. Knee. Whatever. "He did carry guns. Six guns. That is weird. But, I don't know Kammy. That's.. eh. I'll keep it in mind though."

"Well yeah," Kameron replies, with honest confusion. "It was pretty obvious." Only not. She draws in a breath, "Using her.. you mean -" Kameron frowns, shaking her head. Nope, it doesn't make sense to her, why people would do these things. Haven't they heard of courtsey? ".. if they wanted her help, they could probably have had it just by asking. Why use force..?" She looks even more concerned at the follow up, "Not answering your calls. Maybe he's.. been napping." Twenty four hours straight. Seven days a week. "Or -" okay, she doesn't know.

She shifts, "Do you want to check on him? Or I can," she offers helpfully. "You've got a lot of things on your plate as it is. And I'm not talking about the pancakes." She adds, with a weak chuckle, that blends into a soft sigh as she runs a hand halfway through her hair. ".. I-I don't know. Maybe…Maybe he's really unstable a-nd ..Or.. Or maybe it's a-a man thing." Six guns. She lowers the hand from her hair to rub against her shoulder uneasily. Hopefully he's not using those six guns on her friend. "I'm not sure which I would rather," she adds unhappily. "Either she's the prisoner of some deviant with six guns, or she's captured by some very rude people." Rude is the lightest way to put it -evar-.

"Obvious?" He asks back, now sounding almost as confused as she was. "Wait. Kameron. Honestly. You really think I stumbled?" Brian asks, just to be absolutely certain. That was a perfectly aimed stumble. He smirks a little at her insinuation that they could have just asked. The sad thing is that with Abby they probably could have. She healed everything she could get her hands on, even when people didn't want it slash deserve it. Brian idly wonders how many bad men would be dead if it weren't for Abby's magic touch.

"He hasn't done this before." Her go check on him, that's a novel idea. Though Brian has no idea where the old man would be. "I don't know where he is." He lets out. Pursing his lips, "But I do know where his sister is." He points out. "We could visit her. Or you could visit her." He gives a shrug. She is a very nice lady, much nicer than Deckard.

What, did she stutter? "Are you feeling all right?" Kameron asks her friend. What else could it have been but a stumble? "Anyway," she rubs her arm, "The first place to look is his place, isn't it?" Of course, if he was in some kind of trouble, that would also probably be the first place that the Bad People look. Perking up at the suggestion, she nods once,"Sure, I can visit his sister. Where does she live?" Deckard was perfectly nice to Kammy! ..or.. not so much /nice/ as civil. Probably a good thing she can't see people checking her out. keff

"Yeah. I'm feeling alright." He mutters in responce. The last of the pancakes are put on the large plate before setting the pan back down and turning the stove off he turns to face her alright. "But I didn't stumble." He remarks. Letting her believe that was kind of like lying. And if they were just going to forget about it, he didn't want it to be she just shrugging it off as a stumble and him freaking out twenty four seven on his own. "He doesn't have a place Kammy. He's a guy who gets in a lot of trouble. He moves around, keeps himself running. Can't be in one place too long. She lives back at your old place. Confucius Plaza." Brian informs.

MEN. Just can't own up to momentary clutziness. She inwardly shakes her head. Sure he didn't stumble. Riiiiiiiiiight. But if she said -that- then the conversation would just keep going in circles. Of course, Brian can tell her he didnt' stumble till he was blue in the face - Kameron, on the hand, wouldn't believe it. Couldn't believe it. And if she did, well, she sure as sugar wouldn't acknowledge it! Brian deserved so much better than a blind girl.

"Okay," she drops the matter at hand, "So.." Hrm. "Would he revisit any of his old places, or is that sort of thing taboo for a person on the run?" Getting into a lot of trouble. Doing what, she wanted to know. "Hey, maybe I'll get lucky and find him when I visit his sister. Who's name is what, by the way?"

Brian practically stares at her. Really? She's not going to say anything else? He lets out a slow breath. He glances over to the kitchen table where those stupid roses are as a centerpiece. Then glances back. She had to know. How could he be more obvious? His hands flop to his side as he watches the woman. They should probably wake the kids up soon. Colette needed to get on the job hunt and all that. "Maybe. It's possible. But probably not. Deckard isn't the brightest light in the room, but he's careful. Smart. Our best way to try and reach him is to talk to his sister." Her name? He gives a light hum.


Naturally, Kammy doesn't notice the stare. "So going to the places he used to stay is a no go." HM. Why would Deckard not return Brian's calls? He got away safely, so .. there shouldn't be anything preventing him. "Okay, so I'll head back to the Plaza - I need to check on some things there anywa-" She stops. Blink. "… did you just say Tinkerbell?" Seriously. Tinkerbell? "Come on Brian, that can't be her real name." Even if she did answer to Tinkerbell.

"No it's probably not. But she tells me her name is Tinkerbell." Brian responds simply giving a shrug as if that's all he could say. "I know the room number." He goes to set the plate of pancakes on the table. "If I don't go with you.. Tell her Breeanne sent you." He gives a little smirk at having to say the name the woman calls him. "I call her Tink." Hm. He looks up to her, tilting his head slightly wondering if he should try to pursue the topic of kisses and stumbling…Eh.

Kameron muffles a soft chuckle. "Breeanne?" She nods nonetheless, "All right." Apparently she's already assuming she'll be heading off to find Deckard's sister, the elusive Tinkerbell. She remembered her mother reading her the story of Peter Pan once, and somehow, she can't imagine Deckard as Peter Pan. Maybe a grittier Peter Pan. :I "So what apartment?" She asks next, turning to step out of the room. Likely to wake the kids up for breakfast, since she can hear the clink of a plate onto the table.

"Yeah. Breeane." He responds, allowing himself to grin a little bit. "He rapartment is <whatevernumberitisIcantremember>." Though his breath catches as she goes to step back up the stairs for the kids. He rapidly steps up behind her, throwing out a hand gently at her shoulder. "Kammy. Again. I'm sorry. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything." He murmurs, giving a little sigh. "So. I'm sorry."

Kameron about to pass through the door on her way towards the stairs herself, freezes at the hand on her shoulder, momentarily startled. Erm. Er. Dangit. "Stop that," she scolds instead, turning to give him a tight hug. Beating himself over ..over … okay not nothing, but all the same. "Breeaane," she adds in a drawl, "I told you, accidents happen." She ahems, taking a step back to draw away from the hug. Because she doesn't believe that wasn't a stumble. "I'm going to go wake the others up, then head out." She wasn't very hungry anyway. "I'll see if I can find his sister while I'm at the Plaza too."

Sighing as she catches him in a hug, he lets his head hang. Not lifting his arms he just allows himself to be held for a moment. It's a lot more comfortable that way. He gives a nod to her words. And when she draws back he does as well. As she goes to walk up the stairs, he goes to lean against the wall, letting his head thunk against it. Then says in a volume in which he's not sure whether or not she will be able to hear.

"It wasn't an accident."

Poor Brian. Had to get a crush on the ONE person in the world that A) just doesn't get it, and B) When she does get it, still doesn't get it. There's no response to his latter comment; neither quickening her steps nor pausing to acknowledge the statement. Instead, she busies herself about with ushering Bai-Chan, Joe and Lily downstairs for breakfast, rousing Colette if the girl hadn't already woken, and promptly hides in her room for the next half hour. No doubt to get some things for her trot down to the apartment.

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