The Things We've Seen


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Scene Title The Things We've Seen
Synopsis Harve and Meg have a chat.
Date June 25, 2010

Suresh Center, Harve Brennan's Office

Brennan opted to take treatment at the Suresh Center. Upside to being a physician and a wife as one, that you can get out from one hospital and make it to another place, like the Suresh Center. But instead of taking up a bed, he's been parked in his office, the necessary medication to deal with the Anemia that he and others ended up getting as a going away present from the individual who stole blood outside St. Johns. It could have been worse. He could have been Monica, not even sure if the young woman was getting the necessary blood from the Ferry. Or the guy who's nose likely broke when he negated him.

On the couch in his room, IV hooked up to a small bag of something, waiting on tests to see if he'll end up needing more blood or not, Brennan's reviewing charts this afternoon, resting as dictated, just some light work that doesn't require the pale doctor to get up and see patients. Michelle will be here soon with the girls. Likely so they can sit with them and talk about what happened.

One of the perks of having a day job around here is hearing through the grapevine. And the grapevine has told her of Dr. Brennan's situation. Megan takes it upon herself to do the checking in personally. Because doctors do make the worst patients, generally speaking.

The redhead taps politely twice on the door before letting herself in, tsking briefly at the sight of him. She hasn't seen much of the man since the message she left about Liette. "You look like hell," she comments mildly. "Can I get you anything? A drink?" Her tone is gentle, though professional as she moves to check his IV and its rate of delivery, verifying the amount in the bag and checking his vitals. In all honesty, she has no real idea what to make of all that's gone on.

"Mish will be here, I'll be fine Megan. I got off easy" When the red headed nurse busies herself into the office with just a tap on the door. The genial smile on his face tired. "Michelle will be taking me home after, keep up treatment there"

The file is flipped closed, shoved to the side while he lets her poke, prod and press. "How's Monica?"

"She's looking about like you are. It'll take her about a week to feel good. But she's holding up fine." Megan glances at him and smiles a bit. "How're Michelle and the girls?" The French woman was more than a bit miffed the last time Megan spoke to her.

"Enjoying a normal life, not hearing 'when is daddy coming home'. But then again, she's currently incubating number four again. So She's been busy doing things like kneeling over the toilet or hovering in front of the fridge respectively" There's a gesture for her to take up a chair, pull up a seat, stay a while. "How's Liette?"

Megan looks startled. "You're expecting again? Harve, that's wonderful news," she replies, clearly delighted. Once she's made sure he's pretty much okay, she does move to take a seat on the proffered chair. Her expression turns a little uncertain. "I don't know," she admits quietly. "All I get on that front is that she's with her parents. I'm assuming at this point that she's healthy and that no news is good news." She shakes her head.

He can echo the sentiment of no news being good. His interest in the Ferry lays just along those two things, Monica and Liette. Satisfied that at least Monica wasn't turned away, or stuffed in a basement as best he can guess. "Tell me at least, that something good is happening in your life hmm?"

Good? Megan's forced to think about that. Good. "Well…. nothing bad has happened," she replies easily. "Though nothing particularly exciting is happening either." At least not for now. A momentary lapse into that thought causes her brow to furrow, and she shakes it off quickly. "I'm actually glad for that, since 'interesting times' invariably means lots of bodies on the ground lately."

'May we live in interesting times" An old chinese curse that for some, seems more the norm than anything else, especially in this city. "Sorry I'm not more talkative" A gesture to the taped arm with tubing. "Not a very good patient. I always want to get up and do stuff. I think it's a miracle in and of itself that I'm sitting. But then, between you and Nure Hartford, if I wasn't, I'd be sedated and on my back"

But there's something on his mind, given the topic of his wife before. "Megan, if something happens to me, I up and disappear and i'm good and gone and Michelle comes to you. I know that the Ferry and I don't see eye to eye and with what it does. Get my kids and my wife to there"

Megan shakes her head to his apology. "It's all right," she tells him softly. Though she does smile, "You have that right. Don't make me sit on you and duct tape you to the couch, man. Michelle'd skin me or something." The change in topic, however, brings Megan's eyes to him worriedly. "You don't even have to ask… of course I'll make sure they're covered, Harve." She hesitates, and then asks softly, "Did you…. see something that made you think something would happen?" Not like the visions haven't been in the news and all.

"Something. Not sure, but I saw something" Brennan nods. "I think I kill someone Megan" He confesses, untethered hand rubbing across his stubble, a rasping sound in it's wake. Michelle will be quick to help him get rid of that at some point. "I was telling a woman I don't know, that we only had five minutes more while she was washing blood off the sidewalk and there was a body under a tarp. In front of the brownstone"

Of all the things he could have said to her, that one was never even on the radar. Megan's blue eyes go wide, shocked, and she stares at him. "It had to be someone threatening an innocent," she blurts out softly. "I …. I can't imagine any other condition under which you'd ever…." Dear God.

"these days? Sunday I was in a diner with friends and the girls, penguins from the city come out onto the street. Girls are all over them, people are trying to herd them. This one guy, pulls out a hunting rifle, intending to shoot them when there's kids in the mix. he shot at Melissa Pierce who shot at him because he wouldn't put the gun away and was making noises about firing. I don't know if I wouldn't have done the same if I'd had a gun" He points out. "But.. what I saw… I saw"

Megan shakes her head and says quietly, "Damn. I…. " She bites her lip. "I saw something too." She hasn't told anyone but Grace about what she saw. There's a glance toward the office door to make sure it's still shut, and she murmurs softly to him, "The Hangar was being raided. We were in the kitchen… I guess we knew it was coming… there were explosions from the front of the house as they came in. I … don't know what happened next." She looks down and says quietly, "I'm not sure exactly what Scott's ability does, but he used it to try and get me and Grace out. I didn't see anything after the explosions."

Brennan wasn't privy to another vision that someone else had, that had him in it. But it's plain enough that he knows what she's talking about. "They come for the Ferry then" Someone comes for the Ferry and not nicely. "Institute?"

"I don't know," Megan admits. "I didn't see who was coming… it could just as easily be military." She pauses and says quietly, "I get the impression that it was more likely the latter, based on a conversation with Grace. For all that we're breaking the law helping people get out from under, Harve…. " The redhead hesitates and admits softly, "We are soldiers. And not one of us will lift a weapon against the US military. We were… just waiting for them. Not arming to fight, not trying to get out. The only concern we had was that our people were out, and we got word in that moments that I saw that they had. And we just… hung out with coffee. Waiting."

"Don't resist, never resist, it goes far worse" Brennan muses, not having seen it himself to know. But it's uncomfortable enough. "A lot of people saw a lot of things. Some good, some bad. Who knows. Maybe it won't come to pass, you can only hope right?" He has no doubt it was the institute. Broome and Luis, Harper, they'd all said the same thing. Girl or else. Yes, november was a long ways off, but it wasn't that long off.

Megan nods slightly. "Yeah. Well, the grapevine has mostly bad things from what I can gather. A lot of rioting and stuff. So whatever the hell it is…. I hope someone saw enough to stop it from happening." She grimaces a little. "If things go that crazy, Harve, I'm not sure this city…. this nation … will ever recover." She sighs heavily, and when she looks at him again, she smiles just a hint. "I will make sure, to the best of my ability, that Michelle and the kids are safe. No matter what. I promise."

"That's all one can ever ask" The folder is plucked up from it's wedged home, passed over to Megan. "It's done, signed off, He'll be good to go tomorrow. Refer Jerome to the Evolved ANonymous group. They should be a good fit for him, he seems like he'll do good in learning control with some help from his peers. I don't think I'll be needed. I'm going to close my eyes and get some more rest before Michelle shows up adn kicked my ass" A weary laugh at the thought of his pregnant wife making him much like a dog with it's tail between it's leg.

Her smiles reappears and Megan takes the file with a quick pat of his arm. "You do that," she tells him. "I'll leave the door cracked in case you need me. I brought my paperwork to the office next door until she gets here." She'll watch for his wife to arrive, amused to know they're going to have more kids. "Congratulations, Brennan. I'm happy for you both." She gets up to head out and let him get some rest.

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