The Times


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Scene Title The Times
Synopsis Come mothers and fathers/ Throughout the land/ And don't criticize/ What you can't understand/ Your sons and your daughters/ Are beyond your command/ Your old road is/ Rapidly agin'/ Please get out of the new one/ If you can't lend your hand/ For the times they are a-changin'. — Bob Dylan
Date April 28, 2011

In Dreams

It's the hour of twilight in the sleeping mind of Kaylee Thatcher, even as the waking world is deep into the night. Mist again rolls out among the tall slender trunks of apple trees that ring a clearing. Or it would be a clearing if the mother of all apple trees didn't rise up from the center of it. Stretching long gnarled branches to shade the area. Not even the dimming light can mute the brilliant ruby red of the apples that hand enticingly from the ancient branches.

Nestled into the trunk is a mirror that when you move just right you can see the play of different scenes. Memories of Kaylee herself. This is where the telepath stands fingers touching the slick surface, running along it making a certain memory play over and over. A blonde haired boy and his black dog. Finally, with a gentle tap it freezes on the smiling child.

She's again dressed in the white Victorian modern mix dress. Golden tresses pulled up into that hairdo that was fashionable at it's time. What's out of place is the band of black around her neck. Which seems to shimmer and move until a wedged shape head pulls apart from the rest of it, eyes red and almost seem to glow. "Missstress… we have vissssitorsss." The voice while masculine is silky and feels almost good to the ears.

"I've been waiting for you." Kaylee says out loud. To who… well, that's to be seen. "I knew you'd be coming when I found myself here." A few more mirrors have joined the ring of trees, but the one Delia added still stands out from the rest as it towers high, a mighty redwood.

The brown rabbit that peeks out from the undergrowth wriggles its nose a few times before making a slow lope toward the clearing. Four hops until one bare foot lands noiselessly against the soft grass, it pivots back toward the denser wood and a pale arm reaches in to tug the hand of another woman.

"Sorry I didn't come sooner, I've been busy." She doesn't apologize for the other woman, she knows it's all her own fault. "I found Mister Deckard, I don't think I should bring him here." Why she shouldn't isn't exactly explained but the ghostly images of a man and a woman against one of the other trees tells the story without words.

Passing her own dream, Delia looks away, her eyebrows furrowed and her eyes tilted toward the ground. Almost as if she wished to forget or not pay homage to the child that will likely never be. "He said that Mister Logan manipulates… I don't understand how."

This is something that the other woman has never quite gotten used to, particularly having her sleeping consciousness pulled away and to another's dreamscape. Tugged into view by another, she's a bit lost for a moment, before her gaze settles on Delia.

"I'd been meaning to come out to Pollepel to talk to you myself," is Quinn's excuse for having not been in contact yet. "Life keeps me busy. But I have some news, I don't know hoe much you've heard already." Her brow furrows a bit, the musician letting out a bit of a sigh. She makes no attempt to further vocalize what these may be, instead watching Delia, not knowing the Mister Logan she's head more and more about.

Behind her, a few images flash out lines of gathered groups, a child. Anyone up to date on curious events can probably interpret them as meant.

"It would have been fine." Bringing Deckard there, she means. "He doesn't have the power over me I don't think. Not like last time." Which is a faint memory really, from years ago. "Either way… Logan does… I believe… have his ways of manipulation. You don't get to be where he is otherwise. I'm sure."

There is a soft rumbling underfoot as she turns her attention to Quinn giving her a bright smile. The black snake that's curled around her neck, turns it's attention to the this new person to the dream. "Quinn," Kaylee offers softly. "It's okay. I've been… all over the place. I'm back on the mainland for a few days. "I'm… looking for Hannah. She's… She may end up my stepdaughter in the future." It all depends on if her and Joseph follow the same path to marriage. "Or I hope so still. I wouldn't mind it." Enjoy getting to know her.

"Josssephh'sss daughter." Tempation hisses from her shoulder. "Ssshe's here."

Fingers reach up to brush along the pitch black scales of the snakes head, which is leans into a little. "So what have you brought me?" She asks rather brightly, followed by the rumbling growing until the ground starts to crack and new trees bearing mirrors start to rise from the ground, ready to hold memories.

"Alright… then I would be uncomfortable bringing him here," Delia concedes, unable to mask the tiny shiver that crawls up her spine. Blood sprays from the neck of the female ghost and she falls to the ground, eyes open, as the ghost of the man in question is upon her, cutting the heart from her chest. When the deed is done, they both fade and sink into the soil next to the tree. "He said that he and Mister Logan are both damaged… but I can't imagine Mister Logan doing anything like that."

The redhead's eyes find those of the snake's and she nods before glancing up to Kaylee. "I don't have anything new… I visited a friend, my future sister in law, she's had dreams of a daughter." Pausing for a moment, she purses her lips together and furrows her brow. Her hands open fashion two small mirrors, both of which she passes to the blonde woman. "I have pictures, a magazine clipping… I would bring them to you but I'm returning them to the people they belong to. When I find them." By sight reproductions flash through the two mirrors like a slide show, pale hands turning the article over to show an advertisement against illegal pregnancy.

Quinn's eyes as well flicker to the snap, surprise almost literally painted across her features as she looks from it, to Kaylee. And the to Delia. "Christ," she intones gently, even as the image beside her flickers and wavers like a movie reaching the end of a reel. "I have some more dreams for you, Kaylee." Eyes slide shut, a deep breath taken. "She's here. From the future. Right?"

Behind the musician, the image flickers again, this time clearer, more defined than before, repaying Quinn's recent memories, scenes from dreams - and from real life. All th way back to Elaine's marriage she had shown previous, her and Ygraine taking in the child, all the way to Adel's 1st birthday - and flashes of the subsequent meetings with Adel and Jolene in the present, all accompanied by an ethereal sort of sound seemingly hummed by Quinn herself.

"It seems to be going around," she says dryly, once the image flickers away again.

There was a time the image of blood spraying wouldn't effect her. And it doesn't in the way people would think. When she turns her head away from the gory image, there is shame to it. Maybe because she isn't queasy like she should be. "Fine." She says softly, conceding to the dreamwalker's wishes… not that Kaylee has a choice, but… she still agrees not to make the girl do something that makes her uncomfortable.

It's Quinn that turns the subject, as she starts to share her memories. Kaylee's eyes slide shut, though the snake around her neck continues to watch the flicking images. With each memory that the woman shares another tree rises from the ground with much groaning and protest.

When it's done, Kaylee lets out a heavy breath. "Wow… that…" There is a suddenly grimace and she touches fingers to her head. Headache. "So not only dreams but our children…" Reaching out a hand she draws the image to the front of one of the mirrors. "Jolene… that's Gillian's daughter right? She was just telling me about her."

She studies the face of Peter and Gillian's daughter, before looking at the others. "It's all changing." She pivots a little so that she can cast a look to the gigantic tree with the image of a blonde boy. "It might be fore the best, but parts of it make me sad."

Throughout this exchange, Delia remains silent, her lips pressed together as the two women piece out the puzzle of the children and their changing future. "I.. I don't think my dream is going to come true. My baby doesn't need to die from the flu, not if I can help it." Her blue eyes flit to the mirror containing the tombstone with her own image in front of it, Nick behind offering support. "Her father and I aren't together now and we weren't together in my dream.

"It's not Mister Logan, I found out, it's my ex-boyfriend." While that should put some relief on the young woman's face, it doesn't. She seemed much more at ease when she thought the manipulator was the father of her unliving child. "I have a rubbing of her grave, did I tell you?" She nods to the small hand mirrors, "they brought proof that they are who they say they are. It was found near Eltingville but there's a little bit of a fight going on between the finders and the keepers… who to return the things to. I've returned one thing already, the clipping. Kincaid wanted it given to his dad. If you see any more of them, can you tell them I have pictures? Ask them what they want done with them?"

"I don't think any of my dreams are going to come true," Quinn replies softly, eyes angled down at the ground in front of her. She does offer a bit of a smile. "Some of it is so sad… Elaine was so… sad, when she realised that now she'd never have a daughter as wonderful as Adel has been. But, the ones I've talked to… they're taking the whole change thing in stride. Accepting it, for the most part. So, yeah… a baby doesn't need to die of the flu. There's no need for that heartbreak, if it can be helped." She angles that smile up to Delia, then over to the mirror. Her brow furrows at the mention of Kincaid.

"Kincaid… Melissa's boy. He works with me, though I haven't talked to him. Probably won't. I feel… weird, meddling in what they're trying to do. Unless they ask. But… yeah. If I see Jolene and Adel, I'll ask them about it." A deep breath is taken, and again Quinn begins to hum as the image flickers behind her, replaying the memory again of Ygraine and QUinn taking in a little girl, freezing on that last scene of them hugging.

"I spoke to Gillian at Grand Central yesterday. Told her about Jolene, she wants me to set up a meeting. There was something I didn't tell her, though. Because I wanted her to hear it from her daughter." A hand lazily motions to the image behind her. "That girl is Jolene. We… she call me mom too because we took her in after Gillian and her brother died." Eyes close, Quinn rolling her shoulders. "And that's not something I think anyone wants. All of this, it's chanigng. and while it's sad, knowin' I won't get t' help raise her or Adel… I'd kinda rather it be that way, then some of the other stuff that's happening in these things.

Delia gets a look, surprised. "Y'all have it?" Kaylee motions to the mirror in the biggest tree and the bright smiling face of the blonde boy. "Hannah told Joseph that she brought with her a photo of our son Eli. That it was gone."

There is a sort of pleading in her tone as she says, "See if you have it? I — Joseph should get to see the son he and I might have had. I'd like to have it." Her gaze drifts to the mirror with the funeral playing in a continuous loop. "I was pregnant with Eli when I gave the eulogy for Joseph in that dream." Like she has time and again she tries to remember if there was any sign of it. "I still can't even imagine how I had the strength to do that."

Even now, the thought has Kaylee's eyes shining with the threat of tears. "I want the family. I even want Hannah to be in our lives… in mine, but maybe not for the reason she ends up brought to us. I want that ring on my finger again," She once wore it falsely for five years, " but I don't want him to die. That's the worse of it. Might lose all of it… but at the same time, we can't let the future be like that. Let those kids grow up in that."

Taking in all the mirrors, full of other peoples memories. Their pain. All within her own mind like they are her own. It's a lot for the telepath. "Is it silly I am mourning what we haven't even had yet?" A small smile touches her lips, though it wavers a bit. Fingers brush at the corner of an eye, to keep a tear from tracking down her cheek.

"Sable, Brian, and Koshka found a box in a house outside of Eltingville," Delia says quietly, her eyebrows knitting together into a frown. "Koshka is dead set on returning all of the items to the house, even if it means killing everyone around her in the process. I have all the pictures that had my family and people I recognized in them. Brian has a drawing of a treehouse and a couple of pictures, Sable has music and a CD, Delilah has a picture of Walter, Koshka has comic books and some other things… She probably gave it to this guy Ted already. I don't know."

A helpless shrug of one shoulder is offered to both women along with a sheepish grimace and a slight shake of her head. "Like I said, I returned the article. Kincaid wanted his dad to have it, so that's where it went. I kept the rubbing of the gravestone, it's the only way Beth will ever live."

"I don't think that's Koshka's decision to make, if these things belong to them," Quinn remarks with a bit of a huff. The mention of a CD makes her eyes light up a bit, gaze moving over to Delia. "If Sable has a CD, it's probably Adel's. Even if it's not, I'm sure she'll make sure it gets back to who ever it belongs to." A CD. How curious. She'll have to speak to Sable about this. "If they want them back, I figure we let that be. They'll really show us if they want to, you know?"

Hands slip into inexplicable pockets on Quinn's skirt, the woman rocking back and forth on her heels. "It's not silly, Kaylee," Quinn remarks a bit more softly. "I mean, if it is, then you, me, Elaine, Melissa… we're all absolutely nutty. But I think all of us are a little sad at losing some of the things we could've had."

"Check maybe… at least? For me?" Kaylee asks Delia quietly, she sighs softly. "Either way it was worth asking." It's a picture she hopes they get one day.

Quinn gets a soft smile from the telepath, even if it's sad. The snake seeming to sense her mood presses it's head against Kaylee's jaw in comfort. "Thanks, Quinn." She glances at all the new mirrors and huffs out a chuckle. "I will have a lot to write when I wake up."

There is a touch of thoughtfulness. "I haven't had any dreams since the one negotiating for medicine. I wonder if they are finally coming to an end." Kaylee glances at the other two. Brows ticking up a little with her curiosity."Mine have left me with more questions then answers."

"There's still more to see," the quiet admission is made by the redhead who is now staring at one of the new mirrors provided by Quinn. "We just have to be patient and wait for them." What her words lack in volume, they make up for in confidence. A glance is passed from Quinn to Kaylee before Delia's eyes flit down to her bare feet.

"Anyway… I'll ask Brian if he has your picture, I won't be talking to Koshka about it because she's like an immovable force when it comes to taking stupid risks." The dreamwalker heaves a deep sigh then and laces her hands together in front of her, squeezing until her knuckles turn as pale as the shade of her dress. "Quinn if you could call Sable, maybe she can get you a copy of the CD."

Fingers rub at Quinn's eyes, shaking her head at the absent Koshka. "Someone should talk to her. This stuff isn't hers to decide about anything about." Another shrug of her shoulders, fingers hooking around the outside corner of the pockets.

"Adel talked about me not having dreams, I guess of helping raise her, yet, after I was all… swkward when she came t' see Elaine. So, yeah, I'm pretty sure there's more t' come. If they're all busy, you know… coping with their parents…." A hand reaches back through Quinn's hair, "then I'm sure once they're all settled in, we'll start to see more. My last dream was the one of Adel's first birthday. That was… back mid April? Something like that. I've kinda lost track of the days…"

Rubbing at her cheek, she looks back over at Delia. "I'll get a copy, don't worry. You okay, thought?"

There is a grimace as both women mention more dreams to come, arms crossing to hug herself. "I'm — a little scared of what I'll see next. So far… it's all been… Ferry business." But there points in her future life she knows about, suspects… "At the same time, I think I need to see it all." That last added in a murmur as she looks at the mirrors.

"And I agree. Koshka needs to be talked too." Not that Kaylee can really do it. "Risking others is not okay behavior for a young lady. Especially, one that's been in the Ferry's care." Brows furrow a little in thought. "Not that there is anything that can be done while she's in there."

Quinn's question to Delia has her studying the redhead. "Something on your mind?"

Delia shakes her head and doesn't look at the other two women, in regards to Ferry business she's a little unwelcome, therefor has nothing to say. "Nothing's wrong." Her answer is curt and a little short. "I can't talk to Koshka, she can't leave Eltingville, it'll have to be up to Sable or Delilah. Brian's… his temper flares like mine and she just runs away when she doesn't get the answer she wants. I'll warn you though, she's made up her mind that this course of action is the only right thing to do. So…"

Turning away, the dreamwalker takes a few steps toward the denser forest at the edge of the clearing. "There's more coming, I was told that much."

The tall woman's form melts down to the brown rabbit again and she disappears into the thicket. She's not gone, Kaylee would have felt it and Quinn would be gone. What it does appear is that her end of the conversation is finished, at least for now.

That earns an uncertain look, Quinn's gaze centered on where Delia was standing for several moments before it wanders back over to Kaylee, eyes moving between the woman and the snake. "I hope she's okay," the Irishwoman says softly, not even considering if Delia can still hear her. "And it hasn't been all Ferry business," Quinn adds. "Melissa had a dream… about hiring Messiah to kill Kincaid's father. Apparently he's mayor in the future or something. An' she died in the aftermath? I don't really remember all the details."

A deep breath, and her eyes close again. "If I could get in, I'd talk t' her. But even if I could turn m'self invisible, I can't see when I do. I don't really care what she thinks, though. Returning things to the people they originally belong to, that's what's right."

Kaylee just seems to sort of search that dense foliage with a thoughtful look. "I do too," she murmurs softly. "I wonder who told her there are more dreams." It's curious, but she believes the dream walker.

"Don't take any unnecessary risks" Not that Kaylee has much room to say things like that. She's not council. Well, yet anyhow. So she adds, "Please? That whole situation is dicey at best. Maybe Sable can knock sense into her… or even Delilah can talk it into her. She needs the practice for when Walter is that age." She is after all a mom.

"I want to talk to Hannah, but I'm not sure about what. What to say… or what not." Kaylee sighs softly, "Maybe she'll come to me when she's ready to talk. If she even wants to talk to me. I was the step mom after all." Step mom in stories tend to be the wicked witches and all.

"We'll have to meet up for lunch or something. Just an excuse to get together." An excuse for Kaylee to just be with friends and not worry about this and that. "Thinking about kids… while I have you here? Can to ask Elaine if she knows anything about sign language? There is a little girl named Emily that needs to be taught. Last I heard she was living with the Lighthouse Kids."

"Maybe she walked into the right person's head," Quinn replies with a bit of a grin. It's entirely possible. Quinn is the trusting type, not the kind to get suspicious - but even she feels like she missed a bit of information somewhere in the conversation. "Or maybe she doesn't really want to say? I wouldn't blame her. I… wouldn't've said anything about Jolene an' Adel if you hadn't mentioned Hannah. I kinda… feel like all of this should be kept t' as few people as possible. Let them tell who they want to." A roll of her shoulders and a wave of her hand, and Quinn looks back towards the forest edge.

"So do me a favour? Keep all a' that under your hat, for not. Except t' Joseph an' anyone else who already knows, I guess. But particularly… the part about Gillian. Please." Eyes close, and she gives a bit of a nod. "I think lunch sounds great. I have a show tonight at Tartarus. You should both come," assuming Delia can still hear her. "Which means I should probably, like- well, I guess go back t' sleep isn't entirely right."

A bit of a grin at that, and Quinn turns the rest of the way, looking back over her shoulder as she talks. "If Elaine doesn't know sign language, I'd put my money on her bein' able t' learn it. She's a quick learner, even without her ability. So, I'll talk t' her, an' let you know." And with that, Quinn steps into the forest, and with that connection severed, so ends the shared dream.

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