The Truth Behind The Illusion


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Scene Title The Truth Behind The Illusion
Synopsis Kaylee stops by Grim's place after a double shift at work. Grim comes clean about his ability and takes her to Hawaii!
Date August 15th, 2009

Grim's Place

Grim is sitting in his living room on his LA-Z-Boy across from the TV with his laptop in his lap. The TV is on though he is not paying all that much attention to it as it plays the evening news. He is scanning something intently as he narrows his eyes through a pair of reading glasses perched upon the bridge of his nose.

There is a knock on the door. It's Kaylee, finally off of another double shift at Biddy's. She's exhausted from a long days work, but that doesn't stop her from coming by. While she waits for him, she reaches back to pull her pony tail out, letting the long hair fall around her shoulders. She brushes fingers through it and then waits with a small smile.

Blinking, glancing side to side as he puts the computer on the arm of the chair, Grim rises and reaches to the small of his back to pull his gun out. Sometimes a gun just works better than anything else he might be able to come up with. He holds the gun at his back as he walks to the door and puts his eye to the peephole for only a second before stepping back but in that second catches sight of Kaylee. He chuckles and reaches to unlock the door, opening it for her. "Well, aren't you a pleasant surprise. From the way things were sounding at the bar, I never thought I would get to see you again."

"Yeah well.. If Adam had his way. That would be true." Kaylee says with a grin, "And while he gets his way a lot of the time. I still sneak in what I want now and then." She steps into the residence, brushing past him, "Of course, sometimes that results in me doing double shifts at the bar." Her tone flattening a bit when she says that, but that grin is still there. She slips the jacket off her shoulders slowly and hangs it with his. "I hope it's alright that I came by?" she asks as she turns to face him again.

"Alright? Of course it's alright. You know I don't mind it one bit. I means my bed is less likely to be so cold tonight." He remarks as he follows her on into the living room after locking the door and stashing the gun at his back in the drawer of the sidetable next to the door. "There's some things we need to talk about anyway so this is good timing."

Moving to drop onto the couch, Kaylee turns so that she can rest her back against the arm of the couch. She then toes off her shoes and rests her feet on the couch. Yes, Kaylee is making herself right at home. "A talk?" She asks suspiciously. "Please don't tell me you are gonna tell me that you only think of me as a little sister…. Ash already hit me with that one a week or so ago." She sounds a touch amused. "Not that I saw him that way, mind you."

"No… No, no, no. Nothing like that. Now you will have to hear me out, but I lied to you, Adam, and Ash. I lied because I did not know what I was getting in to and I would rather seem smaller or less useful than I really am and have all the cards laid out than to over pay for an ace and a pair of duces." Grim says as he walks over to sit next to her feet on the couch and turns his body slightly so it is easy to look at her. He reaches out and takes one of her feet in hand and begins to slowly massage the sole as he continues. "Tell me one thing you have always wanted for yourself. One physical thing. Something impossible."

"Oooh how did you know my feet were killing me." Groaning with pleasure when he starts massaging her poor aching feet, Kaylee slumps down on the couch more. She rests her head on the arm of the couch and she frowns a little, her eyes narrowing a bit. "Lied?" She brings her hands to either side of her and sits up, leaning back on them. "You lied about your ability?" She asks and looks down at her lap. "And what does what I want have to do with your lying?"

"Lay back and relax, damnit." Grim says casually as if trying to brush her questions aside. "Now I asked you to hear me out and for this to work, I need you to answer my question first and I think it will explain things a lot better. "Tell me about something impossible that you have always wanted to do or something absolutely you could never have but have always wanted, in your wildest of dreams. Just tell me, Kaylee."

Reluctantly, Kaylee lays back again, but she doesn't look that happy about it. Her hands move to rest on her stomach, her fingers lacing together as she considers. She sighs heavy and and says, "Fine… To go to Hawaii. I always heard about it, but I don't think I'll ever get there unless someone takes me." She gives an awkward shrug of her shoulders, studying him suspiciously.

"My favorite…" Grim says as he continues to massage her feet. He bows his head though and closes his eyes and as his head comes up, Kaylee finds herself laying on a lounge chair on a beautiful black sand beach, the waves pleasant splashing against the sand and Grim is there to continue massaging her feet. Both of their attire has changed though. He wears an unbuttoned and quite flamboyant Hawaiian shirt that almost hurts the eyes and a pair of baggy khaki shorts while she is wearing a bikini that would be sure to gain the stares of beach-goers were there others about. They seem to be next to a resort, however that is behind them, pleasant grassy green lawns stretching off the beach.

"What the.. ?!?" Kaylee sits up again, glances down at her suddenly skimpy attire and crosses her arms across her chest. "What the hell?" She repeats, her head coming up to look at Grim with wide eyes. Then it clicks.. "You an illusionist. I — I met one before." She looks uncertain and a bit like she's thinking about fleeing.

"Relax, Kaylee… I'm not going to hurt you or allow you to come to harm. I know you can read that much from my mind fairly easily." And its true. In fact he seems to absolutely abhor violence towards women. "Try to enjoy yourself while I try to make up for lying to you and everybody. I didn't want to wait any longer to tell you the truth because I don't want you guys to be going in to something thinking that you have a pyrokinetic on your hands when in reality you have an illusionist… I'm trying to help. See?"

The blond looks about wildly as if trying to find an out, but then Grim's words make her look at him. "Relax you say.. You lied to me Grim." she actually sounds a bit hurt at that. Not that they knew each other all that long, but still. A brush at his thoughts and Kaylee lays back down on the couch. "And I bet that's not how you really look either," she comments blandly. "Last illusionist I met never looked like his real self cause he was always stealing from big business and stuff."

"No. This is not how I look. But this is who I am now. I have done things in the past that I am not proud of and people would love to see me dragged away and put in a cell." True. Very, very true. "And illusions are harder to people up when you have to let one person see the truth and let everyone else believe a lie. It is just easier this way." he pats her bare leg and slowly moves up on the lounge to sit next to her hip and look down at her. "I will try to make sure that I never have to lie to you again. Now… let me make it so that you can enjoy this little vacation for a while, okay?"

She wants to tell him she doesn't believe him, but the thoughts in his head say otherwise. Studying him when he gets closer, Kaylee finally says. "Adam is going to be pissed. You need to tell him right away. I mean like.. Call him up for a meeting tomorrow. I'm sure if you laid all that out for him, he might at least somewhat forgive you." she chews her lips and reaches out to rest a hand on his arm. "I'm being deadly serious…. and what do you mean make it so that I can enjoy this?" she's a bit strung out from the reveal.

"I'll call him… Don't worry. Everything will work out." He says as he closes his eyes and the unseen shadow of reality begins to wash away in the light of his illusion and her immersion in all five of her senses becomes all the more powerful. "No need to worry. After all, we'll be back in New York tomorrow late afternoon. Adam will never even know that I managed to sweep you off to Hawaii. After the stress lately, I bet you could use some R&R."

Blinking a bit as her head seems to clear up a bit. Kaylee shakes her head a bit. A small smile spreads across her lips, as she focus' on him. "Adam is going to be so very very pissed he finds out you brought me here. I'm suppose to be punished, not rewarded." she teases lightly. She lays her head back and closes her eyes, feeling the sun on her skin.

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