The Two of Us


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Scene Title The Two of Us
Synopsis Nicole and Ryans discuss their relocation plans.
Date April 30, 2019

Fort Jay: Nicole Varlane's Office

“I have an idea,” Nicole prefaces as she smoothly takes a seat at her desk and gestures for Ryans to do the same in one of the chairs across from her. “You’re not going to like it.”

The dawn sunlight streams in through slatted blinds, creating golden bands of illumination across Nicole’s immaculate desk. Of course, it’s immaculate because she’d been removed from her previous position and hasn’t had time to accumulate clutter in her new one, but knowing her, it would still be immaculate, no matter how many case files she had to peruse.

Setting down in the indicated chair across from Nicole, Ben takes a moment to run his hand along his jaw, nails scraping along the stubble there. His mind is already turning over what needed doing. What they are faced with doing is a lot to take in and process. There were a lot of plans to be made and people to be contacted, one being Berlin.

However, Benjamin has absolutely no problem letting Nicole give her ideas. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done this. So, without a word he motions her to continue.

“We should go to Providence together. No one’s going to believe either of us would leave the city without Pippa.” Which means she’s suggesting… “We can tell her we’re going to give living together in a new place a try, make sure she understands it may not work out.” It’s clear that Nicole doesn’t like the idea of lying to their daughter — to any of their daughters — but it’s the plan she’s offering.

“I don’t want to pull her out of school, but I don’t see another way… We’re too suspicious if we settle there without her.” Nicole sighs softly, gesturing toward Ryans with one hand, palm up. Go ahead.

She is right. Ben doesn’t like this. In fact, his back straightens, but not for the reason she thinks. He might have thought about something similar. This would put their daughter into danger, put her where Adam would possibly find her and use her against them. He didn’t like that.

However, after a long moment, he simply sighs. Fingers press to the bridge of his nose. Ryans simply rumbles out a, “You’re right. I don’t like taking her out of Peyton’s or taking her away from her friends and family.” But what was more important? Saving the world or keeping their daughter with her friends. “At least she is young enough that it won’t hurt her schooling and maybe we can work to keep her schooling up.”

He drums his fingers on the desk, before Ryans admits, “I was going to suggest, maybe you moved away after getting fired and I - being retired - moved to stay near my daughter.” There is a hint of a smile offered to the mother of his youngest.

“The only other thought I could come up with is that I could say I had a mental breakdown and you followed me to make sure I didn’t do anything stupid…” That’s not the most far-fetched explanation, given her role in the war.

“I’m sure I could ask Peyton to look after Pippa. Or maybe Ingrid could…?” Lucille’s busy with her own missions and Delia, in Nicole’s opinion, has enough to worry about without having to take care of her baby sister. Ingrid and Sofia seem to have some stability, however. “It might allow us a convincing story without putting our baby at risk.”

As much as Nicole hates the idea of being parted from her daughter again.

He takes the idea into consideration and then slowly his head shakes. It wasn’t good enough… unfortunately. “Having her there would be more convincing; but, I don’t want to lie to her about us, so… I’ll follow.” Two separate households. “We’ll set up a contingency for potential danger, which means letting someone know what we are doing. Lucille would be a good choice for an exit for Pippa.” Plus Ryans trusts his family, always. “Or, we might be able to use Berlin for that as well.”

Benjamin turns thoughtful and fishes for his phone in a jacket pocket. “I wish we had more time to gather information on this place. I hate trying to integrate myself blind like this.”

“I think it’s fine for Lucille and Berlin to know,” Nicole agrees. She doesn’t like putting their daughter into harm’s way, but at least they won’t be lying to her and giving her false hope in the process. “I’d like to let Peyton know as well. With her ability…”

Nicole looks down at her desk and fold her hands in her lap. “You’re senior agent,” she acquiesces. “I defer to you. I think if anyone can handle this task, it’s the two of us.”

“I agree,” Ben says about Peyton and possibly the rest. “Plus, she would know how best to handle her schooling while Pippa is away.” Even if they are saving the world, their daughter still needed her education. They wouldn’t be gone forever after all.

Benjamin studies the woman across from him and offers her a smile, “I’m glad to have you on the team, Nicole. It’s good to have someone I trust at my back.” Not that he doesn’t trust Noah… but… He’s been in the middle of a war with her.

“Likewise, Ben.” Nicole smiles fondly, lifting her gaze back to her partner. There’s maybe only one other person she’d trust to have her back in this kind of situation, and she wouldn’t ask Lynette to put herself on the line again.

“We’re gonna get this bastard. Together.”

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