The Unforeseeable


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Scene Title The Unforeseeable
Synopsis A man who was not supposed to have ever turned up again …. does. And he's an immense blank spot in the visions of the future, so far as Liz knows.
Date Mar 23, 2011

Ygraine's Apartment, La Rivage Apartments

When Ygraine answers the door to Elisabeth, she's clad in another of her backless, sleeveless tops, though this time her lower half is in a long skirt from beneath which bare feet can occasionally be glimpsed. The warm aroma of baking potatoes drifts out past her, accompanied by the half-heard sounds of what seems to be middle of the road classic rock.

The policewoman receives a very warm smile - but for once, Ygraine doesn't immediately move aside to open the way into the apartment. "If you're not in the mood for what I think should be a pleasant surprise, let me know now", she requests softly, sounding quite sincere. "If you are… then please, come in. I've got lunch ready."

Elisabeth's dressed for work — the black-on-black cargo pants and long-sleeved pullover, with a heavy black flight jacket over it. Her blonde hair is confined to a French braid and pinned up. Very military-esque. Even combat boots. When Ygraine opens the door but doesn't step back, the blonde looks a bit startled, tilting her head and eyeing Ygraine thoughtfully. "Well… it's been a reasonable morning, so I'm probably okay. What's up?"

"I hope to heck it's a good surprise. If it's not, I'll hide the body for you", Ygraine (half-)jokes, finally stepping aside and using her head to gesture Elisabeth inside, closing the door behind her.

Trask sits on the couch. he man has a thick dirty blonde beard that completely covers his face in a grizzly adams fashion. He wears a leather jacket and has a large satchel sitting at the end of the couch next to him. His hair is long, falling all the way to the shoulders and a bit tangled looking. He turns in his seat and rises as Liz comes in looking her over slowly.

She steps into the apartment and is entirely flummoxed. Elisabeth grins at Ygraine and murmurs, "So mysterious. Geez, Ygraine." She's thoroughly amused. And then as she steps into the licing room, the blonde stops and looks surprised. "OH… you've got company. Hi," she greets. Though her brows pull together slightly, giving her that puzzled expression that he might recognize. The facial hair throws her. Of course…. the gentle lines that are forming on her own skin might throw him a little too. The past year and a half has aged her perhaps more than expected.

Ygraine slips a couple of chains into place, then moves up to join Elisabeth, resting her one hand on the blonde's shoulder. "The exact details of what's going on, I'm not sure about. That's partly why he's here - so that we can fill each other in on what's happened. But… this refugee from humanitarian work in the Amazon is the reason we first spoke to each other, Liz."

Trask 's accent is latin american, since he has been living there for over a year. The spanish tilt to the words will take a while to burn off most likely, but then he was always good with accents. "Your more beautiful then I remember." He smiles softly, "I heard a rumor that an old boyfriend of yours was working for the institute, so I came to check it out. People are calling me Cameron Harrison, I hope you don't mind."

The hint isn't enough. Ygraine's words have Elisabeth thinking of what brought her and Ygraine together in the past couple of months. Not originally — that was just too long ago in the world of a woman who's been through as much as Liz has. But when he speaks, the blonde goes pure white. The accent's not familiar, but the voice…. she's an audiokinetic, and some things are distinctive. The people who've been privy to the last year and a half would understand why her reaction appears so muted on the outside. Because on the inside, where it's arguably worse, the powerful shock is shunted to her ability. Ygraine is suddenly at the epicenter of a bass hum so deep it can be felt in the chest — like standing in front of the subwoofer at a rock concert can cause the heartbeats of those too close to stutter just a little. The not-quite-sound rolls off the blonde in a shockwave, creating vibration ripples that sends silverware and glassware on the kitchen counters trembling and dancing. Nothing breaks, and
Elisabeth seems to be struggling to even breathe. For the first time in her life, the blonde might actually pass out.

Ygraine staggers slightly, wincing sharply as that vibration pulses through still-knitting muscles - then she's shifting position to not merely hold Liz's shoulder, but support her across the back, bracing herself to tweak Elisabeth's gravity to her and take her weight should the cop indeed pass out.

Trask, meanwhile, gets something of a look. He'd been warned about an arse-kicking should this go badly, and Ygraine is trying to figure out whether or not he's earned one, or deserves sympathy.

Trask blinks, he can't actually feel or hear the sound, but he sees the effect on the glass in the room, he takes a couple steps forward coming within 3 yard of Liz, and suddenly the sound cuts out, though it also means Ygraines power stops helping her hold Liz as well.

And that, right there, is the proof. "You…. " Tears fill blue eyes and Elisabeth brings a hand up, pressing the back of it against her mouth. She yanks herself upright by sheer force of will, her chin coming up. Finally she remembers to breathe, sucking in a labored breath, her words soft. "Welcome back, Norton."

Visibly relieved, Ygraine delivers a warm, one-armed squeeze, leaning in to briefly touch her forehead to Elisabeth's hair. "I was a little worried, there", she murmurs, before more loudly adding, "there's a whiskey pre-poured over there and coffee in the pot. If you want anything else, the booze cabinet's over there. I'll go and be noisy in the kitchen for a little."

Another squeeze, then she carefully lets go and steps back.

Trask waits there a few feet away, he smiles a little and nods as Ygraine withdraws. "Sorry I've been gone…there were things that needed doing. But I heard I'm working for the Institute now. I figured I should come check that out."

Elisabeth doesn't trust herself to actually move out of the negation field yet. So the whiskey over there has to stay there. She is still deathly pale, and she watches him with the wary expression of a woman whose best friend abandoned her. "Possibly the worst thing …. or the best… that you could have done," she says quietly. "I'm not sure we'll know that until it plays out." She catches her bottom lip in that habitual gesture of uncertainty, seems to be about to move forward, aborts the movement, and then perhaps simply decides what the hell. She walks forward and reaches up to draw him into a tight embrace. "You stupid shit. You could have just called me. Once in the last year. I'm so. damn. mad at you," the blonde whispers.

That is pretty much the reaction that Ygraine was expecting. A smile on her lips, she does now turn and head through to the kitchenette - where there's not exactly any cooking still to be done, but she can temporarily busy herself by clattering around sorting out baked potatoes and an array of fillings, along with salad to go on the side. Throughout, however, a fair portion of her attention remains on her two guests.

Trask hugs tightly, "Sorry not a lot of phones where I have been." He kisses her forhead and just squeezes tightly. "I figured this name would raise a lot less suspicioun then my own, people are prolly still looking for me but noone would be looking for Cameron Harrison."

"No… that needs to change immediately," Elisabeth asserts, holding him tightly. When she draws back and looks up, she murmurs, "It'll get you fucking killed. Or worse. Seriously. Don't use Gerard Harrison either. Anything that ties you to me might have the Institute checking." It's a very real fear.

Frowning worriedly, Ygraine is clearly rather concerned by that latest announcement. Not that either of the other two are likely to be paying her much heed for the time being. Still, with Trask safely over there she's able to use her ability to make handling everything rather easier than it would normally be while one-handed.

Trask blinks, then heads to the couch, pulling her along if she will come. He takes a seat, and turns to face her, "So maybe you should start at the beginning. I left because people were looking for me, and I needed some time to get my head clear. Went out on the Ferrymen highway with that last group of refugees. A year and some change later I hear through Ferrymen contacts that you guys are trying to find out why I am working for the Institute….so fill in the middle?"

Elisabeth gets drawn along, glancing toward Ygraine. She's more than welcome to join if she wants to. Sitting down slowly, her eyes turn back to Norton. "I'm not sure there is a fucking short version of this. Uhm…. probably you're one of the few people who won't look at me like I'm nuts," she acknowledges. "So… you left. And life sort of went on like usual. I got made, and in return for granting me a pardon for my part in blowing up Pinehearst I was asked to take on a mission against the Vanguard overseas. Which I would have done if they'd just plain asked because … you know… " They killed her kids and are what dragged her into this fight to start with. "So when we got back, other things happened that some of us were once again attempting to avert in the timeline. The Institute kind of…. rose as the new boogeyman. It turns out that it was created in the mind of Simon Broome back in the 1960s… when Richard Cardinal time traveled back to there from somewhere around … 30 years from now."

"Sodding time wars", Ygraine grumbles, as she moves over - setting down lap trays and cutlery on the coffee table, before depositing Liz's whiskey within easy reach. "I've been on two missions to the past. And it's one of my theories for what happened at the ballet event, Liz. But sorry. Off to get the food for you…."

Trask looks up, "You need any help Ygraine?" He smiles softly and looks to Liz, "Got some new recipes from some of the native tribes I will be wanting to try out." He nods about Cardinal, "Ygraine mentioned you and him last night. Sounds like Hiro is getting more and more cousins every day. Does noone follow the Temporal Prime Directive anymore?" He sighs softly. "So we have a Richard Cardinal who is 70 years older then our own poking his nose into things?"

Oh thank God. Elisabeth picks up the whiskey and swallows half of it in one shot. The back of her hand covers her mouth once more as it burns all the way down. Sucking in a deep breath, the blonde looks up at Norton. "He claims his intent is to make sure the timeline stays the way it went for him until the last possible moment because he's…. trying to be sure his son is born before anything major changes," she tells him quietly. "So instead of heading off what he knows is coming… instead of helping his current analog and myself to derail Humanis First and the rest of these bastards, he's…. too busy trying to save one life." Blue eyes study Norton sadly — because he made the same choice and chose for the safety of others instead of that one life. "So basically, we're working to thwart him. He told me that in his timeline you'd never reappeared. They didn't know where you were — they used your name to lure me in so they could talk to me privately, knowing I'd follow up."

Elisabeth pauses and says softly, "And please… do not take this wrong, but …. being as you are a blind spot in the precogs visions usually and that you have only turned back up because you heard about that…." Elisabeth has that look. Norton knows it well. Her brain is so working overtime. "You might be an ace in the hole in this. But you can't use Cameron's name…. because he knows what our son's name was and it will raise red flags. I don't think Richard ever would have known that you used Gerard, but I don't want you to use a HArrison alias at all."

"I'm all right. Just a bit slower than I'd normally be", Ygraine assures softly, flashing a smile at her guests. And with the food already laid out on the counter separating the kitchenette from the living room, it's now largely a task of ferrying items from there to the coffee table. "Help yourselves to anything you want. And all of it should keep for at least a day or three, so don't worry about sampling however much or little you feel like", she instructs, hoping that the mundane words provide at least a touch of anchoring beneath the more serious discussion.

Trask nods slowly, and sighs. He then rises "So no using your name, got it. I will have to come up with something else because I'm sure he probably knows any of my old aliases." He grins a little. "But the bright side is, I highly doubt he is ever going to see me coming. Ygraine…thank you very much it looks wonderful." He walks toward the kitchen, apparently not having lost his appetite. "Liz…we will work this out. We will get through it. It's not all that bad. I mean two Cardinals is one thing but at least there aren't two Sylars." He winks at Ygraine.

Clearing her throat, Elisabeth murmurs softly, "Actually….." She moves to stand up. "Apparently there are. And once's… running about killing people while the other's…. working for the Ferrymen." A lot has changed since Norton left. "There've been a huge number of changes, not the least of which is that most of the Ferry council was murdered late last year, Norton. Susan Ball turned them in to Homeland, who took a team in and massacred them. Some escaped, but not all. The Ferry safehouses aren't safe anymore. Don't use any of them."

That statement about the Ferry having a pet Sylar is clearly a complete shock to Ygraine, who openly gapes at Elisabeth. "Youfuckingwhat?", she gets out after a moment. "Whenthefuck did that happen?" A moment's pause, then a distinctly guilty, "Sorry! When's not exactly the urgent thing right now. There are… fragments of the Ferry network left. And if you really need a safehouse, we can get you into one. Liz and myself, I mean."

Trask nods, "Well the last time I met a Sylar from another time, he was going be Gabriel Gray and was a police officer. In fact he kind of saved the world. And Tavisha or whatever his name was, was a pretty good guy as well. So really I am not all that surprised." He pauses a moment, "Don't know who Susan Ball is, but I heard about the council. Like I said most of my work the last year or so has been with the Ferry. Anyway I think thats enough business for right now, Ygraine went to all the trouble to feed us, least we can do is enjoy it."

Elisabeth shrugs to Ygraine and murmurs, "Gabriel was…. well, it's a long story. Suffice to say that I've known for a long while that he was an ally of the Ferry. At least, that the guy known as Tavisha was. But there's a rabid one on the scene now." She sighs. "I…. I'm sorry. I really can't stay for lunch." Her appetite has sort of deserted her. She walks forward and hugs Ygraine gently, and then hesitates before kissing Norton softly on the cheek. Her smile is tender. "It's good to have you back, Norton. Stay with Ygraine for now, we'll work it out, okay? Let me …. handle today first."

Ygraine leans into the hug, squeezing firmly. "Come back soon. I've got to force you to sample my cooking at some point", she instructs the blonde, before reluctantly pulling back and smiling at her. "Wish me luck with the DHS. And I'll let you know how it went as soon as I can."

Trask says, "I can find a place to crash a few days, Ygraine doesn't me me sticking around with Homeland breathing down her limey neck." He grins "But I will at least stay for lunch. Stay safe…and sorry if I am screwing everything up"

"You're not messing anything up. Quite the contrary, possibly. But … I just need a little time to assimilate," Elisabeth murmurs with a smile. And then she escapes quickly — she needs a little space to handle the emotional fallout.

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