The Valkyries Agenda, Part II


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Scene Title The Valkyries Agenda, Part II
Synopsis While searching for members fitting of Frontline Squad 2, Sarisa Kershner makes a carefully chosen selection to fill out the ranks of Squad 1.
Date January 13, 2010

USS George Washington

It's been a taxing few days for the SatCom command of Operation: Apollo. Seated behind her borrowed desk on the carrier's officer deck, Sarisa Kershner looks like she could crack at a moment's notice. Bare fingers stroke across her scalp, slid through ash blonde tresses, trying to massage away the tension headache at the back of her neck that has been growing since her encounter with Teodoro Laudani and Elisabeth Harrison the other day.

The knock on the office door would be more welcomed as a gunshot to the head with how this headache is progressing. It's with a tired groan that Sarisa looks up, exhales a sigh and then reluctantly addresses the knocker. "Come in…" After all, the woman on the other side of the door is on time.

Adelle Sanderson had seen better days, that much is certain when the Marine walks awkwardly through the office door, closing it quietly behind herself. A pill bottle rattles in one of her hands, prophylactic anti-malarial medication tucked away in one pocket as blue eyes assessingly consider the blonde putting on gloves behind the desk. "Sir," Sanderson offers with a curt nod of her head, coming to stand behind one of the paired chairs opposite of the desk.

"Captain, take a seat…" Sarisa gestures towards one of the chairs, tiredly rubbing a gloved hand at her forehead while Sanderson comes to settle down in the chair. "I know you have a lot on your mind right now, all things considered. I want you to know that your participation in the revival of Project Icarus is admirable, but it will not impede on your future military duties. We just ask that you be willing to report to a medical facility bi-monthly for examinations…"

Brows furrowed, Sanderson nods her head once, hands folded in her lap. "Ah— sir, was that all you called me in here for?" There's a disconcerted look from the brunette as she stares across the desk at Sarisa. Silence hangs over the room for a moment as Sarisa stares down at the back of one of her gloves, watching the way the leather tightens at her knuckles when she flexes her fingers.

"No… No it's not." Blue eyes look up to meet Sanderson's. "I know you have a lot on your mind right now, we all do. You know you're being shelved for the remainder of Operation Apollo, because of your unique medical condition. But there's something in the future that I'd like to discuss with you." Sarisa's sentiments of shelving Sanderson are met with furrowed brows and a scowl, but one that is quick to pass. Were it not for her condition she'd be dead.

"My future is with the Marines, Sir. My promotion was enough for me, I don't even frankly feel like I deserve the rank of Captain, I was just doing my job on the ground there in Madagascar." For all her humility, there is a glimmer of pride in Sanderson's eyes when she discusses Madagascar. For all the disaster the mission was, she managed to pull almost the entire team through that landed on that God forsaken island.

Sarisa's reaction is a slow nod, steeping her fingers in front of herself as she rests her mouth against the back of her hands. "What if I told you there was an alternative to the Marines, Captain Sanderson?" One of Sarisa's dark brows lifts up slowly. "Being a part of the revival of Project Icarus has demands on you, yes, but it also puts us in a very unique situation where field data could be combined with a— let's call it lateral career move for you."

Swallowing noisily, Sanderson wipes at her mouth and looks down to her lap again. Something in those blue eyes of hers seems haunted when Sarisa brings up Project Icarus again. When she returns her focus to the blonde, her question is an unspoken one shown in her expression. Sarisa's answer, is something a bit more tantalizing.

"What do you know about FRONTLINE?"

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