The Virtual Life


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Scene Title The Virtual Life
Synopsis Hana finally makes contact with the displaced Mallory.
Date May 6, 2009

Not Quite Empty Space

It took Hana a little while to clear the mental and temporal space necessary to go looking for… a disembodied female teen technopath. Elisabeth didn't specify who yesterday afternoon — but there aren't that many technopaths in the area. The clincher, however, was Liz's subsequent text to Simon — Wireless knows that number.

Now she's livid. The next time Wireless encounters Robin Hood…

But for now, the paramount priority is locating the displaced Mallory. To which end, Wireless sends out a background query, dispersed through all the many satellites the Internet traverses, carried as a hitchhiker on the many, many packets of data which are transmitted to and fro. A virtual location. A name, but one which would be a mystery to any other technopath save they. A summons.


The answer comes soon enough; everything is fast in this realm, and it's not long at all before the reply comes.


She isn't waiting at the location specified — such a general, wide-ranging summons is a hazardous thing. But she's watching it, and when the reply comes through Wireless considers it. For a very brief time in absolute terms; on the level Mallory is currently inhabiting, it seems to take a little longer. Wireless: What happened?

The reply is fast, fragmented.

Robin Hood
found me
yanked me through connection
left here in net
took body
simon safe

Wireless: He's being watched over. Meaning Simon, surely. There's another moment's pause. Wireless: I will find 'Robin Hood'. What do you want to do?

get body back
dead end
cut off and kill

Mallory: not friendly.

The reply from Wireless isn't friendly either, though it takes knowing the woman behind the words to read that deeply into an otherwise neutral statement.

Wireless: I didn't mean about him.
Wireless: Do you want to stay there?


and no

good here
no limits
no nosebloods
don't like people much after all
you done thisquestionmafuck

Wireless: Not… to quite the same degree. But it's part of how my ability works.


only not this well
because of body

if you could
would you

It doesn't take her very long to decide on that point. Wireless: Given a choice? No. There are too many things I do that need to be done in person.

fair enough
i should get my body back
have to find it first

Wireless: We will.

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