The Voice On The Other End


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Scene Title The Voice On The Other End
Synopsis Len's unanswered calls to Elisabeth's phone gets a response.
Date August 27, 2009

Denton. It's a name that Richard Cardinal knows, although he's never spoken to or interacted with the man in question. A suitcase sits on a bed in the apartment, half-filled with clothes, and the shadowmorph's seated on the side of the bed he's slept in… on and off, more often lately than in the past. A cellular phone's flipped open in his hand, thumb brushing absently over the keypad as he considers the contacts list for a long moment, that name highlighted.

Then he presses the button, and brings the phone up to the side of the head to let it ring.

Walking down the hall after meeting with Bella Sheridan and carrying the binder that has been affectionately now known as 'Hunter's Guide' under one arm, and a tranq gun in the other. Of course, that means when his phone rings, he has to juggle the two items around in order to dig the phone from its holster that's attached to his big buckled belt. He takes a glance at it and actually gives a sigh of relief as he answers it.

"I was starting to think you were avoiding me after asking me for a favor."

"I'm sorry, Agent Denton," replies an unfamiliar voice on the other side of the line, the tone of it flat, cold, and generally laced through with the sort of grim emotion that one doesn't expect to hear outside of Hollywood movies, "Liz isn't able to answer her phone right now, but I thought I'd return your call anyhow. It seemed polite."

There's a pause as Len stops in the middle of the hallway at hearing a man's voice calling from Harrison's phone. "Why isn't she able to answer her phone?" Of the many questions that now whirl through Len's mind that seemed to be the most important one to ask. The next one would be, ".. and who is this?"

"Lamont Cranston." The Shadow. It's an obvious alias, just one off the top of Cardinal's head, probably because it's Ivanov's name for him. The first question isn't answered yet, as the man replies instead with a question of his own, "The Company was founded with the idea of protecting the Evolved from humanity, wasn't it, Agent Denton? That's what I've heard claimed, at any rate, from those who know the Founders."

"Which Company are you referring to, Mr. Cranston." Len can play along with this game. "Is there someone that needs protecting?" Len has started moving, slipping past Kayla's desk and into his office, closing his door which is something that doesn't happen often. He sets everything he's carrying onto his desk, with the exception of the phone still at his ear. "Or, are you looking for a job?"

"I don't have time for games, Agent Denton," replies Cardinal rather sharply, a hint of heat bleeding into his tone, "Nor do I have the patience, right now. Those Humanis butchers are running free, and I don't know— " The voice cuts off as it gets a little too heated, emotion swallowed in a break before he growls tightly, "I don't know how long it'll be before she can call you back, Denton. It might be awhile. There's only so much— so much our healers can do."

Healers? Len can tell something's wrong, but the voice on the other end is being.. evasive on answering his questions. All humor is removed from his voice when he finally responds. "What happened to Detective Harrison?" Straight question then if the voice is tired of playing around. Regardless of their beliefs, he has a ton of respect for the detective.

"Very bad things," Cardinal replies, each word bitten off in turn, "I'm not— she's lucky she's alive. If they hadn't found her when they did— " Again, the man on the other end of the line cuts off, drawing in a slow breath, "Humanis happened to her, Agent Denton."

Len sinks down into his chair. The curse that comes from his mouth would have incurred a scolding from his mama and a threat to wash his mouth out with soap. She really did raise him better. He wants more, but can tell by the tone of the voice on the other end of the phone that he's probably not going to get more than what he has. "As soon as she's able to talk, I'd like to hear from her. If you could pass that onto her. I'd like to be updated on her status. I was looking into something for her, and I'm not pleased with what I've found."

"I'm about to be very busy hunting some animals down soon," notes Cardinal coldly, "But I'll let her know to give you a call when she's physically and mentally able. If you've got a message, I could pass it on for you when I drop off her things."

The Danko files are still on his desk as Len reaches over to brush his fingers across the vanilla colored folder. He doesn't know who this is on the other side of the phone. "You seem like you're close to her, but I don't know you from anyone, so I'm afraid the information I have for her will have to remain with me until I hear from her. I hope whatever has happened to her, that she bounces back. She's a damn good cop."

"As you like. If you want to be helpful then I suggest you find Humanis, Agent Denton." A push up from the mattress brings a quiet creak, and Cardinal steps over to flip the suitcase closed with his free hand, the sound of the zipper audible in the room, "Danko. Dean. Because if they want a war? I'll give them one. I'm not one of the firebirds with their delusions of being 'good guys' to hold them back. If they make this kill or be killed, I know who'll win."

Len writes down the name Dean on a sticky pad. He hadn't heard that name before. "I'm quite familiar with Danko, but I'm not sure who Dean is." He admits. "And don't worry, I'm working the Danko angle personally. If you think he had something to do with whatever has happened to Harrison, you should tell me now if you truly want me motivated."

"I'm certain of it," Cardinal replies with a rough snort of breath, "Even if he wasn't there… he passed on information to the people who were. If you care one fuckin' bit about Harrison, find him. And then leave him to me." Yeah, because that's going to happen.

"I can't hardly leave him to someone I know nothing about. If you want to talk to me again, let's meet. Otehrwise, the next time I get a call from that phone, I expect that it'll be Harrison." With that, Len hangs up the phone and sets it on his desk. Shit. He's going to have to step his up hunt for Danko now.

The phone's hung up, and Cardinal shakes his head; stuffing it into a pocket before bleeding away into shadow - suitcase, phone and all. Maybe later, Agent Denton, he thinks, in the darkness where he doesn't need to worry about hiding from anything but his own thoughts, I'm not thinking very straight right now.

But they're the one thing he can't hide from.

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