The Walled Garden, Part II


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Scene Title The Walled Garden, Part II
Synopsis A group of relative strangers begin an illegal invasion of Japan to join up with their friends.
Date June 5, 2019 (Local Time)


A shrill cry echoes up from deeper in the apartment. Frantic, Kimberly Oliver lashes out into a cluttered drawer, grabbing an armfull of shirts of unknown quality. They're not here, admittedly. This isn't even her apartment.

Kimberly I swear to god!

Phone, flashlight, socks, four pairs of jeans. Kimberly drops half of everything she's picking up, littering the floor of Chess’ room with her own possessions. The other half are being crammed into an overstuffed bumblebee-colored black and yellow backpack. Also Chess’.

Kimberly Oliver you are going to make us late!

Sneakers, brush, handful of hair clips, a spare spring jacket. She has to hold everything in with one hand, jerkily zippering up the backpack to try and make it fit.

Kimberly! Eve was on time! EVE!

“Shut up, Alix!” Kimberly shouts over her shoulder, slinging the backpack on and hurrying to the bedroom door— barefoot. She backpedals, steps into a seafoam green pair of flip flops and comes bounding out of her clone’s bedroom.

“Okay okay let's go!” Kimberly shouts, barreling into the group of waiting figures huddled around in the living room of Chess’ apartment.

“When’s our flight leave again?”

Alix’s smile wordlessly explains that there is no flight, per-se.

//Seconds Later

Fukusho-ji Temple

Narita, Chiba


June 5th

8:12am Local Time

“Ohmygohhdd— ”

Kimberly pivots, drops her bag, and vomits on the stone tiles at her feet.

At this hour of morning the Fukusho-Ji temple on the outskirts of Chiba is empty, save for a handful of visitors from America who just circumvented national travel policy. Eve Mas, Miles Dylan, and Alix Glass stand under the slaw gray morning skies of eastern Japan. A drizzling rain is falling, which may mercifully wash away Kimberly’s indiscretions.

“Somehow I don't know what I expected from her,” Alix says with a slow shake of her head, drawing her dark hair back behind her head as she slides an elastic off of her wrist and lifts her hair up into a messy bun. “Thanks for being game for this, Miles. I'll owe you a… drink or something. I guess also an introduction.” She flashes a lopsided smile, fishing her cell phone out from her back pocket.

“You gonna be okay there, Champ?” Alix asks of Kimberly, who is hunched over with her hands on her knees, making a few more retching sounds. “There there,” she says without looking up from her phone screen.

"Thank you for riding Air Bunny and please don't- Kimbo noooo!" Eve stands next to Alix fixing the sunglasses on her face to hide her eyes, her own long raven mane twisted into a long braid that falls down her back. They were in. Snuck into Japan, abroad oh boy. The former seer buzzes with excitement, so much so that her body ripples with red lightning. Eve closes her eyes to calm herself and the lightning begins to fizzle away.

Hefting the large backpack she carries on her shoulder, the former seer looks around the place. All the necessary supplies and toys, including negation pills were there. Eve was as prepared as would ever be.

Clutching her long black coat around herself she looks over to the teleporter. "You okay Bunny?"

Somehow… the nickname had traversed the multiverse.

‘Game’ might not be the right word for what Miles was to go to Japan again — and also bring some people who look like Chess but aren’t Chess, which is slightly ironic, considering his relationship to actual Chess. However, he shrugs, replying, “I don’t know if an introduction would make much of a difference, anyway.” It’s said a bit wryly, and like he’s probably joking, though really it’s not that far off from the truth.

He looks over a little askance at Kimberly, but he doesn’t comment on her reaction, instead turning to Eve again. “Yeah,” he says, “fine. Super happy to be back here where they’re possibly not all that happy with me after last time, but, you know. Whatever.” He waves a hang a little vaguely, as though it’s fine, guys. It’s all fine.

I'm staying in Japan” Kimberly weakly mumbles, “forever. I'm never doing that again.” Alix slants a look over at Kimberly, then goes about composing a text on the phone Chess had entrusted her with.

“Chess and the others have landed. They're at baggage claim,” Alix explains, looking over to Eve, then Miles. “I figure we just need to loiter around here a while until they get to a good spot where they can snap us a landing photograph.” Alix seems remarkably versed on the ins and outs of travel via teleportation and not the least bit shaken by the journey.


“Ok. Ok. I'm fine.” Then, as Kimberly looks up and actually processes what Alix said. “Wait we’re doing this again? No.” She waves a hand at Alix. “No. No let's— walk. Call a taxi.”

“We’re not walking into a walled city,” Alix says with a dismissive wave of her hand, “and four foreigners without legal passports aren't going anywhere.” She looks back to Miles. “Are you good for one more, in a bit?”

"Oh cheer up Bunny it's fineeee. You look wonderful, how can they be mad at that face?" Eve snickers and digs around in her bra, no she won't smoke a joint but she does… have a vape! (The weed is in her backpack and other things).

"Here here Kimbo, try some of this," taking a large intake of breath and holding it in her lungs, she erupts into a coughing fit slamming her chest as she passes the piece off to the sister of Boomer, "I'm not sure how you young ones do it. It's so harsh." Eve continues to cough and readjust her sunglasses, running a hand along her sleeves.

Clicking through her own phone which is… shotty at best now with how being near electronics can be bad for a device's health with Eve now. The woman turns around and clicks a picture of the temple. It looks beautiful, she wants to take a peek. Press a hand against a column. The former seer tilts her head, "This place… so much history."

A beat.

"Did I tell you I lost my head here?"

“Yeah,” Miles says, “I’m fine. After that I’ll probably need a break, though.” He definitely does not look like he wants to be here, but at least he hasn’t just hopped back and left them to their own devices. That would be rude. He does eye Kimberly a little bit, but at least he doesn’t make any snide remarks.

Out loud.

Instead he turns to Eve, and a little snort of amusement escapes him, but he shakes his head. “Not that I remember.”

“Can we not,” Kimberly splutters to Eve, “with whatever gross story you’re about t’tell?” Threading a lock of hair behind one ear, Kimberly side-eyes Eve and slowly rights herself, glancing at Alix who is watching the entire scene with one hand cupped over her mouth, trying to hide her smile. Her phone buzzes and she looks back down to it, then paces around the courtyard, exhaling a huff of a sigh.

“Okay so, Chess and the others are going to get food, I guess? Without us?” Alix rolls her eyes, not particularly hungry but particularly fiesty this morning. “Then they’re going to head into Tokyo, so it sounds like we’ve got a couple hours to kill… which I guess is good news for Miles, here.”

Kimberly makes a groaning noise.

“And I guess Kimberly, too,” Alix adds with a twirl of one finger in the brunette’s direction.

The relative peace and tranquility of the shrine is interrupted by the distant sound of passing cars and the noise of an airliner crossing overhead on a landing approach at Narita Airport. Birds scatter from the nearby trees, taking flight out of the courtyard and soon out of sight entirely. Alix watches them depart, then furrows her brows and closes her eyes. “I’m going to keep an eye on the area around us, make sure nobody’s coming.” Which is apparently a thing she can do from here, is something Miles’ hadn’t been filled in on.

Kimberly rakes one hand through her hair, keeping it from her face as she looks over at Eve, then Miles. “Exactly how much did Eve fill you in on this?” She asks with one brow raised, walking over to the teleporter while she fixes a momentarily suspicious look at Eve.

It’s earned suspicion.

"I'll have to tell the story after the virgin ears have fallen asleep, hmm?" There's a soft, sweet cackle from the woman as she watches the trio take it in, Alix doing her thing. Is of deep interest to Eve. "You see the present. Still a Sister Seer." It's uttered reverently, she's made this comment more than once Alix knows. The former seer doesn't go into 'I will protect you with my life.' Again because the last time she did that it got real awkward.

Suspicious gazes are always earned where Eve is concerned and her grin widens. "Bunny knows! We're going deep cave crawling baby! Slide on in there, wiggle wiggle. I promise not to fart. Swear it." Holding her hand up towards Miles in salute. Crimson eyes twinkling in amusement. "And to sniff out dirt on The Plague himself," lowering her voice, "The Blonde Immortal Cheapo. His Oldiness, Monroe." That last name whispered. She's so paranoid. "Oh! And to find out what in the immortal hell he's been doing to you and your sisters!" Chesstras holla. Her fingertips dance in the air as if she's connecting elusive, invisible dots. "Those things are all connected, like a grand puzzle. Pieces, we're looking for the non soggy ones but obviously beggars cannot be choosers. So if it's soggy we get, soggy we will do." Obviously.

"Also!" There's always a bright side even when you've just snuck into a country that's very strict on people like them. "He can take Boomer out on a date. Mmmm. Do you smell that?" It's definitely not a weed smell because she smoking vapors duh. "There ya see her.. Sitting there across the way.. oh yea." Humming the melody and snapping her fingers, "Go on and kiss da girl."

See, Eve has told Miles everything. Winkwink.

Miles starts to reply to Kimberly — possibly not much is the answer to that — but then Eve starts to prove him a liar, and he lets out another little amused huff, and crosses his arms over his chest as he listens. Since he doesn’t want to malign her unfairly, after all.

The last part, though, gets a raised eyebrow, and he just stares at her for several seconds. “Don’t count on it,” he mutters under his breath as he glances away again, possibly so that no one can see his face, or at least that they’d have to work harder to do so.

“I'm beginning to think I should've just stayed behind,” Kimberly groans into one of her hands as she scrubs it up and down her face. “Ya’ll are crazier than a sack’a cats.” She flicks a dark-eyed look over to Eve, pointedly, then something more sympathetic to Miles. There's a lot of history, there, and Kimberly isn't sure what it is. But that she has the same face as Chess likely isn't making any of this easier on him.

“Ok, they nixed breakfast,” Alix updates following a buzz on her phone, “they're headed straight to Asi’s place in the city and will be ordering in. Which is good because I noticed a sign that says the shrine opens in about forty-five minutes, so…” she slides a look over to Miles. “I hope you've got one more hop in you by then, beca— oh! A hop!” Alix wheels around to Eve. “Bunny! I get it!”

Kimberly rolls her eyes and languidly walks away for a few paces. “Don't encourage the Fair Lady of Nicknames,” she says over her shoulder to Alix, “things are already complicated enough. Because I'm still not one hundred percent clear on literally any of this. I just…” She trails off, shaking her head and looking away, arms wrapped around herself anxiously.

"I knew you would Alix!" HAHAHAH Bunny, Eve doesn't stick her tongue out at the young teleporter friend instead she just beams as if to say her work here is finished. Except it's not that finished at all.

Kimberly's state of being worries Eve, there's nothing worse than someone who can't hack it. And shit wasn't even getting real yet, "Kimbo Kimbo, you're a part of a clone conspiracy and this is the way you find the answers to your heritage. This is the key to your future. Your past! Just take a breath with me and hit this vape pen, it's blue dreammmmm," wiggling the device as she says so in a singsong tone.

Eve promises not to bite. "Just think of it as a hands on…. 23 and Me project."

When Alix gets it, Miles lets out a little sigh and reaches up to rub a hand over his face, but the gesture is more resigned than anything else. He does, however, look over at Kimberly a little more sympathetically this time, and says, “I just go along to get along. It’s working out pretty well so far.” His tone is a little wry, and it’s pretty clear he doesn’t necessarily think it’s actually working that well, but maybe it’s meant to make her feel a little better, that she isn’t the only one who’s a bit lost on the whole thing.

Miles’ easygoing and laissez faire attitude elicit a momentary scrutiny from Alix, who does her level best to ignore the trumpet that is Eve’s voice as she takes a meandering few steps over to the teleporter, tucking her phone into her pocket as she does. “Not that I don’t appreciate it, but I’m honestly kind of surprised you were in for this,” she admits with a crook of one brow to the teleporter. “I… didn’t know Chess had any friends with this kind of ability. We could’ve used you last year.”

Hearing the direction that conversation is taking, Kimberly flicks a side eye over to Eve to see how she’s reacting, but also to Miles of whom she knows just enough to feel awkward, but not enough to understand why.

“How’d you and Chess meet anyway?” Alix asks of Miles, perfectly innocently. Because of course.

Eve stands there, hearing these questions from Alix. Well the woman did use to spy for Praxis, she knows what's up. How to dig for answers. "Hmmmm. Destiny brought the two together. Mmmmm." Tapping the side of her head. "Wild strands twisting together. I think they even think they lost each other! But!" Eve throws her hands up.

Maybe it's one sided. Miles wasn't from here. Eve just has this hope, hope beyond Hope. They had to be soulmates.

The expression on Eve's face says it all: Tell then if you will. It's only fair, they know all their secrets, their cloneness. "Miles is from far farrrrr away." That's enough hints lady.

Miles, meanwhile, looks somewhere in between wanting to sink into the ground and wanting to just teleport himself away and never come back. He reaches up to rub a hand over his face as though he could somehow make what they’re talking about suddenly not be talked about if he just pretends hard enough that it isn’t happening. Is it Alix’s scrutiny? Kimberly’s questions? Eve’s clear wish for these two crazy kids to just work it out already? Why not all three!

“Yeah, I was…going through some stuff last year.” Like the fabric of space, but there’s no need to go into that at the moment. He meets Alix’s eyes as she approaches for a moment, before turning away a little helplessly to look from Kimberly to Eve at the former’s question.

Eve’s answer maybe helps, but doesn’t actually tell much, and so he lets out a little sigh, before he continues, “She knew another me. I’m from another world. I guess there was a me who lived in this one, and he knew her.” Chess, that is. “It’s just an unfortunate coincidence. I guess that one’s dead.” Oops.

Alix and Kimberly both stare at Miles with creased brows and thoughtful expressions. Their eyes flick to one another after that, then to Eve, then back to each other, and then finally back to Miles. Kimberly starts to say something, mouth slightly agape, one eyelid closed more than the other, brow ever-rising, but all that comes out of her mouth is, “Uh…”

It’s Alix who — after blinking so many times her eyes might burst — throws both of her hands in the air and turns around on her heels, walking away from the conversation entirely. “If you didn’t want to tell us, you didn’t have to pretend like we’re idiots!” She exclaims. Because that’s a story you tell idiots. No one but an idiot would believe that.

Because it’s not possible.

Kimberly slides a look out of the corner of her eyes at Miles, brows furrowed, then watches Alix as she wanders off feverishly texting to Chess. Nearly all of which she erases before sending, knowing better. There’s a shadow of uncertainty that lingers over Kimberly’s expression, but it passes.

“I’m gonna go make sure she doesn’t wander into Godzilla or something,” Kimberly says helpfully, hurrying after Alix.

They still have a long wait ahead of them, after all.

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