The Warning


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Scene Title The Warning
Synopsis In which some people get a little something extra with their drinks. Some appreciate it, some… don't.
Date January 25, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

Late afternoon in Old lucy's. Sundays start quietly. Things will pick up soon, maybe, hopefully. Despite the worlding ending in three days and counting, Abigails behind the bar, working. She wipes down the bartop with a rag, erasing a few drops of spilt beer that a customer who's ambling away is carrying. The music pumps in volume accordance with the bar population, which means not too loudly as to hamper conversation. Owner, bartender and barfly had disappeared into the back earlier, with nary a glimpse of concern from the blonde. Just putting in her hours, hoping to see familiar faces.

The recent addition to the bar crew makes his way in. Grant, tugs his jacket off and places it on a stool as he moves in to take a seat. He runs a hand through his hair as he listens to the music for a moment, nodding as he begins letting some of it flow through him. Not really his type, but it'll work.

Roselyn walks in from the back room and takes a seat at one of the bar stools. Staying away from Nicolas' bar stool so she doesn't ruin his ass groove. She looks towards Abby, "Hey girl. How are you?" she asks with a smile.

Nicolas comes in from the back room, a smile on his face as he moves towards the bar, sliding down on his usual stool, taking of his jacket and setting it down on the stool next to him. He smiles to Abby and offers the girl a wave. "Hey. Long time no see." He says to the blonde. "Been avoiding me?"

"Hey Ros, I'm good. All good" as she moves down the counter to see to Grant. "Afternoon sir, I'm Abigail, Welcome to Old Lucy's what can I get for you?" Nicolas is waved to, a sunny smile given to him, including a forefinger lifting to say she'd be one minute before her attention is transferred to Grant, hands being wiped on her apron. "And I'd need to see some ID if your going to be ordering alcohol"

ID is produced, as Grant shrugs. "Eh, I'm not sure yet. It'll take me a few minutes to decide." He says, softly as he looks over to the arriving Nicolas and Ros. He looks away afterward. Nicolas and Roselyn are both remembered quite well from last time.

Roselyn smiles, "That's good." she watches Nicolas take a seat and grins, "Hey hun. I'm going to buy all of your drinks tonight okay." she says with a wink. "No arguing either. You can't stop me." she says smiling. "So what would you like to drink?" she sees Grant and gives him a wave, "Hey Grant. How are you doing tonight?" she asks offering him a smile.

Nicolas smiles as he nods to Abby, letting her serve the others first. He takes out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket and starts to pack them as he waits. He smirks to Roselyn and nods. "I guess there is no use in arguing then." He says with a chuckle. "Just my usual to start off with."

"Take as long as you want. It'll still get to you fast afterward" That infuriating perky cheerful smile, a little more fake today than normally done. The ID is searched, carefully, comparing the person before her to the car, the quality of the ID. Satisfied, she slides it back over. "Hey Nico. Just been busy, had to do some work with my hands, school stuff" How easily that lie slips out. "Had a karaoke party for my birthday. That was fun"

Looking back to Roselyn, Grant offers a half smile. "Aight. Just a little on the bored side. Tired of school. Fortunately, just another year to go." He chuckles, pondering his beers. "Eh, surprise me. Any beer will do."

Roselyn nods and smiles, "That's kool. Hopefully it will go by fast for you." she says looking to Grant. She turns to Nicolas, "Okay." she turns to Abby, "Could I get two Irish Car Bombs, a shot of Goldschlagger, a shot of whatever, a Beer, and a Screwdriver please Abby?" she asks with a smile. She pulls out her money and gets ready to pay for the drinks.

Lately, the entrances of one Hagan O'Sullivan have been low-key and somewhat even-handed. But it seems something has regressed the Irishman back to his old surly self. Probably church. All that stuff about sinning and the like. The door to the outside swings open and in enters an Irishman dusted with snow, a damp cigarette pinched between his lips and an unhappy look on his face. He moves inwards and claims a stool not far from the door. "Abby." It's as much a greeting as it is an expression of surprise. "Give us a pint, will ya?"

Nicolas smiles and nods as Roselyn orders for them. He opens the pack of cigarettes, taking one out and lights it up. He glances back towards Hagan as he enters, giving the man a once over before he returns to Roselyn as he sets the lighter and pack of cigarettes on the bar top.

"The girls will be up and doing an dance within the next half hour, I promise, that should relieve some of your boredom" Nico seems to be being tended by Roselyn, and since it's Guinness for Nico, it's Guinness for Grant and Hagans usual pint. She lights up to see him, even as Grants pint is passed over to him, replete with a napkin beneath his drink. a bowl of peanuts placed there as well. "Evening Hagan. Can do. I was starting to think you'd left me and was never coming back. Nicolas" Abby calls out to the hacker. "Nicolas, meet Hagan, Hagan, meet Nicolas. You both are my regulars. Don't sit in Nico's spot Hagan, he's got a butt groove going and he's terribly whiny when he see's someone else sitting on it" It's all teasing coming from the blonde's mouth.

"Girls? Dancing? Oy…" Grant mutters darkly. Apparently, he's been missing that. Not exactly a really exciting thing to him. "Thanks." He offers to Abby, pulling out a few bills to pay for his beer. After all, he doesn't have the whole bar-tab thing. He looks down at Roselyn, "Believe me, I want it to hurry on, so I can graduate and join the real world."

Roselyn smiles and nods, "I can understand that." she says looking at Grant. She turns to Abby, "Do you want me to come around the bar and make it? Wasn't sure if I could come back there off duty." she says looking at Abby.

"Sounds like a good fuckin' reason for me to park myself there and never get up," says Hagan as he gives Nicolas a once-over of his own. He tugs the ruined cigarette out of his mouth, makes a face at it and tosses it in a nearby ashtray. But, notably, he doesn't light another. Smoking in Abby's presence has turned into something sacrilegious. Isn't he a charmer? He rubs the side of his face, then glances to Abby again. "How've you been then?" For all that is just kind of spat out, she should know him well enough by now that him asking at all means he really does want to know.

Nicolas looks to Abby and smiles after he takes a drag from his cigarette. "I am sorry that I missed your birthday. I didn't know it was your birthday or else I'd have gotten you a present." He says before he takes another drag from the cigarette, flicking the ash into an ashtray. "Too late to make it up to you?" He asks before he looks to Hagan and offers a nod to the man as he is introduced. "Hey." He says before he looks to Abby. "Well, you'd get pissed too if some fat asshole stretched out your ass groove." He says with a smirk and chuckles softly.

"Nope! i'm coming Rose, I promise" Abby grins, thankful for a moment of 'as the world turns and doesn't blow up' digging out the drinks that Nicolas and Roselyn order, starting to assemble them. Shooter glasses filled, slid over, Guinness pints three quarters filled, slid over, Goldschlager tipped over, filling shooter glasses. Downs he dips, crouching to get at the cooler and two bottles of beer, their brown bottles glinting dully in the light. "no presents, too late! wait till next year!" But then Roselyn and Nicolas are served. "your allowed back here rose, when off duty. Far as I know" Back and forth till everyone's settled and Abby parks in front of Hagan, leaning over to invade his personal space, but for good reason as she starts to talk quietly to him.

Grant checks over towards Hagan and offers a polite nod. He turns back to his beer, as it's the more interesting thing right now. That and the fact that he really doesn't know anyone. Sure, he's chatted with Roselyn before but… He scratches his head lightly as he watches Abby do her magic with the drinks. Not something he'd do well at all.

Abigail whispers "Leave town, before Wednesday. I can't tell you why, but know that IF it goes right, it'll be safe to come home Thursday. If things don't.. you'll see it on the news. Just get off the Island Hagan. Promise me that?" It's not the answer he's likely looking for, but there's worry and concern in the blonde's eyes when she pulls back just enough to look at him and let him see it, whereas the others won't. "Promise me that?"'

Roselyn smiles, "Thank you Abby." she says smiling. She pulls out money and lays it down onto the counter. She puts a twenty dollar bill into Abby's tip jar and turns to Nicolas. "Want to race again?" she asks with a grin.

Hagan at first, flinches at the invasion of his personal space. But when Abby starts talking, he allows her in the bubble that he usually guards with surly anger. He listens intently to the blonde bartender, and when she finishes, a murmur of "Jesus Christ," can be heard by the others. There's a faint glance down the bar, then he lowers his voice to reply to her.

Hagan whispers "What the hell've you got yourself in to, Abigail? I'm not the type to go running for the hills when shit gets bad, y'know." He looks her in the eye. "M'not a coward."

Nicolas grins and sets his cigarette into the ashtray as the drinks arrive. He looks to Roselyn and nods. "Yeah, sure." He says as he chuckles. "You're 0 for 2." He says with a smirk before he looks towards Hagan as he hears the 'Jesus Christ' before he looks back to Roselyn. "You count it down." He says, picking up the shot glass and hovers it over the pint of Guinness.

You paged Hagan with 'This isn't about being a coward. This is about me, asking a friend, to give me a little less to worry about Wednesday Hagan. You can't do anything, there's things already in motion. It's bigger than what happened in central park. Just promise me, that you'll leave? Just a day. That's all I want, all I need. I'll owe you big if you do this. I'm going to tell Isabelle the same and Roselyn and Nicolas" The blue eyes still so very serious. "And pray like it's the end of the world Hagan. That's what you can do. Deal?"'

Abby doesn't pull back when Hagan curses, and doesn't even scowl like she usually does at words like that. Just a very serious look on the blondes face as she replies back to his quiet words with more of her own before offering her hand to him, as if it were some deal they were shaking on. Sadly, for the moment, the rest of the customers at the bar are ignored.

Grant's attentions turn back to Nicolas and Roselyn. Chuckling lightly, he asks Nico, "Did everything go well the other night?" He asks. After all, he doesn't know why the guy got tugged into the back room. He just knows that he vanished for a while.

Roselyn grins, "Okay. Ready?" she holds the shot over her pint of Guinness, "Go." she says as she drops her pint into it and starts to chug.

The look on Hagan's face says more than words. He looks conflicted, angry and helpless. He looks away for a moment, then back to the young woman across the bar. He mouths something to her, then stands abruptly. Her hand is unshaken as the Irishman head towards the door. His coat swirls behind him as he swings it over his shoulders and disappears back out onto the street. His pint is untouched.

Hagan whispers "Can't do that. Could never fucking forgive myself. Not running away. What happens, happens. We all have our time.

Nicolas drops the shot into the pint glass as Roselyn says go and starts to chug it, getting through the first half of the pint in a matter of seconds. As he finishes the glass, he sets the empty glasses on the bar top. "Yummy." He says as he looks to Grant as he speaks to him. He smiles and nods. "Yeah, everything went fine. Just had to talk to some people about some things." He says as he watches Hagan leave and then looks to Abby to see if everything is alright.

Abby's fine. A little shocked that he's walking away and whatever he had said to her, but she takes a deep breath and turns back to the others. "He had things to go do" She explains, total lie, she can't lie worth shit, but she's not about to tell the truth. "lemme get your screw drivers. What are you going through school for Grant?" Nothing to see here, just a radiation leak, carry on carry on!

Grant was pointedly not watching. Scenes like that are… uncomfortable for others, much less a watcher.

"Accounting. Nice, exciting numbers." He says with a half-grin. "They're easier to understand than people."

Roselyn finishes off he drink just barely before Nicolas, "Damn that was close. But at least I freakin beat you." she says with a grin. She turns back to Grant, "I love to draw myself." she says with a smile.

Nicolas nods his head to Abby as she explains, leaving it there. Figuring if she wants to share, she will. He looks back to Roselyn and grins. "Yeah. You finally beat me. 1 for 3 now." He says with a chuckle. He looks to Grant and offers a nod. "I don't think I introduced myself last time. I'm Nicolas." He says, offering the man a hand.

"I don't' know, sometimes numbers can be confusing. Accounting though, going into taxes or something else? I'm sure you could make decent money becoming a tax person. I know I'd go to you" Abby digs that fake smile back up from the middle of nowhere, putting perky Abby back on the billboard for all to see. "So. Whats everyone up to tonight?" spoken to the three of them as she refills a pitcher of beer for a guy at the end of the bar who waggles his pitcher.

Hagan has left.

"Ya don't even know me yet." Grant chuckles, shaking his head softly as he sips at his beer. He accepts Nicolas's hand and gives it a firm shake. "Grant." He offers.

Roselyn shrugs, "Not sure. Might just hang around my house for a little bit and draw some." she says to Abby picking up her shot of Goldschlager and slams it. "What about you?

Nicolas nods his head as he looks to Grant, shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you." He says before he shakes his head slightly as if trying to clear it. He takes a his shot and slams it back, setting the empty glass on the bar top.

"Working tonight. After that i'm gonna go find a grocery store still open at four in the morning" easily done. "And get ready, I have a dinner tomorrow to make. My rommates aunt is in town and i'm having a dinner for her and him. Something nice, and it's what he should have done" Abby's wiping, tidying, the pitcher delivered and all necessary money collected and put into the till as appropriate.

Sipping at his beer, Grant nods to Nicolas. "Seen ya in here before. Thanks for the beer last time." he says with a nod before shrugging to whoever asked. "Just gettin' away from home. I need a break from the normal."

Roselyn picks up her Screwdriver and takes a drink. "That's nice Abby." she says with a smile. She turns to Nicolas, "So how is everything with you hun?" she asks him with a grin.

Nicolas nods his head to Grant and smiles. "No problem." He says as he takes a drink from his beer and flicks the ash from his cigarette. He takes a long drag before he exhales the smoke and puts out the cigarette in the ashtray. He looks to Roselyn and shrugs slightly. "Not bad. The days seem to be going by pretty slowly though."

Roselyn nods, "Yeah. I think I'm gonna head out of here pretty soon." she says to Nicolas taking a huge drink from her screwdriver drinking about half of it. "Might turn on some music and paint." she says with a smile.

"I always have music." Grant says, softly with a big grin. He doesn't explain more than that, though some may note an mp3 player in his front pocket. "I just wanna not deal with school folks and exams.

Nicolas chuckles and ndos. "Yeah, I keep hearing a lot of music lately. I don't know why." He says with a shrug. "May be because we're in a bar." He says to no one in particular as he takes a drink from his bottle. He looks to Roselyn and smiles. "Okay. NO problem."

"Hey Nicolas, can I talk to you, when your done with Roselyn?" Another pitcher for a rowdy bunch in the back, put on a tray, a couple rums and cokes. the upside to it not beign too busy is that the customers don't really need to walk up and she can remember what it is that they ordered. Abigail looks over to nicolas to get his answer before a glance to Grant. "need a refill?"

Grant raises an eyebrow as he hears what Nico says, but doesn't say anything. He puts his mp3 player in his ear and begins playing something dance-ish. "Probably. Bars do have lots of music, usually." he ponders for a moment, looking up at Abby. "Sure. I'll take another."

Roselyn finishes off her drink and sets the glass down onto the bar top. "I'll see you later. Think Abby's wanting to talk to you anyways." she says with a smile. She kisses his cheek. "Bye hun. Have a nice day." she says to Nicolas. "Call me later if you want." she waves to Abby and Grant. "Bye guys. Have fun." she says as she slides her coat on and heads for the door.

Nicolas nods his head to Abby. "Sure." He says before he looks to Grant and chuckles. "Yeah. It happens though." He says with a chuckle before looking to Roselyn and nods. "Sure thing doll." He says with a wave before he looks back to Abby. What's up?" He asks her as he takes a drink from his beer.

"Don't worry, it's not my music either" Roselyn gets a wave. "Take care! see you at your next shift!" or maybe not. All depends. Abby might be taking the next few days off. She gets grant another glass, sam adams pale ale and slides it in front of him. THe tray fo drinks is passed to another bartender to take over as she slips over to Nicholas. She invades his personal space, much like she did Hagan and speaks in quiet tones that no others can hear.

Abby whispers "Do me a favor? Leave the island by Wednesday morning. Ic an't tell you why, I can't tell you anything really, I shouldn't even be telling you this. I'm gonna tell Isabelle she needs to close down for a day or two and get off the island too, but promise me that. That you'll be gone by Wednesday morning. Just for a day or two." to Nicolas.

"Later." Grant offers a wave as people begin to leave. He'll stay right here where he is. Drinking his beer and listening to the dance music in his headphones. He shakes his head lightly, glancing after it all happens to see who's actually staying behind.

Roselyn walks out the door towards her place.

Nicolas offers a nod to Grant before he looks back to Abby, leaning in close. He raises an eyebrow as he listens before he looks down at the bar top for a moment. He looks back up at Abby, looking her in the eyes as he lowers his voice as he replies to her.

Nicolas whispers "What do you mean 'off the island'? Am I getting voted off? Is there something wrong? Maybe I can help? Is it another bomb or something."

Abby whispers "You can't help" That's spoken firmly. "Get off, as in hop in a taxi and get off the island of Manhattan. If it's still here come Thursday morning, congratulations, you can come back. If it's not…" Utter seriousness on the blondes face. "I won't get going off it. I have to stay. It's been seen by other evolved. If I'm not where i need to be… Just.. take Roselyn and get off the island, go to like.. Connecticut, find a bed and breakfast and so make like minks. Enjoy yourself. Got it? Do this, for me please. I need to know that some people will be safe, if everything goes wrong" to Nicolas.

Abby's still talking quietly to Nicolas, serious issues it must be. So she's not paying attention to Grant all that much right this moment.

Grant's music continues to play over the nearby radio waves. He's not paying attention and the beer is loosening up. He doesn't intrude. That's rude. Instead, he'll sit quietly.

Nicolas nods his head as he looks at Abby, a serious look on his face as he listens to her.

Nicolas whispers "Alright. I'll go. But I want you to be safe. Take care of yourself and come back to us when this is all over. Okay? I want to come back and see you back here again."

Abby whispers "Nicolas… I don't think i'm coming back. If I do, it's a miracle from god. I'll try but…" There's serious doubt in her eyes. "Take who you can, premise of having some… orgy. Just.. go. If it goes well, everything will be fine, if it doesn't… this islands not going to exist anymore and will make that bomb in the center of it look like peanuts. Just Pray, and… just pray"" to Nicolas.

The blonde pulls away after the last exchange of words, there we go, smile again, more radiation leak, shoo shoo and back to tending bar.

Anyway… Not much Grant can do at the moment. But, the music in his headphones changes from dance to pure country. Poor anyone listening to his station out there.

Nicolas nods his head as he looks to Abby again before he says something once more. He sits up in his seat and takes a long pull from his beer as Abby goes back to tending the bar.

Nicolas whispers "Alright. If I don't see you again, know that I won't forget you. I promise you that. You'll always be in my heart."

"Yeah yeah yeah Nico. I'm sure" Down in front of Grant she settles herself. Cocking her head to the side and a gimme gimme motion for one of the ear buds.

Grant takes one headphone out and offers it to Abby with a shrug. It's country. Tim McGraw. 'Let It Go'. But it shifts at the tail end, to flow into Butthole Surfers' 'Pepper'. Random mix. Not a playlist, apparently. "Ok?" He says, with a strange look on his face."

Nicolas nods his head as he takes a long pull from his beer, killing the rest of it. "I'm going to head out. Got shit to take care of." He says, shaking his head as he hears the shift. "What a strange transition." He says softly to himself before he places a few bills in Abby's tip jar. He stands from the bar, picking up his lighter and pack of cigarettes. "I'll see you guys around." He says with a wave before he heads towards the exit.

"Take care Nicolas" Abby's listening carefully. Tim Mcgraw, I like.. but this.. whats the name of these guys?" it's not her cup of tea but it's interesting…" Whether she's referring to whatever Nicolas is hearing or whatever she's hearing from Grants ipod before she hands him back the earbud.

"It's about fourteen years old or so. Butthole Surfers. Their biggest mainstream hit. Pepper." Grant explains as he chuckles. "It's on random. I don't have one of my good playlists with me right now."

'what's a good playlist?" The blonde inquires, grabbing a rag to keep behind the bar tidy, neat. She likes to keep her station that way.

"Music that flows together makes a good playlist. Things that you would hear working together on a radio." Grant explains sipping his beer as he looks around.

'Ahhh. I usually listen to the radio. I don't own one of those" A gesture to the ipod. "You need anything else? We have a kitchen that you can order some food from if you like. Other than that, I'm still around, holler if you need me, I need to start prepping for the evening shifts needs" Abigail offers, tossing the rag to it's hook to wait being needed again

"Nah, I'm probably just gonna head out in a minute, honestly." Grant says with a shrug. "Gotta get some sleep before classes come back." He rolls his eyes lightly. "Yeah, I listen to the radio all the time. Just have certain things I WANT to hear sometimes."

"Well, you switch the station then, or call in" Abby points out. "They do take requests"

"On some. But you can't have everything you want to hear, and radio stations are usually too limited to what they'll play. Sometimes, I'm in the mood for something hard and pounding, sometimes, I'm in the mood for something light. That'd be a lot of channel flippin." Grant chuckles, finishing off his beer.

'That would. You have a point. I guess that's why they made ipods. your own personal radio station. Maybe i'll get myself one at the end of the week. You take care Grant. You should get out of the city for a few days" While the rest of her words have been cheery, this has a decidedly more serious tone. "I think everyone should personally take time off in January, recover from Christmas"

"I can't. I've got school tomorrow. Why? What's going on?" Grant asks, stopping his mp3 player as he scans the airwaves lightly, trying to hear for anything strange.

"Nothing. I'm just of the personal opinion that right now, is a very good time for a vacation" Abby pointedly speaks, filling a glass with cola and taking a long sip from it.

"Oh. Ok." Paranoid much? Of course he is. He's not registered. "Nah, not ready for a vacation. I'll take a LONG one after I graduate." He chuckles, tugging his jacket on.

"I think we'll all need a vacation after graduation. Take care. See you around" She gives him a little wave before starting to get the lemons and lines out.

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