The Worst Liar


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Scene Title The Worst Liar
Synopsis Abby does what Abby does best, save Magnes from his own stupid decisions.
Date January 23, 2012

A Back Alley

Where Eileen does her best gardening.

It's morning, and there's a crowd of people standing around an alleyway while presumably Magnes J. Varlane floats about 4 feet off the ground, his chest bleeding out, blood floating in the air. He's wearing a buttoned up, very bloody shirt with a black tie. Someone called the ambulance and mentioned someone was stabbed, and floating, in the middle of an alley, unconscious and bleeding out.

There are very few people that Abby likely knows of who float when they're unconscious.

Since the last time Abby saw him, his hair seems to be much longer, he doesn't smell like booze, and he's lacking his brow piercing.

That they were in the area, well, it was convenient. There was someone closer but something niggled at Abby. "We're taking it. Call it in." It takes them a few minutes to get there, but they get there and soon enough they're getting out the bags and Abby's raising one blonde brow. "Lord almighty, what more can happen to him. Magnes J Varlane if you are dead…" He's not dead. Dead Magnes' would presumably not float. Only unconcious ones. Bleeding unconcious ones. And so, stripping off a gloved hand, a nod to johan, She's doing something she doesn't often do. But it's Magnes. A sober smelling magnes but Magnes. "Rise and shine Varlane. You got a liver to corrupt." She murmurs, sliding that hand along the side of his neck, thumb across his cheek and sending out that little inquiry of her ability to see what exactly is hurt. "Johan, tell them to get blood ready. He might need a pint or two. I'll get him good enough where he might wake and can heal the rest of the way."

Magnes has a massive wound in his chest, one that just missed his heart, that was then made worse when garden shears were opened up while inside of him. So… it's a bit of a mess in there.

"Abby…" he speaks while unconscious, something of a fever dream, coughing up blood. But her voice tugs at something inside of him. "Couldn't avenge you… I'm sorry… I'm sorry Abby…"

"Nothing to avenge Magnes. You're gonnabe just fine." Her nose wrinkles as she catalogs what's wrong, closing her eyes to concentrate on mending this and that with that precision that she's developed. Hostpials get a little touchy if you do too much healing in the field. Something about being unable to really charge, and then insurance gets cranky. How do you charge for the EMT healing? But it's Magnes, and so she works what she knows. "Riiiiiiise and shine Varlane. Seriously. Your gonna be fine." As things knit and mend, and blood is less freely flowing. "Johan, get the gurney, we'll strap him down."

Magnes starts to slowly open his eyes, feeling the familiar feeling of his wounds healing. "God, that feels like Abby…" he says as the pain slowly begins to become significantly less severe, and he starts to gradually lower to the ground rather than float as his consciousness return.

Then he turns his head and spots, well, Abby. "Shit… Abby. Fuck, I mean." He tries to get his thoughts together, which is very hard, because he's still in some pain at least. "Sorry, I was drunk, I got into a fight with another bum…" he says, despite clearly not being particularly drunk, and looking far more groomed than he has been in a few years.

Magnes has to consider, the last time he told the truth, he got stabbed with garden shears. "Um, before I answer any questions, I should say that I'm a drunk, so, my memory is a little bit fuzzy…" he says as he lays on the ground, coughing a bit more blood, just what's still left over now that his internal wounds are healed. "Can you run me through our relationship for the past few years?"

"You're not drunk Magnes. I've seen drunks, and you're not drunk. Not even a functioning alcohol." She's grabbing things to hand over to clean hiself off. "Stay still, I'll get you all the way."

"Would you believe me if I said that telling the truth might put the entire world in danger and that I'm lying for a very good reason, and that if you see me again after this you should never, ever mention that any of this happened?" Magnes asks, looking a little hopeful, even if in pain. "Like, if you see me again, just, totally pretend none of this happened. I might even be drunk when you see me again!"

There's a sigh, a roll of her eyes. "You owe me so hard. A twenty four pack of red bull or monster." She instructs. Pain is fading then gone, Magnes healed up in full and Johan bringing the gurney over. "He's fine. THey can get upset. He doesn't need to get brought in." Though she's looking at him. "What did you get stabbed with?"

"Garden shears. And then the garden shears were opened up inside of me. It… it hurt." Magnes understates, and carefully floats himself back up to his feet. "I'll make sure you get your energy drinks, just, uh, can you promise to never mention it to me? Like, it's very important, vitally important, that you not mention this to me if you see me again."

"I know it's confusing, but…" He rubs the back of his neck, in that awkward way that he tends to do when he's possibly in trouble with Abby. But suddenly his face softens, and his mood and tone changes entirely. "Hey, Abby… I'm glad you're doing okay. You're happy, right?"

'Ga-" There's a sigh. "Fine Magnes. I promise. I'll make no mention of this, not in the least. To anyone. Much less you." But she see's that transition, the change and she smiles in return, a little worried. "I'm Mags. I'm… I think I'm where I'm supposed to be. But… I wish you were too."

"Well, you know, it's hard, being an alcoholic, and a bum, sleeping on Eileen and Gabriel's couch." Magnes says these things as if they're facts that he's reciting, trying to remember them. "Abby…" He reaches out, moving to place a gentle hand onto her shoulder. "I want you to remember something. No matter what awful thing I say to you, whatever stupid drunk jealous shit I say to you and haven't grown out of yet, I want you to remember that you're one of the most important and kind people in my life. I don't want anything except for you to be happy, even if I don't act like it."

"Just…" A few tears fall, but he quickly wipes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and sucks it up as best as he can. "Be happy, and safe, and just… just exist, okay?"

It's the last part that leaves her a littel confused. But her eyes fix on Magnes' with no small amout of concern before nodding. "I promise Mags. Just… try to lay off the alcohol so hard okay? I might not be close enough to fix your liver." Then there's a smile. "Try not to run into anymore psychotic gardeners yeah?"

"I will. It was nice seeing you again… let's hope I do better with the alcohol." Magnes' hand lingers, as if it might be the last time he ever sees her, but he finally pulls it again. "Bye, Abby."

He suddenly leaps into the air, his control of his ability definitely significantly better than anything she's likely to remember it being, as he flies pretty damned high into the sky before darting off, rather than his usual jumping leaps.

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