The Writings on the Wall



Scene Title The Writings on the Wall
Synopsis A dreamer reaches her breaking point.
Date July 14, 2009

Eve's Apartment

A cozy little apartment in Chinatown.

It’s the sound of waves that awakens Eve. The dark haired singer groaning as she rubs her head.

Light grey eyes blink in the dim lighting of her bedroom, the window is open and a cool breeze enters in the room and runs through her hair.

Then her eyes widen.. as she stares around the room. There are a series of paintings in her room, each of the new and terrifying dream she has had. The first of the Empire State Building surrounded by water, sea crabs litter the surface of the building.

The others depict various moments from that dream. One of Peter with his hand on Eve, the cold stare of those ice blue eyes that are Kazimir’s and not his own. Eve’s expression one of the fear.

La mer…

The blonde woman with half a face, singing on top of the stairs that lead to nowhere. A bottle of pills in the process of bouncing down the stairs to a waiting Eve.

La mer…

The cane, in another painting. The cold blade being seen driven into Eve’s body. Peter having no expression on his face. Shadows radiating off his body. Eve’s mouth open in fear and pain as Peter stabs her.

La mer…

The words of the song can be seen written in blood on the walls of Eve’s bedroom and when she staggers to her feet, a sharp pain can be felt in her arms and she looks down to see deep cuts that are still bleeding a little.

La mer…

A bloody knife can be seen on the floor of her bedroom, blood drips from the blade onto her hardwood floor. The past is prologue can be seen written many times on the walls of the other rooms of her apartment. Along with other things that Peter/Kazimir had said to her.

Have you done something for the pain yet?

The seer staggers against the wall of her apartment, shaking her head. “No.. not again.” She whispers as she barely makes it too the living room until she must sink to the floor.


Eve begins to sing softly the song from her dream, eyes closed and head up facing the ceiling. Her lips barely move and her arms are sprawled out on the ground. Blood seeping onto the floor.


Tears roll down her face as her head lolls to the side and she sings louder and louder until she is screaming: “La mer! La mer! La mer!” Over and over again, it’s like nobody can
hear her.. the neighbors don’t come and knock, the police aren’t called.


All alone.. with the weight of a terrfying future on her shoulders.


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