The Wrong Brennan


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Scene Title The Wrong Brennan
Synopsis Kaylee gets the wrong Brennan when she needs some medication. awwwkward!
Date September 30, 2010

Brennan Medical Group - Financial District

"Doctor Brennan will see you now"

Kaylee had been waiting for ten minutes, not a bad or particularly long amount of time. A group practice, that meant there were quite a few people in the waiting room ranging from old to babes and children given the array of available doctors and the pediatrician. Led through the back hall of the room, to the nursing station for vitals and then whisked off to another room, it's five minutes before the clunk of someone taking the clipboard with the patient file is heard, a rustle of paper and eventually the doorknob turning as it gives way to admit…

The wrong Brennan.

"Kaylee?" Surprise in voice and face, Harve Brennan is peering into the room and eventually letting himself in. "Are you okay?" He hadn't seen the woman in ages and he was surprised to even see someone remotely Ferry associated have come here, beside Megan. And even then.

Feet that had been swinging, pause mid-wave and Kaylee stares at Brennan with that sorta… deer in the headlight look. Her mouth opens… then closes again, eyes flicking to the side to see if maybe there is someone just behind him. No one. Oh dear.

"I — I —" Kaylee's gaze shifts back to the male doctor and she finally asks, "Where is — where is your wife?" Okay that was rude and she knows it, eyes closing for a moment to gather her thoughts back together. "Sorry." When they open again he gets an embarrassed look. "Sorry, that was bad. I just didn't expect you to walk into the door." Okay, her cheeks are coloring now.

"I'm — fine? I think? I mean — I'm here to — ah —" Cheeks darken a bit more "I was here to talk birth control options — with — Michelle?" Kaylee can't even look him in the eye when she says that, hands folded in her lap, looking the world like a kid that's been caught doing something bad.

"She's with another patient, she thought I might want to… take this… one while I was in the off-" He cuts off, looking towards the door and presumably out to the rest of the exam rooms, shaking his head. "Kaylee, I think we've been punked" He's smiling, white teeth and all, one side up higher than the others. "If you want to wait, I can switch one of her next patients with you and you can see her regarding contraception, or you know, I can sit and go over it with you and you can make another appointment with Michelle, but she's going to go on maternity leave soon" He's embarrassed, for her, since she's embarrassed.

Brennan reaches over, offering his hand. "Doctor Harve Brennan" A joke a little. "The other Brennan, you know, the one you didn't want" All tease.

Those cheeks are still red as she takes that hand, but she is grinning. "Kaylee Thatcher, nice to meet you, Dr. Brennan. We.. can go over it, just as long as we're forgoing parts of the whole OB-GYN visit? I mean, I know what I had before — This isn't awkward at all." Her own tone joking as well, forcing herself to relax some.

Brows tilt down a bit with curiosity, as it suddenly hits her what he's saying. "So — she's —" Kaylee's smile widens a bit more. "Well, congratulations again, Doctor. Glad to hear there is another one on the way. Boy this time, I hope? Or y'all doing the wait till it's born thing?"

"I finally start to make headway on evening out the testosterone estrogen balance in my household. We haven't settled on a name yet, but he's coming, right around Christmas barring any riots over vaccines" He's makign a joke, making light of how they came to meet. "I can pass you over to the PA at the end of the visit, she can do the rest that you don't feel comfortable with me doing, did you want a nurse in here right now? I think Janine might be available." He squeezes her hand then lets go. "Do you want me to negate you as well right now so you're not going oh my god, is he wondering what my cervix looks like?" Not that he's wondering what it looks like, but she'd get the idea.

"Sooo, well. I'm pretty sure you've gotten the birds and the bee's talk, that you know where babies come from if you're seeking out birth control. Condoms are your best friend too as a back up. No one method is one hundred percent"

"No — no more like 'oh my god, I can't believe I'm having this conversations with you.' and I really don't want to hear that, so — I don't plan to peek." Which Kaylee doesn't do anyhow, a small nervous chuckle accompanying the statement.

She then tries to look more serious about the subject, but more like she looks… like she's stepped into some surreal place. "Um — but yeah, I know all about the birds and the bees — for — several years now. It's why I'm here now, since I didn't renew my prescription after my last break-up." The doctor gets a glance, before Kaylee's eyes go back to the floor and it's speckled linoleum. "But I've suddenly found myself active again so — here I am."

Her cheeks are red again, you'd think she was having this conversation with her dad or something. "And I know all of it isn't one hundred percent. I have a cousin that used both pills and — condom and still ended up pregnant." Probably why she's here, hoping like hell she's not like that cousin. That wouldn't be good.

"So here you are, talking to the wrong Brennan and wishing a hole would open up in the floor and swallow you down. I can get the PA in to draw your blood and all the other details that need being seen to. You can tell her what you were taking and barring anything alarming that pops up, you'll walk out with a prescription" Brennan looks down at the clipboard then back up. "Are you pregnant now or is there the possibility that you might be?"

"A hole in the floor would be nice, yeah." Kaylee says with a hint of laughter lacing her words with humor. "And that would be great —" The words trail off and the telepath looks thoughtful. That's a hell of a question to ask, her. Does she think she's pregnant?

"Not — not that I know of?"

She's uncertain, of course, since well - "I mean, I don't think I am?" Of course, what is that thing the pound into your brains when your a young impressionable teen all giddy about the prospect of sex? It only takes once. "It's only been a couple of times…?"

Brennan turns, opening up a cupboard, passing over a sealed cup with a smile on his face. "Bathroom down the hall, fourth door on the right, pass it to the redhead when you're done and then the PA will be with you Kaylee" He takes perhaps a bit too much glee in this.

A blank look is given to the cup, but then she slowly reaches out to take it as if she's getting ready to grab a red hot poker or something as bad. "I think it disturbs me more, that your actually getting a kick out of this." There is a smirk on her lips tho', so she at least sees the humor in it.

Sliding off the table, she looks at the cup again, brows furrowing. "Not sure what to think if this comes back positive." She blushes a bit, looking suddenly embarrassed and moves to the door, hand hooking on the handle and opening it. "Good to see you again, Dr. Brennan." And she means it.

Then she's off to look for the bathroom, so she can pee in a cup… so she can get those damn pills and go home and try to forget this little embarrassing meeting.

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